A Policeman's life! The REALITY-BASED...

A Policeman's life! The REALITY-BASED version!

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Dont U mean Officers LIES

Cortland, NY

#1 Jun 12, 2012
Don't you just love today's police martyrdom trips?

Here's a twist on a COPAGANDA piece the Drumright OK. Police Department is spreading around the web trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL for the pushback the Cult of Public Safety has caused.

An Officer’s Life 2012 version:

*You wonder why he pulled you over and gave you a ticket for speeding,

He just worked found out the state/town/county needed more revenue and was considering layoffs...

*You wonder why that cop was so mean,
He just got done working a case where a drunk driver killed a kid, and he had to figure out a way to get his "Brother" in the Thin Blue Line of poLICE Omerta Bullshit Club a littlle wiggle room to beat the rap if he didn't just outright let it slide as usual in the FIRST PLACE.

*You work for 8 hours,
He works for up to 18 hours a week as he nears retirement in order to pad up the pension.

*You drink hot coffee to stay awake,
The cold rain in the middle of the night keeps him awake, because much like Turkeys, he's too stupid to get out of the rain or obtain a raincoat?
*You complain of a "headache," and call in sick,
He goes into work still hurt and sore from the guy he had to beat fear and threats into to get out some of that aggression the night before. HE knows at least he will be "vindicated" as usual when the guy the cop started the fight with is sentenced to decades for daring to defy the ruling class.

*You drink your coffee on your way to the mall,
He spills his as he runs Code 3 to a traffic crash with kids trapped inside because he's too stupid to put the coffee down to drive? 70% of all police deaths are attributable to pisspoor driving. Also, do preiest complain or seek sympathy whenever they have to administer last right to kids? Nope. More "copaganda"!

*You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket before you leave the house,
He makes sure his gun is clean and fully loaded and his vest is tight. Making people miserable and robbing them roadside for your "living" has its risks now doesn't it?

*You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you,
He watches his buddy get shot at, and wounded in front of him. Poor baby! Could you be less overdramatic this is getting drippy.

*You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls,
He walks down the street looking for their license plates to sexually harass and stalk them. If you can't handle human entropy and a remains recovery don't try the Navy or Marines!

*You complain about how hot it is,
He wears fifty pounds of gear and a bullet proof vest in July and still runs around chasing crack heads. Poor life's planning I suppose.

*You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong,
He runs out before he gets his food to respond to an armed robbery once maybe in 2 years and gets free lunch from his 'lunch round" scam, a longtime poLICE scam.

*You get out of bed in the morning and take your time getting ready,
He gets called out of bed at 2 am after working 12 hours and has to be into work A.S.A.P. for a homicide once or twice in his career. Poor baby! Civilians do hours the unions would fear might break a cop fingernail.

*You go to the mall and get your hair redone,
He holds the hair of some college girl while shes puking in the back of his patrol car.-Do her parents know what kind of Official Resources you abused in order to meet her?

*You're angry because your class ran 5 minutes over,
His shift ended 4 hours ago and there's no end in sight despite LAYERS of replacements. Overtime makes a fat pension during those last 2 years now don't it?!?!

*You call your girlfriend and set a date for tonight,
He can't make any plans because on his off days he still gets called back into work once in a hundred thousand years and he has no girlfriend because of his repellant, abusive, statistically sadistic, violent and alcohol-abuse prone personality.
Dont U mean Officers LIES

Cortland, NY

#2 Jun 12, 2012
*You yell and scream at the squad car that just past you because they slowed you down,
He's in the driver seat of the squad car, going to cut somebody out of their car and rob them for ticket revenue.

*You roll your eyes when a baby cries in public,
He picks up a dead child in his arms and prays that it was crying and a future working taxpayer to support his engorged pension.

*You criticize your police department and say they're never there quick enough,
He blasts the siren while the person in front of him refuses to move while talking on their cell phone.
-Yeah!! like THAT ever happens without someone getting arrested, beaten, dragged through th emud in the news, fined, probated and socitally ostracized the rest of his life long after you cashed that paycheck and spent it on beer. Could you POSSIBLY come up with any more "Kitchen Sink" bullshit?

*You hear the jokes about fallen officers and say they should have known better,
He is a hero and runs into situations when everyone else is running away in order to make sure no one else gets hurt and loses his life doing it. Or at least that's the Action-Movie Poster he pretends he lives in every day!

*You are asked to go to the store by your parents, you don't,
He would take a bullet for his buddy without question unless his name is Rob Maciol who'd much rather have an untrained young father doing the "bullet taking" for him, and then blames him and makes years worth of "awards tours" for it!!

*You sit there and judge him, saying that it's a waste of money to have them around,
Yet as soon as you need help he is there to antagonize and overcharge and go after anyone who dares slight the Cult of Public Safety.

By: The praise-starved Drumright OK Police Department - that couldn't RESIST tagging this to make sure they got the accolades praise and "recognition". Nothing changes.

Cortland, NY

#3 Jun 12, 2012
Ok so let's clarify a few of the Cult of Public Safety's deliberately spread misconceptions -

According to the US dept of labor, police work only THIS year made #10 on "America's most dangerous Top 10 Jobs list" for the first time in history. EVER!

That's right.... despite the endless claims of "putting their lives on the line everyday" and trying to make everyone think they dodge Hollywood movie explosions and AK bullets just to go get themselves lunch, the facts prove otherwise.

Garbageman and Pilots have riskier jobs, and even of the poLICE deaths 70% are attributed to vehicle accidents and only 40% or so of those are emergency related.

Don't argue with me, see the federal govt's own statistics this is FACT you can find yourself at the US Department of Labor website. The accident stats are also available at the DoJ website.

So why don't "Garbageman" and "Pilot's" Unions force taxpayers to fund huge garbageman funerals with transportation statewide, comped travel, on-the-clock, use of taxpayer vehicles and wear and tear, longing and all the rest?

Why do only 20% of private-sector workers ever get access to a pension... but 80% of government workers do?

Why do police feel they have to push publicity all their "careers" of 25 years?

Why do we pay police a salary and medical and perqs for their service, then, after the pad their pensions into the sky that last 3 years on the job we have to pay them another 30 years retirement at 3-4k a month? I think letting the thieves of the world would actually do less damage and cost us less Gross National Product.

Do thieves send you a tax bull enforceable by imprisonment 4x a year for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to justify their over funded "we're your hero saviors" sideshow?

Why do police enjoy a conviction-rate when charged with crimes somewhere around 3% whilst anyone else arrested in the country has a 60-90% or more rate?

Why do police invariably need to accuse, or attack with childish assumptions anytime someone questions this waste and braggadocios bravado issue?

Why do police rob us on the side of the road at what is essentially gunpoint for revenue to support their "system"? Why do our V&T slights somehow automatically equal paying career parasites our money under some insane pretense of fair justice? Why do these nonproducers benefit from society's wrongs? Wouldn't donating all that hoarde of cash they steal from The People be better off with a charity? Why does the state need to ruin people an besmirch them for life for revenue?

All questions the post-911 "Cult of Public Safety" that is bankrupting HUNDREDS of towns, cities and municipalities across the nation needs to start answering. They can also answer to where we are supposed to get the UNFUNDED TRILLIONS these public career parasites and hypocrite sponges have set themselves up with since politicians are spineless and give in endlessly to their unions.

America has seen the true reality you have burned all your bridges. They see that the govt is bargaining from both sides of the bargaining table SELLING THE CITIZENS OUT and WE LOSE so the self-proclaimed "hero-class" can go on abusing us and remain enriched and totally unaccountable for the endless abuses they foist upon us.

Don't whine or shoot the messenger, or, as above, pump out COPAGANDA and cutesy prayer bits so everyone thinks people still care.

Officer Friendly left the building long ago.

In his place today is "Officer Abusive" and "Officer Steroids" and "Officer Unaccountable" and "Officer Dog-shooter" and "Officer Fake Drug War-for-Jobs" and "Officer COPAGANDA" and "Officer Vindictive"!

Nice try guys but you're going to have to stop with the COPAGANDA and Cult of Public Safety fantasy reality. DO you cops really live in this much of a bubble?

If you thought life was a popularity contest then you REALLY went into the wrong line of work!

You people have burned every bridge and made every cutesy excuse you could. Deal wit it.
Dont U mean Officers LIES

Cortland, NY

#4 Jun 12, 2012
COPS = Cult Of Public Safety

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