Administrators salaries increases

Administrators salaries increases

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beach girl

Colonial Beach, VA

#1 Apr 3, 2008
I was absolutely astounded by some of the salary increases of administrative staff of Colonial Beach Schools. I have never heard of someone receiving a $9,354 raise after one year of work (Clint Runyan), or a $5,446 rais for being Dr Howard's assistant (Dr. Charlotte Taylor). No wonder my children come home on a consistant basis asking for money to raise funds for a variety of things from uniforms to school functions. There isn't any money left for the children if we continue to increase administrators salories at such alarming rates each year. If we increased what we spend on each student as much as we do on increaasing administrators salaries, our children would have the equipment, tools and facilities to have a great education. I am disgusted that these people who haven't earned it are receiving these type of increases.

United States

#2 Apr 3, 2008
Who approves these increases
Dr Howard or the School Board.
How do the increases come about

Norfolk, VA

#3 Apr 3, 2008
Dr Howard makes the reccommendation and the school board approves it......her office has been running the show now for too long, it's time for a new school board, Mike Looney and mansfield will make the changes necessary and get rid of Director position that are not needed!!!!!! Don't forget Berryman's salary is almost $80,000 not including her $25,000 secretary and her benefits....Worrell got almost $5000 for being $480,000 over budget the past five years.....this is how you get rewarded........with fat raises...No wonder teachers don't want to stay...the math department has seen three teachers and a full time sub since Runyan was hand picked for his position that he is still not qualified for.......

United States

#4 Apr 3, 2008
We have given up on the Colonial Beach Schools as the staff can no longer provide a safe learning environment. Our daughter was assaulted by another "student" as she was coming out of math class in the high school. The aggressor was allowed to stay in school, the principle did not notify us or the police. The Superintendent would not return our calls concerning this incident and seems willing to tolerate violence in the schools. We are now home schooling.


#5 Apr 3, 2008
OneWhoCares: So who died and made you Almighty of Education? Why don't you back up your statement with FACTS to support why Clint Runyan isn't qualified to be a high school principal? I don't want to hurt your feelings but THE SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE DOES RUN THE SHOW! Who said teachers don't want to stay??? What's preventing them from leaving??? Letters of intent went out a month ago... if they want to leave unfortunately I don't blame them for leaving to find more money. Hell, the Town couldn't care less about them and they hold the purse strings... The administrators in CBPS get paid appropriately for the positions they hold. I emphasize "POSITIONS"... in larger school divisions, there's a separate warm body for each administrative positon... In Colonial Beach, administrators have to have multiple roles and titles because the Division can't afford to hire separate individuals for each position. So as far as I'm concerned, they are compensated well.
Abdul Jabar

Kilmarnock, VA

#6 Apr 3, 2008
Has anyone taken into consideration while making these increase decisions that Clint Runyan is NOT...I repeat...NOT AN ACTUAL PRINCIPAL, but an ACTING PRINCIPAL??? He doesn't have the qualifications needed to obtain full Principal status nor can he handle the majority of problems kids face with other kids in the High School.

One student stated they were involved in a fist fight with another student and when caught by a teacher and confronted by a parent, Clint Runyan's response to the child's parent was "We'll have a meeting about it next week sometime". Instead of acting upon a serious situation at the correct time, he decided he "wasn't ready to act upon the situation" because he "needed time to think it over".

Give pay raises to the teachers who have been there teaching the same thing with the highest class grades. Pay the teachers who actually teach and the staff that works for their money.

Norfolk, VA

#7 Apr 4, 2008
You can sure tell when they write who works in the school board office. I believe that when past supertindents worked at our litle school that they had a secretary and they themselves were the Director of Federal Programs/Grant writer/Finance Officer/ You name it Director/and anything else that needed to be done director. Now the school has about ten directors making more money then the $65,000 a year the superintendent was making in past years. But if you create all of these positions and pay all of these fat saleries, then the only thing you have to do is ride around town, and the state, and Manasas in your schoolboard supplied vehicle (all gas included) and micro manage your unqualified personnel that you pre-select with no experience for principal. The only reason Westindorf, Tolson, and Bridges are gone is because they questioned the money.........No one there now has the intellegence to question any decision from the front office!!!!!! Vote for a change on the school board before we lose the school to the county that most all of us love soooo much.....If you think it can't get worse stay tuned.....By the way Mr. Bridges was responsible for getting the school accredited, look whats happened since he Howard will blame everyone but herself for losing accredidation
one who knows

Colonial Beach, VA

#8 Apr 4, 2008
for "goodone": Who are you in Smithfield, VA? You certainly are not inside the school system!Things aren't necessarily perfect here, but one statement that is absolutely false is that Mr. Bridges was responsible for getting the school accredited. Mrs. Tolson and Dr. Howard were the ones who led the hardworking teachers and students into accreditation through numerous programs and strategies. It just so happened that Mr. Bridges was the one here to reap the benefits of the culmination of their efforts. I'm not trying to take anything away from Mr. Bridges, but no principal could be given credit for much of anything in a two year tenure. By the way it's "Manassas," "intelligence," and "accreditation," but maybe you didn't get your education here!
Good Grammar

Colonial Beach, VA

#9 Apr 4, 2008
goodone, it's "salaries," not "saleries"
HB Rules

Little Valley, NY

#10 Apr 4, 2008
you all are some hard asses.....was that spelled correctly.....yep I am one of those spelling challenged people........and oddly I have several B.S. degrees in science and completed 25% of MS studies. Given the choice of being able to spell Mississippi or sum all the numbers between 1 and 100 in two seconds........I went with the numbers gig!!!!!! The paycheck looks good..........but maybe I made a mistake.......should i have gone with the spelling????
one who knows

United States

#11 Apr 5, 2008
Money's great, but making sure your postings look the part of being intelligent would help your cause.
HB Rules wrote:
you all are some hard asses.....was that spelled correctly.....yep I am one of those spelling challenged people........and oddly I have several B.S. degrees in science and completed 25% of MS studies. Given the choice of being able to spell Mississippi or sum all the numbers between 1 and 100 in two seconds........I went with the numbers gig!!!!!! The paycheck looks good..........but maybe I made a mistake.......should i have gone with the spelling????
beach girl

King George, VA

#12 Apr 5, 2008
Last year, the teachers received a 3% raise, but a 6% increase in the cost of health insurance. I was told recently by a teacher friend that the teachers will not be getting any raise this year. Is that because they gave the administrators $9,000 raises and there is not enough left for the teachers? As far as I'm concerned, the teachers are the ones in the trenches with these children everyday. They are the ones who deserve the big raises, not the unqualified "acting principal". Give them the giant raises and let the administrators go without for a year. Maybe then we will see some changes!
HB Rules

Little Valley, NY

#13 Apr 5, 2008
one who knows - i guess thats the diff between you and me - you want to look intelligent - i am intelligent - there is a diff - i guess the good thing is when you are taking orders you actually can spell french fries !!!!!

Since: Aug 07

Gloucester, VA

#14 Apr 5, 2008
HB Rules...don't forget to supersize, it makes them work just that much harder.

Easton, MD

#15 Apr 5, 2008
General comment to all: Elections are on May 6th. Go to the candidate forums. I know I have lots of questions to ask.
The current school board does appear to be a puppet of Dr. Howard. Those salaries are outrageous for such a small school district. Teachers need to be compensated first, then higher paid administrators. The school board has the power to say no to administrator raises. They seem to have forgotten what an elected seat on the school board really means, they are supposed to oversee and guide the schools, create and stick to a budget, and answer to their constituents, not answer to the superintendent.

High Point, NC

#16 Apr 5, 2008
I hate to tell you, but in Colonial beach, when Dr. Howard came into the picture, she rules!!!!! The school board members are filling a position and that's it....All you have to do is attend a meeting and you can tell not a one of them has a clue about what they are doing...even their own meetings are run by Howard........Don't forget, Colonial beach is a school Division, all administrator's are heading for $100,000 salaries. We should give each one a take home car and all gas paid for as well....Howard is probably working on that for this coming year. The teachers are treated like second rate.
HB Rules

Little Valley, NY

#17 Apr 6, 2008
all - there is no doubt that the school system needs to improve, but dont kid yourselves its never been that great..........maybe better, but not great..........there are other schools out there with less money per pupil and putting out great students. to have a great school system it first needs to start at home with the parents, which then directly correlates to the quality of the student attending the school, then lastly the school/admin/teachers providing the needed input into their little brains. Said to say, but at the moment the town has a bigger problem with quaility parents. until that is solved consider it like a computer program........garbage in garbage out!!

“We all shine on ”

Since: Apr 08

Colonial Beach

#18 Apr 6, 2008
But you need to keep in mind that CB has great sports teams. The fields are always full of teams practicing. There must be a way to build on that community spirit over into academics.
I think it takes leadership, pulling parents in and providing opportunities for every student, especially troubled kids, to get involved.

Since: Aug 07

Gloucester, VA

#19 Apr 6, 2008
The Romans too used to hold great celebrations showing off physical attributes, all designed to improve community spirit and national pride, mainly to distract the masses while the Visigoth’s marched to Rome's front door.

United States

#20 Apr 6, 2008
Riverside, your profile photo says it all.
You are pointing to your brain.

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