Flesh-killing infection costs teen he...

Flesh-killing infection costs teen her breast

There are 34 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Oct 27, 2006, titled Flesh-killing infection costs teen her breast. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

A teenager who decided to get her breasts pierced for her 18th birthday faces reconstructive surgery after a flesh-destroying infection forced doctors to remove her left breast.

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Indianapolis, IN

#21 Oct 30, 2006
My opinion wrote:
This is so sad for this poor young girl. I am guessing that she had no idea that such a thing could occur, afterall they did say it was only the third documented case of this bacteria on the breast causing removal. We are all young and all do silly things. This girl unfourtunatley had a horrible consequence. I am guessing her parents didn;t know or didn't realize the cosequences either. This does bring the importance of educating young people who are of age, of seeking a proffesional licesenced facitily for peirceing's and tattoo's with MRSA on the rise, and now this it cannot be reinfroced more. Especially when dealing with area's as sensitve as the breast.
For the record this family did have an 1 1/2 hour discussion to this event before she was pressured by a cousin to get it done!!! NOT BY ANYWAY IS THIS AN EXCUSE!!! or diminish that it was not the best decision she has made. But the fact is that it is a horrible ordeal for anyone or family to go through period. But the fact remains that kids are determined no matter what us parents say and peer pressure once again reins supreme over us!!!!! This story is being told to make people aware of risks d/t piercings even though they are daily parts of many lives and to change laws or make new ones regarding this issue.... Look for the facts here people the state or your counties do not have guidelines or laws mandated to monitor what these shops do or dont do regarding safe health practices...They are not inspected by health departments or by anyone for that matter!!!!!So who knows if they reuse equipment ( person to person without cleaning). We all were young and make adult decisions at 18 that go bad or change our plans for life (like getting pregnant). Mistakes are how we learn in life and hopefully for her courage and strength maybe laws will change and someone elses daughter or son may think more about doing this casual trend. It takes alot to speak out to such a cruel public and of course everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how cruel it comes across. It did not go on long term as many have stated read the facts about NECROTIZING FACSITIS it is rapid and can take your life and it has!!!!!So again for the record it was a matter of days that took this to occur...Yeah we think peircing slight infections that are treated by antibitics woopie huh...But this is a special case......and deserves to be told....imagine if it was your family mom , dad, son , brother etc...put yourself in her place..I know alot of adults that make tragic decisions everyday....It goes to show that we dont have the control over our children as we would like..We express our dismay and hope they make the best call!!!!! And most importantly if they dont we are there to love and support them no matter what caused it... That is what parents ans families do.....I am sorry people in this world are so cruel and unfeeling and I hope that nothing like a life threatening event happens to anyone because they made a bad choice....I thank people like my opinion here and the others for the very realistic comments and caring nature for this very couragious girl!!! Who her family happens to adore and believe she is one of the brightest teens with high potential......And finally should not torrmented over a spur of the moment pressured bad decision...at least she is willing to speak out to make the issue known and try to educate others by being a role model for what can go wrong....one last exp if a child that is a hemophiliac ( a bleeder) no matter how they are raised decides at 18 to get a piercing can possibley bleed to death during the procedure...That does not make them stupid or an idiot!!! At 18 whoever thinks something like this could ever happen to you!!!!
no name

Kenosha, WI

#22 Nov 1, 2006
I know this girl and she waited more than two to go to the emegency room. She was also doing something that made it rip even more. And also she is a diabetic. There just trying to find some way to pay for the medical bills.


#23 Nov 2, 2006
While caring for my dying, elderly father in 2004, I contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis. He had several infections, including MRSA, which is most likely what turned into NF in my system.

And, I didn't even have an open wound! The bacteria entered through the hair follicles and/or the pores of my skin!

I lost my entire right armpit, lymph nodes, most of my right arm and a small part of my right breast. No bone was lost, but I lost a lot of muscle and other tissue, had to have a huge skin graft surgery to close the areas and now my arm is grossly disfigured FOREVER.

It is my fondest hope that people will wake up and start taking the word INFECTION seriously!

Educate yourselves about your bodies and stop getting unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedures, body piercing and tattoos, especially if you are diabetic! Diabetes causes wounds to heal slowly, which gives the bacteria a larger window of time to enter your body and more time to take hold, then turn into something far worse.

Sue Happy


#24 Nov 2, 2006
no name wrote:
I know this girl and she waited more than two to go to the emegency room. She was also doing something that made it rip even more. And also she is a diabetic. There just trying to find some way to pay for the medical bills.
I can't help but think that these interviews were granted with the intention of getting this young woman's name and face into people's living rooms. I saw her story on TV (INSIDE EDITION) yesterday and she didn't seem very embarrassed to me! I think the family just wanted to generate sympathy for her plight as a precursor to a lawsuit against the tattoo parlor! It was the girl's decision, however, and even if the place was a filthy rat hole, the blame for her illness is still her own. I wouldn't wish "flesh eating bacteria" on my worse enemy (if I had one), but I think people are far too "sue happy" and need to take responsibility for their own actions. The ridiculously high value placed on "beauty" is both a symptom and the cause of our failing society.

Minneapolis, MN

#25 Dec 15, 2006
She just was very, very unlucky ...

A lot of people take these risks and don't have anything horrible happen to them. Just think of driving a car - it's safer to take the bus - but no one goes out assuming they're going to get in an accident. All the same, buckle up and drive well.

Also, most reputable piercers won't pierce a diabetic/warns them of the risks, and every place I've been to asks it on the form - does anyone know if she told them?

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Dec 22, 2006
When you choose to make a decision like this you have to be able to face the consequences! However it is not at all Neon Novelty's fault for whaat happened. I think that they are entirly innocent. It is sad what has happened but i rest to sure that she taught all these young girls out here who want there breast pierced that it is not such an elequant idea!

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Dec 22, 2006
Her cousin was not the one who made the final decision how dare she have to take the blame! This is a big act against Christianity! She should of been aware of the consequences before going off and doing such a stupid thing! I hope this part of my message reaches her: Get over it! You made the decision so now deal with the consequences! It was a breast not your life!
"She is one of the brightest teens with high potential......And finally should not torrmented over a spur of the moment pressured bad decision..."

If this is true why would she choose to have her nipples pierced!

And finally should not torrmented over a spur of the moment pressured bad decision..

So you mean to tell me that if a teen makes a "spur of the moment decison" lets say it is to be involved with narcotics....it would be fine?
Wrong they would get tormented!
What she did was wrong now she has to learn from her mistakes.

Marysville, OH

#28 Dec 22, 2006
none wrote:
My boyfriends 27 year old daughter had a double mastectomy due to breast cnacer last year...they need to worry this will affect her life...this girl lost her breast due to her own stupidity...I'd be worried about the lack of brains not the breast, be glad she's alive and move forward.
27 is really young! Please encourage her to get tested for the breast cancer gene. My friend got breast cancer at 30. Turns out she DOES have the gene and should have gotten a radical mastectomy right away. Even that might not have worked. She now has Stage 4 breast cancer, which can be treated but not cured.

United States

#29 Dec 29, 2006
o i see

Roanoke, VA

#30 Jul 30, 2007
Now she'll have to put the ring on her other breast.

Roanoke, VA

#31 Jul 30, 2007
wonder if she's gonna put the ring on her other breast now

Fort Wayne, IN

#32 Sep 19, 2007
I have gotten many piercings from Neon Novelty, and everytime all the needles being used were taken out of a sealed package. After they were done the needles were placed in the trash. I have never had a problem. Don't be stupid. DIABETICS CAN NOT GET THEIR NIPPLES PIERCED. I support Neon Novelty all the way.

Aberystwyth, UK

#34 Sep 21, 2008
Admittedly I don't know the whole story but she didn't deserve to lose a breast any more than a person who loses a breast due to any other reason. I don't understand how people can be really actuall quite callous and flippant. I didn't know that diabetics were not supposed to get pierced. Those who are so critical may be perfect but I doubt it. What a horrible community we live in when people criticise someone who even if they did something ill advised has such a tragedy to become disfigured.

I guess those people would also say I deserve to be ill because of negligence of another but I smoke so I deserve to get ill?

Wheeling, WV

#35 Sep 27, 2008
Nothing at all sad about it... chicks with only one breast turn me on.

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