BigFoot wrote:
To put it "BLUNTLY" ... Luna county is a wasteland filled with illiterate drug addicted losers. Should the Casino ever materialize, I wonder where they would find competent employees.
To be BLUNT back to you I would not know anything about Luna County, I do know any Indian Casino has one goal in mind, to get people addicted to gambling and hook you into going to their casino with (sic) free cash, free give aways, drawings etc.

There is nothing FREE about sitting and playing games with a SS check for hours and dreaming, hoping your name is called and they send out mailings a couple times a week.

The casino's are all in it together, each knows what day to run their drawings so it does not interfere with the the others.

As for help, people will drive an hour or more one way for a job that pays minimum wages in this day and age.