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IN Property Tax Cap Amendment, Public Question 1

Created by CitizenTopix on Oct 11, 2010

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Bounty Hunter

Los Angeles, CA

#1814 Jun 5, 2013
Remember, old bag, threats are actionable and/or criminal.

Still want to play, old bag?

Nashville, IN

#1815 Jun 5, 2013
Its ben. Are you having a hard time understanding. She left days ago. You got the big boys now, You have slandered that woman you think anyone believes you can back any of your threats up now? lol Troll.I don't see any threats. A man talks to you the way you have been talking to women and you cry threat? lol Troll.

Nashville, IN

#1816 Jun 5, 2013
Bounty Hunter wrote:
You just can't keep your (LIES) stories straight.
You've already stated numerous times you're Baglady, old bag.
It's FAR too late to deny it now to CYA.
You stated we are baglady not her, Its all on you now troll.
Bounty Hunter

Los Angeles, CA

#1817 Jun 5, 2013

Yeah, old bag, you're a 'toughie' now. You could get the 'poor old widow' to fly so now you're a 'tough' young guy.

You're also STILL acting like you know something about law, but you just make yourself look like the fool when you go tossing inapplicable legal terms around here.

What a hoot!

Remember, old bag the 'tough guy', you can't be here in the 'Wild West' and then cry about the 'treatment' of women here - especially when you're now posing as a 'tough guy'.


Nashville, IN

#1818 Jun 5, 2013
lol Troll this is Indiana, We take care of our women. You slander a good woman , the men stand up.You are a little dense. I don't know why you keep saying Wild West. Are you too stoned or drunk to know where Indiana is? If I say it applies it does you are the troll. I am the protector.You clearly don't know the Law.
I know

United States

#1819 Jun 11, 2013

Since: Jun 13

Denver Colorado.

#1820 Jun 11, 2013
I know,, you have been added to the list of socks. Anyone who comments is a sock. What ever that means. So welcome to our
Last working American

Greenwood, IN

#1821 Jun 14, 2013
Here in my part of the state they just jacked up the assessment of property values, irregardless of the market or improvements.

They'll scream bloody murder about public safety and the children. What they are really screaming about is continuing bloated staffing, minuscule work hours, outdated and out of proportion benefits and pensions.

They have no idea that people like me are now doing the work of two people, with no pension, cameras pointed at us from every angle, virtually no breaks, and for half the pay of 10 years ago. Promotion opportunities, HA!, I mop around the machines that I used to fix.

Let's not go into the verbal abuse, and stress of your job going overseas every couple of years.

I'm glad all of the government workers have a union because my right to organize went away a long time ago.

Is this the price for being a productive citizen?

They say they care about the children, but I have to give my kids a feeble Christmas and feeble birthday's. Not because I am lazy or won't work. But, because I have to pay the taxes on the 401k I had to cash out to try to keep a house that was eventually foreclosed on. Why?, my good job moved overseas as a result of the EPA and the EEOC putting my employer out of business.

The taxes collected from the few private sector workers left. We who are not on Govt. benefits (i.e. welfare, disability, social security, on and on and on, or working for the government) can't support the burden any longer.

We aren't even allowed to politically participate for fear of even more IRS anal inspections. Even our emails our read by the NSA. No hope of politically organizing in this nation, we might be classed as terrorists. Even the illegal immigrants have more influence than I do.

It is pretty much hopeless. The parasites are determined to get their way and are outvoting us.

Just let them break the system. Print as much money as you like until you face what the last working Americans face today. Feed your kids mac and cheese and ride around in a junker for a car, in fear that a cop (riding around in a brand new patrol car) will issue a $120 ticket to support his lifestyle.

Take it all, I have nothing left. I served my country. Never collected a government check. Worked every day of my 45 year old adult life.

The next time I get laid off I'm headed to the disability office (yea I hurt and I can prove it), I can't work this hard for so little only to see nearly all of it taken away by bureaucrats and lazy slugs.

Bloomington, IN

#1822 Jun 14, 2013
LWA, Dead on exact!!!!

Columbus, IN

#1823 Jun 14, 2013
So you think those of us who paid into Social security for 40 or 50 years are living off of you now that we are drawing it? Really?
Last working American

Greenwood, IN

#1824 Jun 15, 2013

You read my entire message and your only response was ... where is mine?.... I want mine!!!

I won't get what you have. My children won't have what you have. You don't care. "Where is mine?"

You never paid a tenth of what you are getting out!
Prescription drug benefits, I wish. I can't get social security until I'm 70. My children will never receive a cent.

I could have some sympathy, if you would realize I and my children will never receive the level of benefits you receive. I even tried to save, I knew the social security system was a ponzi scheme, but all the good jobs went away. The bank CEO's needed a bonus, so on the street my family went. How can I have sympathy for you? Do you even care for little people?

I would gladly paid into your benefits, if I had the ability to pay. I respect the fact that many paid in their whole life, please respect the fact that I cant even get a decent job. Why the apathy toward the few working Americans? Direct your anger toward the greedy politicians and bankers.

Don't even give me the BS about an education. I work in a menial job where half of us have bachelor degrees.

Why is the only response from the generation that got pensions and had job opportunities is "give me... give me ... give me ... mine!?"

Why don't you respect that I have always had a job? Why don't you respect that I have fought in two wars?

I'm not a young person I'm 43. The older generation is generally being considered as selfish. Soon the illegals will dominate the polling booth, they won't be half as sympathetic as I am. If you just insist that I pay and pay and pay, I'm just going to let them all win.

What can you do then? The death panels will just run around the nursing homes and pull plugs on you old white people.

Thanks for your support.
Jeeze Old People

Mexico, Mexico

#1826 Jun 15, 2013
I worked at GM and never had to serioutstly work but I'm going to juidge eevery one else.

Grey peole r self centered

Austin, TX

#1827 Jun 15, 2013
Thank god someone told these value senior citizens how it really is.

Austin, TX

#1828 Jun 15, 2013
stop arguing with them they will all be dead soon. Especially if we let the obamacare thing happen
roy orbison

Vancouver, Canada

#1829 Jun 15, 2013
old bat probably looks out her window and sees someone younger across the street and calls the popo on them for using drugs. Forgets about her whisky drinking husband beating her and say mary jo is a prob.

Columbus, IN

#1830 Jun 15, 2013
My husband and I paid in for 50 years. We lost all of our savings when he got sick and then passed on. But you young people who we "grey people" made life easier for, think we shouldn't draw any of what we paid in. You are not seeing reality only your tiny little cubicle in life. My husband never drew any of his that he paid in and because I waited to 67 and I am ill I won't draw a fraction of what we paid in.Suck it up butter cup get a second job like we did when times were hard. Join a community action group to ease the burden. Stop being selfish. Your kids do not need the latest everything. BTW Butt wipe. My husband didn't drink and unlike you would never consider raising his hand to anyone. You young people are the me me generation. Your in your 40 get a plan and stop blaming still got 30 years to worry about what then.
local resident

Mooresville, IN

#1836 Jul 11, 2013
When I looked at my assessments, it appeared to me that the way they got around losing revenue from the tax caps was to raise the value of the property. That's shady.

Since: Jul 13

United States

#1840 Jul 19, 2013
Anything that can be done to help lower taxes in indiana I hope it gets done.
I've purchased 100s of homes in indiana all under $15,000 each and most of the property taxes where between $1500 and $2400 a year!!! I moved to kentucky in a $300,000 home and my property taxes are $1440 per year!! So keep fighting indiana your local government is stealing from you.

Wheaton, IL

#1841 Jul 19, 2013
stevecanhelp wrote:
Anything that can be done to help lower taxes in indiana I hope it gets done.
I've purchased 100s of homes in indiana all under $15,000 each and most of the property taxes where between $1500 and $2400 a year!!! I moved to kentucky in a $300,000 home and my property taxes are $1440 per year!! So keep fighting indiana your local government is stealing from you.
I have a $500,000 home in the Chicago suburbs. Annual property tax nearly $11,000.

Paris, TN

#1843 Jul 20, 2013
stevecanhelp, we own a $400K home in SE IN and our taxes are under $2K per year. You must be doing something WRONG for your tax bill to be so high. We also own 22.6 acres of land along with the house.
Our property taxes on our home in northern KY were over $2K and the house was only worth $250K. It all depends on what COUNTY you are living in and what they add on to the bill.

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