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#1 Oct 2, 2012
I love it!! SO true.
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#4 Oct 4, 2012
harleyhunni wrote: many times when we were in Montana, SD, and Wyoming, they asked us to take Obama back with us...Of course we said no thanks.
Thanks for posting that photo. It's a good lesson to learn. Tolerance. Oh, wait. We're you talking about me? LOL!!!

Wow! Are you what they call a "biker chick"? Hope you can tolerate my ignorance. HA!
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#7 Oct 6, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL... Hope you can tolerate that I am a biker chic!! lol!
Oooops. I spelled it wrong, didn't I? I typed "chick" and that's a young bird or a newborn baby bird. I can't believe I did that. Just to be sure that "chick" could not mean "chic", I Googled the definition of both words. Chic is definitely someone who is stylish and smart. I guess someone who has it going on. Thank you for tolerating my ignorance. LOL!!!

And yes. I can tolerate that you are a biker! And that definitely is not ignorance. LOL!!!
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#8 Oct 6, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
Your welcome as well. I posted a picture of me in Wisdom Montana.
Welcome accepted.

Motorcycles are cool. Have you been riding long?

I think if I was a biker I would like the dirt bike. I feel that I could handle it more. Get it? "Handle". The handle bars. I can picture you revving up the engine right now. HA!

When I was a kid I found out how I could make my bicycle sound like a real motorcycle. Put a card on the spokes of the wheel and let it hit the frame as the wheel goes around while pedaling. That was so much fun. I remember this one place that I would at. It had a long straight sidewalk by the street where people walked. I could pick up speed on my bicycle, pop a wheelie and ride it all the way to the end. Those were good times.
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#10 Oct 8, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
I have been hanging out anf going to biker parties for years,,,but never met anyone I could connect iwth. I did this year,,and he owns a harley davidson street glide... have always had the biker spirit though. I did the same thing with my bicycle when I was a little girl...banana!
That's nice that you could find someone you had so much in common with.

Speaking of bicycles. When you was a kid, did you like to try to jump little ramps and do some tricks? I did. I remember riding without holding on to the handle bars. Dangerous. One time, my friend and me were going over a dirt hill. He made it. I never. I forgot or didn't know to pull up on the handlebars and got my face planted into the gravel. I was a bloody mess. A lesson never forgotten. Pull up!

But motorcycles are cool. I had a uncle that owned a dirt bike and a motorcycle. He took me for some rides when I was a kid. A sad thing I still remember was one day in a vehicle with the same uncle and my aunt and seeing this man laying with his motorcycle along side the highway road wrecked. It was still on and the chain was cutting into him. Not a pretty site. I don't know if he lived or not. Yeah, I got me some biker memories. Sorry for that sad tale. A funny one. That same aunt and uncle. A family of friends was visiting their home one day. Out in the country. One of them wanted to ride the motorcycle. So, my aunt and uncle put just a little bit of gas in so he wouldn't ride all day. That thing went for hours. That was so funny.

Well, keep on biking. And rev it up one time for me.
White man

Houston, TX

#11 Oct 8, 2012
I call this a people skill.
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#15 Oct 11, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
Hey they took out a lot of our!!!
Me thinks a certain poster has reared her ugly jealous head...again!
I was wondering what all the bad Judge-Its are about.
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#18 Oct 13, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
yeah she is mad because I said a long time ago that I was going to meet me a man with a harley and start to tour the USA,,and I did...
I don't take notice of the mad icons.. or judge-its.. but I do love to make people green with
How are you doing. I just got home from work... had a good day. It is getting to damn cold here though.
Hope all is well with you,,and have a great Friday...
Wow! You're line saying you hope all is well with me and to have a great Friday. Man, that totally went opposite. Friday. I woke up with an awful headache. That was just the beginning. Sickness set in. Later, vomiting galore. Was able to hold down a can of chicken noodle soup and later a ham & cheese sandwich. Feeling a lot better today. Had a nice breakfast and supper. Some unpleasent family arguments today but that's nothing new. But it hurts, you know? And I always feel so guilty. That song, we always hurt the ones we love. Sometimes it's hard to tolerate ignornance. Especially, the jealous kind.

You know what would be better to do? That old friend of yours that you feel is invading your threads and trashing them. If she would also set a goal for herself and try to follow it through. Why be jealous just because you did, you know?

Canada having winter weather, eh? Bet you feel like making a run for the border. Sometimes, it gets pretty cold down here. But sometimes the summers can be red hot.
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#19 Oct 13, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
This fat little troll I have is mad because I told her off, and what exactly she is.. she points fingers at others while all along guilty of what she accuses. I no longer pay her any the poster says... is what I do.
She is the type that hates to see anyone happy, because she is so bitter..
That reminds me of a rock song. The lyrics go something like ...

"You got to point your finger. You think you know it all. I want you to remember I don't live for you 'cause I'm against your law."
anonymous california

Columbus, OH

#22 Oct 14, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
Sounds like you had a rough day. I went out to my daughters and watch my grand chillins. It is great. I also stopped at my son's and checked on his place, fed and watered cat, and cleaned up a bit. lol! I do that at my girls too. I am taking sons laundry home to do it...
Anyways hope your Sunday is better.
Rough day? Yeah, but it could've been a lot worse. So, I shouldn't complain. Sorry if I sounded like a whiner.

Wow! But you look so young in your photos. I never would've thought you were old enough to have grown children. Certainly not grandchildren. Or "grand chillins" as you call them. That's a great name for grandkids, by the way. Age has certainly been a friend to you. Honestly, I don't think I would've thought you were any older than your 20s.

United States

#24 Oct 14, 2012
I never drove a harley or rode a gefdilte fish in the great blue sees, but I live on casiano rd in bel air. Har!!!!
Wal-Mart Tamm

Corona, CA

#25 Oct 14, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
Why aren't you sweet. Flattery will get you! They call me Nonna instead of Grandma..(it is Italian for Grandma).So you are from Ohio? Your IP says that.
Never been there...but think I may have relatives there.
I have been to many states though. Your country has a lot to see, and warmer places to!
Our warm spot, or province in this country is BC,,it is more like California...
Well you have a great Sunday...
I enjoy our!
You're from Canada?? Cool beans! I got a small box of canadian dimes I found over the years... can't do much with them spending wise.
They shine up pretty tho'!!
Wal-Mart Tamm

Corona, CA

#28 Oct 14, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
Just like some of us Canadian Gals,,,we shine up real!
I used to live in the warmest spot in Canada, now I live in one of the coldest. I live in the oil capital of Canada, lots of money here, and lots of jobs...
I only moved here to be close to my kids, grandchillin's,, and now my bf...
How is your day going. Better I hope.
I see our bitter iconer is! Would suck to be that petty don't you think????
"we shine up real nice"... naughty! ;-)

I don't know anything about this bitter iconer you mention. I take it that its someone from other Topix trails you've blazed in the past? Oil capital of Canada -- Alberta?? Big $$$ where there's oil! Plus, there's the Northern Lights too up in your neck of the woods. Awesome!
Wal-Mart Tamm

Corona, CA

#31 Oct 14, 2012
harleyhunni wrote:
<quoted text>
I have blazed a lot of trails in!
The northern lights are awesome. Was coming home one time into Edmonton from Jasper,,,,,and the northern lights followed me...the sky kept changing,, but the stars...awesome...was like an acid trip from the!
Blazing trails through the highways, byways, cul-de-sacs of life... would've - could've - should've, all part of it too, is what life is all about. Visiting Canada, in particular the big western areas, is one of those things I plan to do sometime in my lifetime. The auroras are calling out me to visit them and stand/bask in the glory... and I will.
Hah! I try not to think back too much on those early 70's a-trips. I can still make out patterns on the stucco ceiling in my bedroom!

(I'll let you know when I can make it up there. I should have at least two KFC buckets fulla dimes by then!) See ya, double H!

WM Tamm
Jar jar jar

Springfield, IL

#33 Oct 23, 2012
I thought you didn't eat junk food? Lying as always...

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