judge Tim feeley
burned dad

Cincinnati, OH

#53 Apr 4, 2013
anyone know how to get jim theiss and judge feeleys relationship investigated? there is def 'under the table' stuff going on. more importantly if feeley leaves, jim could be the next judge. it's the most shady family court i've ever seen. and no one is looking into it.....
Burned Period

Louisville, KY

#54 Apr 24, 2013
Jim Theiss has a good relationship with the judge because he knows the law, Oldham Co. is his home turf and he's laser focused on the issues (not whinnig in court). Most of the lawyers in this court are fools. If you have one of the fools, expect that Jim will eat their's (and your's) lunch. Best advice, when you can't beat them, join them. Jim will not be the next family court judge. He would take a tremendous pay cut, AND JIM LIKES MONEY! Don't think you'll go into talk with him and spend a couple hundred dollar. Once he has you, he charges for every fart, sneeze, buger picking, you name it. So your issue better be big or you are over paying.
Family Court Definition

Lexington, KY

#55 Sep 25, 2013
“It’s time to recognize Family Court for what it is—a corporate crime ring raiding parents and children of financial and psychological well-being, and devouring our children’s futures. And its not just divorce lawyers—its judges, “judicial administrators,” psychologists, cops and prosecutors—people we should be able to trust—in a modern day criminal cabal using county courtrooms and sheriff’s deputies as the machinery of organized crime. Since state officials’ hands are too deep into the cookie jar to stop their own abuse, we’re seeking the assistance of federal oversight.” Maybe we'll get justice one day.
mommy done wrong

United States

#56 Oct 17, 2013
Need an attorney wrote:
He sure for sleep. He has done it twice in my hearings.
Feeley worst nightmare

Louisville, KY

#57 Dec 11, 2013
Well after feeley put my son back in the care of his 'mother' in feb. who assaulted him to begin with, ignoring my objections, cps has once again taken my son from his 'mother' late oct. good job feeley and his sidekick county atty., perry! I hope you all feel good that everything I told you was going to happen, did happen but you chose to ignore me and put my son back in the care of a woman who has had 24 CPS referrals and now on her 3rd case in family court! You rankin and perry are AWSOME!

New Albany, IN

#58 Mar 3, 2014
proud father wrote:
Fonda, I can tell you have alot of anger but why??? I'm sure you have full time with your kids, you are getting alot of money and the only thing that it sounds like to me is the judge told you to go back to work??????? am I missing something here??? Custody should be 50/50 and child suppport should be close to even unless one person makes sigincantly less.
. Hi. This is Fonda... And you would be wrong about "a lot of money " .. Haha. One woman and two school age children .. 800$ a month ? You might think that's a lot of money . But I sure don't especially when their fathers income is 10 grand each month .. And that's just the short story .. You have no idea .. The big difference is . My ex is from "old $$" .. And has always kept an attorney on retainer ... Myself .. I quit my decent employment back when the kids were infants .. Sure I could have gone back to work there .. But still been left with transpotratatiom isdues to and from school .. Not to mention the different hours .. I've always wanted to be at home to take care of my kids...working full time outside the home .. Drains me .. But add that to working full time IN THE HOME .. Drains me too .. I haveno idea of what your energy level Is . But I haven't had that kind of energy since I was a teen .. But I didn't have a decent attorney obviously .. And I was still robbed of decent treatment .. Sure I could have kept fighting in court .. Whee there was an obvious bias .. Good ole boys relationship between my attorney .. His attorney. And the almighty judge .. I sm smart enough to know when to back off of a useless situation .. My entire objective to divorce was to improve my live .. Improve my health .. And be thr mother I always wanted to be . However I had no idea how completely sad the family court judge and his system really is. I once again give far too much credit to those unworthy .. Believe it or not .. There are so e really good people out in the world who live life with great purpose .. And have no desire to be a product of the ignorant decisions and choices of those who "simply can" .. I will always know and live with his lack of intelligence decision that he carelessly bestowed upon me and my two children .. I will forever begrateful I do not live in a community that gives power to a person of his caliber ..

Louisville, KY

#59 Mar 3, 2014
I have a friend who has a case before him Nd he has made judgement in favor of the father

Crestwood, KY

#60 Mar 12, 2014
I am a father who suffered the wrath of Judge Feeley. My ex left me it was not mutual, she was cheating on me with her ex from a previous marriage. She portrayed me to be this monster and now I see my daughter every other weekend when I did nothing wrong. He is a disgrace and needs to go soon along with that loon of a family counselor Kelly Williamson who decided what's best for my daughter when I'm a loving dad who just wants to see his child and move on but because mom knows best and convinced the judge otherwise I am losing out on my daughters childhood. Word of the wise don't seek divorce in Oldham County if your a father as you won't be happy with the outcome. He says he's a family man.....couldn't be farther from the truth or he wouldn't hurt fathers like me who want to be involved and there for their kids in a divorce that they didn't ask for!
enough is enough

Cincinnati, OH

#61 Mar 14, 2014
Concerned and everybody else, he is up for re-election in November against Mr. Pate. I beg you to not only go door to door to every house in Oldham County but tell everybody you know to vote against Judge Feely. He truly is a piece of garbage and deserves Karma for the all the children he has attacked becuase he doesn't care about fathers. I am sure that his father was a piece of garbage also and that is why he punishes fathers in his court room. I can tell everybody out here, my situation and outcome was just as bad as everybody's. You have to have faith but you also need to spread the word to get rid of this guy. The bottom line is this guy is loaded, his wife has a dental practice and he is a polictial machine. I have spoken to multiple oldham county lawers who have also said he is corrupt and has a close friendship with Jim Theis. I hope they get what they deserved.

Indianapolis, IN

#62 Mar 19, 2014
I beg to differ. Judge Feeley IS a family man who committed to the school board then family court system, and he tries to do the right thing. Michael Pate and his wife are just trying to climb the political ladder in Oldham County.
Check your Facts

Crestwood, KY

#63 Mar 25, 2014
"Family Man", REALLY? Didn't you read any of his cases? He treats fathers like sh*t in his court. He couldn't make it in the private sector, so he jumps in the public trough. With great power, comes great responsibility! Family courts have very little oversight and the appeals court relies HEAVILY on the family courts discretion. He has proven time and time again that he can not manage this great power without his personal biases.
I urge all of you to vote out Tim. We need unbiased judges, not judges who want to intimidate men, but judges who want to help children keep their father in their lives. It's just plain child abuse to exclude a father from their child. ALL YOU MOMS SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT! DO YOU HATE YOUR FATHER? THEN WHY TRY TO EXCLUDE THEM OUT OF YOUR CHILDREN'S LIVES.

Miramar Beach, FL

#64 Mar 31, 2014
I will picket if we get enough participation. We will all wear paper bags to cover our faces as we are Frightened Fathers because of the repercussions we may face from this biased family court judge. I will call the L’vlle tv stations and news papers. We will get coverage!

Unless there is abuse involved, NO FATHER should get less than 50% parenting time. It’s child abuse to not let the child build a quality relationship with BOTH of their parents. We will use that as our crying march. FREEDOM FOR FATHERS. If anyone is serious about joining the effort, you will need to post and I’ll set up a email in order for us to communicate.

Indianapolis, IN

#65 Mar 31, 2014
Instead of organizing a picket, perhaps you should do something useful like spend time with your children or go to work so you can pay your child support.

Crestwood, KY

#66 Mar 31, 2014
Picket wrote:
I will picket if we get enough participation. We will all wear paper bags to cover our faces as we are Frightened Fathers because of the repercussions we may face from this biased family court judge. I will call the LÂ’vlle tv stations and news papers. We will get coverage!

Unless there is abuse involved, NO FATHER should get less than 50% parenting time. ItÂ’s child abuse to not let the child build a quality relationship with BOTH of their parents. We will use that as our crying march. FREEDOM FOR FATHERS. If anyone is serious about joining the effort, you will need to post and IÂ’ll set up a email in order for us to communicate.
Pay your child support be some what of a productive member of the community maybe then you can see or have custody of your children. I am a father who gets to see his kids where ever I like because I do not sit and cry I am a part of my kids lives and spend every chance I get with them. They are my life
dads cant win

Chicago, IL

#67 Apr 7, 2014
couldn't agree more with you ^^^^^^^. Keeping a father out of a kids life especially when they are young is a disgrace. In this day and age, fathers are the only people on the planet that do not to have the same rights or ANY rights for that matter. what's wrong with this world????? Dad's are NOT ATM's. They are parents and dads help shape children. Look at all the hoodlems in Louisville and young girls that are knocked up- it's bc they don't have a father figure in their life. WAKE UP FEELEY! You are causing a generation of problems bc it takes 2 parents to mold, develop and strengthen a child. Not 1.... Doesn't work. A father that wants to be involved in a childs life should have that right. If the mother has to downgrade just a tad (god forbid) then so be it! Houses and material items are objects.... Most of the time, the mothers spend on themselves. Give me a break. NOTHING should come btwn a father and his child and that's exactly what Judge Feeley does time and time again. This cycle has to stop. If he's not willing to change for the betterment of our children then he needs to go...NOW!
a real dad

Crestwood, KY

#68 Apr 13, 2014
Why is it when a dad says he wants to spend more than every other weekend with his children, it must be that he's not paying HIS child support? Why are clueless people ASSUMING that if a dad is a good person, he would get to see his children whenever he wants? Both child support and parenting time are COURT ORDERED! AND, it's in the "best interests of the child". So who determines "best interests"? JUDGES, with NO OVERSITE! A judge can do whatever he or she wants. An appeals court can only look if the judge followed the law, which is what ever the judge wants! So, like all family court judges, they are basically GOD! With that said, WE THE PEOPLE, need to elect judges that are NOT BIASED.

Why would Judge Feeley overwhelmingly give more parenting time to mothers? Is it in the best interest of the child? Look up the facts, especially with young girls who don't have an opportunity to develop a bond with their fathers. Stats show they are 200% more likely to have teen preg, drug abusers, alcoholics, commit suicide, ect. Look up the facts. Best Interest? Really? So why does this judge do this? Because he can order more child support. Poor mom needs money, so he can just extract it from dad by giving mom more parenting time. That's easy! It's about life style, for mom, not for kids.

Only a monster would keep children from their fathers. This moster needs to be voted out of being a family court judge.
dads cant win

Chicago, IL

#71 Apr 18, 2014
one out of a thousand. maybe it's re-election year and he's trying to score more votes. the dad lived in OC and the ex-wife didn't. good job....

Indianapolis, IN

#73 Apr 21, 2014
Nice to see a win for Joe Wells. He's a good attorney and a pleasant man.

Cincinnati, OH

#74 May 9, 2014
basically we have some worthless mothers on this chant acting like fathers because they are worthless human beings. I am all full picketing and forming a team to go out to Oldham County to vote Judge Feeley out. He absolutely screwed me a couple years ago I have gone back asking for more visitation time and the mother asked for more money and she won and I lost of course.

Please post your email address if you are serious about forming a team, we need to get this worthless piece of garbage out of the bench, nobody should go to his wife's dentist practice and picket as well.
Judge Tim Feeley legacy

Bowling Green, KY

#75 May 20, 2014
Are there ever any father's that get a fair judgement with Judge Tim Feeley in Oldham County,Ky?
How would Tim Feeley the father be judged in a Tim Feeley family court?
Women stonewall at mediation just to get in front of him in court. Women's lawyers brag how easy it is to get Judge Tim Feeley to move on their behalf. Who can Stop this legacy of sadness and unjust judgements? What is his record? Would the Oldham Era have the courage to investigate this?

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