Warning: This business listed as a "broker" can take your precious jewelry that could be stolen from you, not document any important information about your items, then melt it within 7 days of receipt! I as a VICTIM of theft have found this out the hard way, after loosing multiple precious items! They keep no record, no pictures of the items, and no description; so if you are lucky enough to realize the items missing are within the 7 days, they do not keep or document any record of purchased items to assist the local police in helping you retrieve your items! It is a game, they are within the law, and taking total advantage of the loss of innocent victims of crime, paying pennies on the dollar for your precious irreplaceable items! They are out to serve themselves and gain on innocent victims loss! So beware, every thief in the area knows they are the only Gold Broker in the area that DOES NOT keep records of any items taken in, so therefore if you do not check your jewelry on a daily basis you too could become the next victim. This business is getting rich off of innocent victims loss and smiling all the way to the bank!