If you are over 55,low income and need a job contact Experience Works.
Experience Works is a nonprofit organization that provides paid job training and employment services to low income older workers.
We are seeking out the seniors in the community who are in need of our services. Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program, funded by the Department of Labor,(Title V of the Older Americans Act) helps low income individuals, age 55 and older get back to work. Experience Works collaborates with nonprofit organizations and community service agencies to provide paid work experience and training to seniors prior to transitioning into the workforce.
Experience Works is recruiting job-seeking individuals in the community who are 55 and older with limited income and want to work . We are also recruiting host agencies where our participants will train. Experience Works pays the participants salary.
Please visit our website www.experienceworks.org for more information or call
toll free 1-877-781-9953.