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Great Clips good or bad experience for you?

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Wartburg, TN

#1 Aug 10, 2010
I went into great clips at the crossings over the weekend and i go there alot at least a couple times a month but i wont be going back.I usually only use one lady from there but she had a baby isnt back to work yet so i thought ok i will attempt to allow someone else to trim my hair.They were busy i waited my turn while i was waiting i was watching them cut and imo in a place of business you should dress appropriately especially when you deal with young people to older people.First thing i noticed when i walked in was 5 or so people waiting on cuts and only one person cutting hair the other girls were outside smoking but they were holding the door open because it was too hot for them and they needed to feel soome cool air so all the smoke that was suppose to be outside came into the building...Then One large girl with black came up to cut in the first chair & her boobs were hanging so far out of her shirt i swear people could see nipples and all she could talk about was what a great wkend she had partying on the lake..Then the other girl wow she was COVERED in tattoos and piercings on her face like her dimples i thought most places of business asked employees to cover some of that up and lastly the girl that thought she was going to cut my hair was telling a teenage girl that she was fired from her last job because she used the wrong size guard on a man and they ended up having to shave the mans head cause she messed up so bad...Yea i heard that and i saw all of the other things and i left lol..
Know her

Crossville, TN

#2 Aug 10, 2010
The girl with all the trashy tattoos and piercings is Beth Kemmer. She is a real piece of work. On top of that, she really messed up my friend's hair when she was still in beauty school.

Crossville, TN

#3 Aug 10, 2010
Yeah I went there a few weeks ao for a trim because my ends are fried and the woman wasnt gonna wash my hair, took a millimeter off of half the ends of my hair and when she attempted to trim my layers she just cut one side shorter than the other. dont remember her name but it was awful. My hair is about halfway down my back and while still sopping wet after I told her yes of course I want it washed, she asked if I wanted it dried. WELL FREAKING DUH I WANT MY LONG ASS HAIR DRIED! Won't go back. 20 dollars for something I could have screwed up on myself.
Ha Ha Ha

Lebanon, TN

#4 Aug 10, 2010
BOOOMMMbby wrote:
Yeah I went there a few weeks ao for a trim because my ends are fried and the woman wasnt gonna wash my hair, took a millimeter off of half the ends of my hair and when she attempted to trim my layers she just cut one side shorter than the other. dont remember her name but it was awful. My hair is about halfway down my back and while still sopping wet after I told her yes of course I want it washed, she asked if I wanted it dried. WELL FREAKING DUH I WANT MY LONG ASS HAIR DRIED! Won't go back. 20 dollars for something I could have screwed up on myself.
First of all you didnt pay twenty dollars. As for Beth Kemmer she is just starting out doing hair. She should not be judged by her apperearce she is a great girl with a heart of gold, she would do anything for anyone. Appearences are not everything she has her own taste and if you dont like it keep ur mouth shut cause she dont give a rats ass what u think. As for your hair being dried its a requirement for u to be asked that and just because ur getting ur hair cut does not always mean u want it washed so again another requirement.

Crossville, TN

#5 Aug 10, 2010
I did, infact, pay the woman 20 american dollars. I usually go to Salon Suites and I suppose my hairdresser usually implies that she wash, dry and style my hair whenever I go and see her. I was in a bit of a rush that day and she could not fit me in in the time frame I needed so it could be that I wasn't used to the charges by requirement. Still yet, as far as the trim went, I was not pleased. The woman was very sweet though. Nice people.

Crossville, TN

#6 Aug 10, 2010
I was told that they are under a time limit. That once you set down in their chair they have 15 minutes top to get your hair cut and you out of there. It was a lady who works there or use to. Since I was told that I have not been back..

Crossville, TN

#7 Aug 10, 2010
my eperience was HORRIBLE, i had longer hair and wanted to do the angled cut where its shorter in the back and angles tward your chin, at the time, about 2 yr ago or less it was pretty much in style and alot of girls had the cut, so i figured it to be pretty simple thing, I explained it to the girl and she was really confused, and i was nervouse having 8 inches cut off, and she totally screwed it up, the cut was only 11 dollars, but i would never go there again. Maybe they should stick to men and baby hair cuts/

Crossville, TN

#8 Aug 11, 2010
HORRIBLE!!! I went there, got a cut, I have to have my hair thinned because it is very thinck and it gets frizzy so I never know if I like a cut til I get home to fix it. I guess thats a good thing because I probably would have to jail that day if I would have ben face to face with that woman I had chunks of hair that werent even an inch long, and mind you my hair is half way down my back!!! AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL Pay a little extra and go somewhere else
Great Clips Inc

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Aug 11, 2010
Always feel free to call our 1-800-Great-Clips customer feedback line, or email as we do value your feedback.
Also, at Great Clips, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Deer Lodge, TN

#10 Aug 11, 2010
I emailed yesterday and got a response this morning.

Crossville, TN

#11 Aug 12, 2010
How do you give a guarantee like that? What will you glue my hair back on?? Spend a little more money go somewhere alse dont take the chances.
teen girl

Crossville, TN

#12 Aug 12, 2010
my ol man and his brother go there and grt they hair cut all the time they are great i think i love the way they do my ol mans hair i think yall haten on one girl

Crossville, TN

#13 Aug 12, 2010
I've been going there for years and have never had a problem!
Smack Talkers

Crossville, TN

#14 Aug 13, 2010
I have gone to this great clips for many years and everyone there is supper nice and they listen to what you want and take the time to do it I watch the people coming in and the people in there chairs and the girls there do remarkable work they do an amazing job and really for a all walk in hair salon that's great.
Some of the people talking trash on here really shouldn't be some of the stuff your saying really isn't a big deal ummm hello I know for a fact if you walked out with your hair wet miss (Booommmbby) you probably didn't really ask for it to get dried all the way because if you hair is long I sure as heck wouldn't want to dry it for 30 min hello it's just water and as for her not going to wash it...hello if you read the price sign it's more duh. As for (Know Her) girl.. NO Really..... when ya go to a SCHOOL when all the hair dressers are learning to cut hair and stuff you more then likely will walk out with your hair not done like a pro would do it... hints it's a SCHOOL!!!! Also you guys really need to get a life and stop talking about the girl with the tats really who cares this day in age everyone is covered in them. I really don't think any of these people had a horrible experience there they where all probably difficult people and hate everything.
If you end up going somewhere else who cares it's really not a loss to them because I know I wouldn't want hateful people like you back!!! So go somewhere else and when you do I am pretty sure half the salons here will jack up your hair to they will just take more time doing it and you will probably never be satisfied with you hair because your all pruds who have nothing else to do but complain.
So really stop talking smack on the store just cuz you have it out for one person and cuz you have nothing else to do.

Great Clips in the Crossing is a great place to get you hair cut bottom line I have always had a great experience and everyone I know goes there and they always have one to.

Crossville, TN

#15 Aug 13, 2010
Mary cuts my hair there and I really like her but even when they're slow it seems like I have to wait an hour. I wish they made appointments, that would be my only complaint.

Crossville, TN

#16 Aug 13, 2010
Excuse me I dont know the girl with the tats I havent ben in there in almost 2 yrs. FACTS are FACTS they screwed up my hair leaving me to have about 1 inch chunks...... what can you do with that?? I can you fix it? What give me my 10 dollars back? Ya right this place is a joke.
Wild Bill

Ringgold, GA

#17 Aug 13, 2010
I went in to have my legs shaved, never again!(I was wearing shorts) they nicked my legs all over and stuck small pieces of toilet paper on the cuts, when i walked outta there i looked like i had been shot with a confetti cannon. I won't go back!(at least until my legs heal)

Mcminnville, TN

#18 Aug 13, 2010
Its not great clips,its the stylist. I have had my hair cut there before and had good as well as a bad experiance.The lady that usually cuts my hair was out so i let another girl cut it and she totally screwed it up.From now on i will just wait for the lady that usually cuts it to be there.
crossville sucks

Saluda, SC

#19 Aug 13, 2010
You people are so lame. Get a life. OMG somebodys not exactly like me. They must be the devil! You better not go to Wal Mart, there are people there that are different! GOD HELP US ALL!

Congrats on trash talking people online. Why don't you all post your real names? You don't want your face smashed in do ya? Bunch of worthless trash you are.
Linda W

United States

#20 Aug 13, 2010
I own a business in Crossville and overheard a former employee of Great Clips speaking on her cell phone to someone about how she had posted negative things on the Crossville Topix website, she went on to ask the person on the line to do the same and stated that "payback was a (explicit word.)" I have never before been on this topix website, nor do I know which comments are valid, but I have visited the Great Clips salon on many occassions. Here is what my personal experience was like: I was greeted upon entering, gave my number to the girl and was given an expected wait time. I have never waited more than 20mins, not saying this doesn't occur but it has not on the times I have had cuts there. My last visit was in July and I was very pleased and will continue to go to them for my hair needs. I am truly disgusted by the comments I have seen and I hope more people will come forth with positive feedback. If any of you girls read this forum, thank you for your friendly smiles and good haircuts, such a shame one bad apple can tarnish the reputation of such nice girls. Oh and for the record, that little girl with tatoo's is a very sweet young woman, shame on you all.

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