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Who Is Taking Action To Combat Crime In Cudahy?

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BC From Cudahy

Kenosha, WI

#1 Jan 12, 2006
There is indeed a serious problem when it comes to crime in Cudahy. From drug dealers dealing drugs near elementary schools, to disorderly conduct resulting from patrons of near by bars, to out and out assaults with the offender's being as young as 8 years old. Those are just a few of the many problems that the citizens of Cudahy are dealing with. The question I pose is: What is being done to combat the problem? Police involvement is only half the answer. We as citizens need to "take back our community!" We need to form a united front and work with law enforcement officals, to clean our community up and make it a safer place to live. We need to look out for our neighbors and work together. We need to send a message to all the criminals out there that we the citizen's of Cudahy will not tolerate this any longer!

United States

#2 Jul 5, 2006
I would have to agree with you. after last nights stabbing at the fire works display Cudahy residents need to stand together and fight for our right as a community to be safe!!

United States

#3 Jul 12, 2007
We have a drug house in our Neighborhood of Cudahy.We have called many times to the Police.I've been told by a dispatcher that when a Police car is available one will be sent.45 min later one came naturally the car was gone.We need a K-9 now and a shorter responce time .We heard the Residence of the Drug House while sitting on their front porch actually say once the police came and left Boy I'm glad they didn't come in they would have found the Drugs.
There are Many familys with young Children in our area We do not need Drugs and Guns around.to take back our Cudahy we need Police working with us not just words.We need Drug Busts and 24 hour servailance on places Knowen for being Drug Houses.
i believe Crim has come into Cudahy because the Slim Drug and Ladies of the evening know Cudahy is lax in crim prevention .We need more then meetings and words.
A SM Resident

Burlington, WI

#4 Jul 12, 2007
South Milwaukee has a growing crime problem. Our police department refuses to ticket people unless it is the second time they are called to the same house for the same reason. So, people around here seem to think they can do anything they want and get away with it. There is no accountability within the police department and city officials. One hand washes the other. The only way I can see it changing here in South Milwaukee is if all the citizens who have experienced problems stand up and voice their complaints over and over again until someone listens. I am sorry to hear Cudahy also has a growing crime problem, because the outlook for this whole area isn't a good one, unless the police step up to the plate. At least you guys have a Mayor that wants to improve Cudahy and isn't afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.
cudahy bars

United States

#5 Jul 14, 2007
any chicks in cudahy?
Disgusted with the police

United States

#6 Jul 16, 2007
It's too true. Cudahy police just don't seem to care. Drugs, gangs, and prostitution are running rampant. The citizens know and report these problems regularly. I guess the long response times from the poilice is due to Cudahy not having a doughnut shop locally.

If Cudahy spent half as much effort in busting the drug houses, gang headquarters, and prostitutes, as they do enforcing their stupid parking laws, things would be a whole lot different.

I have written to the Mayor and the Chief of Police to crack down on the MAJOR problems here in Cudahy. No response from either.

What is it going to take? Someone getting shot? I doubt that that will even motivate the Cudahy police to act. Perhaps we should change the name of the city to Crudahy to reflect the level of service of our police department.
SM Resident

Burlington, WI

#7 Jul 16, 2007
If you are having a problem with your local police department you need to hold the Police Chief accountable.

Cudahy has a new Mayor and I am wondering if you wrote him or the old Mayor? When McCue was the County Supervisor I emailed him and he responded immediately to my concern.

If a Police Chief cares about the community they are responsible to serve and protect they should make sure all the officers realize all citizens' complaints will be taken seriously.

Milwaukee, WI

#8 Jul 18, 2007
Simply put, these two bit city officials simply do not care.
We need to get enough people to speak up, voice your opinion.

Write letters to the people that are accountable for the problems.
Start with your aldermen, all of them! Go to common council meeting. SPEAK UP!
Tell them you demand something be done or someone will be held accountable by recall.

The best this anyone can do is Contact the media! Newspapers, Local news channels…
Demand some one listen and something gets done.

Second, Petitions. We have the right to recall!
If you really have a problem and really want to do something than get out there and start getting signatures for recall.

Finally get more people involved they will only listen to the masses. Keep in mind they don’t like to work, you must demand something gets done.

A single voice will go unheard, so let’s start getting together and start doing something.

Milwaukee, WI

#9 Jul 18, 2007
Do not just complain about a problem, do something about it!
Remember we ARE the people in “we the people”
This is OUR government! We tell THEM what to do.
concerned parent

Burlington, WI

#10 Aug 21, 2007
There was a shooting here if we all recall in Cudahy right at the speedway on Packard Ave. Next time it could be someones child. These police in Cudahy need to start doing their jobs! What are we paying taxes for! My children me the world to me I don't give a damn whos parked on the wrong side of the street tonight or if they have a parking permit! I do care if my kids are safe in our neighborhood. I did't buy a house here for my kids to live in a drug infested or gang problem area I bought if because I thought my kids might be safer than living in the city of Milwaukee!! So word to the police get off your dead Axxxxx and do your job to keep our kids safe!! Forget the damn parking tickets!!

Tampa, FL

#11 Aug 24, 2007
read up on china,how did hey get rid of their opium dens,how did they virtually eliminated illegal Drugs?
It certainly did not happen,sitting on their Asses and discussing it to Death.
Funny how we never seem to be getting the higher-ups in this Racket.Time to hunt these Bastards down and take their "Lawyers"along to Death Row.

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Sep 6, 2007
South Milwaukee:

City assessor:
Assessing our property up to 500% of fair market value while Bucyrus goes unassessed.
Hey, What did you asses YOUR property at???
Just how retarded are you, or are you just as corrupt as our fat pile of shit mayor Thomas Zepecki?

And you Mr. Zepecki what the fuck is wrong with you? Who the hell is putting money in your pocket? You must be the stupidest person on the planet or just evil. You corrupt pile of human waste!

City attorney Joseph Murphy:
The man who believes children should be able to rome the streets of South Milwaukee with out curfew.“It’s unconstitutional” he said.
The man who believes that the more of a degenerate piece of crap some one is, the more they can get away with. This is why when I caught the man who broke into my garage and detained him the cops booked and released him with out charges!! Even though I gave the video tape of him braking in!
“He doesn’t have a job” I was told.“If we give him a ticket he would not pay it”

A town of grown up adolescents. Adult kids. Sure they can be in there 30’s or 40’s but have the mindset of a child. I guess that’s why so many of them are pedophiles.
And sex offenders next to our schools!?!? WTF is that!?!?
Here is a link:
search South Milwaukee 53172
how can we have 164 sex offenders here??? PLUS 23 unaccounted offenders!?!?
Look it up we have more living right here in town than in any other part of Wisconsin!!!

Mr. Zepecki, you should be ashamed and embarrassed to be mayor of south Milwaukee.
You and all your appointed officials.

Joseph Murphy, Thomas Zepecki, city attorney, all of you corrupt S.O.B’s
Your time is coming.
The people of this town have had enough!
We WILL find enough dirt on all you, eventually you all will have to face the music!

Attention people of South Milwaukee:
There will be a paid advertisement, a public posting for town meeting. Please attend and speak your mind. Contact you alderman for further details.

City Government
The City of South Milwaukee is governed by a part-time Mayor elected citywide, and eight (8) part-time Alderpersons elected by four (4) districts. To find out which Alderperson is your representative, call the City Clerk at 414-seven six two-2222.
Common Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Common Council Chambers at City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.
City Hall is located at 2424 15th Avenue and is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
SM Resident

Burlington, WI

#13 Sep 10, 2007
More people may listen to your message if you didn't use such foul language Mr. or Ms. Zipeckery.

There is a problem with the city government and we need rational and reasonable people to address the issues, not people who feel it is appropriate to attack people using such deplorable language.

Please do us all a favor and clean it up or shut it up.

Zephyrhills, FL

#14 Sep 11, 2007
all you concerned,while you are at it you might check out your own crotchfruits,running around not contributing one iota to the betterment of your town.
william mckenzie

Milwaukee, WI

#15 Jul 30, 2009
I have to agree, cudahy is not what it used to be. and what is up with the little "posse" gangs of young black hood rats? The Cudahy police department is understaffed, they need money to operate. They need to fine people more often, giving out far too many warnings. I have emailed the mayor, police chief, and supervisors and they all respoded quickly and with concern. I feel like they do care, but they can only do so much with what they have to work with. The large number a run down rental properties attract ghetto trash also. Do your part, get involved, call the police. Help them help us. report the ghetto properties to the inspection departmant. Most of them are owned by people who dont live here, so what do they care who they rent to?

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