Crazy Church Lady or Con Artist?Several months ago my parents were approached by an acquaintance/fellow parishioner at their church which they have been going to for 50 years (they met and were married at this church as well). The lady who approached them was fairly new to the Church and new to the faith, a member of around two years, and in her mid to late 20's. She had asked my parents if they would please be the benefactor of her life insurance policy which included a lump sum of cash and entailed responsibility over her ashes. They agreed and a few weeks later she presented them with papers to sign in which they both included personal information including their social security numbers, home address, DOB and so on. 8-10 months has elapsed and the young lady has yet to notarize and submit the document she had them sign. When I heard this story I went fishing for as much information as I could and my mother revealed that she was against doing this yet my father insisted they go forward and agree. The lady is from out of town, several states away, moved here for a part time job at an assisted living facility, and my father is under the impression that she used to be homeless and has parents with many shortcomings. She has no car or no phone and she lives in the basement of a house near her work. She gives my parents random presents such as gift certificates, religious items and gourmet foods. As an adult child I need to figure out if she is she crazy or if she is a con? Has anyone heard of a type of scam or fraud or identity theft where someone approaches you and asks you to be the benefactor of their life insurance policy?