Review: Global United Travel
Mike and Carol

United States

#85 Nov 21, 2009
The most aggravating mistake we have ever made. The bald head owner Dan makes us sick as we to were scammed with this misleading scam. The free gifts have so much red tape, time constraints,$deposits needed, and no availability for 6 of our flexible dates to go to a basic place like Orlando Florida.
We will sue for our $ back!
Mike and Carol

New York, NY

#86 Nov 23, 2009
APP wrote:
I just bought the Global Travel membership for $4900. I hope it provides the value they say it does. I got 4 stars/weeks, passed on my gift and 4 express weeks. Based on the comments above, I wonder if I could have gotten this for $2,900??? Not sure how I feel at this point until I utilize the vacations.
I am sorry for you that you made the purchase. If you can get your $ back you will be best off. I know 4 people that have bought the package (2 of them at $2,900 with 4 stars), and they are truly discontent.
Good luck!
Terry and Joe

New York, NY

#87 Nov 23, 2009
hcr wrote:
You can get 4 stars for $4900, 3 stars for $3900, and I guess that we didn't wait long enough to get them down to the 2 star deal for $2900. We did get extra expressway weeks and they waived the first year activity fee and registration. If the places are nice, it is a good deal.
Sorry but we bought 4 starts for $2,900.00. These people are sickening and we are so disapointed in ourslefs for buy in as we have 4 dates we wanted to go to Florid and non of them are available. By the way, the free gifts are a fraud also
Former Employee

Roselle, IL

#88 Nov 24, 2009
Marc and Linda wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for the info. being toto deal only with certain people in a company tells me to stay away from the whole company.??, is it true they plant people in the audience to buy which is supposed to entice others to get excited and buy?
Global United Travel and Global Connections Inc. are two seperate entities run by completly different people. GCI is owned and operated by a man named Tom Lyons. He is well respected and his business has pioneered the vacation club industry. Tom's company carries an A- rating in the BBB and no other vacation club can touch what his company offers!! Global United Travel is owned by Daniel Gold, a scum sucking low life that has enough balls to yell at women, but no balls to speak to men in the same manner. Global United Travel has to purchase the priviledge to sell the memberships and is in no way shape or form associated with or a part of Global Connections Inc. The internet provides instant access to all the information you need to make an informed decision based on your needs, I would hate for people to get the wrong impression about the membership itself. Again, if you are interested in the travel package, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! There are alot of cool places Global Connections Inc. can help you get to!!

Northbrook, IL

#89 Dec 3, 2009
My wife and I attended one of these "award ceremonies" a couple years ago. Knowing it would likely be a timeshare-type offer, we decided ahead of time not to buy anything. They told us to come for the prize, so we went for the prize. There shouldn't be anything wrong with that.

Hmm, they told us that it was an award ceremony instead of a sales pitch. Deception to get us in the door was red flag number one.

The pressure to get us to buy was intense, but my wife and I told ourselves that, no matter how good it sounded, we would do additional research and thinking before making a decision.

Still, we almost bought, but when we told the reps we didn't want to make a hasty decision they started getting frustrated and angry with us. They asked us why we needed to think about it, and what else we needed to think about. We said we just wanted more time.

Pressure to buy "right now" - red flag number two.

We were told we were the only ones in the room not buying, but still we resisted. They got upset,'accusing' us of just coming for the prize. We told them that we did indeed just came for the prize. After all, they did claim it was an award ceremony.

When we convinced them that we wouldn't be buying anything that day (we told them that if the deal was really as good as they made it sound, we would be back on another day to make a purchase), eventually we were ushered out, and given a bogus 'travel voucher' that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

Bogus incentive/ flag number three.

Our time would have been wasted except that we are glad to know what these things are like. I did the math on their offer the next day; NOT a good deal. Many expenses are not covered, and those that are...well lets just say you are financially better off paying for them directly than taking this deal.

Poor value for the product/ .

This company is a scam, and I am glad I didn't get sucked in. Resisting an immediate purchase is difficult, and it is a wiser choice simply to stay away.

These guys are not just salesmen, they are con-artists. They lure you in by deception, and are very skilled at swindling you out of your hard earned money.

I could say so much more. Unfortunately, many people will not read these complaints until it is too late.
Jim n Sue the dumb ones

United States

#90 Dec 15, 2009
We attended the presentation last March in Crystal Lake. I do not remember the reps name but let me tell you about our experience. I agree 100%, the gifts are very difficult to use. We ended up purchasing one of the smaller programs. So far we have been to Puerta Vallarta (which was a 4 star resort), and we recently came back from Gatlinburg, TN. The property in TN was fantastic. I cringe to think of how much these trips would have cost us on our own. I have noticed on this website that every one of the complaints are all from non-buyers of the program. So the question I have to ask myself is, if this company is such a scam and a rip-off then why don't we see complaints from the actual members? All I know is my family will continue to travel twice a year for $159.00 per week while the rest of you will continue to pay full price for your vacations..........

Downers Grove, IL

#91 Dec 29, 2009
I wish I had read these comments before I wasted two hours in their Northbrook dump. The "free gifts" are a scam. The fulfillment company makes it virtually impossible to redeem (even after you send them $100 per person). Thankfully, we had the sense not to purchase one of their packages. Yes, the fat bald creep Dan is a pompous turd. I could not believe people believed that he could unload their timeshares.

Schaumburg, IL

#92 Jan 4, 2010
Former Employee wrote:
Most of you who boght this program were scammed out of their money... BIG TIME!! 1st, GUT CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT sell your old timeshare in the timeframe they promise, if at all!! Yes they have their own broker, that you get connected with AFTER you verify. Don't find this strange? After you verify you are secure in the contract, no one cares anymore about your timeshre, you are locked in a contract and have to fight to get out after you have been decieved. Plus they present these thick fancy books to show you all of the resorts you can go to! Unfortunatly Vlad, Kenny and a few others are showing you an RCI book or Interval Internation book of resorts. Most of the resorts in thoes books you will NEVER see. It's called FRAUD, they know it's fraud, Daniel Gold the owner told us it is fraud, but they still use these books to dupe innocent people of their cash. The gifts are BOGUS. As for the gifts, 1st, I do agree with GUT on one thing... If you go in for the free gift and you get upset over taxes, port fees, etc., then you are a retard, Uncle Sam always gets his cut, even when you die, you pay a tax, but otherwise, the gifts are pretty lame. They make you jump through hoops to claim the prizes, and tons of black out dates. For the "win one of four prizes" people, there is NO lincoln Navigator, NO 32" sony T.V.s, and NO 2,500 dollar cash prize, it's always a vacation. Anything else you want to know, just write me!!
Vlad and Scott promised my wife and I back in September that we would have no problems booking an all-inclusive for a week in Mexico during Spring Break for us and our two kids. This is the destination we wanted. This was an outright lie. They can't get us anything. We have already paid out $1100 for the two star package. You mention having to "fight to get out" of the contract.
Please tell me how to go about fighting this. Thanks
Steve Lake in the Hills

Aurora, IL

#93 Jan 5, 2010
Sher wrote:
I got the call last night that I won one of four prizes from a contest I entered. I let them go through the whole talk. Never entered any contest. Then I'm told I need to show my drivers license and a Master Card, fill out a form to see if I qualify for the prize and have a combined earning of $50,000 a year. I was also told this was a new company and they wanted to give out these prizes so people like me would write what a great company they are and they wouldn't have to advertise. Got off the phone and Googled them. Image my surprise - not! I want to thank all of you who wrote what a scam this was. You just proved that I was right in my thinking. And to you who wrote what a great company Globel is, I'm thinking you work for Globel. Get a real job.
To Richie - Crystal Lake who said he was told by the "asshole" that he made 72 million dollars last year. I would have asked him if he made that much money why he had to run a scam to make more.
To Richie, Sher & others thanks for sparing me this waste of time. Everyone who called me did it at almost 9:00pm on a Sunday night, so how legit could that be? Everyone speaks in very poor broken English and kept asking "so you make Fifty Grand or more" or "you make Fifty towsand(yes I know it is mis-spelled, but that's how they pronounce it) bucks right" and why do they need to know what kind of credit card you will be "Showing" them to prove who you are. When I was offered a Gas Refund Voucher I asked what the heck that was. Is that a gas card, a refund??? or a voucher? and the caller could not answer that either. He tried several times to get my email to be sure that I knew how to get there and seemed agitated that I would not give it. Also I was told I needed to be there 10 minutes early because the doors are closed and locked exactly at 6:00 to keep others out of the "VIP" Anniversary celebration. My wife said if we were going I'd better carry a big knife because it sounded dangerous to be locked in...not that I was actually thinking about going anyways. Sounds like the whole thing is a scam designed to gather information so some ignorant 3rd world Nigerians or Euro-Trash can steal your identity. And as for the above post by someone who bought and was happy, come on, who is gouing to part with $2000 or more without even checking and verifying the website first...they definitely work for the GUT.

Oswego, IL

#94 Jan 5, 2010
Called me to sell some crap when I hung up they called back again and again this company is a SCAM STAY AWAY! Can't wait to pay them a visit in person to thank them for the foul mouthed phone calls from thier employee.STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!
H Cobart

San Diego, CA

#95 Jan 11, 2010
I love the spelling, grammar, and "all caps" from the people who were treated so well.

Since: Jan 10

Schaumburg, IL

#96 Jan 21, 2010
Thanks good info.

Since: Jan 10

Schaumburg, IL

#97 Jan 21, 2010
Looks like you are one of them!
skeptic 2

United States

#98 Jan 22, 2010
Skeptical wrote:
I just got a cold call from on my cell phone and the package sounds interesting, but the call first offered two flights, hotel and $200 in gas. Later in the call it was $300. They introduce themselves as American West, then find they company is Global Travel. The agent says he is from Seattle on the phone but when I stop by their office their marketing company is in Florida. Their office has been in Crystal Lake for only few months. Sounds pretty suspicious and based on comments above, think I will pass on my "free" vacation.
Do you have a number for this seattle office?
No sales calls please

Geneva, IL

#99 Jan 22, 2010
BUYER BEWARE! The Better Business Bureau gives this company an "F" due in part to a large number of complaints against them. Big surprise, they are not accredited with the BBB.
I, too have gotten many "you've won" calls from this company even though I have repeatedly requested them to take me off their calling list. The last one I got was yesterday, when the supervisor "Jay Lewis" had the audacity to tell me they had never called me before! He claimed to be with "VPC", the marketing arm in the Philippines making calls for United Global. He even tried to get me to give him me email address as well. One time they told me they couldn't take my name off their calling list unless I gave them "the password". What???? Ridiculous. It is nothing short of harrassment and I have filed a complaint with the BBB.
Check out the link below and also these other names they do business under. This info is directly from the BBB website.
Additional DBA Names: Global Travel
Global United Travel
Global Discovery Vacations
Global Connections, Inc.
United Travel Agency
Global United Center

United States

#100 Jan 22, 2010
Heather wrote:
Don't judge a company by the gifts that they offer you. Most of them pay a marketing company to get people into the office. The marketing company is the one who gives out shady gifts, and they do not care if you are unhappy with it. They want you in there to buy their product, not to use their crappy free gift. What kind of person honestly thinks that they are actually going to get a completely FREE vacation? It is the product that matters.
This is wrong, the marketing company does not give out the gifts they are purchased by the vacation club from an incentive company. The marketing company is just responsible for getting people in the door. It's the incentive companies that sell these "shady gifts". When I received a call for an offer like these posted I grilled to get this info. Since I am a travel agent I was curious as to how this gift is possible. Lord knows I couldn't afford to give a prospective client a $2500 vacation. I also looked in to these incentive companies. Their certificates are like rebates and puposely made hard to redeem, my advice to anyone going, follow the directions exactly! they are counting on you not filling out the paper work correctly or not sending in the vouchers on time, etc. So don't be lazy read all the fine print follow the directions and you might just be able to go on a dicounted vacation (it's still going to cost you at least the taxes and a processing fee)

La Grange Park, IL

#101 Jan 30, 2010
Read this before you even think about dealing with this company.
Kevin -Cary

Mission Hills, CA

#102 Feb 5, 2010
This company was probably called Global Discovery Vacations, and is now going under Global United. It is still a "buy stars" travel club. It's not a scam, but you have to know what you are getting into. The "gifts" are difficult to book the 2/3 trip with airfare, has to be midweek, Millenium and PTS are the 2 companies used most here. You have to pick 3 dates, so many days apart, no holidays, etc...lots of hoops, but it can be done.You should only pay about $2500 for 2 stars, and that is really all any family should need....just know that you really need to plan in advance. If you want Spring break week, or Holidays, you need to plan nearly a year in advance. This is really tough for some people. I also own in Geo Holiday. Same issue, plan in advance, but it is worth the money, if you can get the airfare and time off. Instead of gas or grocery coupons, try to get them to give you Visa gift cards. That way the coupon company won't file chapter 13 on ya. Hope this helps.

Wisconsin Dells, WI

#103 Feb 9, 2010
We got the call yesterday that we won 1 out of 4 prizes, Yeah Right. Out of the blue someone tells you you won something without entering any sweepstakes. Dont fall for this scam, anyone that has bought vacations from these people would have never purchased it if they hadn't showed up to claim a prize. The man that we talked to said his name was Jim then when my husband called back it was James. We jumped on the computer to check them out and thanks for all the feed back from others on this we quickly made a decision not to be anyone's (sucker). Just Beware!
What a Crock

Crystal Lake, IL

#104 Feb 11, 2010
I got a call from a middle eastern man named Mike told that he was with Sherman Hospital and that he wanted me as a guest to there grand opening. Bull shit bullshit. Later in the call i called him out on it and no they are across from Sherman Hospital infact there name is global united travel. Scam !! Fraud!!

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