Ladoga Academy wants to meet neighbors

Ladoga Academy wants to meet neighbors

There are 148 comments on the The Journal Review story from Oct 13, 2007, titled Ladoga Academy wants to meet neighbors. In it, The Journal Review reports that:

“Based on what I've heard, I think people's perception of us would be that we are a correctional facility”

It was a lesson emphasized in "To Kill A Mockingbird." Don't fear neighbors if you haven't met them. via The Journal Review

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Tarrin Wright

United States

#22 Jun 13, 2009
I was at ladoga 2005-2006! I personally will be number one to admit i did so much wrong. I hurt so many people.People who didnt deserve it.I physically hurt a few staff a residents at Ladoga.I was scared and thought i would never leave and if i left i didnt think i would leave alive. The day i entered Ladoga i was fearful for my life.I not only had the emotional trama of that place but i also had the fact that everything i push so far back from my past came back while i was there. Rather it was in a cold cell or some in my face.I not only hurt many people there but i hurt my self and still have many scars from it. I am truly sorry to everyone i hurt Truly. I can remember want so badly to stop. I want ot get out and i wanted to do it right. By that time it was to late i feared that because of the reputation i gave myself that i now had to pertect myself.All in all i will not try to place blam. I know who was wrong.I know i was also wrong. Ladoga in many ways helped me. Im stronger inside.I can talk more then i ever thought i could. I was 16 then i am 2 weeks from being 21. I have not been in trouble for many year.Im a mother now and have such a different life. I look back and still cant believe that i did some of the things i did in my past.I am happy to say no matter what Ladoga thought, I never made it to Rockville....I am a Success Story if not to anyone else to myself.
Look me up on myspace,
I am most sorry to Ms.Harmon I feel like i repeatedly lied to you and hurt you.And if there was one person i know cared about the residents most that was Julie Harmon
I hope everyone can move on and be happy in there lives
Ms. T.Wright

Baytown, TX

#23 Jun 13, 2009
I would love to find some of the staff again. they helped me so much. I got into some trouble once i left, but i came out of it good. I have a wonderful family and a little girl who is the best ever. You can look me up on myspace
Ms. Carter
want to know

Dry Ridge, KY

#24 Jun 26, 2009
is this ladoga acamedy the same as what use to be known as the children's christian home back in the 60' and 70's. If not what ever become of it.
Carissa Haney

Fort Wayne, IN

#25 Mar 26, 2010
I was a student at ladoga academy 3 different times a year each time. That place was a hell whole and Im glade it got shut down. We got treated like dirt. I do got to say that there was staff on our side and some did try to help. Some did do wat they had to do because it was there job. But thats why we started riots and everything else because we wanted to be heard that was it. If we would of been heard this shit wouldent of happened.
x student carissa haney

Fort Wayne, IN

#26 Mar 27, 2010
Listen up! Put youself in our situation people. I was there 3 times a year each time. Yes we did cause riots you best believe. I went through hell there. I was molested by one of there child molesting staff while I was sleeping. It was caught on camera and they didnt do nothing about it. They got the police involved and I didnt here anything about it. I was 14 years old what was I suppose to do. After they didnt do anything about it yes I was tramatized and try to kill myself. Then I was put to blame. We were abused on a daily bases. I still talk to girls I was in there with and I will admit I did start sum riots. I wanted to be heard. Nobody would listen to us. We could do nothing right. We always got told when we were being "bad" like you said but when we did we never get praises for doing well. on graduation day in front of our families that shit was all fake. When I beat your staffs ass trust me I didnt hit any staff that actually did give a crap So plz know what the you are talking bout. If you where such a great place for troubled girls why are we still telling you that u are wrong for the things u did to us. we have know reason to lie. u got shut down and we are out of that hell whole! look where your at now?! im grown i gurantee you couldnt do that to us now!!!!!!!!!! were all grown now.!
x student carissa haney

Fort Wayne, IN

#27 Mar 27, 2010
want to know wrote:
is this ladoga acamedy the same as what use to be known as the children's christian home back in the 60' and 70's. If not what ever become of it.
yes it is!
x student carissa haney

Fort Wayne, IN

#28 Mar 27, 2010
yes it is

Warsaw, IN

#29 Apr 6, 2010
my mother worked at ladoga for almost two years and the day of the riot she called in sick and never returned. i know personally that she was heartbroken because she loved a lot of the girls dearly and tried to put herself in their shoes. actually i wrote daily to one of the girls but my mother never let us share personal information so i do not know her name. Ladoga is very hard on those girls and its apparent that its rough to survive but i just wanted to state that not all the staff was bad.

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Apr 20, 2010
I worked at LA twice... the first time i left was to have my daughter. it was my most favorite job! i loved each and every one of the girls i looked after every day! and yes, when the rule violations were in place, it was a more hands on facility, but MsHarmon changed things and made it so much better! it turned into a treatment facility like it was intended to be. i do agree we weren't paid enough for the work we did. but it was the most rewarding to me to know that i helped a girl that might have went down the wrong path. I know several young women that turned their life around and turned into wonderful people. i like to think i helped them to do that. i miss working there to be honest with you. MISS YOU GIRLS!!! MsPurdy
ashley hancock

Dayton, OH

#31 Apr 26, 2010
i was in ladoga twice myself. an im honestly very pleased to finally hear the damn place is shut down. i couldnt stand the ungodly hell on earth we were all put through. yes , sometimes we deserved it , but others we were innocent in our own judgement. yes since i have been out of ladoga in january of 07 i have done exceptionally well. graduated high school , got off probabtion , an now attending college for my associates. but the facility its elf was extremely unbearable. staff would consistently put you down an treat you like crap all the time. it didnt matter what you tried to do or how well you tried to succeed at it. i know i was by far one of any staff's favorite. but i did try to do my damnest in all perspective and was still treated unfairly. the only staff i can say that was by far (not at the time did i realize this) but ms.harmon was one of the best people that worked there. an i thank her everyday for the talks we would have. but thank god that place is shut down. ( :
lookin out for the kids

Indianapolis, IN

#32 May 5, 2010
Joi Smith wrote:
I was at Ladoga, I know what it's like. It is awful!!!!
It will open again in may 2010 with the old staff. I hear them talk and I feel for the ones going in and more for the ones that was there.
a h hhh

Dayton, OH

#33 May 17, 2010
its opening back up? how can they allow a place like that to re-open? what are they thinking? god i feel for the girls that will be entering that place & i hope that its nothing like it was before.
Suniti Sharma

United States

#34 Aug 28, 2010
I agree with with Ms. Harmon. I worked as an English teacher at Ladoga Academy for 6 years and although the toughest environment I ever worked in, it was also one of the most rewarding. Working with dozens of students with multiple challenges is not easy and Ms. Harmon and other admin. worked in the best possible way to do a fine job with limited funds, limited freedom, and adolescents with unlimited issues. As an employee, I know CMC had to make tough decisions and I know many students were helped tremendously through their stay at Ladoga. So to all the ex-employees who chose to work at Ladoga and continue to complain - believe me if you complain in one job, chances are you are unhappy in your present job too. And to the students who were unhappy at Ladoga - if you were unhappy there, you should be. Ladoga Academy was a juvenile detention/ treatment facility with a heart, so grow up - your complains indicate we did many things right to help you. After all you are not supposed to be celebrating when you are under juvenile treatment. So move on, give credit where due, and reflect on the changes you can see within you.
Jennifer Askew

Nicholasville, KY

#35 Aug 31, 2010
I was also a girl that had went to Ladoga Academy back in 2005-2007. I Also gave plenty of staff problems...but not like most of the girls there that had done so much worse...They had really helped me alot...expecially all the case managers i had been metheny...and ms. brown.thanks to mrs brown i had gotten out...but i wouldnt say that no staff were actually fair some would write you up for nothing i had that plenty of times..but in the end im glad they helped and that im out.
Jennifer Askew

Nicholasville, KY

#36 Aug 31, 2010
p.s mrs sharma i miss ya teachin us
Chad G

Anderson, IN

#37 Sep 2, 2010
It's sounds as though this place has changed quite a bit. I was there back when it was called "ICCH" or Indiana Childrens Christian Home. If memory serves me, it was 1995-1996. Back then it was co-ed in a sense, with both girls and boys on campus. My house was the first boys dorm on the right when turning into campus, right past the Church at that time. Back then things were a little different. Granted most of the staff treated you like you were a convicted killer, it at the time was still an ok place to be, or atleast I thought. I found a few people there that did actually help me get through some things I had to deal with, and basically they gave me a new outlook on life. I can still remember the August 9th, 1996 morning when I was released. I had my things packed and waiting at the dorm, my parents signed the release papers and we drove down from the main building to my dorm, I grabbed my things, placed them in the car, and turned to look over the campus I had called home for 8-9 months. Truthfully, it was hard for me to go. I was going home back into the enviroment I had been pulled from, back to the same friends, school and nonsense. I would be liar in not saying I shed a tear or two that morning, 9 other guys I now considered as brothers, were being left behind, and the security was gone. I now had to prove that I could be a responsible member of society. I will always remember ICCH, and those few people that gave me a second chance.
It really disturbs me that they took something that worked really well for many of us, and turned it into something that acts like a last resort/kill shelter. Maybe one day it will get back to it's roots, and be a beacon of hope once more.
For those of you that have painfull memories of that place then or now, I feel your pain, there were many times, I and others I knew were mistreated and abused in some form or another. That land is no good, and it would serve you best to leave those memories there, look forward and put one foot in front of the other.

Columbus, OH

#38 Sep 11, 2010
I just want to say thanks to all the staff that helped out and did their best to do what they could within reason.I know working with students like myself at ladoga was not an easy job. So for all the staff that helped me out i would like to say thank you for putting up with my bullshyt for time i spent there and thanks for keeping in touch with me after. Ladoga sucked but i can say i learned a lot from it and dont think i would be where im at now if it wasnt for the academy. Thank you Ms.harmon , Mrs.Labarge , Ms.peters , Ms.Byrd , Ms.Mattingly and Mr.Metheny. i greatly appreciate what you've done for me. if i thought it was that bad i wouldnt be thanking you still 5 years after being discharged. so thank you again
jessica jones

United States

#39 Oct 6, 2010
i was in ladoga from 01-03 ya it was strict but not hell. ms. harmon was quite possibly the best thing that happened to that facility. ms. harmon, the staff, teachers, and case managers helped change many lives, including mine. i will never forget my days at ladoga, although rough, ladoga helped me and made me a better person. i could have done alot more with my life but at least im not in jail, and i know the meaning of an honest days work. i'd like to say thank you to the staff ladoga had at that time. if you ever wonder what happened to j. jones look me up on facebook (my email is [email protected]) ms. harmon you rock!
Ieshea Bryant

Elkhart, IN

#40 Oct 12, 2010
Amanda Fusner

Richmond, VA

#41 Dec 14, 2010
I was at Ladoga Academy fort a year and 2 months. I hated that facility. the way they treated us..... the way they stripped us self harmers of all our clothes and put paper gowns on us......... the aggresiveness from the staff when they would drop us to the ground...... the way they talked to us like we were really jail inmates when really half of us werent there because of something we did but what was done to us like me! I hated our 5 minute showers the way the building was so unsanitary....... I hated the food and how we had to repeatedly wear the same clothes. The day after I found out about my brother killing himself....... i got yelled at for expressing how i felt. How The hell does that make sense. I will say since i have left Ladoga Academy I got my G.E.D diploma and I am in school and I do work and I have my own apartment. The place has scared me physically and mentally. BUT there were also staff there that i bonded with and that did help me cope through things and work through them. If Ladoga had staff like that I would say it could stay open...... MINUS ALL THE viloent things that go down.

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