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Jamestown, TN

#1 Oct 21, 2010
You want to talk about people that cheat on their wife when they are at work? This is the biggest loser there is. He works at Colinx and has a wife with kids and has slept with several of the girls in the repack area. I should know I was one of them and still am one of them once in awhile.

Crossville, TN

#2 Oct 21, 2010
Don't you worry, she deserves it considering she stole him from her best friend. Seriously girls, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" almost always applies.
See you

Jamestown, TN

#3 Oct 22, 2010
Then I have nothing to worry about. He still comes and sees me when he tells her that he is going somewhere.

Altamont, TN

#4 Jan 18, 2011
See you wrote:
You want to talk about people that cheat on their wife when they are at work? This is the biggest loser there is. He works at Colinx and has a wife with kids and has slept with several of the girls in the repack area. I should know I was one of them and still am one of them once in awhile.
Is Forrest still married or living with his wife, dont know what to believe
Kimberly Hayslip

Cookeville, TN

#5 Mar 1, 2011
Still married never split or thought about it a day in our lives have lived together and still do since I was 18! Two beautiful baby girls and was talking about having more! Seriously girls get your own fucking hobby and lives! And prefer if you guys don't hit on and go for a married man either!! If anybody wants to know anything or to tell me anything feel free to ask me personally not on here you can always find me with Forrest or at the house if you have the cell please hit it up I am not hard to find!

Clinton, SC

#6 Mar 1, 2011
Kim honey I don't know you but everyone at colinx knows how he is. He has another girl pregnant in the repack area. Her name is amber hale and everyone knows its his! That dna test and child support will hopefully be that swift kick in the ass u need to get away from him.maybe u should ask yourself where he was sat or better yet who he was with..and it was not amber! U should really add her on fb or get her number out of your mans phone u n her could be great friends cuz u r both too stupid to leave him! Oh and fyi for you and amber if either of u sleep with him or have after sat I would go get checked!

Columbia, SC

#7 Mar 2, 2011
All of you are fucking regards, who I sleep with and if I'm married or not is my buisness. If you wanna talk shit do it to my face, guarntee you know how to find me...if you don't someone does. So untill then keep your bitch ass mouths shut, I know who puts this shit on here so you should watch what you say. As far as saturday goes I drank some beer with my good friends rode my dirt bike so get off my back.

Crab Orchard, TN

#8 Mar 2, 2011
Not sure who Forrest is but that sounds like Joe Woody but no children. Of course we all know his wife and shes no saint. She screws a guy named Aron.

Crab Orchard, TN

#9 Mar 2, 2011
Lexi wrote:
Not sure who Forrest is but that sounds like Joe Woody but no children. Of course we all know his wife and shes no saint. She screws a guy named Aron.
His wife is Joan Lewis. She's pretty trashy too.(ON METH AND SHES STILL FAT) Imagine that..LOL

Boiling Springs, SC

#10 Mar 3, 2011
Had to come check this out sense forrest is accusin a girl in repack of sayin that but it don't make sense this girl was one of the people hangin out with him sat but that person up there is sayin after sat to get checked so y would she say after hangin out with him he needs to get checked when she was one of them that was with him sat? That don't make sense at all. Sucks cuz now he is airing her dirty laundry all over work and this can't be her unless she is saying her or one of her friends slept with him and have something wtf

United States

#11 Mar 3, 2011
to be honest im tired of hearing about this forrest guy. If he wants to mess around or whatever he's doing thats his buisness. Stop talking about everyone and there affairs. If they wanted you guys to know he would tell you.
help me

Cookeville, TN

#13 Mar 4, 2011
who is he
that girl

Crossville, TN

#14 Mar 4, 2011
Well I had to come check this out since Forrest is accusing me of writing something on here. Hate to break it to you Sherlock but you got the wrong girl. I never once gave a flying fk who you slept with, who you have/had knocked up, or cared enough to get on here and write anything. I'm pretty sure you should know by now that if you're being an ahole or someone ELSE is airing out your dirty laundry I tell YOU I don't get on some retarded website and bs around a fake name.

And just like you said to all these people YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND ME..don't send someone else over. If you thought I said something come fking ask me because i'm not hard to find either! You have my number and you know where i'm at 8 hours a night 5 days a week. Don't send someone over to do your dirty work. The next time you want to "confront" me have the balls to do it yourself.
Oh snap

Jamestown, TN

#15 Mar 4, 2011
So I see he still is cheating then. I heard that he has several girls over there at colinx.

Its funny how they think he is the shit, but in reality he is someone that has no clue about life. Has a wife and kids, but still lives at HER parents house.

Do something with your income tax and move on out, BITCH

United States

#17 Mar 14, 2011
i dont know why everyone rags on forrest. I know for a fact that is not the only one screwing around in timken repack on 3rds. They all do it. Its all a big orgy over there.
Oh snap

Jamestown, TN

#18 Mar 14, 2011
But the point that everyone makes is that he says he dont do it, but at the same time Amber is pregnant with his child.

And the pisser is that his wife just goes along with it because she has a low self esteem.
stupid girls

United States

#19 Apr 13, 2011
you would think after his wife seen this that she would be done and the one thats preg. i mean there is a difference in being gullable and just plain ass stupid

United States

#20 Apr 14, 2011
He is a piece of shit. But they don't live with her parents anymore. They have had an apaprtment over on county garage road since the beginning of the year. Wat income tax? The one he blew on all his nasty bitches. If ur gonna pay for booty atleast buy something a lil better.

Crossville, TN

#21 Apr 14, 2011
Dont know Forrest or his wife, but I say ..stay out of their business. You people are pathetic. Thats the problem when it comes to working in places like colinx delbar flowers etc - 90% of the people there are low life scum. Grow Up!:-)
Well well

Cookeville, TN

#22 Apr 14, 2011
Well well i say i never thught that forrest would keep doing this. But word of advice to his could be a piece of shi! Yourself but i can promise you that you can do better than this. He has done this how many times? And your seriously in denial. He used to sit at work and bad mouth you to all of his friends and would tells the girls that you guys live together for the children but your not actually together. Please just do what is best for yourself. Stop chasing after this scum of the right by you and your children. I don't see how you could even welcome him home maybe the first time because everyone makes mistakes....but 2 3 4.......times that is a habit not a mistake. Women to women and mother to mother get away from this. Your obviously a strong women just blind to the actions on hand...been in your shoes before and focused more on the man and what he was doing..blah blah then my own i decided to change my life style and the people i associated with. Now i am with a wonderful man got my own stuff and doing what i have to for my two beautiful children. Just listen to your heart and it will lead you to your children. I promise. It's ok to be scared obviously you know nothing but forrest but i can tell you one thing there will be a man waiting that will never do these horrible and humiliating things to you. Just be a women not a love sick child for a change. You can do it i promise you that your not the only one that has been in those shoes. Just think about it... Have a great day...and forrest you should be asamed of humliating the women that took your hand in marriage in such a disgusting manner grow up. If you cant stay with her why hurt her she does nothing but sit with your two beautiful daughters. She is doing her part. Grow up.......ok i am done been wanting to say this.

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