Property Taxes...Ridiculous!!!

Property Taxes...Ridiculous!!!

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Levittown, PA

#1 Mar 31, 2007
My property/school taxes are roughly $4000.00/yr. I feel this is absurd considering the area, the condition of properties surrounding my home and the school district. I need feedback from other Croydon residents concerning their tax rate. If this is the norm, I will relocate A.S.A.P.. If you feel your taxes are unfairly high, I recommend we join forces and demand justice from the township. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Woodbridge, NJ

#2 Jun 26, 2007
My property taxes went from $4148.02 per year to $8298.36. This is RIDICULOUS!!

Woodbridge, NJ

#3 Jun 26, 2007
This Ridiculous Property taxes are in Willingboro, NJ. Its horrible that the homeowners have to pay for others whom obviously was more than a mistake......It's hard to sell a property that have increased in property taxes more than 48%. I'm wondering now what other issues are going to surface, because I believe there is more to come.

Levittown, PA

#4 Jun 26, 2007
I also live in Croydon and I pay about $4200 a year. And yes it is unfair. I was thinking of sending my children to St. Thomas because of the condition of Mary Devine elem. school. It's a disgrace!!! Why would my children want to go there. We pay high taxes and I'm forced to pay more money to send my children to a school that at least is attractive on the outside.

Piscataway, NJ

#5 Jun 27, 2007
A state representative out of Reading is proposing elimination of school property taxes in 4 years by changing the sales tax program. It calls for a .5% increase in the tax rate, plus things previously not taxable will now be taxable. No plan is perfect, but this one looks 1000 times better than Act 1. There is an article about it with some links at

Glen Burnie, MD

#6 Jun 28, 2007
My Property taxes are in Willingboro, NJ.
long gone

United States

#7 Jun 29, 2007
...I remember going up to the township offices to pay my outrageous taxes in willingboro one year....the black girl at the window acted like I was bothering her, comming to pay my taxes. I asked her a simple question, and she didnt even know the answer, had to go ask someone else...I was doing a slow burn.

...I was paying around 4,800 a year back then, Im now paying 800 hundred a year....and Im not surrounded by drug crazed, sporty 40 drinking druggies, that are waiting for me to go to work, so they can rob my house. When I left after paying my taxes...I decided right there and then, I was moving out of that God Forsaken town...I was lucky, as the RE Market was white hot at the time, and I sold my house for a huge profit and moved out of state. The market has since collapsed, and I feel sorry for anyone stuck in that soon to be slum now.

...some fools there, think there house is worth over a quarter of a million dollars....there in for a rude awakening when they finally list it.
White Guy

Merchantville, NJ

#8 Jul 6, 2007
Poor long gone. Here he is again, spewing his racist crap and demonstrating his ignorance. He doesn't even know his theres from his theirs and they'res.

True White Guy

United States

#9 Jul 7, 2007
Actually "White Guy" did not say that the low class people were of a certain race. Unfortunately drug crazed, 40 drinking low lifes do exist.

("I was paying around 4,800 a year back then, Im now paying 800 hundred a year....and Im not surrounded by drug crazed, sporty 40 drinking druggies, that are waiting for me to go to work, so they can rob my house. When I left after paying my taxes...I decided right there and then, I was moving out of that God Forsaken town")
White Guy

Woodbury, NJ

#10 Jul 7, 2007
"black girl" and you mean long gone, don't you.

United States

#11 Jul 8, 2007
some day all residents in the area will realize that the politicians do nothing but mis-manage all the funds and pocket monies that do not belong to them, with all their kick-backs, to coin a phrase. The roads all get worse as the taxes increase. I, also, am sick and tired of this entire area. It gets filthier and filthier and taxes soar. I was watching the Bristol township crews working on the roads this past friday. One guy was doing some type of work while the others were B-S'ing and walking around Silver Lake park. This area really stinks, and I grew up here!!
White Guy

Rahway, NJ

#12 Jul 9, 2007
Population is up slightly in Burlington County, a tick higher than the increase in the rest of the state. However, 19 towns show a dip. Willingboro, the town long gone loves to hate, is not one of the municipalities showing a decrease. Neither is it one of the towns with the highest tax rates.


Since: Jan 07


#13 Jul 9, 2007
Hey, all you guys; I really do feel for ya. I was a resident of Pennsylvania for 41 years and in 2000, moved to Nevada. Folks - it is like another world out here when it comes to state government. We have NO state income tax. Our state legislature consists of less than half of what PA has. On top of that, our legislature meets every other year and only for 120 days. If they do not get their business done in that 120 days, the stay for x amount of time until its done - and they get nothing extra. Needless to say, they get their business done. They do not suck off us tax payers either for expense accounts and 'walking around money'. Please don't hate me, but my property taxes out here are less than half of what I used to pay in Indiana County. It just makes me ill to see you folks paying taxes like that. REVOLT and get those greedy so n so's out of office and revamp the system. If ya don't, its only going to get worse. Good luck to all of you.

Waxhaw, NC

#14 Jul 13, 2007
White Guy wrote:
"black girl" and you mean long gone, don't you.
So calling a black person a black person is racist? Take a break from the hand wringing, bed wetting liberalism and you'll be a happier person.
White Boy

Collingswood, NJ

#15 Jul 14, 2007
Check long gone's other posts on a multitude of subjects relating to Willingboro and you may perceive how identitying the woman (the township does not employ any girls in the finance office where taxes are paid) by her race fits a pattern. Furhermore, "girl" resonates the same way "boy" does when referring to black adults.

It's a matter of context.
long gone

United States

#16 Jul 14, 2007
Exactly, a matter of "context". I lived in willingboro for 30 years, moved into the first half, as the second half was still being built. In that time I watched..and experienced first hand, how a once vibrant town, was slowly torn down and destroyed. If you want to speak of "racism" about the racism I was subject to on an almost daily basis, as I was slowly made to feel like an outsider in my own town. The multitude of subjects you speak of have another experiences. I called her a "girl"..because she looked to me to be around the age of 22. Yes that is also considerd a young lady or woman to use..your teminology. But I was using girl in the "context" of someone young, who dosent really care about the posistion she has been given. The fact that she was black and had an attitude, only points out the fact that she herself, probably dosent care for...white people. People like yourself amaze me with your cut and dry analysis of others. If that town were taken over by say..Mexicans..and they raised the violence level, crime rate, drug trade to high levels...would you be so quick to defend them, and call those who pointed out the negative impact they had on the community...racist ?

I think not.

...By the way..have you ever actually "lived" in willingboro ?
White Boy

Woodbury, NJ

#17 Jul 14, 2007
See what I mean? long gone's orientation is obvious.

It helps to keep in mind that Levitt, who bought most of the land in the community of Wellingboro, slashed and burned to build his third Levittown, and ceded Rancocas Village because of its historical character, refused to sell homes to black people. When a settlement was reached after lawsuits were filed, blacks, many of them veterans and active duty personnel from Fort Dix began to take advantage of the low-priced housing that was unavailable to them elsewhere. With that, white flight began.

Ironically, Rancocas Hospital, located in town and now owned by a Roman Catholic order, was founded by Jewish physicians so that they would have a facility with which to be affiliated since they were not allowed to practice at other hospitals in the area. Levitt was Jewish.
long gone

United States

#18 Jul 14, 2007
Dont bother to answer my questions. Ignore the facts. You have much in common with another person here...white guy. Maybe you know him ? Better yet...maybe you ARE him.

Either way, it dosent matter, blather on with you,re diatribe, I could care less. I have more history in that town, then you do in your entire life Im sure. But not to worry, Im not here to defend myself against your rant(s). Willingboro is no longer relevent in my life, and I could care less if it burned to the ground.
White Guy-Boy

Rahway, NJ

#19 Jul 15, 2007
It's "your," not "you,re." It's "couldn't care less," not "could care less." It's "than," not "then." It's "relevant," not "relevent."
Is it still possible in the 21st century for someone as virulently racist as long gone to not realize that he is?
And if long gone cares so little, why does he keep posting his erroneous claims despite a past promise to go away? Aside from his ridiculous claim concerning Walt Whitman, one example alone from the latest crime statistics released by the state police should serve to discredit him. In his most recent post, he suggests that blacks are responsible for raising the crime rate to "high levels." The highest crime rate in the county is in Pemberton Boro, 40 per thousand polulation. Willingboro ranks 14th at 22.6 per thousand, well below the vaunted Moorestown at 27 and Pemberton Township at 26.9, both of which are overwhelmingly white. Those are "real" facts, not generalizations based on perceived personal experience.
long gone

United States

#20 Jul 15, 2007
Your lame attemot to paint me as some ignorant racist, is both rediculous and far from the truth. Before I moved, I had an old 70 something year old black couple that moved in next to me. For 10 years I traded vegtables over the back fence with man whose name I wont say here. He had a lawn business and was hard working. His wife would stop on her daily walks almost everyday, and chat with me. One day her husband related a story to me, about how when they lived in Philly drug dealers (I,ll let you guess what color they were, lest I be called a "racist" for stating...fact) they would come and eat chinese food on their front porch, and leave the trash behind for them to clean up. He went on to say how he and his wife feared for their life, and how he and his wife moved to Willingboro to..get away from that life. The forst thing they did when they moved in next to me...was to place "bars" on their rear windows..(you know...the ones you say no one in the boro has)....I didnt have the heart to tell him...the drug dealers already beat him here. I also used to shovel their sidewalk every winter. When I moved they invited myself and my girlfriend over for dinner. We had fried fish and fried chicken. During dinner, his wife asked me if I ever had "black people food" before. I chuckled to myself at her question. As a matter of fact I got along "well" with all my neighbors...who were black, except one. He taunted me for years, calling out comments to me on almost a daily basis. One day I made the mistake of walking across the street and up to his car and simply asking him...what is your problem. He was smiling and had a cell phone in his hand. He had called his wife, who came running out of the hosue screaming that she was going to call the police. I walked back to my vehicle and they both followed me out in the street. He called me a white son of a which I,re a which he shot back...Cracker!...I laughed and drove away. But when the police showed...they both lied and said that I...had made racist comments and called them both...The "N" word....which I never did. But I found myself in court where the wife told the judge I called her the "N" word and threatened to punch her in the face. I hadnt spoken to that women in the 10 years they lived there, until that day, when I replied to her statement about calling the police...go ahead and I told her the phone number...we both had to get attorneys...and when we came back the attorneys bargained for us both to drop charges against each other. But when I was in court and the judge was reading his complaint about me calling them the "N" word...all the people who were in court that day (guess what color they were)...were howling with laughter, as they thought the whole thing was funny as hell. I agreed to drop charges even though I wanted to see this lieing jerk in jail so bad.
I asked a friend of mine who was black and we had grown up together from the age of 12, to come to court and tell the judge how we had been friends for so long, and that it was completely out of character for me to say such things...he wouldnt do it.
So ...lesson learned...I moved out of willingboro into the woods where the town is 99,9 % white...and you know what ?...Im VERY happy here...we have a few black people in town and I treat them with the respect I do everyone else....but you know what ?...I will never trust ANY black people again...and Im glad to be away from the boror and all the black people there dumb white guy/boy.

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