IS santee still a Racist Town?

IS santee still a Racist Town?

Created by FEDUP on Nov 27, 2007

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I dont know!


Chula Vista, CA

#97 Jul 14, 2013
TrueTill21 wrote:
<quoted text>
Apparently being a weenie excludes you from being able to use proper're so smart!
Mike Q

Phoenix, AZ

#98 Jul 20, 2013
People should live in places where the place doesn't need to change to accept you. If the place you live starts to change fight to keep it safe for your family. How many whites move to East San Diego? So don't run to East.County and destroy it as well. Clean up the riff Raff don't run from it.

Stevenson Ranch, CA

#99 Aug 5, 2013
Nonyabiz wrote:
<quoted text> um what do you mean!!! everyone came here on a ship just saying. BITCH the native american lived here than the columbus ppl or whatever took them!!! bitch this everybodies country i feel really srry for you. u have a dumb bitch ass mind. then they took ppl from africa. You have white ass bitches trying to tan themselves wtf are u talking about. and u have white ppl trying to speak spanish! You already stole things from the natives now you wanna take from the blacks and the mexicans damn. These white bitches have some problems.
I actually came here in a car. Just saying.
Long Gone

Laguna Niguel, CA

#100 Sep 15, 2013
Thank God my daughter and I are out of Santee! Ignorance abounds there, the majority of people are blue collar. High school grads or dropouts who think their [email protected]$t doesn't stink.. They would make it a week anywhere else..Unfortunately it will take some time to reprogram my daughter from the bad influences she encountered growing up there!
Long Gone

Laguna Niguel, CA

#101 Sep 15, 2013
Correction: They wouldn't make it a week living anywhere else.. The 7 years I lived there I encounter so many Mel's Diner "Flo" types there, I honestly think that character was written with native Santee types in mind!

Santee, CA

#102 Sep 21, 2013
I was at that party and you are speaking out of your ass sir.

United States

#103 Sep 30, 2013
luas soy crew wrote:
man santee is a freakin joke no bangers or nuthin if there is gangs its mexicans running it white boys r only hard in big groups but us mexicans r hard alone u feel me well anyways santee aint shit just a vocation from southeast san diego real gangsters!!!ova there
Sure guy.... White boys are only hard in groups. Haha. I'd meet you and our toughest "homie" by myself any day. I guarantee you pull a gun. Cuz I'll beat your asses. Feel me bra?

Babylon, NY

#104 Nov 29, 2013
Santee is a friendly family oriented town. They are open minded and accepting of all groups. The schools are excellent and don't tolerate bullying. I would recommend this area for any honest hard working person or family.

Chula Vista, CA

#105 Feb 2, 2014
Why is it ok for Mexicans to live in a neighborhood all together and blacks to all live in a part of town and keep whites out . Funny how that's not a racist community even though they have big brown pride stickers on their cars and hang Mexican flags everywhere . This is blatant racism masked as heritage and all u wigger race trading punks think it fine . Skyline is coontown don't see us running our mouths about that crap or the biggest I love Mexico but I'm in America damn Chicano park . We should not live in fear to be white and guilted into thinking being white is wrong . White pride is not wrong and being associated with a white group and being white is not wrong . All u people calling white ppl ignorant and rednecks are the ones at fault . We should tolerate your views but be ashamed of ours you can f yourselves . And wow white guys got in a fight must not look to hard at Logan heights . Talk crap to someone who cares about race traders and reverse-racist. Every time u hate on whites your the racist ;) .
Wow people

San Marcos, CA

#106 Feb 6, 2014
I was pulling into Sprouts and the guy in front of me had car problems. I am a female at 5'4". He was a tall slim black teenager who works security. I was disgusted how NO ONE even offered to help him out. I parked and walked out to his car. I pushed his car while he pushed and steered. I am of mixed race but in general I just try to be kind to people. Seen a few guys with swastika tattoos. But then again he was ordering Mexican food. I bought a house about a year ago and since then I've noticed many ethnicities in Santee. I no longer think Klantee. I think Santucky. Nice people every where!

Santee, CA

#107 Feb 14, 2014
Santee is predominately a white town. It's a good place to live. I'm white and have seen no racism or hate crimes. I thoroughly enjoy living here. I lived on El Cajon blvd in San Diego and got offered crack on multiple occasions. Keep Santee clean.
marvin black

Phoenix, AZ

#108 Feb 28, 2014
RFL means rider for life and it is the gayest group of faggs from laleside. They r wanna be racist. How can they be a racist gang when they are mostly mexican themselves and the white ones have hispanic girlfriends. Come on, the last name diaz? they bump rap music at their rfl partys. Rod polley made this shit up and they all got it tattoed. Now he cant even show his lame face around lksd. It now stands for rod [email protected]#'s linder. Lol. And if u have LFFL tattoed on u or are proud of lakeside and u didnt even grow up here, u better check yourself, cuz ur a kook! And if you take a picture of yourself squating next to someone elses ride that has 20's on it in a random parking lot by the beach while u r flossin with your nixon watch, you r a kook and need a self evaluation! Lol rod. We r embarrased for u! Hahaha
get out darkies

Santee, CA

#109 Mar 2, 2014
You ruined every other neighborhood in San Diego so now you have to go ruin this one too? I hope you die brutally.

Santee, CA

#110 Jun 5, 2014
Santee Teen wrote:
I'ved lived here for many years
im 16 to this day and i have been to mast park many times aswell as west hills park and i attended carlton hills and west hills.
I have many friends of mine that are very racist like they saw a black guy walking and they yell n***** and whisle peckerwood n stuff. West hills only has like 10 black people in it 2 out of 2000 students
Many people i have seen are posers and i think they are only racist cuz they are afraid of black people.
I totally agree with you, im sixteen as of write now and a still get racist comments thrown at me throughout santee and on west hills campus. did you used to attend west hills

Santee, CA

#111 Jun 5, 2014
get out darkies wrote:
You ruined every other neighborhood in San Diego so now you have to go ruin this one too? I hope you die brutally.
hahahahahhhahahahahah how did black people ruin san diego. you talk out of your ass and have no clue of what your saying lol toooo funny!

Los Angeles, CA

#112 Jun 12, 2014
The amount of ignorance mixed with hate for you to write this is shocking. The level of people who think like this are so low you have to go to a place with people who are like minded, because your brain washed mind is now degenerate. Smh Racism is just something that shows the world How ugly you truly are on the inside!
get out darkies wrote:
You ruined every other neighborhood in San Diego so now you have to go ruin this one too? I hope you die brutally.

San Diego, CA

#113 Jun 22, 2014
you know i have heard Santee referred to as Klantee and Klantucky, but i have lived in Santee since 1989. i have lived in many other parts of San Diego, since i first came to college here in 1973. I have enjoyed living here the most, because i feel safer in this community There is a strong Sheriff's presence here. Also, everything is quite centrally located in town and should one choose to travel briefly, the mountains are within about 20 minutes drive, as is the beach if this is one's choice. As far as the race issue, I am from a military family and have always been used to living with people of different ethnic backgrounds, different colors different, religions. i only care about people's behavior, not the color of their skin. So, what i see in Santee is everybody being welcome as long as they are neighborly and place some kind of value in living in a good, safe, family oriented type of place. This inherently implies the desire to be a like-minded participant in the community, Likeminded in this case does not refer to race , or religion, it refers to the desire for wanting a certain standard of living that one would like to aspire too, a good life, for one's family...

Myrtle Beach, SC

#114 Jun 23, 2014
Santee Skinheads wrote:
white power!!!!
black power

Van Nuys, CA

#115 Jul 4, 2014
I had been here 10 years and I had incidents with racist people, once in old town SD, one caucasian insult me for any reason, get out of my country #@#^&, well I was really mad and I push him and I told him #@# ignorant my ancestors were here before, you do not have the righ to tell me get out of here, well my brother and cousins told me dude just leave that piece of #@$ alone. Two, in my first job with Mexicans, I had to fight with 2 $#$&^ to get some respect. All the time they made jokes about my country, my accent, my food, well they were very ignorant people. The rest of my incidents were in Santee and El Cajon. One caucasian douche bag once insult me without any reason in Parkway Plaza, we were in the parking, he was ball and his body was full of racist tattoos, I wanted to kick his @$# but a police man saw everything, he told me you can go and they arrest the ball guy. One day I was driving in Santee and two red necks in their truck starded to insult me and say things like fuc $&#& beaner, I said $&#^$ holes I am not Mexican ( I am proudly Peruvian), come here if you have balls, they just left. Santee, bad treatment in restaurants like Bb Philly or Denny's. Bad treatment at Ross, Khols two, Cashiers or servers treat nicely to caucasians but different with Latinos. Sometimes I complain with the administration, one woman was fire, she was extremely rude wit me. I had more incidents but it is the same thing, insults, bad treatment, I was close to receive a phisical attack, discrimination in my jobs from Caucasians, Americans, Mexicans and rarely Iraqis too. I wish to live in North Park or PB, people there is more tolerant, cosmopolitan, open minded people, not like some of magnificent ignorants red necks, douche bags, cowards and racist of east county.

United States

#116 Aug 14, 2014
germanhalo wrote:
<quoted text> f**k that. We need to keep it white. A more peaceful community. As you see how f**ked up el cajon is, nice diversity. Gangs a hoy over there. As you see this white community, barely any violence except some wannabe white gangsters. Keep this place white.
White people have their issues too. Google images for "methhead". Go back to Arkansas you neo-nazi, white power, ignorant piece of sh$t!!!!!

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