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Tennessee Toothbrush

Cookeville, TN

#23 Sep 14, 2012
The new Memphis BBQ Thickburger is delicious. Try one today.

Crossville, TN

#24 Sep 14, 2012
The "warrant" the deputy was serving did not exist. The Houston's attorney requested a copy of the warrant. He received one that had been issued 2 days AFTER the shooting.

This is one of many reasons a jury did not find them guilty.

Crossville, TN

#25 Sep 14, 2012
You know that entire deal smells to high heaven. It looks like redneck cop versus redneck citizens. I've never quite known what to believe.

Crossville, TN

#26 Sep 14, 2012
Justice wrote:
Whatever and however you want to call it, he was NOT found guilty. Obviously we weren't there but I can easily see how their 4th amendment rights could have been violated. The cops went there to bully them around and bit off more than they could chew. Do you believe that any time someone shoots a cop that they are guilty? Why can't you just be happy that a couple more people that supported a failing government were killed? It is actions like this that will make this country a better place instead of becoming a giant concentration camp being controlled by government. We lose more and more freedoms everyday, we must fight back like this to keep what we have.
That sir is treasonous talk. If you don't wish to participate in our democracy then you are free to f---in' leave. If you think you and your redneck friends with squirrel rifles can take on the US Military, then have at it. Good luck with that.

Cookeville, TN

#27 Jan 13, 2013
Apparently the Feds searched the Houston boys' homes over the weekend and are holding them in jail in Knoxville. Maybe justice will be served in a federal court.
Real News

Crossville, TN

#28 Jan 13, 2013
They had to put their farm up to secure legal council. They defaulted on that loan and the lawyer foreclosed on them.(It's no longer their land.)The feds may be looking into threats made by them against officers of the law.(Oh, wait! This post is all about those threats. It's a federal crime, by the way.)

It sure would be sweet if the Houston boys had been overheard bragging about a video which proved that Bam didn't fire the first shot. Something they thought they had deleted from their hard drive.(BTW those things are NEVER deleted, they're only hidden behind a firewall.)
i thought

Bennettsville, SC

#29 Jan 14, 2013
Weren't the cops told not to go there that day?

Cookeville, TN

#30 Jan 14, 2013
OJ was found not guilty too. Do you believe he didn't do it? Those men should be hung for killing those deputies plane and simple.
Real News

Crossville, TN

#31 Jan 14, 2013
Mike wasn't a deputy he was just a "ride along."
As for being hung, they did ave a shootout with Bill Bam Jones. You've got to admit that took being 'hung' and we're not going there with OJ.

I think you meant, hanged.
Real News

Crossville, TN

#32 Jan 14, 2013
(stupid lag)

Crossville, TN

#33 Jan 15, 2013
After working in roane county I have seen evidence of corrupt behavior, and the way those cops push their weight around. God knows we dont need Barney fife in this town acting the same way. They are already bad enough and make up their own laws as they go along, and are choosey about who they arrest. The illegal manufacture of meth is no big deal to them when you call and complain about suspicious activity, but the usual domestic when two people are beating the shit out of oneanother over dumstuff, is like their playground.
Thetruth wrote:
Having lived in Roane County for decades I am more familiar with this case and can share some information on this case. There was a long time vendetta going on here both personal and professional. Law officers had been harassing the Houstons and provoking them for years before this incident took place. Way too much history to cover every minutia of every detail. But understand the Houstons had brought charges against officers due to the harassment and provocations leveled at them prior to this. This all bringing this to a head.
Before I get into the incident itself, I beg to explain that law enforcement in Roane county has a long history of corruption,(this can be searched and verified on the internet). And there is a tendency in Roane County to often issue warrants based on virtually anything including complete falsehoods and even lacking any evidence of any crime being committed at all. You can say anything (slander) about almost anyone and a warrant will be written.
Then virtually you are considered guilty and libeled until you hire an attorney to prove you innocent if you're lucky. Now on top of this the law enforcement offices have been plagued with corruption and excessive force over the decades I lived there. Case in example was the infamous case of a prior Roane County Sheriff who participated in the state's largest bust of a marijuana manufacturing farm and was later caught in a Federal sting operation trying to resale a very large portion of the same harvested marijuana. I won't mention his name as that was almost 30 years ago and he has served his time for that.
Now I digress going back to the case in point. Witnesses testified insinuations and threats were made by deputy Jones that he was prepared to use deadly force on Rocky when he got a chance to do so. Eye witnesses and evidence were presented in court that Rocky Houston was sitting unarmed on his porch eating from a can of peaches when the patrol car with Jones and Brown inside approached. The first shots came from deputy Jones service pistol leaving casings over twenty feet before the patrol car came to a stop. Rockey was able to duck into the house and retrieve his rifle and return fire. Leon returned fire with a pistol to help cover his brother. The fatal shots were all fired from Rocky's rifle. No fatal shots came from Leon. deputy Jones was shot fatally while still seated in drivers seat of the patrol car (two shots through the head and about another dozen through his body. Brown was slumped dead just outside the vehicle shot several times including one shot that took off his lower jaw and blew it about one hundred feet away.
This was no case in which an armed officer would normally approach an unarmed individual, identify himself and serve the warrant. It appeared that it was a case of a botched attempt at assassination that backfired and ended fatally for the would be assassins. Now is the posting of the pictures of the deceased in bad taste? Yes. but know this, even though the Houstons were acquitted, civil liability suits were placed against the Houstons to continue their harassment against them. So the postings may very well be the direct result of this provocation and harassment. Long story short, in my opinion and experience Roane County is not necessarily a place to live if you just wish to live and let live in peace. End of story.

Cookeville, TN

#34 Jan 15, 2013
The Houstons ambushed and killed those two men and got away with it. Hopefully, civil and federal courts will help right that wrong and the Houstons will spend time in prison and forfeit all of their possessions.

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