Frisco's and John and Virginia Watson

Frisco's and John and Virginia Watson

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Troy, MO

#1 Jan 1, 2010
Why anyone does business with these two nutjobs is puzzling. Not only do they announce that they do not need our local business at a meeting last year but also do whatever it takes to keep main street to themselves. Virginia verbally and mentally abuses all of her employees depending on how drunk or hung over she is. Now here is a real question what about Mr. Watson's DUI arrest last February 6 it seems to just been misplaced??????? Virginia's accident on highway 19 expired plates, Insurance??? drivers licence NO WHY ARE
THESE PEOPLE ABOVE THE LAW and why are we allowing it

United States

#2 Jan 3, 2010
Is this the same John Watson who's affiliated with the Western Cherokee of Salem?

Jefferson City, MO

#3 Jan 10, 2010
I don't think he is associated with anything in Salem.

Waterloo, IL

#4 Jan 29, 2010
freebos rooster got loose in the house again

United States

#5 Jan 30, 2010
xray it's good to see you in here. That was a good one. I loved the one about Meemaw's family pack of salisbury steaks. Keep up the good work :)
cuba resident has opinion

Enterprise, AL

#6 Jan 31, 2010
you are correct they do like to keep the street for their own business use only and yes they are very cranky to their employees and to customers at times.

However per Virginia paid her fine for not having valid plates (expired tags) on her vehicle and plead guilty to the charge during November 2009. Are u certain John was arrested for DUI cuz if the stately guys got him they would not have just lost the ticket...seach of does not indicate any arrest for John.

O Fallon, MO

#7 Feb 11, 2010
cuba resident has opinion wrote:
you are correct they do like to keep the street for their own business use only and yes they are very cranky to their employees and to customers at times.
However per Virginia paid her fine for not having valid plates (expired tags) on her vehicle and plead guilty to the charge during November 2009. Are u certain John was arrested for DUI cuz if the stately guys got him they would not have just lost the ticket...seach of does not indicate any arrest for John.
Yes you are correct Virginia did pay a small fine for the combined tickets in the amount of $100 including court costs. This is not a standard punishment issued by our prosecuting attorney. Yes Mr. Watson was arrested for driving while intoxicated late Feb. 5, 2009 or early morning of the 6th. He was stopped and left his truck blocking the entrance of the landfill on North 19. Mrs. Watson was dropped off at Frisco's due to her lack of a drivers license and the fact she was once again intoxicated. Mr. Watson was taken to the Crawford County Jail and had to have their bartender Rachel Durbin pick him up from the jail that night. The incident was on KZNN the following morning and was briefly located on line. Now what has happened to this ticket and arrest report after it reached our prosecutor???

In addition to this Virginia tells any injured employee that she does not have workers compensation insurance and many of the employees quilify for Missouri Health Net or Medicaid and the state pays for the injury.
puzzled in cuba

United States

#8 Feb 17, 2010
I am amazed at the problems of our community business owners that can get away with this verbal, mental abuse. Wonder why and how this continues. Stand up people stand together.

United States

#9 Feb 17, 2010
simply because she will do anything in her sick and twisted cold heart to ensure you cannot get a job after her. as long as peiople do business with her she has no reason to stop. she has been known as virgina for years for a reason. just ask mr. coffman of his experience with her as an employee and maybe rhat will explaon why she doesn't trust anyone and rhinks everyone steals from her guilty of anything virginia
Friscos X Employee

Foristell, MO

#10 Feb 19, 2010
I worked for Virginia off and on for a very long time. I did see her yell at some of the other employees, but she was always nice to me. In fact, anytime I had to quit working there due to school, moving etc. She always took me back as soon as I was available to work again. I loved working for Virginia, she worked around my schedule and lightened my work load when it was needed. What you all are not seeing is that she USE to have a drinkng problem, it doesn't exist anymore. She actually had a serious health problem not long ago and is a completely different person than she was years ago. Some employees are slackers and like to stand around... therefore they deserve to be yelled at. I always did my job with efficiency and was never "verbally abused" Obviously they run a good business or the people wouldn't continue to work there and they wouldn't continue to bring in the customer's they do. When I worked there, I had met several customers that drove down from other states and drove through Cuba just to eat there on their way to the next destination, they were return customers.
happiness dies

Wentzville, MO

#11 Feb 20, 2010
its a simple thing called capitalism, those who hav the money r the ones truly in power

Saint Peters, MO

#12 Feb 26, 2010
Sometimes the illusion of money gives you power is just an illusion when your debt exceeds your worth you will eventually fall
For the Good People

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#13 Mar 15, 2010
Skippy’s recipe for GOOD FOOD FOR THE GO PEOPLE
Fresh Ground Chuck Burgers = Mixture of usually Reduced priced ground chuck, Reduced priced hamburger,Reduced priced ground round. If he cannot find reduced priced burger you may get fresh ground chuck? GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE
Fresh Cut steaks Any steak usually on the reduced shelve all week long. You may get a fresh cut on the weekend ? Usually after all the reduced steaks have been sold? GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE?
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Instant,usually a few days old,almost always microwaved because their not made fresh daily, there no steam table to keep them warm. GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE ?
Vegetables=Usually Not simmered on stove ,microwaved,a few days old ,no steam table,reheated?GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD PEOPLE
Chicken noodle soup Broth usually made from, legs ,thighs, wing that are a few days away from going to the cats? GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE?
Homemade Dumplings Frozen in a bag, same broth method as chicken noddle?
Taco meat -"Taco salads - Chili - meatloaf – burritos- lasagna- meatballs =Usually reduce priced hamburger- ground chuck- ground round,usually thrown to gather sold until gone? Refrigerated up to a week at a time, if its your lucky day it may be made fresh that day? Feel lucky ;GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE? Baked potatoes = baked 15 at a time approx. every 2or 3 day microwave every time never fresh from the oven? GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE?
Salads = usually reduced priced chopped ham or turkey that usually been in the refrigerator for to long? GOOD FOOD FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE?
The recipes for most of the food are good and come from some of the best home made recipes books or experienced cooks who have worked in the business for many years although their recipes are being taken over and changed by the establishment and called theirs, changing good recipes, For their own insecure reasons maybe because they themselves do not have the experience to be a good cook
Skippy’s prices for GOOD PEOPLE
BURGERS; Skippy’s blend of usually reduced priced ground chuck and burger?Cost usually averages no more than 2 dollars a pound, Sells for 4.99 half pound that’s 9.98 per pound,take away 2 dollars, they make almost 3 dollars a burger, 7.98 per pound ? You would think they might give the Good People a brake and at least cook them a fresh ground chuck not the reduced mixture they call fresh ground chuck?
Walleye; They get about 75 to100 pieces out of box, They charge 8.99 for 2 pieces fries and slaw ,If they pay 100.00 a box which ,I don’t believe they do, I believe it is about half that. They make at 75 per box, Minus the100.00 they pay, They make at the least 574.00 dollars per box . My problem is why cant they give the Good People a good meal at a great price? Maybe because they care so much about the money that they forgot about the good people? FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE
Fried Chicken; They have best fried chicken in the area .Why cant they give a good price and quality food? FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE
Skippy nobody wants or needs to see you 7 days a week ,Drinking 5 of them Drunk..Your good people don’t tell you, But they do tell your employees, whom you do not listen or believe, get him away,their sick of your bull crap stories and lies. 7days a week. You burned all your good people out give the GOOD PEOPLE a break, get a life!

Saint Clair, MO

#14 Mar 20, 2010
When disgruntled former employees find the internet it's a humorous thing.

I can't comment on the specific allegations, but I do like their wings and burgers.

As for what folks get in court......well, that's why god invented attorneys isn't it? There is no 'standard' anything.
puzzled in cuba

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#15 May 8, 2010
as usual the hardworkers that are disgruntled are
telling the truth and the powerful employers are getting away with it. employers wake up u don't get powerful without the good people working for u & bringing back the good peoples money that gives u power
disgruntly employee

United States

#16 Apr 16, 2011
Virginia is a nutbag psycho bitch. I worked there a little over a month did my job exceptionally well per my managers. One day i got fired with no reason. Virginia would scream and cuss in my face for no reason. And i believe i got fired because i did not bend over and let her to proceed to ass rape me like her other employees do. That woman told me even when Im wrong Im right and sorry that's not how it works with me.
one who knows

United States

#17 Apr 27, 2011
there seems to be alot of employers around here that treat employees like crap. And the harder jobs are to find, these sick bosses get worse and worse. skippy is gross and drunk alot. he employs CONVICTS as well. virginia is gross too.
Gem Coughlin

Steelville, MO

#18 Sep 3, 2011
Sounds like a bunch of jealous people on this site, envious of what the Watson's have. I have known Virginia for 23 yrs and she is a hard working, HONEST, individual. Pardon her and her husband for having some standards when it comes to running a business. I know how useless some employees can be, as I ran a business in Cuba for a number of years, and between the drug/alcohol hangovers, the stealing, the disrespect for the people who are paying them, the abuse of their privileges that come with the job, it is no wonder Virginia loses her temper. Some of you might try working for a change and then maybe you won't be yelled at or fired.I find this thread to be nothing more than an attempt to discredit a woman that has never done anything but work several jobs her entire life so that she can have something. Bob Coffman (RIP) trusted Virginia with everything and it was not her that did anything wrong, it was another employee, who's well known parents and brother kept the entire thing pretty well hushed. In other words, the "debt" was paid for by the brother. Virginia had nothing to do with what went on, and if you people had any REAL knowledge of WTF went on and insider info, you would know that. Virginia had planned on leaving R-J so she could have a business of her own, so anyone that thinks she did not leave voluntarily, again has no idea what they are talking about. People wanting jobs better get the idea that when someone owns a business, they expect their employees to follow the rules and act accordingly. Virginia was hard on her own niece, because she expects things to run smoothly. I cannot believe some of you have the audacity to sit behind the safety of your computer screens and make judgments that someone is "gross" "psycho" " sick" "Twisted". How old are you people? Obviously quite immature, as you can only pick on someone's character to try and discredit them for having something that you don't. Maybe instead of letting the green eyed monster of jealousy eat you alive, try turning that energy into something positive, like perhaps having a good work ethic at your job, or a job period! I would be very curious to know how many of you, spewing venom at Virginia and her husband for a DUI, are lily white and have never driven under the influence. I bet you are the very people who ARE driving drunk, hence your anger at the Watson's for "getting special treatment", which you have no idea that they got or not. Bottom line, when some of you WORK, and then try to open a business of your own, see how easy it is, and see how your employees take advantage of you, and then come back here and tell me how nice employees can be. It is always the people who are gold brickers that "hate" their bosses, and cry about how they are so unfairly treated, when they are the ones who are creating the problems with the very attitude that they are doing the boss a favor by working for them. Funny how the one person stayed at Frisco's in spite of how "psycho" Virginia is and how "gross" she is, long enough to get fired. I know I personally would have quit the job and filed a complaint with the government agency that handles cases where employers are abusive to their staff. I have a feeling the hate for these business owners stems from plain old jealousy and also from a case of "I got caught doing nothing on the job and/or stealing, and got fired, so now I am going to anonymously post on a web site to discredit my former employers and fix them" Amazing how you all have the chutzpah to slam John and Virginia on a web site, but fail to tell these things to them in person. I bet anything you smile in their faces and STILL go into the restaurant, yet hold the knife so carefully hidden, behind your back so you can later drive it into theirs. Pathetic how people are!
cuba resident

Wentzville, MO

#19 Oct 16, 2011
It is obvious you do not have all your facts in the matter. Virginia was very much involved in the embezzling situation at Roberts-Judson’s. There was another employee involved also…however Virginia was so careful with how she embezzled the money Bob Coffman(RIP) and the accountants could not determine the full impact she had until after she was gone. Yes , the other employee’s family members did pay off her debt as she was not a slick as Virginia… you recall Virginia was gone and the other employee continued with the scheme and got caught as she was not quite as smart and did not cover her tracks so well. So before you continue patting her on the back, maybe you should check out the facts.
The real fact is most of the money Virginia embezzled from Bob Coffman(RIP) is the funds she used to bet her own restaurant up and running.
She can be mean and ugly to her employees; however when you own a restaurant and you have many employees you would lose your patience at times when you have to continually tell the same employee the same thing all the time. However, an employee if you do not like the treatment she hands out, you can always find a new job.

My statements have nothing to do with jealously as you indicated, as I would not want to own a business by stealing money from a person who trusted me and Bob Coffman(RIP) trusted Virginia.

Virginia will have to explain her wrong doings on Judgment Day and I guess you will find out the correct information that day.
Gem Coughlin

Steelville, MO

#20 Oct 18, 2011
You, perhaps, do not have all the facts yourself. Virginia, once again, worked several jobs for MANY years, as well as purchased property and had many rentals. So her restaurant was not the result of any scullduggery at her former job, but the result of being a hard worker and careful saver. I also happen to know she had quite a few investments other than real estate which earned money for her.

If, as you say, she was so guilty of a crime, Mr.Coffman would have been obliged to press charges, as it is a company and there are other people within that company he had to answer to. It is easy to place the blame on someone because of the usual small town gossip but facts are facts. The fact is that the money used to fund her business is money she earned from various jobs and investments. I know that to be fact. And please do not tell me that the other employees family would have happily paid off a debt for someone else, if in fact another party was involved. No one is that nice or eager to make something go away.

I would also like to point out that the other employee and Virginia did not share the same duties at Roberts-Judson, so it would be unlikely that the remaining party continued with the "same scheme" considering there was no scheme on Virginia's part. It is ridiculous to continue with this anyway, because people will believe whatever gossip they want, and it is due to jealousy AND misinformation, and nothing else. This area is a prime example of how people gossip and bend things to suit their version of events in order to tear someone more successful than they are, down. Unless you were working at R-J, part of the accounting team, the controversy or the owners, none of us will ever know the truth, but I do know for a fact that Virginia's money was from hard work at several jobs, investments, rentals and saving every penny, as she had always wanted a restaurant/bar of her own, from as far back as I can remember, even out of high school. Those are facts.

Enjoy your day and speculation.

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