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#549 Jun 4, 2009
I know there are times that when the wrong button is pushed, a person, any person will act first and think later. Hating some one does not make you or me act in this manner. What makes us act in a criminal manner is when we are harassed, and provoked untill we can not take it any longer. Especially if the LAW seem to take matters lightly, untill it is to late. And people decide to take matters into their own hands. You would think that the Law from every county would take feuds amoung families more seriously. I did not know any one from these two families, BUT I THINK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, LET THEM REST, ESPECAILLY SINCE THEIR LIVES WERE TAKEN FROM THEM BEFORE THEIR TIME. WE DO NOT KNOW IF THEIR SPIRITS ARE STILL WOUNDERING AND LOST. Have compassion for them and help them find their resting place. Lots of Prayers are needed. We do not know what is waiting for us around the corner. Not untill we see Death face to face. HAVE A HEART.........

San Antonio, TX

#550 Jun 7, 2009
that is my famliy love them .i miss them rip
The end

San Antonio, TX

#551 Jun 9, 2009
The End.
One month today

San Antonio, TX

#552 Jun 15, 2009
Rest In Peace Marty and Ryan. Killed one month today. Gone but never forget. :(

San Antonio, TX

#553 Jun 16, 2009
there already forgoten lmao

Hobbs, NM

#555 Jun 16, 2009
Rest In Peace to Martha and Ryan.I hope that were u are at you are looking after your family down here who they will always have you in their corazon oy,maniana,y para simpre
yeah yeah

United States

#556 Jun 21, 2009
no u are they are just writting what all the stupid retards want to hear leave the moncadas alone people and let them go on we will all pay for what we do so lay off alla ellos con Dios basta ya nomas !!!!!
ha ha ha wrote:
<quoted text>
your stupid!
justin rocha

Odessa, TX

#558 Jun 23, 2009
Destiny Rocha

Odessa, TX

#559 Jun 23, 2009
the worst

Houston, TX

#560 Jun 25, 2009
The Day wrote:
The day people will leave the moncadas alone is the day they move out of crystal or better yet, act like real men instead of p*ssy's all hiding out at the same house. They wanted to act like big, bad macho men, then act like it and stop running and hidding all together in the same house. I remember you would hardly see them at the same house, everyone was at there own house and now, it's so funny how they are stuck to each others a**!
Its funny how you take time out of your day to see where it is that they are. If you had a life you would not have the time to be keeping tabs on them.
just delete

Universal City, TX

#561 Jun 25, 2009
some body please delete this
so saddd

San Antonio, TX

#563 Jun 28, 2009
moncacas? really? u want ppl 2 take u seriously writing immature things like that?grow up n u do need alife. as far as anyone is concerned the only one making death threats is the ramirez family.the moncadas dnt even have time 2 be on topix writin stupid stuff.
not sad enough apparently

San Antonio, TX

#564 Jun 29, 2009
Everyone knows that the Moncada family continued to make threats against the Ramirez family. This is why ppl here in crytal are outraged at the fact that they are still living here. They killed a mother and her son and attempted to assasinate another member the day before. They left his car riddled with bullets. This city is so corrupt that the ramirez family had to drive all the way to del rio to speak to FBI the night before the home invasion. Good thing that they did..cause finally they had some none corrupt authorities to report their grievances too. The sheriff lives behind the moncada's house, yet they were never busted for the illegal gambling casino being run from their home, or the drug dealing, or even more importantly the fully automatic weapons that they had. Smells like corruption to me. Wonder what the sheriff got out of drugs?. And the moncada have been on topix making threats sucha as "don't sleep" and we will wipe out the rest of the family, and 2 down 3 to go! So apparently they have had time to be on topix...."so sadd" is a good example....they are moncada. They don't live on refugio street anymore cause they can't be reminded of the ppl the murdered across the street.
la jany

Corpus Christi, TX

#565 Jun 29, 2009
isn't this old news

Universal City, TX

#566 Jun 29, 2009
illegal casino?dnt u think that when the fbi's were here invastigatinh they would have seen that?please come up with something better.if the sheriff was on the moncadas side dnt u think they would all still be alive? sell drugs? the moncadas are better ppl then that, why should they leave town?they werent doing anythin bad that day.the ramirez;s are the one who started pointing guns at kids/teens. death threats? the moncadas dnt have time 2 be getting online 2 b writing things. its stupid ppl who want to instigate this e on ppl be smart about this.its probbaly not even the ramirez'z on her writing stuff either...this whole town is corrupt n it "so sad" that we have ppl like "not that sad apparently" in this town.shut the hell up unless u kno the story.i mean the real story not just what u hear
miss you

Eagle Pass, TX

#567 Jul 1, 2009
R.I.P john john we will all miss you and my prayers are with the family and i heard you are going through a bad time right know so R.I.P we miss you alot see you soon.lov you all so much.!

Houston, TX

#568 Mar 6, 2010
R*I*P RYAN R and ur gurl still loves u 4ever
Crazy people

San Antonio, TX

#569 Mar 6, 2010
idk why people are always saying RIP Ryan and all these things when cops and everythings already found out that he was the one who began the shooting. He shot the first gun when there was no gun needed. Seems to me he brought it to himself. He had no reson to bring a gun into a fight. point made...

New York, NY

#570 Mar 13, 2010
Was everything settled in court? Do the Moncadas still live on Refugio street?

Houston, TX

#571 Mar 18, 2010
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Instead of sticking to simple facts these particular authors would rather delude you with paragraph after paragraph of mystical concepts such as "energy transfer," "neural shock," "Fuller Index," "one-shot stopping power," "Strasbourg Tests," and "street results." Although this stuff makes for interesting and entertaining reading, it's really nothing more than a bunch of sophisticated junk-science they've invented to ensure they have plenty to write about.
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