Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81697 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Campbellsville, KY

#86214 Feb 20, 2013
After all those videos...

Today has been a busy day for large earthquakes. They have some minor ones in Nevada, Utah, Washington, Hawaii but Alaska and California are rocking. Here is our Madrid Fault one, even though it is low, here lately when there is one in Tn it is in this town.

Ridgely, Tennessee
Magnitude: 1.2

Magnitude: 5.4

Magnitude: 4.3


Magnitude: 5.2

Magnitude: 5.1

Guyane, French Guiana
Magnitude: 5.0

Solomon Islands
Magnitude: 4.9

Magnitude: 4.9

Magnitude: 4.8

Magnitude: 4.5

Magnitude: 4.5

Magnitude: 4.3

Global has all the earthquakes and lots of hazards listed.

Click on the US (North America)
map and check out the storm coming our way.

Where is everyone? lol Hope you are having a great afternoon.
aorta torta


#86215 Feb 20, 2013
millions of birds
The blackbirds and starlings blacken the sky of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, before roosting at dusk, turn the landscape white with bird poop, and they can kill a dog or even people .

Although the birds have not yet turned on humans , vicious attacks are possible , and the city has taken defensive measures.

"I have seen them come in, and there are enough that if the sun is just right, they'll cloud your vision of the sun," said Hopkinsville-Christian County historian William Turner. "I estimate there are millions of them."

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86216 Feb 20, 2013
A nice little site I just found.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86217 Feb 20, 2013
Check out this video. It's kind of long but very interesting nonetheless. I'm posting it for haarp doubters.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86218 Feb 20, 2013
More scary sink hole info. Ireally hope this link takes.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86219 Feb 20, 2013
Another site I find interesting.

Hope I'm not overdoing it.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86220 Feb 20, 2013
I may have forgot to say hey to Hempburn earlier, so hey Hempburn.

And Qwerty as always you still crack me up.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#86221 Feb 20, 2013
Hi Blue! Nice to see you posting from a regular IP and using your registered moniker!! Also glad to read that your father is doing better. Congrats on the start of the emotional healing process for your entire family too, by the way.

Thanks for the earthquake links, AB. Interesting. And a bit unsettling... I wonder if we're going to have another big one within the next few days? It seems to be a pattern when little tumblers start up like that. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of a major shaker hitting somewhere within the next couple of days.

AW, I was pleased to read about your dinner companion and how much you enjoyed yourself!! I wish I could find it in myself to 'mingle' once again. I'm just not into it. Still feel like it'd be an intrusion into my tranquility.. I'm an odd one, no doubt. Even when I was married or in a relationship, I was a very comfortable loner.

Betty? Girl, you cracked me up!! I've had a piece of ceiling fall in the middle of the night before. It scared the pee out of me, but you took it in such stride, hehe! Good move on making it "hubby's deal", ROFLMBO!!

And now, updating on the rogue possum problem:
It's been relocated and I told it to be careful out there. I also apologized to it for taking it so far away from where it was born. I didn't post yesterday that I found a large chunk bitten out of one of my hens' waddles. I WAS SO PISSED OFF!! That's one lucky possum. Apparently, one lucky hen too. A fraction of an inch and it's head probably would've been severed and it would have bled to death.. That would have been a definite "shooting" offense. I hope that possums siblings are aware of Nopes rules.
<<wink wink>>
(All joking aside, another reason I didn't shoot that varmint and probably the biggest reason? It's because I grabbed the 20 gage on my way out the door when I heard a ruckus going on and after I got out there to see what it was, I didn't want to blow a gaping hole in the wall or floor of my coop. ROFLMBO)!!!!

I'm going to go out now and repair that portion of the floor where he got in though. I put a cinder block down over it that night..

If I missed saying howdy to anyone, please forgive. I'm getting a late start on my daily chores.

Chat later, taters!

Since: Jun 12

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#86222 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
I may have forgot to say hey to Hempburn earlier, so hey Hempburn.

And Qwerty as always you still crack me up.
Hi Blueminer. Don't forget about me

Campbellsville, KY

#86223 Feb 20, 2013
Hey Blueminer, that site was awesome and the video is of all legit sites..i.e. NASA, Discovery, etc..

That one featured was very interesting:

Energy from Space
Published on Jan 21, 2013
1) The climate change is real, and there is more to it than CO2 and 'global warming'- it is all extremes.
2) The entire solar system appears to be changing simultaneously.
3) The magnetic changes on earth began hundreds of years ago, and need to be tracked more effectively.
4) Weather modification appears to be implemented, and IMHO it is a zero-sum game.

Fact vs Opinion: The 'Weather Modification' segment contains many statements of my personal opinion on the negative aspects of the various applications. I have nothing but my humble opinion on those matters; humans survived this event before, and we can do it again now.

HAARP comments are meant to help focus our efforts to properly identify these various machines of modification. While auroral modulation has it's benefits, my negative comments about weather modification applies to HAARP as well.

Music: Instrumentals by HOT100, version of 'Ambition' by Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross ...
9:31 & 11:10 (15 min video) time shows Chemtrails, it still amazes me that people will see the sky like this and think it is contrails. Those pictures are exactly like I have seen in my area.

Worth the viewing. I know Belie will watch them and maybe lala. I will check out the other ones. Nice to see your avatar again. I like that one :)

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86225 Feb 20, 2013
OK! Now my take on something going in our government and nation.

Concerning the legalization of weed. Maybe we should ask ourselves why now at this time in history. Well folks it may be all about complacency.

What better way to shut your eyes and cloud your thoughts on issues affecting your lives. Whether it be the activities of governments, mother nature, famines, wars, anything!

Lets give them what they have been begging for for years, they will love us for it!

Now to an even more dangerous issue. This synthetic weed thing. The forces that should be battling this scourge on our society are probably the very ones the are seeing to it the stuff remains available. Even though illegal, if one knows where to look it can be found. And the black market is growing at an incredible rate.

Now this; establishments that sold/sell this stuff seem to always be owned by middle easterneers. Many of them also offer what appears to be Muslim/Islamic products. Are our weaknesses, and disires to puff away our edgyness funding terrorist organizations...It's a possibility!

What better way to infiltrate your enemies home than to provide them with another drug that you seem to have some kind of monopoly on. "We're your friends we get you high!" Some of us have kicked ourselves in the a$$ so many MANY times over these mixed feelings. An addictive personality can DOOM a person clear to hell. Trust me I know.

Now as I am becoming me again, and it took a lot of help and prayer I feel it's my job to share and help others see the light. So many people will tell you it was the hardest thing to get away from they ever experienced.

Now please don't judge me harshly, but if you lean that direction refer to Abelievers earlier post of Beautiful Quotes.

That's all for now. Maybe some of you will believe some of these assertions totally off the wall and out of line, and I can understand that. However are these thoughts so outlandish when we consider that which we DO know?

Whitley City, KY

#86226 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
I may have forgot to say hey to Hempburn earlier, so hey Hempburn.
And Qwerty as always you still crack me up.
Hey back man, hang in there.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86227 Feb 20, 2013
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Blueminer. Don't forget about me
Hello Miss E! I've been reading as the Bicycle Batman comedy/drama unfolds. Interesting and funny. I really was laughing out loud!

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86228 Feb 20, 2013
And HELLO! Roam.
Truth js

United States

#86229 Feb 20, 2013
tortuga toga


#86230 Feb 20, 2013
climate change is total BS -
people who do believe in it ,...are brain washed , politically correct progressives ,...
liken to the " walking dead " zombies

proof that they simply can not think for them self's ,..
arguing with them is futile ,....
its liken to the old cliche ' dont argue with an idiot you can never win

Campbellsville, KY

#86231 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
More scary sink hole info. Ireally hope this link takes.
Thanks for all the sites Blueminer. I am still working on viewing them all but have been distracted by others listed in the link like this one:

I never seen anything that looked like a car hit a gas line in this early video. It amazes me how many people were walking and driving by prior to the firefighers getting there. Wonder if it was a plate shift that ruptured the gas line. That was one heck of a fire/explosion. You can clearly see when the fire get fed by the gas on the left side of the screen. Those poor firefighters. Plus I noticed their winter storm warnings until tomorrow on their Kansas local station where this happpened. Guess that is why we are scheduled to have the double "S's late Thurs and just slick about morning commute time. Dang it.

Authorities held a morning news conference at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to give an update on the Plaza fire investigation and announce that a body has been recovered from the scene.

They talk about their investigation into the explosion will probably be hampered by the oncoming winter storm. Prayers to all those involved and the family of the one who lost their life. It would of been nice if they had given you a clue of what the questions were being asked. It does amaze me that some of the ones I did hear were repetitive to the Fire Chief...what don't they understand about ....FD's don't deal with power, gas, or water issues, they are there to fight any fires and provide EMS on the scene. Wow, they do way more than fight fires but they cannot be certified in gas, water and power technology. It will be days before they find out and I never heard anyone ask if a car (initially reported as the source hitting a main gas line) was responsible.

Campbellsville, KY

#86232 Feb 20, 2013
@Nope.. Thanks for the earthquake links, AB. Interesting. And a bit unsettling... I wonder if we're going to have another big one within the next few days? It seems to be a pattern when little tumblers start up like that. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of a major shaker hitting somewhere within the next couple of days.

That map was blinking away on the earthquakes and I wonder how many booms and gas explosions have happened in the last couple days. That Kansas explosion was a scary thing. I should check back later for the updates and see what the weather is heading our way. hahaha

Glad you didn't shoot the coop, possum and maybe your chickens. I hope it doesn't have a family that you will end up re-locating. Maybe it will come back like dogs and cats to tell them about "Nope's" rules.(That was cute)

I feel about the same way you do on the being alone right now. Alone but never lonely. lol

I hope your repairs went quickly and easily. Just in time if we are getting bad weather again. It has barely moved temp wise here 26 degrees and suppose to hit 34. Whoopee. Where is our Spring? I am ready for it.

Have a wonderful evening.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86233 Feb 20, 2013
Well I have to share this one more thing. As I was about to log off, the horoscope thing caught my attention. It reads as follows.

"You may feel more emotional as the swift Moon enters your first house of personality today. Now that you're back to your normal self, you can get down to the serious business of communicating and gathering information. Your contacts from afar seem more intriguing now, but this may be the grass is always greener effect. Continue evaluating your situation carefully."

Since I never have put any stock in horoscopes, I found that to be amazing.
Just another in a string of coincidences that have been with me for several weeks... Coincidences??? I am starting to think not.

Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86234 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
Well I just posted one for Oglala, Misty Eyed, and So True. Several minutes of thumb work is apparently hung up in some tower somewhere.
In a nutshell; It is always nice to read your hearts here. You all post some very uplifting stuff here that I'm sure we all like to read.
Your posts have hit home. I had to put the spurs on my parent who every time I turned around slandered Partner. We all come from different walks in life, but have one thing in common living life. If I am such a negative influence on someone's life, I have served no purpose , first to myself and to that person. Life to me is about purpose and sparking positivity. If you can't attribute your heart in your words and actions than all is lost. We cannot change people; they must come to that realization of improving their lives.
Hopefully, your job outlook improves for you. Partner has been an OTR about seven years. Your Dad is fortunate to have you. Bumpy roads can be smoothed. LOL. Best wishes to you,Blue.There's a few words from a song that has stayed with me: On the wings of snow, white dove. He sends His pure, sweet Love.A sign from Above. On the wings of a dove. Peace;)

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