Gypsy community in Douglasville?
The Revealer

Villa Rica, GA

#144 Dec 29, 2012
They should be welcomed here (providing they aren't religious).

Lithia Springs, GA

#145 Jan 8, 2013
W O W wrote:
I never knew they were here in Douglasville. Bo problem with that, but it makes this palce look bad when the dad said his sister was a victim of murder? Was she killed in Douglasville?
Where do they get the thousands and thousands amd THOUSANDS of dollars for those clothes? Those outfits were beautiful with bling.
Some of them may get money from scams, there have been a lot of painting, driveway treatment, and roofing scams of old people that involved intimidation traced back to similar communities.
gypsy girl

Kennesaw, GA

#146 Feb 1, 2013
Ok so I just happened upon this convo.... Here are a few answers to your qestions....first yes there are gypsys in Georgia all over for that fact. I was not on the show because I would never make our culture look like that. The gypsys I know don't mess with ppl like that. We have morals and respect but along the way that gets hard to find in the younger gypsys. Now I'm 26 I am married by choice and he is also a gypsy we are not 1 cousins or anything lol we have two children and livein a normal home.there is good and bad in every culture...wild and "normal" in every culture everyone has free will even God gives you that. Not all of us are partyers but the ppl you seen on the show well sadly that is just the way they are and the saddest part is they actually act like that. It's not right and I don't agree with half of what they were saying. Some do over price their work and some try to make a honest living. I don't think you can judge a whole culture by the poor example they have shown. Our culture has been a secret culture since the HItler put are ppl in the camps along with the Jews. But now I think the ones here in America followed England and thought they were gonna make it Hollywood lol....yes I live in Georgia but not in Dville...I have family all over and as a child we traveled all over but those days are Over. My grandmother was born in a tent and drove caravans....I'm proud of who I am as a person and hope everyone can find happiness in there life and gods blessings
SageofDouglasvil le

Sanford, NC

#147 Feb 5, 2013
trystme wrote:
Many years ago my grandmother who lived off of Austell Road was scammed by some Gypsy Travelers. They intimidated a 90 year old woman into letting them pave her driveway. She paid them what they asked for then a few days later they came back and physically intimidated her into giving them more money. She didn't tell us about it for a few weeks because she was embarrased.
Gypsies? Or Irish Travelers? This sounds more like the group of people known as the Irish Travlers. While some Gypsies might be dishonest; the group that goes around scamming people, all across the nation, are the Irish Travlers. They tried this scam with my father 6 years ago. They didn't even pave our driveway, they just claimed they did and said my Dad owned them money.(My father hired a private company years before to paved his driveway.) They didn't know I was visiting (this was in another county). I came out of a back bedroom, with my Dad's shotgun, and when they saw me they took off running. At my urging my Dad called the Sherriff's department. The deputy that came told us these people were called Irish Travelers and they were a nation wide problem.

Since: May 12

Alpharetta, GA

#149 Feb 5, 2013
Robert wrote:
<quoted text>
Both groups are involved in theft and cons like the driveway scam. Irish Travelers are a much smaller group and are not gypsy's but are sometimes incorrectly called that because of their lifestyle. I have no clue how many who are identified as gypsies are involved in crime but as a Romani (Gypsy is an english term) you might learn growing up of a tale of the young Gypsy boy who saved the life of Jesus. The tale (with some variation) tells of four nails made to be used in the crucifixion: one each for the hands of Jesus, one for his feet and the fourth, a nail of gold, for his heart. Late at night the Gypsy boy stole the golden nail, so when the crucifixion took place the next day, only three nails remained. God appears to the young Gypsy boy telling the child his act of thievery saved Jesus from having the nail plunged through his heart. In payment for the boy's deed, God allowed the Gypsies the right to steal with no moral consequences ... forever and ever.
Wow, so that's how they justify what they do. Thanks for sharing.

Lithia Springs, GA

#150 Feb 5, 2013
trystme wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, so that's how they justify what they do. Thanks for sharing.
It is just a story and while you might hear a Gypsy say they were not raised that way you can safely reply, maybe not but I bet you know people in your community who were.

Morrow, GA

#151 Mar 5, 2013
Here is the deal....all of us are talking about it. That means that TLC has been successful. Whether the show depicts truth or not doesn't matter. Its the money that the network has made getting viewer attention that matters.

Dallas, GA

#152 Apr 14, 2013
[My familily are the gypsyies living in that huge house on pressly mill. and i can asssure you that they have never ripped anyone off or intemidated any older men or wemon. My family was raised in douglasville andpaulding county all our lives. And they are the most carring help full church going christains I know. My familiy has been miss read. yeah dont get me wrong there are some bad seeds out there just like with any other nationality. So if these people were so bad. I beleave you would have been awaer of them in your area a long time ago. So do your self a favor and read your bible.DONT JUDGE OTHERS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE JUDGED.......He who is with out the sin cast the first stone!!!!!!!!!!

Dallas, GA

#153 Apr 14, 2013
[To correct you turk gypsyes are so not romana they have a whole different language, they celebrate a different christmas and have several other beleafes we dont so why dont tou do your self a favor and pick up a book some time but unfortunitly the books are only going to contain what we allow them to. lol]
Gypsy girl

Tampa, FL

#154 Jul 14, 2013
Gypsy people have been around douglasville for years. We've made a home for ourselves. There was a gypsy trailer park in powder springs for the longest time... If yous didn't know we were here, you're dumb.

Sandersville, GA

#155 Jul 22, 2013
There are some gypsy's that take ,there are some that will give you there shirt off there back there not all bad most people are just jealous, gypsy's don't all scam people the only ones that do that is gypsy men that never had a good child Hood, it's really racist if you call them a gypsy it's pronounced romneychell. I live in Alabama I have hundreds of friends that know the Romney language I am a Romney chell born and raised in Birmingham Alabama Im 21 years old no different then anyone else just a Lil meaner yes I spIke my hair yes I'm dark complected I have family here in Bham also in these states, fl, ga, sc,va, tn, and more have any questions feel free to ask me names Jak

Sandersville, GA

#156 Jul 22, 2013
Gypsy girl wrote:
Gypsy people have been around douglasville for years. We've made a home for ourselves. There was a gypsy trailer park in powder springs for the longest time... If yous didn't know we were here, you're dumb.
Who's this lol schoolin the gorjas
parsh divya

Sandersville, GA

#157 Jul 22, 2013
I can't abear these gorja mumf reffs, look we can't help that we're better than you corn bread butterbean eating Hicks I mean if you want to judge us because were clean fresh and sexy than go ahead I'm getting sick of looking on here at you white people there ya go ima call yous the white people, OK listen here were in Alabama too you retards I live in Cullman I'm married I live life to the extend I' married a fain I'm a Harrison

Edwardsville, IL

#158 Jan 2, 2014
I'd like to know how much their dresses cost.

Douglasville, GA

#159 Jan 24, 2014
They're Roma's. Gypsy is a racial slur.
gypsy man

United States

#160 Mar 3, 2014
TheGreatDeceiver wrote:
There Is a HUGE community of them
In Aiken, SC! Huge mansions and hot young chicks always trying to get a young GI!!!! I was approached while stationed in Augusta for my "blond hair and blue eyes" and "purity".
No thanks on the sex slave and human trafficking market!!! I can do bad on my own!!!!
you could never get a gypsy YOU are typical of those who are jealous of gypsy men cause they have what YOU will never touch loser BUT YOUR gauja wives are so easy for gypsy men they LOVE the mystery of a gypsy MAN
Shame done

North Liberty, IA

#161 Apr 17, 2014
Joes Beer Joint wrote:
Thanks D-ville Resident and Presley Mill for the info.
Now I'll have to get a season pass on DirecTV and explain to my wife that I am watching for research purposes only.
Now, I thought Gypsy's were traveling folks who didn't stay in places long? If these people own a house on Presley Mill and own a business on Bankhead are they really Gypsys or are they just white trash redneck hillbillys who called the show at the end of one of the Gypsy Wedding episodes and thought it would be cool to be on TV?
I find it ironic thought Foxhall Farm was in one of the episodes since 14 year old white trash weddings is the complete opposite end of the spectrum of the type of clientele they hoping to attract down there. I am sure it wasn't prominently displayed but if people recognize it...opps.
I'll have to be sure to thank Bravo and TLC for killing Douglas County a little more every day. Thanks for the info all.
I must agree! I'm from valdosta, georgia. They make the south look stupid! Ppl up north think we are inbred and backwards. This is so damn trashy!!

Muskegon, MI

#162 Mar 14, 2015
gypsy man wrote:
<quoted text> you could never get a gypsy YOU are typical of those who are jealous of gypsy men cause they have what YOU will never touch loser BUT YOUR gauja wives are so easy for gypsy men they LOVE the mystery of a gypsy MAN
a black fella & a gipsee fella were standin on a bridge takin a pee. theblack fella sayz boy this water be cold! the gypsee guy say ya & deep too!

Clarksville, TN

#163 Apr 29, 2015
could you help me get in touch this family you talk about here, after much research I believe I may share a distant ancestor with this family.

Powder Springs, GA

#165 Nov 18, 2015
Mark wrote:
Checkout the Arrest record for Patrick Marco Kelly at
I see nothing except he went to prison in GA for Habitual Violator... What's in the rest of his record?????????? The link you posted is only current inmates. Thanks.#TRASHPURETRASH

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