Lakewood at Livingston

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Trinity, TX

#1 Sep 2, 2010
Any comments welcome...looking to buy here. Thanks.

Crockett, TX

#2 Sep 2, 2010
Nice clean well kept and secured. Family oriented and overall a good buy.

Moran, TX

#3 Sep 2, 2010
MelMel C wrote:
Any comments welcome...looking to buy here. Thanks.
Are you retired? Or are looking for a family home?
LW Resident

Crockett, TX

#4 Sep 2, 2010
Lakewood is a very comfortable place to live.They have a very hardworking, volunteer Property Owners Association that really tries, and it shows, to keep everything according to the restrictions (which are really not all that restrictive.) I come from the big city where you can't sneeze without asking the Property Owners Association. Lakewood is a breath of fresh air to me... just love it!

If you are looking for a nice, reasonably priced, gated neighborhood for retirement near the lake with nice amenities... a nice pool, a pier, boat launch... this is a great place! It's not perfect, of course. There are always a few yucks that just don't seem to care about anything, but most people here are darn fine folks who take care of their places and make good neighbors.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A WEEKEND PLACE? Good luck with your search! We can always use another good neighbor here in Lakewood!

Since: Sep 10

Trinity, TX

#5 Sep 2, 2010
Thanks for all of your comments. It helps a lot. We are looking for a family community as we have two young 'uns. Somewhere pleasant and safe. But also a place in which we can retire in. We are pretty quiet and no wild parties for us...but also don't want to live next door to any either.

Moran, TX

#6 Sep 2, 2010
There's a lot of homes for sale in and around Trinity.
There's a nice one on Hwy. 94 right past the middle school/high school.

Moran, TX

#7 Sep 4, 2010
Newbie wrote:
There's a lot of homes for sale in and around Trinity.
There's a nice one on Hwy. 94 right past the middle school/high school.
If it's the one I'm thinking of - about 3 houses past the high school on the left - that's a really nice house. We looked at it. Got a big lot, over an acre and very private. At the time, we were downsizing and the house was a little too big for us. Very convenient if you have kids in school.

Alvin, TX

#8 Jul 4, 2013
Trash live there. Especially on Enchantment. A very evil woman lives there. Ladies hold on to your husbands.
fed up lakewood resident

Spring, TX

#9 Feb 14, 2016
Crooked HOA committee. New members of committee can't get their s*** together. Bulls*** excuses for closing the pool. Trashy people at front of neighborhood. Houses on the water or very close to the river are the only ones who do not epitomize "white trash". Secure all of your property if leaving for extended periods....bc even though the less fortunate and trashy people return what they use....they trespass and steal to do it. There is a handful of good people in the neighborhood....wouldn't suggest it as a "residence". Maybe a weekend getaway place.
The Prezident

Miami, FL

#10 Feb 25, 2017
Unless you are friends with Reena the Javelina and Smiling Joe who are still in control of the most incompetent HOA in east TX, Lakewood at Livingston, through their front man Mike who allowed these two back on the board and restriction committee after their ineptitude in allowing our beloved jailed treasurer steal from us all their years on the board, you will be labeled a troublemaker if you move to Lakewood at Livingston, especially if you question the closed board meetings, shady math involved in the assessments, or why board members can break the bylaws and restrictions with no consequences while the rest of of are threatened for the slightest infraction. I know I'd like to put my kids and grandkids in our travel trailer when they visit for a long weekend, but I can't while a board member has his son hooked up and living behind him in a travel trailer going against our bylaws and restrictions and even his board member uncle and local preacher knows about this but does nothing. But when you are on the Lakewood at Livingston Board, rules don't matter unless they can be used against people they don't like who want to see our finances on a monthly schedule after we were robbed for so long and don't tell me the old board didn't know. They closed the pool when there was less than $2000 in the bank, and none of them ever apologized for allowing all that money to be stolen and the pool to be destroyed. The best we got was Smiling Joe standing up during last year's special meeting and calling themselves "Stupid" for letting over $77,000 to be stolen, and now he and Reena the Javelina are back in charge thanks to their good pal Mike. That'd be the same Mike who doesn't want his math figures, or himself, ever questioned.
Hell--Trinity--L akewood

Atlanta, GA

#11 Oct 8, 2017
Trinity county has some nice areas, unfortunately, Lake L, Trinity Cove, Lakewood, etc. are not in them. Drive those subdivisions and see for yourself. Lakewood just had a massive case of embezzlement and many of the same board members that let it happen are still in charge. And things are even worse in Trinity Cove, if we can ever get an audit. I hear the new president at Lakewood isn't allowing an audit either, but why would he since he is a good friend to some of those who let all the money get stolen, the roads go to hell, and destroyed their pool without letting their POA know the truth. Sounds like he is a real loser like the board here in Trinity Cove.
And don't get me started on the school district. It is one of the worst in Texas. But do your due diligence and verify all this for yourself. I know of many parents who've made the move to better districts for the sake of their children.
My Lakewood is gone

San Jose, CA

#13 Jan 10, 2018
Wow! Just, Wow! I spent the holidays at the Lakewood at Livingston supposed resort in Trinity, Texas, and the people on their POA board should be ashamed of themselves for letting this once great vacation spot (in the 1980s and 90s) turn into a nightmare without decent roads, pier, or amenities (like the pool that was somehow destroyed without a POA member vote). And I thought California was really screwed up, but after reading this latest posting, judge for yourself.

"Among all the termoil being generated with in the community, the latest act by the POA board was to have a constable warn an elderly disabled veteran he would be arrested for driving his golf cart to slow on community private road. This is believed to be retaliation for his continued questioning of the boards practices and failures to follow the laws governing HOA's and POA.s. The private roads are posted at 30 mph and and this would make all golf carts going to slow including those of the board members who choose to gather on streets and block traffic. I remind everyone, this is the same sub division who's treasure stole over 50k. You can understand why property owners become alarmed when the current board operates in secert and have a "my way or the highway" attitude. Owners who are out spoken and question the boards practices are labeled trouble makers and even have had restraining orders posed on them. There seems to be enough blind sheep including some county officials who support the board as has always been in this sub division. Now, the board has imposed a substancial increase in association dues using a show of hands at a recent meeting. This clearly violates the requirements set by the state of Texas. I have suggested to the home owner who brought forth this information to turn over all information to a real estate attroney who specializes in POA law, request a subpoena of all records, that an audit be preformed by a third party, and that a judge appoint an independant counsel to investigate.
The following email was recently sent out to a select group of Lakewood property owners:

TO: Lakewood POA Board of Directors
From: David Perez Lakewood POA Member

I am writing this letter to inform the Lakewood POA Board of Directors that I support your position
on raising the assessments and any other action that you may take. I believe that any action that
you have taken or will take, as the LW POA Board, is for the betterment of our community.
So, my wish is that you (as the LW POA Board) stand your ground and know that you are right and
legal and (by what ever means is necessary) put this matter (assessments) to rest. I also believe
that you, as the Lakewood POA Board of Directors, will be right and legal with any action taken
now or in the future to improve our community.

Yours in Faith,

David Perez

This board member who can forsee the future neglected one fact. He resides in a deeded home of 532 square feet where the bylaws clearly state no deweling of less than 600 sq. ft. is allowed. I would hope this community wakes up and stands up for its rights and returns this sub division to its splendor of old. Right now, they are nothing more than a bunch of sheep jumping off a cliff."

My advice is to stay clear of this place. There's no semblance of a resort or a decent, law-abiding POA board there.
Despot rule in Lakewood

Houston, TX

#14 Jan 13, 2018
It's so sad that Lakewood at Livingston is now epitomized by this Elie Wiesel quote 'Silence helps the tormentors. It doesn't help the tormented, and neutrality helps the oppressors not the oppressed.'

Since: Jan 18

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#15 Jan 16, 2018
Despot rule in Lakewood wrote:
It's so sad that Lakewood at Livingston is now epitomized by this Elie Wiesel quote 'Silence helps the tormentors. It doesn't help the tormented, and neutrality helps the oppressors not the oppressed.'
In other words: Hey, all you fence sitters! Get your ass off the fence and take a stand. You are the ones preventing Lakewood from once again being a nice place, like before the northeners moved in. There are a lot of good folks in this neighborhood, and a handful of old, evil, vile, miserable, pathetic individuals. But worry not, the gate is calling their name. Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all.
My Lakewood is gone

San Jose, CA

#16 Jan 18, 2018
Oreville wrote:
<quoted text>

There are a lot of good folks in this neighborhood, and a handful of old, evil, vile, miserable, pathetic individuals. But worry not, the gate is calling their name. Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all.
You got that right, but "a handful of old, evil, vile, miserable, pathetic individuals" is putting it mildly.
Fed up with Lakewood

Houston, TX

#17 Feb 11, 2018
My parents still own property in Lakewood and boy has the subdivision gone downhill since the 90's. While I didn't like the board that allowed the massive embezzlement by the treasurer, this new president Mike is even worse. They are extorting my parents for a massive, unlawful assessment fee increase with nothing to show for it. Lakewood at Livingston is an utter disgrace with crumbling roads, no amenities, and now there is a giant hole in the road leading out of the subdivision that some genius put steel rods in which are a severe hazard to any car that hits them. You'd think the geniuses running Lakewood would have put up an orange cone or something, but these are the same people with no plans or regular meetings for the residents to voice their concerns or ideas. Keep up the great work, Mike! You and your fellow board members have continued dragging Lakewood down into the cesspool it has become and keeping it there.

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