Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazin...

Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazing--Reason No. 1

There are 108 comments on the story from Oct 9, 2008, titled Growing Up in Crystal City was Amazing--Reason No. 1. In it, reports that:

With all the problems that Crystal City and Zavala County now face--budget deficits, unemployment, shrinking population, etc.--there was no better place in the world for me to grow up.

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San Antonio, TX

#21 Aug 14, 2009
I love all these memories-I am laughing and
at times crying as many of these beautiful times
I lived too. So many hard times and lots of
love with loving families. I am sorry "thinking
ahead" tried to mess up the trail of memories.
Sorry his family must have been different.
Amor y Fe

San Antonio, TX

#22 Aug 15, 2009
As I understand it and if my reading comprehension is okay, most of these postings are referring to the past when family life was good and respect was demanded by parents and older family members, like los abuelitos.
We, as residents of Crystal City already know of all the things that are not right at city hall, at the schools, etc. We do our best to elect people that we think will make a difference,but often, we are mistaken. This may be because the good people don't run for office. They know that people in general will never be satisfied.
Mi Cristal

Sabinal, TX

#23 Aug 15, 2009
I too grew up in the 60's with lots of poverty,
hard work and strict parents. Life was good,
playing outside til supper or til it got dark.
Ihad even forgotten about la "taykie", boys
playing with llantas, and just plain neighborly
ways. I am now out of poverty, I am done with
the hard work and for a while there I was the
strict parent. As with my parents, the strictness
paid off and my kids turned out well as I did. I am glad I did not relocate to make a decent living
now all I do is get a morning walk, chat with
other old foggies walking there too and then
get some coffee and read my newspaper. If
Im lucky I'get a call from one of my kids.
Thats a good thing called living in old Cristal-
que mas puedo pedir?
El respeto

Sabinal, TX

#24 Aug 15, 2009
Crystal City was and will always be good to many people. Maybe it was the good parents we had.
They were strict, sometimes a bit too much, but
later as a parent I realized I wanted and needed to be strict. That is something that we are
missing. Many are letting go of rules and respect
for others and oneself. I am sure that's why
we have all those they call haters.

One of the characteristics of Hispanos has been
the respect toward the elders. Sadly, I see it
slipping away.

On a fun and nostalgic note I'll remind you of the
now famous very raza words-Si te pegan en la escuela tambien te voy a pegar en la casa!
Get Real

Universal City, TX

#25 Aug 15, 2009
I agree with the last two posts. Life here in CC lately has much to be desired. Yet, when we were young, it was a thriving town full of businesses. The youth today don't have any idea just how great this city used to be. We had JC Penney, Sears, Western Auto, White's Auto, two lumber companies, two furniture stores, two or three car dealerships, three grocery stores, Western wear, shoe store, two or three other dress shops, a jewelry store, along with many others (not to mention the train that used to run through town almost daily), but most importantly, we had decent streets and no vacant run down buildings. We played outside until 10 p.m., hide-n-go-seek, tag, freeze tag, jump rope, chinese jump rope, cowboys and Indians, soldiers, cars, dolls, club houses. We played with playdoe, and mud. When we started dating, we didn't go to wild parties to drink or get stoned. We actually held hands and parked in town to hang out with other friends. You rarely saw anyone making out in public and it was even less common to see young, pregnant, teenage girls. We looked forward to summer so we could go bike riding all over town or to get a summer job cutting grass, baby sitting, or running errands. We said 'excuse me', thank you, please, may I, and we held the door open for the elderly. We politely waited our turn in line and didn't cuss the person out in front of us. We hardly ever used bad words and if we did, it may have been something like 'stupid', dumb, idiot. The F word was hardly ever used. neither was the B word. Yes, we had pride in ourselves and we cared about those around us. If we had a problem with someone, we didn't resort to violence to solve the issue. Our parents were strict and had rules for us to follow. We had chores at home to do and we did them whether we wanted to or not. Many of our mothers sewed our own clothes. We didn't care about name brands and we wore our clothes with pride. We loved the simple things in life...rain, cool breeze, first cold front. No video games, no cell phones, no big screen t.v.s. Life may have been simple, but we were happy!
Thank God

San Antonio, TX

#26 Aug 15, 2009
Now, the words are- "No one touches my child". yeah, no one but maybe the police or a judge.
I thank God that I grew up in an era where we loved and respected our parents, teachers,and friends. I'm glad I learned to work for a living. The politics and everything passes and changes. Good character and respects stays.

San Antonio, TX

#27 Aug 15, 2009
How very true are all those stories said, and the good thing is that no-one is cutting anyone else down or being negative like the topix on the CS forum..It just goes to show that la gente de Cristal do know of family morals,respect and how good life used to be.I sure do miss those times. Thanks for the memories.
la gente

United States

#28 Aug 15, 2009
I am enjoying all these memories. I noticed only
one person mentioned the businesses we had and
the vacant run down buildings we now have.
I am glad that the main emphasis here has been
families,la gente, the true fabric of a town.
Like someone mentioned early on, memories are
made of this.
Please keep them coming. Finally something
beautiful, simple, and NO BASHING!!

Prosser, WA

#29 Aug 17, 2009
Hello There,does anyone remember "La Botica" where all the kids used to hang around after school and on weekends?
Happy memories

United States

#30 Aug 18, 2009
Oh my God, I was a little girl during the 70's oh what happy memories all this stories are bringing back. We didn't have much but we had the most important thing family. My dad worked everyday of the week except for Sundays. Grocery shopping was done on Saturday when my dad got paid and we would go visit our Tio and tia out of town.( on Sunday after church of course). My parents were hard working people like most parents back then. They did the best they could to teach us good family values. My father has been gone for a while may he rest in peace. Thank God we still have our mother who is the backbone of our family. La viejita mas linda del mundo. Thank you for all the happy memories
I remember

San Antonio, TX

#31 Aug 18, 2009
I come from a big family and my dad use to work in the fields he did not have any education so we were poor but happy with alot of respect to our parents even though they were strict. We were from El Chico and we had to walk to school rain or shine even at noon we went home to eat we would walk as fast as we could maybe thats why we were all flacos only on thursdays would we get a quater so that we could eat at the cafeteria for hambergie day like we use to call it ha ha! On Saturday we would take a bath and go to the groceries with Mom and Dad and when we got home our treat would be pieces of bread milk and sugar
Oh what memories!
CC resident

United States

#32 Aug 18, 2009
Man, I remember those days on sat nights walking down town CC. All the young kids driving around having clean fun. I had my mom she was always working at Del Monte, I got to work there too. many yrs ago. And Yes I do remember la botica. El Kress tambien what memories, but all came down to fam, values real friends. I think back in the days our parents where stricter then todays parents. We have too many young parents am 39 yrs old have teenagers man they thing they know it all and what is worse its all this tegnology, well some what.
keep em coming

Pipe Creek, TX

#33 Aug 22, 2009
This is a wonderful recollection
of the many good things we had and still
a few lucky families in Crystal have.

Yes we had hard times but the closeness of a
family growing and learning and praying
together outweigh the hard times.
RecuerdosDeLaVid a

San Antonio, TX

#34 Aug 22, 2009
Se acuerdan de el carnaval??? We didn't have much to spend but it was awesome because we would see our friends and that special one whom we had a crush on. I also remember the Alameda, El Teatro Luna, and the Guild. Pero mas me gusta acordarme del Campestre. El piso hasta temblaba con las polkas aquellas. Pero lo mas importante era mama y papa que siempre estaban alli para apoyarnos.
San Martin y Morgan

Pipe Creek, TX

#35 Aug 22, 2009
Recalling of the theatres reminds
me of when the movie on San Martin
de Porres came out and the actor who played him
came to el Cine Luna. Oh boy, and the
people were so excited that some of
the little old ladies were asking him
to pray for their problems. They really
expected some miracles right there and
then! The good old times!!

Then at the Guild that's where this ex
principal of CCHS was flirting with a Carrizo girl
telling her his name was Morgan. Ha Ha
He did marry a Carrizo but I don't
know if it's the same girl who may have
been impressed with the name Morgan.
San Martin y Morgan

Pipe Creek, TX

#36 Aug 22, 2009
note on the principal mentioned above-
he was in high school at time
los traques y yo

San Antonio, TX

#37 Aug 24, 2009
hay viene la marrana, el tren l le tiro piedras a los vagones y me escondo. Me gustaba ir a la tiendita de la Sra. Adelaida Sepulveda, una linda ancianita, que apesar de sus anos nos atendia muy bien cuando compraba mis dulces de leche quemada, y mis colores, lapiz, y cuaderno del indio rojo. despues me mandaban pa Benavides a comprar una libra de boloni y pan blanco pa hacer sandiwiches, habia ratos muy alegres en mi vida de nino, pero tambien de terror con el Arabe, el senor del morral, que si me portaba mal, me podia llevar con el, segun mi mama. Y luego pa fregarla, me austaba en el cine con los cowboys y los indios en el teatro alameda, me escondia abajo en el suelo a los pies de mi papa. Lo que mas me asusto fue la maestra del barrio dona Susie, que fue tan dura, con su rula me sonaba en las manos, porque se me olvidaba la matematica. Pero son muchos recuerdos de mi ninez, que entre travezuras y aventuras, me la pase bien chevere.
la gente wrote:
I am enjoying all these memories. I noticed only
one person mentioned the businesses we had and
the vacant run down buildings we now have.
I am glad that the main emphasis here has been
families,la gente, the true fabric of a town.
Like someone mentioned early on, memories are
made of this.
Please keep them coming. Finally something
beautiful, simple, and NO BASHING!!
El hijo del Chicano

Austin, TX

#38 Aug 24, 2009
Hey raza, Member …….. Snicking in tru the back monte or hiding in the trunk go get into el drive-in que quedadaba between Carrizo y crystal.-- El rec. center que Tania pool tables y video games en los mid 80’s -- El furniture store “Durbons”que tenia carpet outside y las Tv’s puestas at night.-- Walking back and forth down town or just hanging out con tu parked car.-- Walking back and forth behind the bleachers not even watching the football game.-- La tiendita “Blanca’s at the coner of 7th and lake.-- Legally buying beer at 18 -- Sliding down the fire ramps in the old highschool que ho yes Jr. high y las dos que estaban en la Gramer.-- 1 cent candys -- La tiendita “Rubens” del chico -- Walking around la placita during the festivals.-- Getting spanked in class in front of every one.-- La tienda de los Munoz’s by 83.-- Los record hops o los discos en la Jr high school’s cafeteria.– Los dances en le community building by the funeral home.-- El tren passing tru down town.-- The sunshades de lona que colgaban en las tiendas de down town.……. Yu member?
Las monjitas

Muldoon, TX

#39 Aug 24, 2009
----y los arboles de naranjas en el centro de Cristal. Me acuerdo cuando veniamos corriendo bien recio porque era dia de doctrina y las monjitas no llevaban afuezas. se nos iba a puro correr, por eso estabamos flacos.
What memories

Universal City, TX

#40 Aug 24, 2009
I remember “el Molino” where we got the masa for the tamales. There was a guy that sold fruit from his truck. I think his name was Ernesto Martinez. I use to buy the sugar cane stalks from him, they were good. In the afternoon, we heard “Capulina” with his drawn coach and his cows. No paved streets. I remember the Blue Moon, Ruiz Food Store, Serna’s Food Store, Gamez Dry Goods and Loera’s Sinclair. Yea, the Luna Theater, El mascarado De Plata and Gaston Santos. I remember the wall in the theater, they had flamingos printed on them. Hey I better come back, going to far back. Thanks for reminding me, I loved growing up en el barrio. If I misspelled some words forgive me, but you get the point. God Bless!

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