Crete Mayoral Election 2013

Crete Mayoral Election 2013

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Crete Rez

Chicago, IL

#1 Feb 17, 2013
Who do you support? I'm definitely voting for Don Seehausen after hearing his vision for Crete.
I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I have never voted in our local elections before. But after seeing all of the secrecy and politics surrounding the proposed prison last year, I saw our current leader's true colors. Time for a change.
Here is Seehausens website:
It's nice to see someone putting forth the effort.
Not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#2 Feb 18, 2013
Check out his legal record:

Click on "on-line lookup". Not sure I'd feel good electing someone with that much on his record. I like businessmen in politics, but I like successful businessmen more. Anyone could print up a pretty vision, give me 5 minutes and I'll bet I could print up a prettier one for you.

"Time for a Change". Even if that change is for the worse? Look at Sauk Village for a mayor that won with a promise of "change". I'll bet those residents would tell you that their town HAS changed in those 4 years... An inexperienced nice guy ran that village into the ground.

By all means, vote for change but ONLY if you are sure that the change would be GOOD. Investigate very carefully because voting for someone just because he or she is "new" doesn't make sense. Find out how much every candidate has contributed to Crete. Why do some people seem to care only at election time but until then have never done one thing to volunteer for the village. Now they want to run it? I've heard that some have never attended a board meeting.
Voice of Reason

Chicago, IL

#3 Feb 18, 2013
Record? Are you talking about the tickets from 1962? You are kidding right? I can only assume this is someone from the current camp trying to hurt his image. How would you even know this otherwise?

I have personally voted in every election and plan to support Seehausen this time around. My entire block (most who have never voted) plan to do the same. I have been to many board meetings and have seen Seehausen at several. Good all around guy and I think he can take the town where it needs to go next.

I was a little on the fence before but then I saw this

I've never seen anything like it! Unreal! I'll take tickets from 1962 over this any day.
Voice of Reason

Chicago, IL

#4 Feb 18, 2013
I must correct myself. I was looking at Mr Seehausen's year of birth. The tickets are mostly from the 90's. I still stand on my previous points.
Not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#5 Feb 18, 2013
No, I'm talking about the assault charge and multiple foreclosures. Oh, and the zoning ordinance violations and property maintenance violations. Sorry doesn't sound like a model citizen. Doesn't matter who I am, I'm simply pointing out a website, a matter of public record. You can make your own decision. As an employer, I routinely use this website to check out prospective employees (a helpful employment agency showed me this site). I'm not picking on just him, look up EVERY SINGLE person running in the race, I have. And then tell me whose record scares you the most.

Illinois already has a reputation of electing people with records, want it to continue? I think it's time we pay attention to legal records.
Not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#7 Feb 21, 2013
Oh, I could look at Cook County too! If I hire someone who lives in Cook County, I do go to that site for sure. But I don't think any of the trustee or mayoral candidates have lived in Cook County, so I only looked at Will.

Sorry, but Mel Reynolds and Gus Savage would never get my vote. And when Blago and JJJ get out of jail, and attempt to get involved, they definitely won't get my support! But it sounds like you guys would be willing...

So you think someone is a "rat" if they are interested in someone's legal-record before they decide who they want to vote for? Well, then this "rat" is going to vote for someone with a clean record. If you wanted to hire a financial advisor to prepare your family budget, would you hire someone with multiple business and personal foreclosures? Not me. And a mayor does our budge (I assume). If I wanted someone to enforce rules and ordinances, would I hire someone with a record of breaking them? Nope.

Voters who do not care about such things are the reason Illinois is in such a mess. So no apology here...

Investigate before you vote!
Not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#8 Feb 21, 2013
"budget", not budge.... silly
Whats this

Park Forest, IL

#9 Feb 23, 2013
I heard Don Seehausen donated $50,000 to the Crete Amvets and they recently used his donation for the new memorial wall at the corner of Main and Exchange Street?

United States

#10 Feb 23, 2013
I heard so as well. From what I can tell, he is a great all around guy. I think it shows he got a ticket for his grass being too long years ago... If that's the worse this guy has done, he has my vote for sure! Finally someone worth voting for.
not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#11 Feb 24, 2013
Wrong story. I heard the real story from someone at Amvets. When he bought the Amvets building across the street, he promised to build a veterans memorial on that corner to them in exchange for a $50K reduction in the purchase price. If he didn't build the memorial within a certain amount of time (can't remember, a few years??) he was under the OBLIGATION to repay the $50K. He never build the memorial, the Amvets asked for the $50K and promptly handed it to the village for the building of the memorial. Again, this guy turned this into making himself look like some great guy taking $50K out of his pocket... Ask anyone at Amvets the real story. Man, this guy has you hood winked!!!

Chicago, IL

#12 Feb 24, 2013
I'm voting for Seehausen as well. My husband and I met him at a church function a while ago. From what I can tell, he and his wife are wonderful people and I support them. I don't know much about the current mayor but I was not pleased with how the prison situation was handled. I was not against the prison but I thought the way it was dealt with was so unprofessional. Makes me very concerned about any future projects.
Seehausen Not My Choice

Chicago, IL

#13 Feb 25, 2013
Is it possible he is running because he couldn't get the self serving deal he wanted from the village during the January Meetings. Do you want someone who is getting "help" from the Illinois political machine. Do your research and remember that this selection works for the interest of the city, not the individual.
not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#15 Feb 25, 2013
Nope, I'm just a decades-long Crete businessman who knows alot of people in this village, and I probably hear more in one day than most hear in a week. How can anyone defend a man who is claiming credit for a very generous contribution made by a group of American war veterans? I recently talked to a relative of his who told me that not one person on their side of the Seehausen family is voting for him. I know of no Crete businessman who likes him.

Basically it comes down to how well you know him. If you've personally known him for a while, you have a tendency to not trust him. If you meet him, he turns on the charm and you love him. And yeah, 2 messages up, totally forgot about him stamping his feet because the village will not give him $250,000 of taxpayer money so he can sell his property at almost double what it appraised for. Thanks for reminding me of that...

If you support him, you must fall in 1 of 2 categories (1) you believe that people who snitch on criminals are worse than being a criminal (in which case gangbangers thank you). or (2) you believe that you don't need to be honest or law-abiding to run for office (in which case Jesse Jackson Jr thanks you).

I have never held an elected office, could consider it some day. But if I do, I have no problems with people checking my legal record (like Don has to worry about) and no one will accuse me of being two-faced or a snake (a word his relative used to describe him)
not so sure

Park Forest, IL

#16 Feb 25, 2013
Jennifer: and yes you are absolutely right. I would never vote for anyone who bases their campaign only on smearing the opponent, so I will also be interested in hearing what everyone has to say.

Chicago, IL

#17 Feb 25, 2013
Well that is my issue. If all of the information here is true, then I don't know what to think.

My husband and I were shocked to read this. And it also clears up the amvets rumor. At least one side of it.

In my humble opinion, I think it's all of our faults for not watching more closely. If you have a mayor who has been there for almost 30 years and never questioned, I would kind of expect this type of result. That's what nearly happened with the prison!

I really don't mind people you know or are related to working in the same place. But since it is so extensive, are the right people for the job really being appointed? I can only think more qualified people were passed up that could of helped the village so they could hire their families and friends.
Seehausen Not My Choice

Riverside, IL

#18 Feb 25, 2013
It appears that for a potential candidate to be considered some difficult questions need to be answered. Jennifer since you have taken this thread and run with it maybe you can explain why a vested person in the community has his home for sale?


Naperville, IL

#20 Feb 26, 2013
Boy do I know how to change subjects. Lets talk about the issues. In my humble opinion and driving my ford truck my husband and I were very shocked by what we read on the internet. Imagine some one smearing another candidate. Let's leave that up to people like me. Did you know my Don Seehausen is a French model. Really, it's on the internet. I just wrote it.

aka Seehausen Not My Choice

Naperville, IL

#21 Feb 26, 2013
You can learn a lot on the internet. Here is article published by the NWI Times Newspaper. I have included the link after the article for those who are needing to check the following content.

The Village Board on Monday was presented with a plan that would call for municipal investment in a proposed development on the southeast corner of Main and Exchange streets.

Mahmood Lahka, owner of the Marathon gas station on that corner, and Don Seehausen, owner of the adjacent red building just south of the station, brought the proposal before the board, but were met mostly with skepticism.

Lahka wants to build a new service station and convenience mart at that location. He originally was interested in buying two lots from Seehausen to accommodate his plan.

During negotiations, Lahka offered to buy six parcels from Seehausen, and expanded his vision for the corner to include a car wash, restaurant and other retail outlets.

But the price offered by Lahka was about $250,000 less than what Seehausen was hoping for.

The two approached the board and asked the village to use tax increment financing funds to make up the $250,000 difference.

The properties are in the village TIF district and are eligible for financing designated to help businesses get started.

But, Lahka said, he didn't want TIF funds invested in the initial land purchase to be counted against tax benefits typically handed out to businesses developed in TIF districts.

“TIF financing is available to help redevelopment and make it more business-friendly for a start-up,” Lahka said.“I do not want to lose TIF benefits due to the potential investment by the village.”

Trustee Mark Wiater was leery of the proposal.
“Normally, when we are approached about investing TIF funds in a development project, we see detailed plans on the proposal,” Wiater said.“At this point, we do not know what would be developed on all of this property, and what benefit the village would see in resulting sales taxes.”

Village President Michael Einhorn told the board that the property had been assessed for $490,000, and that the $250,000 in TIF funds would result in paying much more for the property than the assessed value.

“It would not be prudent on our part to pay more for property than its current value,” Einhorn said.“In the end, this is taxpayer money. We have an obligation to be prudent in our finances.”

Seehausen originally invested about $685,000 in the six lots. The current value of $490,000 is typical of the deflated prices due to the economic collapse in commercial real estate.

Holly Milburn told Seehausen and Lahka to come back with detailed plans showing what would be done to develop the property, how it would be done, what types of businesses would be approached and how this would fit in with the village historical district.

“We have said all along that the corner of Main and Exchange is a historical district and must be developed in a certain way,” Milburn said.“We want the buildings to look a certain way and we want certain types of businesses. So we need to see detailed plans.”

The board did not shut the door on TIF funds being available for a larger project than the original service station expansion.

“But we need to know exactly what we would be investing in,” Wiater said.

Village Administrator Tom Durkin said he would contact Gingko Designers, who assisted Lahka with the original design for the service station.

“We can ask them to meet with you and draw up the concept for review in January,” Durkin said.
Seehausen Not My Choice

Cicero, IL

#22 Feb 26, 2013
Foreclosure on property always sends a flag up for me when deciding to vote for a candidate. Can Seehausen explain his involvement with the NEW HOPE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY, MONEE MARKETPLACE LLC and Case Number: 2012CH001368 Clerk of the City Court.

Chicago, IL

#23 Feb 28, 2013
Definitely staying with Seehausen as my choice

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