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#1 Oct 8, 2008
School board elections are less than a month away.
Who do you think will win and why?

San Antonio, TX

#2 Oct 9, 2008
who is running?

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#3 Oct 9, 2008
Mari,Rudy,Gonzalaz,Diana,Sende jo and Victor
concerned voter

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#4 Oct 10, 2008
Has Gonzales done a good job as a school trustee?

Mineral, TX

#5 Oct 12, 2008
You got 2 b kidding, Gonzales?
Senior 2009

Powderly, TX

#7 Oct 13, 2008
well to tell you the truth none of them have done a good job with the exception of one!!! Mr.Gallegos. This man knows what knows what has to be done. We drive by Maricella Guzmans house and what do you know all the bord members cars with the exception of Gallegos whats wrong there school board??? I here Gonzales out in the public using profanity and you can deny it all you want but i know that you have a dirty mouth you were just in there for your son and now that he is gone you can care less. Mrs. Guzman, where do we start off???? its time to hit the road and move on to something else i mean we all know and understand that you couldnt make the vote on your husband to be the AD but its time for him to go as well. Mrs. Cuevas Lomas you just need to make your own decisions and not follow after Guzman your in their so your voice can be heard not a duplication of Guzmanz's. Mr. Castillo, your a jerk. and finally Mr. Gallegos your the best board member we have keep up your hard work and dedication dont let those others manipluate you!!!

San Antonio, TX

#8 Oct 13, 2008
No board member can stand alone because things get done through the majority of the votes. I do go to the board meetings once in a while and Gallegos cannot credit himself for doing a thing. We all know that the only reason he joined the board was to support the ex-superintendent. Now that we have a new superintendent,maybe he should get out.

United States

#9 Oct 16, 2008
I hope Alfredo Gallegos is making good decisions as board member,because if he's not he will be replace the same way he got replace at Zavala Bank and Capitol Bank. Glad there's no more banks in town because we would lost track of him.
citizan 4 San Antiono Tx

San Antonio, TX

#10 Oct 19, 2008
I just hope Victor Lopez does't get elected cuz him and other from the chamber of commers always voted againt having any business to come to our town. Like Carrizo Spring just look at what they got.

San Antonio, TX

#11 Oct 19, 2008
Carrizo is not a place to be impressed with. Sure the politics here has affected us from prospering,but if it wasn't for Crystal, Carrizo itself would not be able to handle the few good businesses they have. Instead of just hoping for this or that, let's get out and vote tomorrow.
Absentee voting begins. Remember, it's the school board election. Obama for President!!!Obama 08'!!!!

San Antonio, TX

#12 Oct 20, 2008
unfortunately there are not many candidates to choose from, sp people that are dishonest like Gonzales can actually win.

San Antonio, TX

#13 Oct 20, 2008
citizan 4 San Antiono Tx wrote:
I just hope Victor Lopez does't get elected cuz him and other from the chamber of commers always voted againt having any business to come to our town. Like Carrizo Spring just look at what they got.
Mr. Lopez never voted to have new businesses come to Crystal. I guess you do not know him or his political views. The Chamber of Commerce -- they do not have political powers to entize new businesses to locate here. That privilage belongs to the city and the county. These are they entities that control tax incentives and the such. For school board I would vote for the one with the most unbiased opinions of how a school, a business, should be run. People Vote!!!

United States

#14 Oct 21, 2008
Voters do the us a favor by not voting for Diana Palacios or Rudy Espinosa.

Pike Ntl Forest, CO

#15 Oct 22, 2008
Citizens of Crystal City: GO AND VOTE.
Don't let your vote go to waste. THANK YOU!!
lbj jr

Fayetteville, TX

#16 Oct 22, 2008
any of the idiots running for re-election should not only be run off the board but out of town , we killed their tax bond election and now they say lets try and run it again.

what the hell is up with this crap. saying lets raise taxes during what most experts have called the most troubling fincial times since the great depression is wrong.

sure gas is cheaper , but opec has allready started closing down production to revitalize the price.

jobs will be lost. soon

home loans are in real trouble.

winter will also drive fuel prices

insurance cost will increase due to loss of major insurance companys.

car repos are at an all time high.
and auto loans are not available .

small bussness are in trouble if obama wins .
sara palin is a joke... no help with either side there in our area. no inter city kids here for obama to save .

cant wait to see how many people are gona think that it was a good idea to raise the taxes when they are siting at the courthouse steps wondering who is gona buy there home when the seriff has a tax sale.remeber we have a stimulas package to help on some of the people with home loans but its your tax dollars paying for that .

and they are gona be mad at the sheriff when it was the school that cost them their homes.

sounds harsh but the school seems to think we can aford it . dosent matter to them, its all free money . they dont have to earn it or pay it back.

Cleveland, OH

#17 Oct 22, 2008
LBJ ? who r u - are you from Alaska? who are his "we killed thier tax bond" are you part of the group who paid $$$$$ to avoid paying $$$$? mr or mrs palin just stick to facts - you have it for the board- the first bond was attempted by Intrim Sup. Imelda Allen-. Once she didn't get the Sup job-"thank god". her hubby started paying top $$$$ to vote against- pure old politics- and he and probably lbj ? are having to pay again to "kill" the bond. funny how they seem to care so much about the common Crystal City citizen. they care about themselves. point blank.
take care and go vote for or against - just Vote
don't put this on the board- its up to us to vote
I wonder who this "killers" are?
Frank Lives

United States

#19 Oct 23, 2008
good citizen

United States

#20 Oct 23, 2008
citizan 4 San Antiono Tx wrote:
I just hope Victor Lopez does't get elected cuz him and other from the chamber of comerance always voted againt having any business to come to our town. Like Carrizo Spring just look at what they got.
Well sorry to disapoint you but Victor Lopez has a better chance of winning because he really can change everything that's wrong he is a good man.... and that's not true about him and other voting against bringing business to Crystal City! its the citizen's from the town who mess it up for everyone here... so I hope he wins for a change except for the rat of Diana Palacios and the other one... I hope Mari gets out!!!!
lbj jr

Fayetteville, TX

#21 Oct 23, 2008
i aint from alaska and i dont like sara palin.
the only two candidates worth a bucket of warm piss are biden and mc cain.

so the we have a unusal choice do we vote to put an idiot in chage of a political dinosaur (obama biden ) or a political dinosaur in charge of an idiot (MC CAIN PAILN).
or hell we can all vote for ralph nader.
any way you vote remeber to say no to the bond election . there are enough out of work actors in the country all ready and they are runing out of reality shows to try and suport them.


Cleveland, OH

#22 Oct 25, 2008
lbj jr why didn't you run for school board? You are a typical critic - that talks shit but don't do anything about it. but hide here in topix. You're the idiot. I still want to hear about how you or your group "killed" the first bond. This bond was suggested by the interim super Imelda Allen and approved by the board 6-0 1 absent its up to the voters, I mean non paid voters who will now vote.
Bond will bring work for our community and is needed for our kids.
Vote for "En Favor" of the Bond
Vote for Obama
Write in lbj jr for school board

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