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Ex Javalina Parent

San Antonio, TX

#62 Mar 26, 2009
Uniforms have a proven success history.Though there is a national debate on this issue of uniforms in the public schools, it is gaining support. President Clinton supported the idea in in a state of the union address in 1996.In 1994, 70,000 students, K-8 were required to wear uniforms in Long Beach, CA. with a 98% compliance.There were were excellent results---- there was less weapons in schools, less fights, and less school suspensions.
Uniforms were endorsed by President Clinton in a state of the union address (1996) and the National Association of Secondary Schools (1996). Some states have passed laws allowing uniforms in the public schools.
My children are grown up but I still have young relatives in school. I support the uniform idea because I believe it promotes pride, and equality. It give students a sense of belonging to a team. In Crystal City, the idea has ben there for at least six years and i hope it is successful. The school board made a great decision.

Delavan, WI

#63 Mar 27, 2009
put them all in angus young uniforms that will look cool.

Tucson, AZ

#64 Mar 31, 2009
Al Clavo wrote:
Teacher, Get Real, Focus, I agree with you. Letís show our children that their voices do not count. That there right of self-expression is no longer a right. What really matters is that I as a teacher have a smooth year, gag order on all children. That Uniforms will create a level playing field in school. What is this bunch of low self-esteem and social introverts who are paying back for what they lacked in school. Let your children know that their parents support them and are able to make decisions for them instead of having other individuals dictate their life.
Ummmmm, there's other ways of expressing yourself other than with clothes. But I guess you never thought of creative writing, composing music, engineering ideas, etc. Yeah, give kids and their spoiled parents free reign over schools all you want. Is it any wonder why schools are barely performing? I can just see staff trying to implement change and parents like you going all wacktivist over something as petty as clothes choice all the while completely ignoring the important issues, like teaching content, etc. Way to go, you showed them! snark, snark.
Get Real

Helotes, TX

#65 Apr 1, 2009
I'm not exactly sure what your point is Focus. Are you criticizing those that support uniforms or those that support freedom of choice? I, for one, support schools 100% and if uniforms are the way to go, at least just to give it a try, then why not? Yes, it's true that too many people put emphasis on appearance and not so much into academics. I know this for a fact! I have such friends. They talk about having to save $400 or $500 just to buy name brand clothes for school and how nice their son or daughter will look but then they gripe over having to spend $20 or $30 on school supplies. I can't say whether or not uniforms will improve a student's ability to learn but I believe that if more parents would look at the real issues of school performance and ask what they could do to help, perhaps things would be much better and we may not even be faced with the uniform proposal now. Just my opinion!
I think

United States

#66 Apr 2, 2009
I think uniforms is a dumb idea. It's not going to change anything as far as academics. I'm okay with it, I have a total of six children--are no longer children, but to me they will always by my children. Anyways, I'm proud to say that all six have a college degree, and none of them wore uniforms to school. Uniforms don't make a difference as to what or who a person will become once they graduate from high school. Did any of the school board members wear uniforms in their times? Not, and half of them don't hold college degrees, and are in regular jobs just like any other working person.

San Antonio, TX

#67 Apr 2, 2009
Pride in belonging to a group or team do have a positive influence of any given group of individuals. Pride in oneself leads to doing better in school and in life altogether. School board members don't need a degree to know what is good and positive for children. Many parents don't have degrees and are good cooperating parents. They respect the school, teachers,still help the children with homework, and discipline their children.
I believe that the uniform idea is excellent: It sure beats tight jeans, low,low pants and designer wear competition. I would have loved to have had uniforms in my day. I support them fully.

United States

#68 Apr 2, 2009
I say if students have to wear uniforms so should the staff, everyone from, students, to janitors, as well as administration.

San Antonio, TX

#69 Apr 2, 2009
I agree with "Single Mom". My daughter, who now attends a wonderful university, wore uniforms all through her school years. Today, she does not care about designer this or designer that. To her that is not important. Her only concern is making the Dean's List every semester. Before making a negative comment to your children about school uniforms, why not just hold your comments and encourage "change is good". Less negativity and more positivity will help the child succeed.
Get Real

Helotes, TX

#70 Apr 2, 2009
A comment to Guest. Many of the school employees already do wear 'uniforms' if you will. If you've ever been to the elementary schools you will see that many of the staff there, teachers, teacher aids, as well as some of the other staff are already wearing the matching polo shirts with khaki pants. Some of my friends there tell me that it's so much better to wear them than to have to go out and buy nice pant suits or dresses and they are in compliance with the dress code as well. I never hear any of them complain that they 'look' like each other. Therefore, I agree with Mama. Belonging to a group or team shows that they have pride. And before you any of you bring up the TAKS statement, they scores have gone up tremendously :) So, it seems that we really do have some great teachers there in spite of what some of you have been suggesting.

Collierville, TN

#71 Jan 26, 2011
School Uniforms wrote:
What do you all think about the kids wearing school uniforms next year? I don't have kids in school anymore, but I'm just curious to see what some of you all think. It's funny though that it barely came out in the newspaper on Wednesday, and the school board approved it on Wednesday! What a coincedence, that they did not give the parents a chance to voice their opinion!
I think it is shear stupidity on the schools, you noticed that the parents didn't get to voice thier opinions before the dictatorship voted. Why should the teachers care what the kids are wearing? I do believe in the dress appropriate clothing but come on umiforms? What are these kids preparing for..the military? We must invest in our children as they are the future, let them choose what they wear, it should be up to us as parents to approve. Let our teachers teach and not burden them with....Oh that is the wrong shade of blue? I bet the teachers will not be wearing uniforms. We need to lead by example so let's make it mandatory for the teachers and administrators adhere to the rules they make....not gonna happen.

Hazleton, PA

#72 Oct 29, 2012
Why is clothing always considered bad and shallow? What about those who paint, write, compose music, AND wear creative clothing? Also, what about kids who are TRULY interested in fashion? What is so terribly wrong with having that interest? Being shallow doesn't just happen with fashion. Why can't fashion be an artform in its own right? I mean, there are good artists, and some are just downright pretentious. Well, the same occurs in fashion. I can't stand some of those vapid-sounding voices and snooty attitudes. But is that ALL there is to fashion? What about just personal style, WITHOUT following what's "in" and what's "out"? Why does EVERYBODY have to look the same? You think CLOTHING causes bullying? No, what it does is give us freedom. And the school administration is very totalitarian and uses the poor as an excuse. It's like slapping a band-aid on top of a HUGE festering wound of a problem. Bullying is the problem, clothing is not. And kids DO have rights, whether the school LIKES what they do with those rights or not. And all of those kids need to protest outside of the school Principal's office EVERY DAY, relentlessly, until those rights are acknowledged. This is an absolute outrage. We all allow the system to abuse us and take advantage of us because we are naive and feel powerless to stop it. But really, we all have the power, and we are all perfectly capable of achieving agency within our own lives, instead of living our lives through others on television or wherever. We can stand up for ourselves, and be the best we can be.

Uvalde, TX

#73 Oct 29, 2012
Obviously, you haven't seen our local high school kids. No one is wearing a uniform and it doesn't matter what the school wants. They are not being fashionistas or creative, they just don't care to follow rules.
As for taking advantage of the system,you don't know some people in this town.
Are you trying to open a can of worms or what?
san anto

United States

#74 Oct 31, 2012
well im all for school uniforms in cristal.especially the high school quote (CHILDREN).i think they should be striped like a convict in prison.because the high school over there looks like a penitensary just put a fence around it and a couple of guard towersn thier you have it .call it HSDC(HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS)

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