Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazin...

Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazing--Reason No. 1

There are 108 comments on the story from Oct 9, 2008, titled Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazing--Reason No. 1. In it, reports that:

With all the problems that Crystal City and Zavala County now face--budget deficits, unemployment, shrinking population, etc.--there was no better place in the world for me to grow up.

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san anto

United States

#81 Jul 1, 2012
Well be positve but will that way of thought actually get your potholes fix.i think you need asphalt n a worker to fix it.but maybe if i sit and look at the pothole with positve thoughts it will fix all by itself ESO
Barrio Mexico Grande

Wyandotte, OK

#82 Jul 1, 2012
These are very fond memories that everyone is sharing on this post. I remember my grandmother mentioning that the West Side of town was called Mexico Grande "el barrio".

I'm sure San Anto may remember that historical aspect of the neighborhood where he grew up in but it must have some very painful memories for him for some reason or another. So sad for him but it does get better and he proved that by moving away from his hometown, San Anto remember to just stay positive and keep searching for your inner peace.

Pearsall, TX

#83 Jul 2, 2012
I agree. All the streets of the barrios were dirt streets at that time. When it rained it was hell to drive out of the mud but there were always volunteers to help out when anyone got stuck. We nevered complained. If we wanted to go
to the dance we had to do more than routine chores and mom had to go chaparrone with the girls. Boys were allowed to dance only 3 piezas at a time and mom would not allow daughter to dance with only one boy.
san anto

United States

#84 Jul 2, 2012
Well lets remincene of our child hood n how GREAT it was growing up in the HISTORICAL BARRIO.i remember running around barefooted in the muddy dirt streets with a tire on one hand rolling it or trying to roll it.a tortilla from chile from the molcajete (sorry no beans) and a line of dried boogers on my arm where i would just wipe those bad boys on it. Oh dont forget hand me downs was fun going to kinder with shoes 3 times bigger than your size hell i would just leave one behind just pops out my foot.yea it was AMAZING growing up poor .taught me to strive work hard n never be poor
Barrio Mexico Grande

Wyandotte, OK

#85 Jul 2, 2012
There you go San Anto, you do have fond memories of your "barrio" childhood. And good for you that you have worked hard to never be poor but poor is the heart that shows no love. Amor y respecto a su proximo es muy importante para vivir una vida feliz.

And as for all the other respectful citizens of our online community, keep those wonderful memories sacred and never let anyone tarnish those beautiful memories. You see, special memories of our past makes us all stronger and they bond the human spirit to each other. May peace and happiness surround you and your families.
san anto

United States

#86 Jul 2, 2012
Hey of course i love cristal were you could be a chicano n talk spanish anywheres you wanted.but those days are over the good ole days.i get upset of this generation who dont at least try to make the place nice.the city so called leaders all greedy nothing getz accomplished year after year decade after what do you do loose hope that its becoming a ghost town left behind because nobody cares about speaking up demanding thaf enough is enough.when i took melani my wife n in laws to see my town n the barrio where i grew.they freak at how it looks like mexico.but thats wbere im from cant never deny my poor

United States

#87 Jul 2, 2012
ItyTo all the good people in crystal city you are speaking the truth ive taken care of my brothers & sisters since the age of 9 & started at 12 in the field hey we made it ive got a son that goes to ut pre med another one u of tenn pre law we sacraficed so our kids would progress instead they are lazy dumb whores & dont take responesibility fags/lezbos disrepectful its not just the kids its piss poor parenting also grandparents being stupid and not letting parents take responsibliy & schools lowering standards & justice system being to lacks but the great parents & great grand parents thank you im a security officer in austin but im from uvalde & i see the highs & lows in society
Simply Me

United States

#88 Jul 7, 2012
A wonderful memory that comes to my mind once in a while:
My siblings/cousins and I would go to "el Monte" not too far from our house (usually the next lot from our house). We would dig a "poso" big enough that would fit about 4 or 5 of us (kid-size - of course). Then we would use mesquite limbs, grass and card boards to make the roof. We would leave an opening that would be our entrance to the cave. That was our play camp for the day and we would even get "papas enteras" from the house and we would make a fire and bake them in foil. Then we would sit around and tell each other spooky stories like the story of "La Llorona" and such.
Family members would come and check on us, but for as long as we were ok, we were pretty much left alone until it was time to go eat or go do chores.
This did not happen often, even though we were children; we had many responsibilites and accountabilities for our age. We had to help the family out financially and keep up with school.
We were either at school or working "en la labor" after school and on weekends.
That is why this memories are so dear to me. I am glad that our parents trusted us enough during those few times that "allowed us to bring out the child within us".
Awe! Our childhood memories - so precious and few.
san anto

United States

#89 Jul 7, 2012
Aahh childhoof memories are sooo special.i renember learning how to roll a joint .drinking beer fighting being a psin in the ass anti social.aahh my favorite of all time running from the cops n beating thier fat asses laughing at them.hearing them say were gonna catch you.yea when.but they did but it took the whole city n county.aaah so precious memories what i would give to do all over again.especially throwing rocks at the cop cars that was halarious
Grand gringo

San Antonio, TX

#90 Jul 8, 2012
Hell ya those were the days, I remember dem mescuns used to get autta ma way when theyd see me a walkin on a side walk. hell I used to cut line in any store, and them mescin girls really liked dat white chorizo, hell, wait a minute day STILL like dat white chorizo!
and dem mescun boyz cant wait to become border patrols and protect my ranch!
san anto

United States

#91 Jul 8, 2012
Well grand gringo i remember the good old days when i would slap a white kid n steal his lunch money and kick him in the ass and send him home crying.when redman chewing papi n hair on her armpits mami showed up at my house complaining did you slap BILLY BOB i said yes i did the snotty nose kid called a mascan .BILLY BOB would say no i didnt papi.hes lying mami smoking on her rolled buglar cig would say did you grab my daughters BOBBY SUE'S ASS i go yes i did and she liked it now get outta my yard honkies.the good old days GRINGO

United States

#92 Jul 8, 2012
With all due respect:

I believe that san anto and Grand gringo (among others)are in the wrong post.

Please respect this post entitled:
Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazing-Reason No. 1

Let's keep this post Amazingly Wonderful.
pobre de el

Muldoon, TX

#93 Jul 10, 2012
I agree with you san anto has been ruining mosts forums for some time now

do not use the word respect around anything related to him he was never taught or has bothered to learn what it is

as for the gringo-- who needs gringos when we have san anto

Uvalde, TX

#94 Jul 10, 2012
I remember the nuns trying to take us all to doctrina ( catholic or not) after school, but somehow the boys would get away since they were faster runners.
At the end of the day , somehow, we would all end making it to--'la primera comunion'!
Memories R Made of This

Uvalde, TX

#95 Jul 10, 2012
I remember when the boys used brooms (for horses) when playing 'cowboys' and the girls jumped rope and hopscotch. Good old days.

San Antonio, TX

#96 Jul 10, 2012
does anybody remember ramoncito de la fuente sr where we could fix our bicycle tires for 25 cents?how about blanca gamez that use to have a store where munchies is located at right now we use to buy those buck sodas for 10 cents or how bout estradas bakery?or if you needed a frame for your bike you could go by santiago zepedas house and he would help you i wish that we could turn back the timee happiest days of our lives.
san anto

United States

#97 Jul 10, 2012
Alright people jesus freaking christmi APOLOGIZE OK.please expect my sincerist apology from the bottom of my black heart man.not even mevwhen i was a kid did so much whining.anways back to LA DOCTRINA i remember that crap OOOPS SORRY MY BAD.well i would sit in tge front row n when the evil horned nun would leave the room i would jump up steal her money from her purse n split it with the rest of the kids gotta remember the children now.n when the evil horned sulfer snellig nun would come back we would all have smiles on our faces .she would go why you children look happy today.oh we sure do witch.and to top it all off we looked so INNOCENT N PURE WELL TRAINED LITTLE FUTURE CATHOLICS DURING GRADUATION.

Uvalde, TX

#98 Jul 10, 2012
I remember that "most" of the parents were people of ethics and respect. We can only thank them now. Some of us still hold those beliefs.
san anto

United States

#99 Jul 11, 2012
Well i remember chasing down the truck that sprayed that mosquito crap.and followed it in my bike.i would disaapear in a cloud of smoke little did i know it was a poison called DDT.UUH UUH what was i saying .oh yea i guess thats why im missing A COUPLE OF TORNILLOS.COUGH COUGH I THINK IM PAYING FOR IT NOW.
Simply Me

United States

#100 Jul 13, 2012
I remember my first school "field Trip" to Sonora Caverns. One of the student's Mom made tuna fish sandwiches for the road. That was my first tuna fish sandwich. I remember savoring it and did not want to waste a crumb of it.

I also remember when we were working in the fields shucking onions and the Hamburger truck guy would come around during lunch time. The wonderful aroma of the hamburger patties just took over our pellets. The smell was so tentalizing while we ate our tacos de frijoles con huevo and chorizo con huevo.

Now - I will take a chorizo con huevo any time over a hamburger.

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