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#24 Sep 14, 2010
Tara.....keep on taking up for Mrs.Ashley when you don't have a flipping clue! She may have you fooled but we heard it outta her mouth that she was jojo o i bet she forgot to tell you that part.If she didnt want brought into it she could have very well stayed out!!!!!!She decided to say negative things about the Wolcotts an got busted! I went back a few pages looking for jojoknows aka Ashley Jackson she has been pretty quick to judge....she is not the judge the big man upstairs is so maybe thats why she got busted talking trash about people its not only the Wolcotts.The truth always comes out hers just came a lil faster im glad the people she has been bashing know the truth now....SHE BROUGHT THIS ON HERSELF!!!!With the truth out i'm done posting on this horrid website the only reason i looked an posted was she was running her mouth about being JOJOKNOWS!!!!!

Crossville, TN

#25 Sep 14, 2010
Tara wrote:
I have no idea why Ashley or DJ's name is being brought up on here. They're both good people who have worked from nothing to have the lifestyle they have. As far as DJ working his butt off anyone that knows Ashley knows she goes above and beyond her call of wifey duties to make sure he is well taken care of at home. She also worked her butt off and went to school and earned a degree so if she needed to or wanted to start working she could tomorrow.
I don't think it's safe to point fingers at anyone. I did not know Kevin personally but I could call about 5 people right now who did.(Ashley is not one of them for the record.) What was done made the front page of the paper and it was never this huge secret. So, honestly whoever "JoJo" is, well that could be anybody with an opinion. It could even be you under a different name arguing with yourself and with a name like "la la la" I would not be suprised.
Were you not aware that Rachel went to college as well? She is licensed to teach. She doesn't PLAY perfect little housewife she is one. take up for your friend all that you must- just open your eyes and know the truth before doing so. I KNOW Ashley, and she is nothing more than an undercover troublemaker. As if Kevin and Rachel don't have enough trouble- tell your friend to keep her nose out of their business.

Crossville, TN

#26 Sep 14, 2010
trouble wrote:
rachel did take almost all of the bets everyone knows that. I have never heard anything about her being unfaithful to kevin. I have never heard one person in this town even imply they thought they had a chance- that is a respecful quality to possess especially in this town. She is barely ever out and from what i know and have seen she is a great mother to those boys. kevin loves rachel very much, everyone knows that and she is very much in love with him otherwise she probably would have left a long time ago. In regards to Hope kevin obviously cared enough for rachel to bring her here, have children with her, and marry her. It has been a bumpy road but they have made it this far together.
Actually, she has been unfaithful, with someone else who is in trouble with them. She may have a teaching degree, but I'd like to see her try to use it with her record now. If Kevin loves her so much then why is he with everyone else? Didn't he bring her here because she got pregnant with his kid? I didnt think it was because he loved her so much, but maybe.

Mcminnville, TN

#27 Sep 14, 2010
people are crazy

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#28 Sep 14, 2010
God is great, beer is good and ...
2sweetforya wrote:
people are crazy
following along

Crossville, TN

#29 Sep 15, 2010
People give it a rest. All of this is OLD news, let it go. Some people are jealous because they spend or have more money. Who cares, I wouldn't trade places with any of them for all the money in the world. Who they see other than each other is actually nobody's business but their own. I know that is hard for people to understand but what happens in a marriage is for no one else to judge or speculate about. That is truly their own business. Illegal dealings are different they will have to suffer the consequences for that. They took a chance and it didn't work out.

Crossville, TN

#30 Sep 16, 2010
Get over it. After talking to both Kevin and Rachel- neither one cares what has been posted. The only reason I am adding to this topic is to let all know that its childish. Bottom line is that Kevin does wrong- but he LOVES Rachel, nobody else. Rachel is not perfect either, but she loves him and she is a wonderful mother. they have started taking steps in the right direction to repair the damage... let them do that without anymore B.S posts on this site. If you REALLY know them- the family, and all the facts- you would agree.
just wonderin

Crossville, TN

#31 Sep 21, 2010
I just find it amusing that Kevin and Wife are not in jail but other people from that mess are.It must be nice to get up everyday knowing that you are free. While others are not.Guess it was for the best that they weren't in the other family businesses.
the man who knows

Crossville, TN

#32 Sep 21, 2010
opinions are like @**holes everybody has got one.Joe was a good man for forty years kevin was too. In this matter Joe turned his backs on his true friends and even the two DEA agents jesse smallwood and keith phillips so jesse and keith are really the reason the bust went down but joe believed all the people around him were stealing and lying so tough luck joe got what he deserved in the end.

Cookeville, TN

#33 Sep 21, 2010
yeah jesse and keith are upstanding guys too. no wonder joe was nervous. I wouldn't turn my back on those two losers. How many trips to the pen has jesse made?

Crossville, TN

#34 Sep 22, 2010
Not enough...But i just wonder why it hasn't been to court yet. I had heard one of the people also arrested in differant county has been given an 5yr. sentence. So whats up with that.

Crossville, TN

#35 Sep 27, 2010
will joe ever get out ?

United States

#36 Oct 9, 2010
i agree with lalala ... ashley is fake..VERY... most of what comes out of her mouth is a lie... i guess thats why dj looks elsewhere!=)

Crossville, TN

#37 Oct 11, 2010
I am unsure why Ashley wants to make their business her own. Does she just like to start trouble? I heard Kevin and Rachel have been out together a lot recently, is that true? If so its good that they are not affected by this crap- or that they are trying to make things work- or that they are getting along enough for their kids sake.. a lot of people can't do that. I wish them the best.
Completely Fake

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#39 Oct 11, 2010
With the comment by "jojoknows" who someone stated was Ashley Jackson, it is very likely she is jealous. She has always made her life seem full of wealth. If that is what makes you happy, then by all means go for it. She spends money she doesnt have. Never has worked a day in her life, and suffers through a marriage she is no longer happy with strictly for what money her husband does make. Who cares if she pretends to get a degree. Who cares if she could work at any time. She wont work. She wants the "real housewives of orange county" kind of life. You are no one to her unless you have money. She is jealous of Rachel and Kevin, because they have money. Regardless of how they obtained it, she wants it. Even in school she would pretend to have these nice houses, all this money, and what not. It is sad when some one feels like no one will love or accept them unless they have a boat load of cash. I know first hand about it, we used to "date" in high school. I dont know that she would ever leave DJ or cheat on him, but I do know she plays pretend way to much to have any real friends. The friends that she does have, she turns around and talks bad about every single one of them. She picks them apart when they are not around. Whoever is taking up for her, please believe she says crap about you too. I do not think she is a bad person or a bad mother.She is also a very attractive woman, but her personality kills it. She would be a much happier person if her life did not revolve around a bigger house and newer cars. I do not liars, and although her lies are mostly harmless, she is a liar non the less. She wants to pretend to go to church and start mother groups and this and that. Things have to change on the inside before people will buy in to the act of "nice person, involved mother". I knew this other girl who tried to be friends with her, but it was all about Ashley. She would only call when she needed something, and my friend tried to call her a few times just to have someone to vent to and "pray" with, and Ashley wouldnt give her the time of day. I thought by now she would have grown up. I know she has been through a lot, just from knowing her years and years ago. She has done some nice things for people, but it was really for herself. So she would look better. If she is happy, then live and let live. I have said my peace.

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#40 Oct 12, 2010
i agree with PP ... ashley really screwed me over as a friend. it was very clear she only cares about money and having nothing but what she wants. i mean look at her web page.http://beautifullifeofash there is nothing she doesn't post online. why does anyone need to post their daily life story..she must not like privacy??? or have a real life. i mean she posts thousands of pictures of new houses and talks about brand new cars... i think alot of people really see what she is now.

Cedar Bluff, AL

#41 Oct 13, 2010
ashley is very fake! she has to convince herself as well as others that she has a perfect life, perfect husband etc. everyone knows the truth and she just cant accept it. she has cheated on DJ as well as he has cheated on her! their in love and their world is great yada yada but before too long even though now it is already pretty much full blown that she will lose everyone in her life due to her lies and running her mouth. Every other couple of months they are getting divorced then a week later they are "perfect" i dont get it. wtf oh well! you think that your life is great and perfect when deep down you actually need to tell the truth and how much you are miserable!

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#42 Oct 13, 2010
She has even told me that she lets him go to strip clubs and it didn't bother her that he looked and touched other women because he loves her... what kind of christian is that???

Knoxville, TN

#43 Oct 14, 2010
kevin and his daddy jo will do the time. they have been stealing and cheating for years! all those nice cars. and bank role isnt shit no more home boy.. dont drop the soap bitches. long time coming.. so when is the trail starting or whats up with it? anyone know ?

Mcminnville, TN

#44 Oct 14, 2010
Kevin wont do any time. Joe may do a year or two. Thats it.

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