The hypocrisy and hatred in this town...

The hypocrisy and hatred in this town is still hilarious

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Church Industry

Windsor, WI

#1 Nov 28, 2011
Honestly, I still show this forum to everyone when I get together and we want to laugh about the lowest denominator of America.

Ever since that Amanda Bennett thing that hit the national news and put your Topix page on the front page, you guys have been the paragon of hatred, prejudice, irrational belief structures, lies, slander towards people that you don't like, advocates of violence towards people of other lifestyles, fear mongers, cowards, and generally everything that is considered standard fare of poor white trash.

When I look at your front page of Topix, even if I go so long that I almost forget the name of your town, it is still rife with comments about who is a slut because she's slept with ten guys, who is a junkie, thief, liar, or druggie. People are accused of crimes without ever having been convicted or even charged, rumors abound, entire families are categorized as trash, and the list goes on.

One of the things my friends and I find funniest is how you all do this under the auspices of being Christian. We all love it. There's a girl on here who is being castigated because she's had sex with TEN guys and is also accused of being possibly bisexual. I can't even begin to explain the scene around which we read that topic. We're all sitting in the living room, I have one of my old computers set up in the living room hooked to the HD tv, so we're all reading this after the UW/Penn State football game, and some of the girls start laughing. By the time you get to grad school, if you haven't dated ten people, you're pretty much socially inadequate. If you haven't dated ten girls as a guy, you pretty much get your virgin status reinstated.

Also in the civilized world, we allow courts to decide who are thieves and murderers. Perhaps we haven't seen the wisdom of your bigoted redneck ways, however. It would certainly be more convenient if we just took people the majority didn't like and stuffed them into jails.

I think our personal favorite though, is the hatred of intelligentsia. Yes, this makes perfect sense. Smart people have never done anything in this world. It was always the masses of greedy, scared, hate filled cowards reaching out their dirty hands for scraps who lifted up the great achievements of this world.

In the end, every few months I scrape off the dust of this forum so that I can take a look at what is an iconic example of the worthless scum that lays on the pool of America like an oil slick, permeating the atmosphere while still not connected to anything, much like most of you are not connected to reality in any fundamental way. You guys are truly the kings and queens of any theoretical crowning of the trash of America.

I would tell you to keep it up, but going by the fact that your forums never change no matter how infrequently I check in, I don't think you need any encouragement.

Oh, and keep up the terrible spelling and grammar. We all love it.

United States

#2 Nov 28, 2011
I don't know what your trying to say as your first couple of lines were such a drag of boredom I seen no reason to read the rest of your posted trash.
Church Industry

Windsor, WI

#3 Nov 30, 2011
Actually I would say my first lines were pretty exciting.

I am also not entirely clear what "drag of boredom" is.

My thread is trash? I'm sorry it doesn't stand up against the pulitzer winning threads like "who does iz the biggest methhed in dis towne?"

United States

#4 Dec 1, 2011
You want to read about something,try the following link to the story about the white Barney Fife police officers beating the H%ll out of a black man in Seymour Indiana,Seymour is just a few miles north of Crothersville,alot of the same type people.
My opinion

Chicago, IL

#5 Dec 1, 2011
I personally like the narrative display of character that "Church of America" has shown. I also like the extended use of grammar as well. The comment speaks the truth.
My opinion

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 1, 2011
Church Industry, sorry!

Springfield, VA

#7 Feb 4, 2012
Great post Church Industry, but I don't think anyone in Carothersville will get it - at least not anyone who posts here. The fact that not a single one of them has come here to tell you to self-fornicate pretty much validates that, wouldn't you say?

I have bookmarked this forum for the exact reasons you stated. I found it during the Amanda Bennett fiasco and was positively gob-smacked! I had to share it with my friends and now we check back periodically just for the laughs.

Maybe Topix only attracts the lowest common denominator there in good old downtown Carothersville because surely there must be some normal, intelligent, open-minded people who live there, don't you think?

Shelbyville, KY

#8 Feb 4, 2012
Rarely do you see a post that pertains to CROTHERSVILLE on here. For some reason the Austin Forum bleeds into Crothersville's. The Seymour police have nothing to do with Crothersville and neither did the Bennett woman. Again, for OMG, it's CROTHERSVILLE, before you start challenging the intelligence of an entire town, you should probably know what town you are speaking of.

Springfield, VA

#9 Feb 4, 2012
duh wrote:
Rarely do you see a post that pertains to CROTHERSVILLE on here. For some reason the Austin Forum bleeds into Crothersville's. The Seymour police have nothing to do with Crothersville and neither did the Bennett woman. Again, for OMG, it's CROTHERSVILLE, before you start challenging the intelligence of an entire town, you should probably know what town you are speaking of.
LOL, you're right Crothersville. Sorry, my maiden name is Carothers - I'm just used to typing it. And just to be clear, I didn't challenge the intelligence of an entire town, in my post I specifically said I was referring to those who post HERE.

Shelbyville, KY

#10 Feb 4, 2012
As I said, if you book marked this forum during the Bennett case, it had nothing at all to do with Crothersville, it happened in Austin. I have no idea why the two forums merge.

Springfield, VA

#11 Feb 4, 2012
Well I don't know why it does that either, but if I lived in Crothersville I wouldn't be too happy about it. They make the whole town look bad! I mean, you've seen the posts Church Industry is referring to, right?

But I think this might happen a lot with Topix. Madisonville, Kentucky seems to have the same problem. Some of their forum threads are insane too, and not really from Madisonville from what I understand.

Bridgeport, WV

#12 Feb 6, 2012
I'm sorry but this is just about the most ignorant display of condescension that I have ever seen! I am from Crothersville, and "duh" is right, Austin and Crothersville may be close geographically, but they are separated immensely by the people that reside within the city limits. As for those of you posting about the "ignorance" of this area, maybe you need to be more concerned with the states in which you reside. Check out the Huffington Post's review of states based on education. GA, WI, and IL only ranked as "average" with IN receiving a grade of above average. So before you decide to go on your bashing campaign, based solely on ignorance of a few individuals in a separate small town, I would ask that you reserve your condescension for the few that actually deserve it, instead of a town that, on the whole, deserves nothing but praise, and maybe a little jealousy from those of you that live in areas with poor educational performance.

Austin, IN

#13 May 7, 2012

United States

#14 May 11, 2012
They dont actually merge.When there have been no posts on the forum for a certain amount of time the topix autoblogger borrows threads from nearby towns until somebody makes posts agian.Seymour is one of the most unused sites in the area and routinley has Crothersville threads on its page due to thatr eason.

Since: Jun 12

Oxford, OH

#15 Jun 6, 2012
Our town is in a sad state of affairs. But I don't know what to do about it. How can you change people?
left with eyes open

Cleburne, TX

#16 Jun 9, 2012
Its the whole damn tri county..they judge and believe their own lies and gossip. they make up stories and lies and spread them just too hurt whom ever they are pissed at..they will bring children into drama and tear apart families..blinded and consumed by their own hatred. i don,t know if its the way they are raised or just society there itself. but i have witnessed people in need and no one wants too help but they don,t hesitate to put down and laugh about the misfortunes of others. they would rather stick their nose up and pretend to be better than the less fortunate. to make matters worse every darn one of them will go too church on Sunday and ask for forgiveness..but hey they always say if your scared go too church.

Lexington, KY

#17 Jun 12, 2012
Austin,Crothersville,and Scottsburg have the same type of people. Austin does not have a monopoly on trashy people.Remember the Katie Coleman murder? That was what put Crothersville in the national spotlight! A junkie was so high that he confessed to raping and murdering a little girl when he was really innocent. The case shined a national spotlight on Crothersville's meth problem. There are good and decent people in every town,but others are druggies and thieves.So to all the Crothersville folks, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Church Industry

Windsor, WI

#18 Jun 12, 2012
to Sublime, I would say that while I am from Madison, I have family who have moved out of Chicago into the rural Indiana area.

There is an important factor in rebutting your comment regarding education. It's rural conservative education hating garbage that lowers the intelligence rating, and Wisconsin has a lot of that as well. There are 2 legitimate cities, Madison and Milwaukee, which can't raise the bar by themselves.

Indiana benefits from Chicago and Indianapolis, along with a few other decent urban areas that raise their rating, but trust me, I've seen the rural Indiana and it's about as unbelievably banjo playing hickass as it gets.
Grammar police

Thorntown, IN

#19 Jun 13, 2012
Yea, I've got to agree Church Industry, Madison is a real cultural mecca.

The only thing I find odd, is based on last weeks recall vote, you would seem to be in the minority when it comes to bashing conservatives.
Church Industry

Windsor, WI

#20 Jun 13, 2012
Based on last week's recall vote?

Would that be the one where 65% of Madison voted for Barrett, not Walker?

I should appreciate your help though, you further solidified my point. The cities in this country are where the only people who understand the politics of our times live.

The rest of the country is populated by idiots being convinced to vote against their own interest.

Also, statewide? That election was decided by 4%.

Finally, your concluding sentence sucked just a little bit. It falls short of being clear.

Madison fell short? My state fell short? I fell short? This isn't made clear. Also, "the minority when it comes to bashing conservatives." I think a better sentence would have been "the minority when it comes to voting out conservatives." Since there was a pretty heated election cycle, after two other recalls and a main election, we've had about 20 months of election ads and rhetoric, so I'd say we're pretty well versed in bashing conservatives.

Bottom line? Your sentence sucked.

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