wade demers was framed
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Since: Nov 07

Franklin, TN

#1 Nov 5, 2007
He never committed a crime!
The people who framed Wade Demers include the now convicted felon and former Chief Justice Thomas Fay,(political pawn of the now deposed Matty Smith), Rogeriee Thompson (who was a lawyer at the time and is now a judge but shouldn't be), and Nick Colangelo (a lawyer), who had conspired together to milk an uncontested divorce for all it was worth, and thus committed crime after crime to the extreme detriment of the children involved. Collateral damage resulting from the crimes committed by Fay, Thompson, Colangelo, and others, include but are not limited to, a suicide of a young boy and the murder of a woman.
There is much hard documentation that will prove that what I am saying is true. EVERYTHING on the so-called ‘criminal record’ that can be pulled up on the internet and in other places, is FALSE.
I don't know how many of you remember the man, Wade Demers, who was in the news quite a bit back in the 80's and early 90's in Rhode Island. He was a Rhode Island native, very successful in business and his other endeavors, who was then called by God to be a pastor.(This is a story in and of itself—his calling and transition from self-made wealth to giving it all up to preach God’s word. That story will have to be told another time.)
Back to the framing…how did this come about, and why? Well, to try to make it as succinct as possible, because Pastor Demers was involved in exposing corruption of high level officials who had committed some heinous crimes, he became a target for those who wished to continue in their corrupt misdeeds and crimes, crimes which were hurting children. He did whatever he could to help expose what was being done to hurt these children. Pursuing every possible legal avenue he could, Pastor Demers persisted in trying to get help for them.
To this day people falsely believe that he is a criminal. It is severely affecting his ministry, and the children who were being hurt at the time are now damaged and hurting, and the slander and lies that are still uncorrected are hurting them and others to this day. Pastor Demers was slandered horribly in the Providence Journal and, though these slanderous reports have faded into yesterday's news, the slander and lies still stand in people's minds and remain on the internet to this day.
One of the things which should be done in this case, is someone from the Providence Journal should sit down with Pastor Demers and go thru the files to see just where and how he has been slandered and portrayed improperly, and fix it! There are recorded details of false arrests, and the innocence of Pastor Demers can be proved, so that Pastor Demers and his ministry can be free to do their work unhindered by the bigotry, bias and hatred which have gone unchecked and are actually fueled by the slander and lies on the internet.
I would welcome any comments or questions about this story.

Since: Nov 07


#2 Nov 5, 2007
One documented unbiased piece of evidence in this case is a document prepared by Sheldon Whitehouse, now a U.S. Senator, who was then policy chief to Governor Bruce Sundlun. FYI, this document is in my possession and is on the Governor’s stationery and hand-signed by (then) Governor Sundlun and Sheldon Whitehouse. In this document, which focuses on the one felony conviction the “framers” were able to obtain through their falsehoods, Sheldon Whitehouse delineates the facts which make it clear that Pastor Demers is innocent.

Also, you may be wondering how they were able to convict Pastor Demers...well, the jury was tampered with, his witnesses weren't allowed to testify, and Rogeriee Thompson committed perjury on the witness stand in order to obtain this false conviction against Pastor Demers.


West Sacramento, CA

#3 Nov 9, 2007
WADE DEMERS HURTS CHILDREN! He does not help them!!

Louisville, KY

#4 Nov 15, 2007
Looks like Wade is causing quite a stink. He is now in Meridian, MS and is also causing issues here.

Check out our forum: http://www.meridianstar.com/Forums

He post as Wondrin. I would love to hear back form y'all.

Franklin, TN

#5 Nov 15, 2007
I've seen the documents. It is actually true that this guy Wade Demers
WAS framed...it can't be denied when you see these documents such as the one talked about above, which I saw and is as described, prepared by the now Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and signed by then Governor Bruce Sundlun.

From my own curious investigation, it appears that anyone who says anything negative about these people, Wade and Patti Demers, must be some kind of agents for the people who have been hurting them all along, and the obvious motivation would be to cover up what they've done against this couple, in an effort to distract people from hearing the truth from these nice peope..

I have actually talked to Wade and his wife Patti. It appears that what happened to the old time preachers like in the Bible, is happening to these people. I'm just a concerned person in Meridian Mississippi who wanted to see for myself instead of listening to talk and blindly believing the stuff on the internet.

Sure enough, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Seems to me like the people who are saying bad stuff about him have not taken the time to actually look at any of the evidence he has, or to even talk to him and his wife to find out their side of the story. It also appears that his allegations of a coverup by government are all too true. And it is really strange that these people who bad-mouth him almost seem to delight in just tearing this guy apart, instead of listening to what he's saying and trying to find out if it might be true.
fed up in Meridian

United States

#6 Nov 16, 2007
Sam is Wade, Wade is Sam...plus many other ID's he's taken on.

The only truth is the fact you get these multiple ID's in order to find someone to back your false accusations of people. You aren't the martyr you claim to be. Your tracks go as deeply in RI as they do in Meridian, MS. Give it up and stop trying to proclaim you are the "true chosen one of God".
Terrible Tosh

Fort Campbell, TN

#7 Nov 16, 2007
Is this Demers guy so damned important that he is even recognized by governors, senators, kings and popes ? By his own claim he is being persecuted by people in high places. What could be their reason for singling out an unknown twurp for their conspiratorial assault ?
I smell a rotten rodent.


#8 Nov 16, 2007
He stands outside of businesses here in Meridian and jumps at people yelling at them and telling people how they are all going to hell. He tells people that their religions and preachers are wrong and he is the only one who is right. He has threatened people around here and then says that he is the one being threatened. It's crazy, he is crazy.


#9 Nov 18, 2007
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Wade. Thank you for the compliment, though! I'd like to have his commitment and guts.


#10 Nov 18, 2007
Who is Sheldon Whitehouse? Is he really a U.S. Senator?


#11 Nov 18, 2007
Hey Terrible Tosh, did you read the first couple of posts on this forum? It's obvious why these people would be out to get Wade Demers. The people who framed him were committing crimes and Wade Demers was exposing them. And those people were obviously in positions of power and well able to do what they did to him.


#12 Nov 18, 2007
JetJockey, Sheldon Whitehouse is a U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, I checked it out. He was the policy chief for RI Governor Sundlun at the time he produced the document I saw. That document is one of the documents I saw that proves that Wade Demers is innocent.

LadyAJ must be a clone or a puppet of the people who are attacking Wade Demers and his church. Shall we call her "Squeaky"? Her pastor, or whoever is pulling her strings, must be a Jim Jones or a Charles Manson-like character.

I live in this town, and what she said is outlandish, she is not living in reality.

Since: Nov 07


#13 Nov 19, 2007
I agree with you, Sam, that these people must be clones--they have to be some kind of agents of the people who are setting Wade Demers up.

I live in Meridian too, and I've been reading the Meridianstar.com forums on these matters from the beginning,(including the stuff that has since been deleted), and if you want to know who the clonemaster(s) might be, you should consider Ernest T. Bass, sailorman, Nazarite and MarionMedic. Those would be good places to start.
It was Ernest T. Bass and sailorman that started the thread on Meridianstar.com in which they were trying to say that Christ's Church in Action wasn't a church, and now I've seen the documentation that proves that it indeed is a church.(Nazarite and MarionMedic then came in with some very negative and insulting things about Wade Demers and his wife, and were getting out of hand, but then began to back off and be silent when the actual factual documentation regarding the situations that they had brought up began to be posted; and obviously proved that what they--MarionMedic, Nazarite, and a number of others--were saying, was just total fabrication.)

In my past over the too many years of my adult life, I've done investigative work for a lot of reasons, so I guess I have a natural curiosity for this kind of thing.

So you see, I went to see Wade and Patti Demers also, because I wanted to find out for myself what the truth was after reading all of that crazy stuff on the meridianstar.com forums. After all, the guy (Demers) was saying that there was documentation to back up the things he was saying, so I wanted to see for myself.

There's so much documentation about so many things which have been done to this church, that I don't know just how much you saw...but concerning the motivation for Ernest T. Bass and sailorman starting a slanderous thread, if you haven't already, you might be interested in seeing the document produced by the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors concerning Ernest T. Bass'and sailorman's directly trying to protect and promote child pornography being available, out in the open throughout the Meridian library, to children.

It was only when Pastor Demers exposed it by bringing it to the attention of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors, that they stepped in and directed the Meridian Library to make sure that this illicit material regarding adults with minors would no longer be readily accessible to children.

(to be continued on next post--exceeds limit for one post)

Since: Nov 07


#14 Nov 19, 2007
SOMEONE out there is running a harem of clones, that includes Lady AJ, deltadeuce, BatZE, cjshirley, Ljet, SandraJ and others, the people that have posted on the meridianstar.com forums and some who have posted on topix. They've been attacking this man throughout the threads, and interestingly when some people tried to put some documentation on the meridianstar.com forums that would prove that the things that were being said by these clones was untrue, the documentation was deleted, and the people were banned.

I'm sure you would agree that this seems to indicate that there must be some kind of political pressure, so perhaps the clonemasters or puppeteers are in government.
Obviously, SOMEBODY put pressure on the people from the newspaper to stifle the more factual side of the stories on the forum, since they deleted the factual information when it was posted by people who were trying to help the church.

This is all kind of curious...what is really going on, that we are experiencing media censorship of documentation of fact, yet they are allowing these "moonies" to say all kinds of conjecture that's damaging to some people and a church ministry? And then they stifle documentation showing that indeed it was all balderdash. There's something strange going on here.

After talking to the Demerses and seeing the documentation first-hand, it can't be denied now that Wade Demers is telling the truth. As I said, those clown clones may even be city administration people...that would make sense in light of what has been done in Meridian to this man, his family, and his church.
The people on the Meridianstar forums and on topix who are attacking Wade Demers are lying! Where do they get the audacity to say these untrue things about this man? And who are Fudpucker and Bankwalker? They must be in cahoots with the others also. There would be no earthly reason for all of these people to be so dishonest unless they have malicious intent.
Colonel Angus

Jackson, MS

#15 Nov 19, 2007
Framed? I believe the boy should have been imprisoned in RI for his activities. He surely is not the man of God as he claims. Folks my age know him for what he is and know what he ain't which is what he claims to be. He is a junk dealer, garage sale guru, estate sale pest always l ooking to profit from others misery. The thing he is furtherst from is a child of God. Idle hands are the devil's workshop and this Demers boy don't work a lick. Just plays on his computer, spreading his hate and lies. Apostle my rear end. He is a lazy, no count convict.

His master is warming him up a mansion where he tells everyone else they are going. Hell!
Meridian Girl


#16 Nov 20, 2007
Wade Demers does stand around Meridian businesses harrassing people. He's told a lot of people that they are going to hell, for the way they are dressed, for tattoos that they have, for doing their jobs, for their religious beliefs (even when he doesn't know what they are). Yes, he's crazy! He tells people that he is the only true apostle of God and that all who don't agree with him are wrong. Most of the people in Meridian wish he would leave here and leave us alone. What he does is harrassment and he should be arrested for it.
close relative of wade

New York, NY

#17 Nov 26, 2007
anyone who wants to believe wade should ask him about Sharkey. even as a pre-teenager he has gotten his jollies whippin people up to a frenzy about pure fantasy. first was sharkey then amway now god. he was sadist at age 16 when he, "bopped", continuously hit me on the head almost daily on the way to school, and encouraged others to do the same, causing me the worst year of my live., and i doubt that he has changed, except perhaps to refine his technique. remember the little bopper wade?
close relative of wade

New York, NY

#18 Nov 26, 2007
because the reference to Sharkey is personal to wade, let me just add that wade was a very sucessful scam artist and con man, even as a pre teen. he got many people to give them his money (while entertaining them) even as a youth. his overt sadisim developed out of this later on.
Sara Jane


#19 Nov 29, 2007
Crazy old Wade is on the Meridian MS forum again, trying to stir up trouble. The moderators of that board asked it's members to just ignore him. I just find it funny that he keeps making up a bunch of different names, and tooting his own horn. I wonder if the local Mental Hospital could pick him up, he need some mental help, fast.
Sick of him and his imp

Starkville, MS

#20 Dec 2, 2007
Hearing him talk and having his beady little eyes glare at you is enough to give you the creeps about him. I find it interesting how he tells people he has given up every thing to be God's messenger, yet he walks around in his nice suits, whips out the nice plastic to pay for things and now plays with his little imp's laptop to hound people on forums.

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