Dear Walmart Employee
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Richmond, KY

#1 Aug 7, 2010
I want to apologize for showing up today expecting to buy something from your store. I didn't mean to piss you off by getting in your line. You see, 3 of the express lines were open and only two larger lines. And I had a crap load of stuff (inspite of the lack of choices). When I got half of my stuff unloaded on your conveyor and you put the "LANE CLOSED" sign between by stuff and the girl in front of me, and the remaining 3 people in your line had to pack up and move to other lines, I didn't even say anything outloud to you.

20 mins later I'm FINALLY leaving the building and noticed you perched on your fat ass on the bench outside smoking that cigarette and talking in the cell phone. I apologize. I didn't realize how much more important you were than I was. I realize now that your time is so much more valuable than mine. I promise I will never try to ask you to do you job again.
Not me

Anderson, SC

#2 Aug 7, 2010
Yeah, that pretty much sounds like all the cashiers in Wal-Mart.
satisfied shopper

Macon, GA

#3 Aug 7, 2010
I've never had that problem, not saying I won't, but haven't so far. The only problem that I have is that there usually aren't enough cashiers.

Since: Jul 10

Pecatonica, IL

#4 Aug 7, 2010
If I was already unloading, I would have moved her sign behind my merchandise and if she complained, a manager would have been called. One way or another, her cig break would have had to wait. Before you complain about her needing a smoke. I am a smoker also butyour job comes before the break.

Dear cashier,
I know you have a very aggrevating job but as you were told "the customer is always right" and you are the one who applied for the job. so do it
cynthiana resident

Flemingsburg, KY

#5 Aug 7, 2010
I dislike the walmart pharmacy they seem so hateful to me. I know alot of people come there to just get drugs to sell and thats how I feel they treat me. Although the drugs I usually get our antibiotics or meds for my kids. Nothing worse than coming in sick and being treated like crap. I have a job that I work 50 plus hours a week that I dont like, but if I couldnt talk to people with respect because I despize my job so bad, then I would find a new job. Im not saying all the employees in the pharmacy are hateful, but there are two there that are the reason I will go to the hospital pharmacy from now on.

Newburgh, IN

#6 Aug 8, 2010
i agree, and i took my business to rite aid, its just ashame that people have to be treated like this.and some wouldnt smile if their life were being threatened.

United States

#7 Aug 8, 2010
that customer is always right is bullshit, some people have made that into a get what i want because im an asshole. no wonder some of these people get treated crappy in stores. if i worked there id be nasty to some of the people i see treating the employees the way they do.

Since: Oct 09

Killeen, TX

#8 Aug 8, 2010
I certainly hope you didn't actually purchase all the merchandise you loaded on the register conveyor belt, but instead walked out leaving it for another employee to restock, someday, after break.

I had a similar experience at a local Walmart only it wasn't the cashier's fault. The cashier had repeatedly called for a manager for a check approval for the customer ahead of me. When no manager responded to her repeated pages she went to look for one. At that point, I decided it was time to look for the ice cream, milk and meat I was gonna purchase at Walmart at another store, and left everything on the register conveyor belt.

My apologies to any customer who later found themselves with melted ice cream, maggot ridden meat and sour milk.

Flemingsburg, KY

#9 Aug 8, 2010
customer wrote:
that customer is always right is bullshit, some people have made that into a get what i want because im an asshole. no wonder some of these people get treated crappy in stores. if i worked there id be nasty to some of the people i see treating the employees the way they do.
This is why you are unsuccessful in life.

Macon, GA

#10 Aug 8, 2010
maggots and milk yummy

Since: Jul 10

Chicago, IL

#11 Aug 8, 2010
Apparently cashiers at wally world are trained to be that way or are hired for that special quality of being a **tch. Georetown topix is talking about the same problems, just a different store.

Clarksville, TN

#12 Aug 9, 2010
Walmart is a shittrap. They feed on communities to kill businesses, therefore sucking the town dry of anything productive. All because they want to be a huge monopoly, selling cheap goods, hiring cheap labor, treating workers like crap, and making LOTS of enemies. If people would stop buying shit there, the problems would end. A strike will easily shut down a local Walmart. Its happened more than once. Walmart is notorious for closing a store because of a strike. Would love to see then leave Cynthiana so Kens and Food Lion can stop selling outdated goods and freezer burned ice cream.
Worked there

Cynthiana, KY

#13 Aug 11, 2010
If any of you had ever worked at Wal-mart, you would understand why the cashiers act this way. Their policies about breaks are ridiculous, all because somebody who worked in a wal-mart many years ago was not given their lunch break in the amount of time according to the law, and then they sued and got lots of money from Wal-mart. Therefore they have changed their polices and you have to take your breaks at a given time, or the cashier gets an "occurrence." After so many, you get fired, and it may simply be because you were 2 minutes late taking your break. What you people don't understand is that it is all corporate that controls everything that goes on there. They tell the managers what has to happen and they make it happen, or it's their butts that get in trouble. The daily schedule has listed who works when and what times their breaks are, the cashier has no choice. Now, they should not be rude about it and just walk off, but they should try to get someone to take over their register. But if they don't take their break in time, the register locks them out so they can't do anymore transactions. If that happens, they need to talk to a CSM. Hope this helps you all understand. Give the cashiers a break, they are only doing what they are told.

Since: Oct 09

Killeen, TX

#14 Aug 11, 2010
Worked there wrote:
If any of you had ever worked at Wal-mart, you would understand why the cashiers act this way. Their policies about breaks are ridiculous...
This makes sense. I know many organizations that work this way. The government is a perfect example.

As a police officer the city used to want us to respond quickly to all the calls but not go into overtime for calls that caused us to go over forty hours per week. Well guess what, at the staffing levels the city was willing to fund it couldn't be done and the city either had to realize that or send everyone a gun with their water bill and let them take care of their own law enforcement.

Employers today want luxury class service for piss poor wages and I can't really blame them. I want everything for nothing too, but it aint gonna happen. You get what you pay for, if that.

There's no need getting upset over it, that's just the way it is.

United States

#15 Aug 11, 2010
Dear Worked There:

Thank you for a great explanation. It helps ease my frustration some and I do sympathize with anyone performing customer service. But sometimes rude is just rude. I try to be cordial and sometimes joke with anyone who has to wait on me or my family. We can be QUITE a challenge at times! I understand that John A$$hole craps all over the cashier a few minutes before me but don't take it out on me and everyone else that comes later. We don't want to be judged by one jerk customer anymore than you want to be judged by one idiot cashier.
totally agree

United States

#16 Aug 13, 2010
eastside pharmacy has always took very good care of me. no waiting long or dirty looks , always treat you right. i switched 1 of my meds to walmart pharmacy and the waiting is way to long . they act like they dont care how long you have to wait. they really take their time,, i think when they apply for these jobs , that they are trained to do so, thats to keep u in the store to spend , spend more money.. people dont care anymore. NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE SO PISSED OFF...
pharmacy recommendation

Delavan, WI

#17 Aug 14, 2010
There is a great pharmacy in G-town that is owned by a local Harrison County Graduate/pharmacist! It is named Hometown Pharmacy and is located in the new UTC building behind Applebee's. I have always had excellent service there, never had to wait for any length of time. The staff just seem happy to help you get your script filled!
I work in G-Town so it's just as easy to pick up any medication I may need from there as anywhere else. I like that I'm helping a local business owner.
Hometown Pharmacy

United States

#18 Aug 14, 2010
I agree with the previous statement. I have worked at the UTC and sent patients to that pharmacy....he is always courteous and quick.
works there too

United States

#19 Aug 14, 2010
id like for one day any of you to get a job in public place, you will change your mind in a heart beat about how you treat the cashiers that wait on you. it is very hard when your first customer chews you out over something stupid like something that we carried when the stored opened in the 80's that we no longer carry because nobody wants it. ill bet every single one of you treat your fellow emplyess bad after one person pisses you off. its the same situation. and i never understood why everyone blames walmart for ruining local businesses. truthfully its those businesses who ruin themselves. when you can go into a chain store and buy something a third of the price something is worng.

Dayton, OH

#20 Aug 14, 2010
If you want to know why wal-mart pharmacy is so slow is because, You have to check the meds see how they are taken, what millagram they are, and count them out, also You have to sign a log sheet of how many meds you took out. log that, sign out on it, And alot of times they have to call the Dr who gave the Meds to tell them that the meds they gave you might counter react with meds your already taking, They just dont go back there and say oh heres Ms,JONES meds. and pull them off the shelf, GET A JOB and you will know there is policies people have to go by, And thank your goverment and the pillbillies for your wait. But hey its your life, but who are you going to sue if you get the wrong meds??????????

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