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Phoenix, AZ

#21 Jun 25, 2009
One other thing that really upsets me about the church is the fact that the ladies and young gals can not trim their hair. Several times the little girl has came over with lice. There needs to be a point of being healthy. If somewhere in your religous belief that you believe it is a sin to cut your hair that is fine but when a little girl has blood sucking insects crawling all over her scalp (and the local school has several reports) enough is enough. This is embarrassing for the little girl and it creates emotional scars for a lifetime.

Phoenix, AZ

#22 Jun 25, 2009
My list of reasons of being upset is close to a million. I blamed God for the headache of meeting this little girls mother. I blamed the church beliefs, Pastor Gobin and anyone that attended church for the misery that the mother created. I do not even really know anyone there, so my reason for not liking them was the torement of the little girls mother that she bestowed upon my household.

Phoenix, AZ

#23 Jun 25, 2009
In asking God, why did this happen? I came to the conclusion, it was not any body from the church, Pastor Gobin or his congregation but the mother. I asked God why I let myself be tormented from a lady who must truely be miserable deep within. I just hope that God finds it to forgive her for what she has done because nobody has the right to pass judgement on anyone but God himself!!!!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#24 Jun 25, 2009
My apologies to the Pastor Gobin and family, and to the congregation. Until now, you had no idea that I was so upset with you. Five years of not liking someone because you were a shadow of the pain inflicted from one of your own members is a long time. I was not brought up to hate people and I am ashamed to have let this women create such a bad feeling of resentment towards you and your church family. In reality, everyone is on this earth to live and to try to get along.

Phoenix, AZ

#25 Jun 25, 2009
I was just thinking that if I would have known this kind of posting existed I probably would have spoke sooner. Although, I probably would have stooped to the level of the mother and everyone else with my comments. When at the lowest level of life when one asks God for forgiveness of their sins and so desperatly wanting the jubilation of happiness to come about, one can not be filled with hate.

Phoenix, AZ

#26 Jun 25, 2009
Within the last five years, I sure did not understand why on any level. In my conclusion, of sitting in this desert state of Arizonia, baking in the sun, watching lizards and snakes (Gods creation)I became a victim to the mothers hatered of the father of the child. I do not think within the next many years it will take the minor child to become an adult, I will not let the mother affect me with hate. Everyone has a judgement day!

Phoenix, AZ

#27 Jun 25, 2009
When my judgement day comes about, I hope God finds forgiveness in the amount of hate this women made me feel over something that Pastor Gobin and family and congregation did not even do. I just hope that the Pastor Gobin and family and congregation understands that there is a law by the state of Indiana and the United States that visitation is from 6pm Friday to 6pm on Sunday and one night thru the week plus holidays and summer break.

Phoenix, AZ

#28 Jun 25, 2009
If you someone in that church does not understand the parenting guidelines, the local courthouse and a local attorneys office can provide you with the guidelines. If the father and the minor child ever have a relationship again (and I believe God would love that)please do not interfere with the guidelines because it is against the law. Freedom of Speech is within my constitional right but I do feel that I have not bad mouth the mother for I have not mentioned her name or the minor child. This is just a simply an apology that know one even knew that I was upset and for the higher hopes that the whole church congregation understands the child guidelines for visitation that is by law.

Clarks Hill, IN

#29 Oct 28, 2009
is this church UPC or ALJC or apostolic or what
New Life Member

United States

#30 Oct 31, 2009
New Life Apostolic Pentecostal

Kampala, Uganda

#31 Feb 14, 2010
[email protected]
Nikki Sams

Orland Park, IL

#32 Dec 9, 2010
It is apparent that the saints of our church and those that know Pastor and Sis. Gobin, love them! You will find that New Life is a church that loves people, bottom line! Though our church, as any other church has imperfect people, you will find a group of people that REALLY love each other and every single soul that walks through its doors! You will find New Life to be a place of 'Healing and Restoration!'
When my husband and I walked through the doors of New Life over 3 years ago we were very broken and needed healing in our personal lives, our marriage, for our children and for our ministry! Though we have fallen and made mistakes, and may I just say that anyone that has wounds you will fall and at times hurt others, not on PURPOSE, but its all in the process of healing!(Just as a hurt dog, animal, though you are trying to help mend its wounds it may snap at you, bite you, but you have the understanding that its trying to protect its self. Same with people,its called defence!) But anyhow, we as individuals have come a long ways! I have an assurance in who God has made me, I was a very insecure person feeling like I needed to prove that I was good enough and through this ministry God has healed that insecurity in my life. God has blessed me with a gift and talent that I always wanted to use for Him but never given the chance to develope. God has done a major work in my marriage and caused my husband and I to become closer than we ever have. My husbands ministry has been restored and when the enemy of our souls told us that it was over and done with, another voice said "You will live and shall not die and do great exploits!" (The Word of the Lord)
Currently He is working on my step children and bringing them healing in their emotions, minds and resurrecting their spirits and the calls of God on their lives!
Submission is the key to seeing God do great things in people's lives! The Word of God tells us to submit our selves one to another, if you have a problem with submission in you life then New Life may not be for you. I have found Pastor & Sis. Gobin to be true servants of God ALL within the boundaries of the Word of God. Sometimes our mindsets of what we think is the way that Christains should be is merely that, OUR MINDSETS, never found in the Word of God!

Indianapolis, IN

#33 Jan 31, 2011
It's not a church, it's cult.
My honest opinion

Crawfordsville, IN

#34 Jul 25, 2011
What most of you have said is completely true.
When my family and I first walked into New Life, we were greeted with open arms, we were loved and we didn't have any expectations or rules to live by if we wanted to be "in the church".
As time went on, I was told that cap sleeves, and certain shirts that had normal neck lines (by NORMAL society) were "too revealing" and that wearing make-up, jewelry, pants, cutting my hair, not getting baptized in Jesus name, and not "speaking in other tongues" would get me sent to hell. I had to get rid of all my "secular" music and only listen to christian, and I had to get rid of my fantasy/sci-fi books. I HAD to go to all youth functions and camps, and was looked down upon if I didn't. I remember numerous times where I was told that my skirt, that fell right at the knee was "too high". One time, I wore a bracelet, I was told by a member of the church who I looked up too, who I considered a mentor, "I sure hope you don't stray too far away from the church." I was a child. How appropriate is that? It's not.
As time went on I became more and more involved with their music ministry. I was singing on the platform almost every service. And my expectations increased. I now had to have my hair done, preferably curled and pinned up. I also had to wear hose and closed toed high-heeled shoes.
Do you really think that God cares about what we wear to church? Is there a scripture in the bible that says if I don't wear a skirt I'm going to hell? Or if I wear jewelry? Or make-up? Or cut my hair?
After we were asked to leave by the pastor and we left. Promptly. Because we were tired of this crap they were feeding us about rules and certain ways to act and dress. It's completely ridiculous, not true, and absurd.
I would NOT recommend this church to anyone who wishes to have a life outside of the church, not have to remove your brain for the sermon, and put it back in when it's over; because HEAVEN FORBID that you actually ASK questions about the sermon your pastor has just taught you.
Unbiased is right. "It's not a church, it's a cult."
I must confess, I wish I could say and ask more to the people of New Life. Ask them THEIR opinions on this situation. Not just what the pastor and his wife have told them. but since we were shunned, we no longer have ANY communication with ANY of the people in that church. You would ave thought we died!
And since I'm going to Hell anyway for not going to your church, I might as well say this. The people in New Life are the most illiterate people I have EVER met. I'm younger than most of you and I have better vocabulary and grammar than ALL of you.
I'm not saying Jesus cares about that, but it has ALWAYS bugged me. That you care more about how you present yourself to the church (not to God, because he doesn't care what you look like), than knowledge, grammar, math, history, or anything else that you need to function outside of their church.
Defender Of The TRUTH

Carmel, IN

#35 Aug 4, 2011
The above statement is False. Pastor and Sis Gobin does like for the ministry to look presentable. The ministry having their hair done up nicely, and proper dress attire. If you were to meet the president, dont you think you would have to dress your best? So why not come to Gods house in your best! I appreciate Pastor Gobin and how he stands for HOLINESS. Pastor and Sis Gobin are our mother and father figure for new life church, and they are looking out for our lives. They introduce these youth to the camp meetings, conferences, and revivals so they can refresh their spiritual lives and meet new people. IF people dont like the way the church is ran, its BECAUSE their flesh is not under submission. They are trying to help us make it to heaven. And I love them dearly.
My honest opinion

Crawfordsville, IN

#36 Aug 5, 2011
"The above statement is False." Ha, grammatical error in the first sentence. Anyway, yes if I was meeting the president I would dress my best. I'm saying that because God is our heavenly father, who loves Drug addicts, alcoholics, murderers, prostitutes, homosexuals,(*GASP* yes, even homosexuals. Shocking, isn't it? That god would love people regardless of what they do? WOAH, new concept there. Love for all. Wow, I don't know if you guys can take it.)and many more He doesn't care what you look like! He just wants you to come into his presence with an open heart and spirit so He can fill you up with HIS spirit!
No, looking presentable and dressing up nicely isn't bad when behind the pulpit, but coming to church with jeans and a T-shirt isn't either. Are you going to say that God cares more about how you look than what your spirit is like?
Yes, they do introduce the youth to people. But if I had a school function I had to go to and I couldn't go to a youth function, I was looked down upon and was considered 'backsliding'. It's completely ridiculous. Also, some of the 'youth functions' don't 'refresh their spiritual lives' as much as you think. I've been to most, not much holiness going on. Aside from church camp, which was slightly more holy. It's all an act. A mask, if you will. And if you think otherwise you are sadly mistaken.
If people don't like the way the church is run, it's not because their flesh isn't 'under submission' it's because they actually are curious about what their pastor has taught them and want to know if it's true or not.(WOAH! Another new concept! Actually learning and wondering about the sermon, not just listening without thinking about what is being taught.)
They are trying to help you get to heaven! I know it! But they're doing it wrong! It's not right to impose rules and dress codes that aren't even in the bible! Does it actually say in the bible you will go to hell if you don't wear skirts? Or if you wear make-up? Or if you're a guy, if you wear shorts? Or pierce your ears? Or get a tattoo? Or wear jewelry? Can you tell me where it says in the bible that I will go to Hell if I do or don't do these things?
It doesn't even say those in the bible. There may be verses on them, but NONE of them say that I will go to hell if I don't/do this.
I'm really glad you love them dearly. But I don't, I hold quite a bit of resentment and bitterness towards the Gobin family (excluding Marissa) and New Life. And I'm working on getting rid of that resentment and bitterness with God.
I'm done with New Life and the Gobins. They have wronged my friends, family, and myself NUMEROUS times. And I'm done.
So have fun in your cult. With your rules and dress codes that don't matter! I'll be over here, where you don't have to dress a certain way, where God doesn't care if your gay, straight, white, black, boy, girl, or whatever else! Where he will love and accept you just the way he made you! With ALL of your faults.
The Non Naive

United States

#37 Dec 23, 2011
I was there once, a member that just kept quiet and accepted what I was drinking was some kind of miracle water. Never questioned, until one day I did. Hushed immediately, from then on I would just fall asleep during sermons, not like I was expected to listen. In later sermons, Terry threw water on me to emphasize points. Almost every member above said something about submission. It is a guilt trip, you need to seek your salvation with fear and trembling, but that fear should not be emphasized by your "pastor." Question either of them in anything they do, and you will be chastised. Rebuking me for asking questions that went against his teachings went against the father's teaching of us to seek truth. He may only be running a church in the way he knows how, but he is running it like a cult. A cult is : a systematic organization operating with unorthodox religious beliefs with a following that demonstrates a great devotion to a person, idea, object, or movement rather than a supposed deity. SO...look at the member statements above, there was a lot more "fantastic" beliefs about the leader of the "church" rather than Jesus or God!!!
A Witness

Jonesboro, AR

#38 Dec 23, 2011
I am a witness that the Pastor threw water on people - nearly every sermon - if they weren't listening or responding as he wished. Once, he even threw a glass across the platform...it hit the wall and shattered on the floor. What kind of love is this? You do not ask questions, because the only answer you will get is "because I am the Pastor and this is what I believe God wants". No real explanation, just assume that he has a direct line to Heaven and no one else does. Being a real Christian means having your own relationship with God. This means that I can pray and get an answer from God myself. I was told that it was my place to be obedient to him, whether I thought it was right or not. You don't have to ask the pastor for permission to buy a house or a car or if you can go out to eat. God gives us common sense to live our lives ourselves. We look to a Pastor for SPIRITUAL guidance...not to hold our hand to cross the street. I went against that the pastor said that "God" wanted me to do...which resulted in my leaving there. I have to honestly say that I have been blessed since. It has taken me literally years to recover from the mental and emotional and spiritual abuse I received from this man. I often still have dreams about the situation and I will wake up crying and have to pray. In spite of this, God has given me more than I could have imagined and everything I was told I wouldn't be, I have become. All the glory belongs to God, not to myself or any man.

Monroe, MI

#39 Aug 21, 2016
just wondering wrote:
just wondering that people's thoughts were on new life apostolic church and it's pastor terry gobin.
What about Matt Sams from out of there

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