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What to Do if You are Wrongfully Accused of Harassment

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Since: Feb 08

Van Nuys, CA

#1 May 7, 2008
Various employment laws in the context of sexual harassment have provided sufficient standards in protecting employees against workplace harassment.

Most laws have defined the scope, application, coverage and the prohibited acts covered under the protective mantle of sexual harassment laws. These laws have safeguarded the rights of both the accuser and the harasser.

However, it is not always easy to delineate the exact parameters of protection given to the accused harasser in the context of our sexual harassment laws.

One may ask what to do if you are wrongfully accused of sexual harassment.

1. It is of utmost importance, to be aware of sexual harassment laws and precedents when dealing with this sensitive topic in the workplace. To have a much more relevant appreciation of the law, confer with an employment lawyer.

2. To know your rights: A synopsis:

' Likewise, your right to be free from discrimination or harassment

' To a thorough investigation

' For a good faith basis, in reference to taking adverse employment action

' To be free from defamation and other arbitrary form of treatment

' To have a counsel, when things would go astray

3. When you have been formally accused or at least have a slight indication, hire an experienced employment attorney to defend your rights. This is a good way to start in your defense.

An expert employment lawyer who has keen knowledge with the various employment laws and sexual harassment laws as well as the underlying procedure in it would be best to consider.

4. When you have been investigated as per company policy, insist on a thorough investigation. In this respect, a detailed account of the surrounding facts would be appreciated and considered.

5. In line with the investigation, assert an independent (external) investigation.

6. Do not forget to seasonably object to any fishing expedition of evidence that would put you in disadvantage. Always stay on guard with your rights so that as mush as practicable, the whims, caprices and biases of the investigating panel would be prevented.

7. Always update yourself of the result of the investigation. Be proactive in defense of your rights. In this, always ask to view the evidence gathered or other supporting evidence in the sexual harassment charge. This would help you prepare for your defense and ventilate the issues that have bearing with your case.

8. Always ask for full disclosure of the result of the investigation so that you can be certain that no material evidence was suppressed.

9. Do not sleep with your rights. That means, always be mindful with the legal battle ahead.

On top of all that, in every step of the way, do not forget to confer with an employment attorney.

An employment attorney would be mindful with your cause and would readily secure justice right when you need it.

Bellflower, CA

#2 Jul 14, 2008
I've been accused by a (woman?)of sexual harassment. The investigators said they found nothing sexual in my emails to her. In fact they said they were nice. She saw me ride my bicycle at lunch time and said it scared her. So now I can't ride my bicycle at any time 24/7 anywhere in Anaheim that she might see me. I can't go to the company gym because she saw me there once, even though I didn't see her. She is a big hypocrite, in what she does for the company (her volunteering. She definitely has psychological problems There is a side of her that she keeps hidden. I've been told their going to fire me if they can even though I've done nothing wrong, except she is afraid of me for no reason except that I did like her alot and someone told her that. I don't want to bring her hidden side to light but I might have too, to save my job and dignity.





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Bedford, OH

#3 Sep 25, 2008
I have a close male friend who is an assistant general manager in a warehouse. Him and his boss, the General Manager, just recently had to fire a female employee that had been written up for doing things against company policy. In the meeting where she was fired, she brought up the fact that she will be filing sexual harrassment charges against them both. This meeting consisted of the General Manager, the HR representative and the woman getting fired. Now, in the environment of the warehouse where they all work, people joke and kid around and stuff, but no one has ever complained about feeling uncomofortable with remarks or anything like that. Will this female have a case? It seems to me that she is just mad that she was fired and wants to try and ruin things for everyone else there.





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Taylor Jones

United States

#4 Sep 25, 2008
Well I'll tell you who NOT to hire if you ever get into this mess. Bruce McGregor of Torrance.
this attorney is absolutely useless when it comes to false accusations of "harassment".

He was a former prosecutor, so automatically he believes your Guilty. All he will do is get you to Cop a plea. If you are not willing to do this because of course you know its false accusations, he then will demand you fork over another 10-grand or he won't do anything to defend you. He'll do nothing to get your case dropped which is what he should be doing.

You need a GOOD attorney, one who understands false victim syndrome. One who listens to you and believes you. If email is involved, make sure your atty knows something about computers, McGregor doesnít know a thing about computers.

Also very very important, make sure you are present at every session. Make sure you are there when accusations are being made against you, so you can defend yourself. Your attorney will likely not remember everything you tell him/her and won't know how to answer or respond when the person or Detective is making these false accusations to the prosecutor and/or judge against you.

YOU MUST TELL YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. If your side is not told at the beginning the prosecutors will assume guilt and they will push towards trial and prosecute. And they will win.

If this goes into a Domestic Violence court you are doomed. The corruption in this system knows no bounds.

Read about the judge Deborah B. Andrews in Long Beach DV court. She NEVER listens to the truth. She is bias and listens to the cops side and WILL NOT listen to the defense, false victims are the norm in her courtroom but for some reason she is incapable of deciphering truth from fiction.


read what the detective in charge did on page 7. Itís throughout the whole post but 7 spells out how corrupt a detective in LB was. He based everything on what his victim said. Lies. Planted evidence, star witnesses who were 1) liars and 2) x cons.

The prosecutor forced a plea or threatened 14 years jail time for this fraud. Judge already presumed guilt.

What do you do when the judge abuses her power and forces excessive bail in the amounts of $100K and another false arrest at $250K. For an email the victim actually sent to himself.

No one can afford to go to trial after that abuse.
Civil rights were violated,(the Detective Donald Wood, lied to Judge Tomson Ong, who did not bother to ask for proof, to get a search warrnat to collect the manufactured his victim left for him to get) judicial abuse, prosecutorial misconduct- They have evidence of innocence but withheld it from the judge, and continue to do so... and so was the dirty cop. He knew his victim was lying! He still knows it. He refuses to do the right thing and tell them he was wrong. he made a huge mistake. But he doesn't have to, he got a promotion for his corruption and lies.

That's how they roll in the LBC.
#5 Oct 3, 2008
Orange wrote:
I've been accused by a (woman?)of sexual harassment.
Why do you have a question mark after "woman" in parenthesis?
Duane Hadley

Watertown, WI

#6 Nov 1, 2008
I am beig accused of sexual harrassment at a crappy job that I already hate. But the pay helps provide for my wife and new born son. I am going to be talking to a lawyer Monday and plan on sueing the company and the women who accused me if I loose my job.





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Since: Jul 09

Ridgeway, OH

#7 Jul 28, 2009
I have been accused (wrongfully) of sexual harassment and don't know what I should do. I've already been terminated from my job.

A security guard at work was constantly coming onto me and telling me she got her tongue piercing "for a reason" and she would constantly show me her tattoos and push her breasts out at me and touch me constantly, and would also tell me that I should come to her house sometime.

Needless to say, I persued this a little. We devoloped a bit of a friendship and were making plans to "hook up." After about a month of back and forth teasing and confiding in one another, she calls me and tells me her old boyfriend is interested in getting back together, so I did what I felt was the right thing and backed off.

About two weeks later I was called into the office and the HR guy and regional manager were there and showed me a handwritten copy of all the text messages I sent to her (of course not including any of the ones she sent to me) and an affidavit stating that her now curremnt boyfriend looked thru her cell phone and questioned her about it, to which she said she wasn't interested.

I understand that part because she didn't want to ruin her chances with him. Right thing to do? No, but I understand it.

But then the thing that got me is that she lied saying that I initiated things and she resisted time and time again. At one point I actually asked her if she was sure it was okay to talk about things of a sexual nature (because naturally I feared sexual harassment punishments). She told me "it's fine, I'm not the type of person to sit around and let someone irritate me, if I had a problem I'd tell you."

Naturally, I took her at her word.

So, My question is: If someone initiates and continues the contact of a sexual nature, continues making advances, then changes their mind because their new boyfriend is going to leave them, is it something I can fight? She has all the massages, I don't

Brandon, FL

#8 Jul 28, 2009
Ya pay up!

United States

#9 Aug 16, 2009
Did you consult with HR and a lawyer.? You must abide by the standard of the prudent woman rule, not necessarily her peculiarities. Your employer hesitates. Have your employer consult an employment attorney. Document every damn thing. Keep a log of your activities and any interactions with her. Send it to HR. After a few months ask they revisit your case. Tell them ALWAYS IN WRITING BY EMAIL you will accomodate to the point it disrupts the workplace, becomes oppressive or reverse discrimination occurs. Make a deal in writing what you need to do to keep your job. Your employer must deal with you on good faith. Use that term gently.

United States

#10 Aug 16, 2009
I did not read closely. These people don't know the law. Advise, if they do not apply law correctly, and you are harmed, it could lead to problems. U don't know either and that's DUMB. Sex harass can't be harass if consenual or wanted. You could demand she show her bills to show she text you in response, etc. that satisfies both. if you texted her away from work, that is not the workplace and cannot be sex harass. I dont care what the bf thinks. Indeed, confidentiality should have excluded him as he has no need to know. unless he is an unbiased prudent woman his view doesnt count, you should tell your employer to get an employment attorney. He is supposed to have a written plan. Good chance he doesnt and is in violation. Whatever u find wrong tell him you want to help fix, Make her the troublemaker. Document and show her claim not legitimate. Your employer is responsible . help him but watch your back. If you get screwed, it's your fault. I'm done. I am not an attorney, listen to but be skeptical of my advice. Still, maybe you will start using your brain, bimbo.oh, did i mention document?

“United We Stand”

Since: May 09

Los Angeles

#11 Aug 16, 2009
Duane Hadley wrote:
I am beig accused of sexual harrassment at a crappy job that I already hate. But the pay helps provide for my wife and new born son. I am going to be talking to a lawyer Monday and plan on sueing the company and the women who accused me if I loose my job.
Lot's of people are abusing sexual harassment laws these days -- to either get quick money, revenge, eliminate compitition in the work place, or settle personal issues, disputes,
or prejudices. Jealous, greedy, petty, insecure, paranoid people are doing it everyday in this country. And it should stop.

Cameras, recorders, and spyware on computers are a necessary evil in the work place. These items may invade your privacy to some degree. But they can offer protection from frivolous lawsuits against the wrongfully accused and save jobs, reputations, good employees, dignity, time, and money.

Rico from East Los

Since: Jul 09

Location hidden

#13 Aug 16, 2009
When you're falsely accused of sexual harassment, slip and fall on the notorious crack on Company property. Get rich too.

“United We Stand”

Since: May 09

Los Angeles

#15 Aug 16, 2009
David wrote:
Yesterdays come-on lines are todays sexual harassment themes. Howz a guy meat a girl these days?
Go to a topless bar. >;-D

“United We Stand”

Since: May 09

Los Angeles

#17 Aug 16, 2009
David wrote:
<quoted text>
Last time I was poked in the eye.
That could be a good thing -- depending on what you were poked by ( UU ), that is. >;-D
Wrongly Accused

United States

#19 Aug 29, 2009
If anyone accused of anything in Long Beach and you go up against a Prosecutor named Sharon Panian, make sure your attorney knows about this woman.

she's a cop stalking psychopath. She famous for stalking LBPD while dating another one.(cheating one her cop b/f)

She was seen sitting in front of his house phoning him for hours. All on company time.
She was told repeatedly to stop and wouldn't.

This is the kind of corruption prosecuting innocent men and women in Long Beach everyday.

Know the background of these corrupt prosecutors and use it against them, just as they do to you!
too trusting

Tallahassee, FL

#20 Dec 21, 2009
i have been brought up on erroneous allegations of sexual harassment at work. i have been out on paid medical leave for a few months, and will be out for another several weeks pending joint surgery (i did not get hurt at work). i stopped into work to grab something a couple of weeks ago, and spend between 30-60 minutes in the building visiting with co-workers. at one point a female co-worker walked into a room i was in and began laughing and mocking how i was limping and walking with a cane. i was pretty embarrassed, but decided to just laugh/joke it off (in order to try and patch up my relations with my co-workers for when i get back to work. my boss has conspired with some other employees and been extremely critical of my disposition. she and some employees take every opportunity to report my behavior as irritable and uncooperative anytime that i defend myself, or happen to not agree with every idea or practice that is proposed or introduced. i get scolded when i don't just accept aggressive or indignant behavior from co-workers). anyway, i was laughing nervously, and pretended to jab at my female co-worker with my cane to pretend to poke her. i was off balance because of my injury. i was nervous, not thinking clearly or paying attention and i accidentally poked her, and i believe that it was in her thigh/rear area. i was not looking at her because of being embarrassed by her mocking me. afterward i said "oops" and was going to apologize, but was cut off by her laughing, smiling and saying "ooh that's sexual harassment" in a funny voice. i had just invited this girl and her family, along with a few other employees to go to a parade the weekend before that. my girlfriend and i also lent the girl dvd's and exchanged phone calls and texts (none of which were of a sexual or suggestive nature) about work related and tv related subjects.

at our workplace, many of the employees are always making jokes of a mild sexual nature, or pretending to hit one another or pretending to threaten one another. they may also use offensive or aggressive language when venting to one another. people at my workplace sometimes accidentally bump into, reach around or touch one another due to our line of work being very physically demanding, fast-paced, and team oriented in small spaces.

i have never harassed anyone before anywhere. this has the potential to ruin my reputation and follow me for life. more than anything it's really painful to be accused of something that i am so against. i don't know what to do to protect myself?
Just doing my job

Palmdale, CA

#21 Jun 7, 2010
I told a woman to leave the pool area because she was intoxicated and exposing herself showing her breast. She wouldn't listen. I told my eldest son to call my wife. A neighbor was standing outside the pool area waiting for me. My wife comes in tells her to leave the pool. She gets up and walks out upset telling us "this aint over you A??holes". Next thing I know I am being accused of Sexual Harassament!!!!
Men R the new women

United States

#22 Jul 15, 2010
a guy in Long Beach falsely accused his x gf of harassment. filed a phony police report, got a rookie detective on the case and he lied to get into her house with a search warrant.

the guy falsified evidence, broke into her house planted an email address page and committed credit card fraud. he and his friends called the guy a ton of times and blamed it on the x gf.

rookie cop falsified his police reports, told a judge she put gps on his truck and hacked into his corp email account. all lies and he knew it.

if this happens to you get a good attorney. and make sure you speak up, don't get rail roaded by the prosecutor, they lie to the judge too.
the DV prosecutor at that time was Sharon Panian, she's a cop stalker. She was crushing on this rookie cop (cougar) meow! and she did what everthefuckk he asked her to do, including lie to the judge! she was stalking a married cop,(the rookie?) and was fired eventually.

LB detectives are idiots- Donald Wood is anyway. he's dirty and nothing but a LIAR
Kenny L

Aurora, CO

#23 Sep 20, 2011
I feel you. I worked as a security officer in Colorado. To make an extremely long story short: I had these 18-25-something young ladies who worked at a chocolate factory jump on my back saying "Kenny, give me a ride to the warehouse". They would sneak up behind me, cover my eyes and say "who is it"? They would pinch me on my sides, etc,etc.

One day I told them,"You're gonna have to cut this out because this ain't appropriate". When they saw that I was avoiding them, I was called into the office one day and told:"I'm sorry Ken, we're gonna have to fire you because 7 different women came forward and said you've been sexually harassing them, and we've done a full-scale investigation which proves you did".

They NEVER spoke to me about it, so all of a sudden I was fired without any recourse. I now have a suit with the EEOC. WORD OF ADVICE TO THE FELLAS: ALWAYS, report this type of behaviour first! If I would've reported their actions first, it might have kept me from being fired. I was just flattered that cute-hard-bodied 20-somethings were paying attention to a 40yo like me. GENTLEMEN ACT FIRST....TRUST ME!!
Just doing my job wrote:
I told a woman to leave the pool area because she was intoxicated and exposing herself showing her breast. She wouldn't listen. I told my eldest son to call my wife. A neighbor was standing outside the pool area waiting for me. My wife comes in tells her to leave the pool. She gets up and walks out upset telling us "this aint over you A??holes". Next thing I know I am being accused of Sexual Harassament!!!!

Milwaukee, WI

#24 Sep 25, 2011
Had a heated argument with a co-worker. During the argument, I said to him "you're a liar, it's no wonder you're not married. 5 other witnesses were in the room. Later I was accused of Sexaul harassment for my comment. I received a written warning. Does my comment justify 'sexual harassment'?

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