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Crossville, TN

#2 Jan 17, 2013
Everybody everywhere is afraid for their jobs. And it is the stupid republicon's fault!
Oh yeah

Cambridge, MA

#3 Jan 17, 2013
Well the guy running the place is suppose to make it better and bring it out of the hole Nancy put it in but really all he is doing is gonna cause the doors to be closed for good.

Kingsport, TN

#4 Jan 17, 2013
It has changed soooo much and is very sad!!!Way too much money wasted because the "Director" keeps changing his mind, and re-does everyone and everything!!It's such a shame, Fletcher Residents ( the majority) don't like it and are very unhappy there. Most of them are stuck there and don't have a choice to leave.....and he knows it.....It has nothing to do with Republicans,,,it's Uplands Mngt!!!!!!!!

Hickory, NC

#6 Jan 18, 2013
I agree with you "concerned" all the way!! Why can't the Board Members see it?????????? I can't understand it......Somehow something has to be done!!!!
Just saying

Crossville, TN

#7 Jan 18, 2013
I agree there are some finance issues due to poor economy and bad decisions on some past directors part, but the path we are taking now is not what Uplands stand for. How many more people can you hire and squeeze into the main office while expecting others to do double duty from not replacing staff that left? And how many houses have sold from the new"Marketing Dept" that was formulated to give some old friends a job? Might be time for employees to consider Union representation again before it is too late.

Lexington, SC

#8 Jan 18, 2013
Union would be great, we all need to do something, because nobody will say or do anything because it doesn't do any good. I know we're all replaceable, but thats not the anwser for the Residents. They need employees to stand by them and care about them. Mngt. sure doesn't give a damn about them. The long-term employees do, it sure isn't the $$$$ that keeps them here, Uplands is the LOWEST pd employees in probably 3 surrounding counties!! Except the higher ups ofcourse.That idiot Dick Woodard makes way tooooo much money, and I agree about the statement on the Marketing Dept., they haven't sold squat,,,, we all know about Dick and her!!!! Lets all band together and do something,,,please!!!

Cookeville, TN

#9 Jan 18, 2013
This is what i have been saying for month's now. I'm sooo happy everyone is finally seeing this also. We all need to get togeather and meet with the board members and tell them just what you all have just said.They are not only cutting job's, they are changing our hour's to whatever they think we need to work. I for one will go and talk to them. I will not take this setting down. If i lose my job so be it. At least they will know i stood up for myself, and they will remember me when i leave. This man has no knowledge on how to treat his employee's with respect, and he has no respect for the resident's. It has gotten really bad.

Crossville, TN

#10 Jan 18, 2013
Keep in mind that in the state of Tn. there are not alot of labor laws that protect the workers. There is alot of unemployed people that could come in and take your job for alot less pay which in return puts more money into the pockets of management.
Good luck !!
think now

Crossville, TN

#11 Jan 18, 2013
If somebody else will do the job cheaper I would think twice about quitting!
just reading

Cambridge, MA

#12 Jan 18, 2013
First off lets put in mind that I have no knowledge of this place or anything to do with it but I did happen uup on this and decided to read the post. And well why would anyone want to work there especially for less. Im not really aware of what this place is all about or the kinda work really involved with it but as far as I can see its not really a good place to work to begin with little on for a lesser pay. Sounds to me like you would be better off out in the stables shoveling shit for a living. Plus there is always shit might be a more stable and reliable job too. Good luck to all of you mistreated workers.

Hickory, NC

#13 Jan 19, 2013
There is good and bad in this situation.....Yes I could lose my job over this, BUT something HAS to be done!!!!!! I do not do well ( if any at all) with egotistical jerks that want you to brown-nose and kiss ass! I refuse to be that way!! Richard is destroying Uplands and we all need to stand-up and not let him! Yes lets get with the Board Members, I heard there is some Villagers that want to start a Petition...Horray,,,anything to get something started. You know?? I have been in contact with State, Labor Board, ect....we all have to be.....

Elizabethton, TN

#14 Jan 19, 2013
I worked there when I was young and it was a decent place to work and everyone seemed any of you know if Frankie Brown still works there

Wallace, NC

#15 Jan 19, 2013
The maintance worker? If so yes he's still there.
old friend

Crossville, TN

#16 Jan 20, 2013
I think that the marketing team they had was selling a lot more than what the new team has. How can he afford to pay the new director and coordinator double the salaries of those before them and they have only sold two houses? Oh wait I forgot, I think there is a "special" connection between the executive director and marketing. Sounds like Uplands is going further into the hole. Maybe Nancy needed to move on but at least she cared for all of the residents of Uplands.

Crossville, TN

#17 Jan 21, 2013
I'm just glad I left out of there when I did..i needed to get away from allthe drama that was happening. I feel for u advice NO job is worth all this crp. I love the residents they are precious human beings that don't deserve the any of this crap. Good luck guys
have u noticed

Crossville, TN

#18 Jan 24, 2013
Many job openings, some are real jobs and others are newly created jobs. Okay lets add some more people to payroll since we can 't afford to pay the ones we have!! "Smooth Move" ;)

Arden, NC

#19 Jan 24, 2013
It is so crazy, the stuff he keeps pulling and they put more and more on the workers!! What do they expect?? Especially for what they pay and nooo benefits!! Residents pay more and more,,,have to have crappy meals and be treated like their opinions and suggestions don't matter. When is it all going to stop? I just hate it for all of us. We've got to get Board Members and the public on board here somehow,,,for all our benefits...Any suggestions anyone???

Sparta, TN

#20 Jan 25, 2013
this is what needs to happen all the higher ups need to come over and do our job for one day just one day and see all the stress thats put on us including richard. since he thinks we are so over staffed we go non stop from morning to night it hard to say what goes on until you do the job right, thats a dare.

Sparta, TN

#21 Jan 25, 2013
have u noticed wrote:
Many job openings, some are real jobs and others are newly created jobs. Okay lets add some more people to payroll since we can 't afford to pay the ones we have!! "Smooth Move" ;)
oh yeah and they think we are still over staffed my dare is to get richard and all the higher ups to come and do our jobs for a day just one day to see all the stress that we put up with but guess what we do it because we care about our residents thats the truth

Crossville, TN

#23 Jan 25, 2013
Employees should get names and numbers of the Uplands Board Members. These are the only folks the Ex.Director answers to, there is an open board meeting in Feb. But I would imagine your job would be on the line if you made a complaint there. The board should be willing to hear some reasonable valid complaints from employees that work daily at Uplands. If something is not done Uplands will be like so many other retirement communities around and all that valuable history and the reputation that they are riding on now will be gone for good. Truth is maybe it is too
late already, I think a lot of the employees feel that way now,just tired of dealing with it and looking for a way out.Just a bad situation all the way around for residents and employees.

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