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#1 Apr 21, 2009
DO NOT HIRE THESE COMPANIES!!!!! Especially if you own a home built by Cornerstone Custom Builders in Eagle River. The owner, Timmy Reeder, in my opinion, is a con man. I'm not the only one saying this, I've heard this and read complaints from other people saying the same thing.


#2 Apr 24, 2009
Watch Out


#3 May 12, 2009
Some items of interest. He files false complaints against people that have decided to file charges and take him to court with the Sheriff's Dept. in whatever county he wants.

Creates fake emails then harass's unhappy customers

repeatedly calls un happy customer's family members and harass's them

Claims to belong to many different organizations related to the construction industry.

Will continue to cheat honest people unless someone doe something.

If you've been a victim, please post Yes here and if possible post a way to contact you.

Don't think youve been scammed by this guy? Me either until I checked with others.


#4 May 26, 2009


#5 Jun 9, 2009
If you have had any work, inspections or tests done by any of these companies, please contact me at

[email protected]

Type "Reeder" in the subjest line


#6 Jul 1, 2009
Here's just one more of the wonderful ways that Timmy screws over his customers. According to the the rules of Energy Star, and RESNET, I believe they state that when you hire a member, Timmy, to do testing, the results are strictly confidential and can only be used by the person that hired him. In this case, me. Since Timmy did not do the tests correctly or even do the tests he was paid to do, they were useless. Also, we had absolutely no intention of using them or Timmy at our arbitration with the builder. Despite the three letters sent to the builders attorney stating this fact, Timmy showed up, on behalf of the builder and was even seen sitting in the builders truck. He pretty much hid behind trees, etc. like a weasel. On Timmy's web site I believe he states that he can be used as an expert witness. The problem is, you won't be sure whose side he'll be on.


#8 Aug 12, 2009
Just wanted all members and staff of ESA to know that I had my day in court with Mr. Schuler earlier today after a month and a half of waiting after he postponed. The coward did not even have the courtesy to show up and attempt to defend his ranting. Case dismissed in my favor. Just goes to show that you can complain all you want but when the devil in the details comes out, those who are honest and reputable are ultimately vindicated.
Timothy M. Reeder
Licensed & Nationally Certified Home Inspector (CHI)
Nationally Certified Home Energy Rater
Nationally Certified Mold Inspector (CMI)
Nationally Certified Mold Assessor (CMA)
Nationally Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician (CIAQT)
Nationally Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI)
Nationally Certified Remediation Specialist (CRS)
President, Horizon Associates, Inc.


#9 Aug 15, 2009
Thats a copy of an email he sent to me and over 20 other people. Nice guy. Now everyone can see first hand just how this guy is. He threatens people, including senior cirizens, while hiding behind computers and telephones. I've asked Timmy to come over and say this to my face, but so far he's a no show. Is this the quality of people living in Crandon?


#10 Sep 27, 2009
Timmy was simply hired to do some tests for my own information. He repeatedly claims that I intended to use his reports in arbitration against the builder. The arbitration was held on June 26th and Timmy was there, with the builder, and the builder has seen my supposedly confidential report.

1. Called my 76 year old mom at her home in IL at least 2 times. The first time he left a message. He then called her back at 7:30am the next morning, woke her up, and proceeded to yell at her before slamming the phone down and hanging up on her. She called me in tears and feared for my safety. He may have had his wife or another female call my mom again and when my mom asked who was calling, the caller replied, "the Darien Police Dept" and hung up. My mom lives in Darien, IL. We have subpoenaed the phone company for the blocked number. My mom has absolutely nothing to do with this. He has her phone number because years ago he used to cut our grass. He was much better at that and I hope he still has his lawn mower.

2. After I received the tearful call from my mom, I called Reeder and told him to never call my mom again. He hung up.

3. He then went to the Forest County Wi. Sheriffs Dept. and filed a complaint against me claiming harassing phone calls. He also claimed that the reason he called my mom was because I was refusing to pay him for the work. Lie number 1. I paid him before he left my home and have filed a suit in small claims to recover my money. Copies of this were sent to the WECC.

4. He then goes to the Vilas County Sheriff and files another complaint. In this one he now claims I am an ex employee and that I was harassing him through phone calls. What about his claim in Forest County that I did not pay him? Lie 2. Copies sent to the WECC.

5. I filed a claim in small claims court and at the mediation he now claims that he did what I hired him to do. Lie 3. Up until this point I assumed he was simply lying in his reports since he is friends with the people that built our house and he thought I was going to use them in arbitration. Now I found out that he never did what he was hired to do.

6. In his responses to the other complaints I filed, he simply accuses me of lying, calls me names, and makes many other untrue accusations in an effort to make himself appear legit. He also has sent along copies of his 2 false complaints with the Sheriff, and has even included another false complaint filed by a woman I don't even know. This woman has absolutely NOTHING to do with Reeder and myself. Her complaint was about a completely different matter, but this didn't stop Reeder. Slander and/or defamation of character. Sent to WECC

7. I am the Wi. representative for Home Owners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD). Reeder created a fake email and contacted me through HADD's web site. The HADD secretary forwarded his fake email to me and asked me if I could help. After emailing the fake email address, I realized what was going on and did some checking to confirm this email was in deed from Reeder. It was. Lie 4 or is that 5? There are so many I lost count.

8. Reeder informed the builder that he did some testing for me and their lawyers have sent at least 3 letters to my attorney asking about them. In addition, Reeder showed up to our arbitration with the builder on their behalf. The builder has copies of our confidential report. This clearly violates every organizations code of ethics.

9. At the St Germain, Wi. town board meeting they mention my lawsuit against Reeder. This has absolutely nothing to do with the town, but somehow Reeder has once again made my confidential reports and service very public.

You may want to check out the following websites. Especially Timmy's. It's interesting what he has to say about his fellow members.

NACHI, ESA, and IAC2 - Topix

Horizon Associates,Inc.


The above information is just my opinion.
Mr Green

Springfield, VA

#11 Oct 17, 2009
RESNET is scamming people, read more on:



#12 Oct 17, 2009
Mr Green wrote:
RESNET is scamming people, read more on:
I know, I've been posting there also. All the info. here is also on that page, including emails from Steve Baden at RESNET


#13 Oct 25, 2009
From: Sue Hanson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:21 AM
To: Rich Marshall
Subject: Re: FW: In response to your phone message.

Rich, Alicia confirmed that Tim is NOT a member of either NACHI and IAC2.
However, he promotes his membership within these two organizations on his
home inspection web site for Horizon Associates, Inc. Tim has a different
web site for his energy efficiency work - Building Performance Solutions,
and he does not mention these memberships on this web site.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Call Tim. Tell him we've been looking into some of his claims, on both of
his web sites. Let him know that while his home inspection web site does not
directly relate to his energy efficiency/Focus on Energy work, it DOES
indirectly correlate. It all comes down to good business practices, no
matter what business it is. Tell him that if he does not change his
inaccurate claims on his Horizon Associates, Inc. web site, it could be
grounds for dismissal from partnering with the Focus programs. I would also
strongly encourage you to use schedule a couple of mentoring sessions (as
soon as possible) with Tim on how to accurately perform duct testing, as
well as review other Focus testing protocols. And quite frankly, I would let
Tim know what Dan said about him - that Tim was calling Dan names and making
untrue, unproven accusations. I would let Tim know that we'd like to give
him the benefit of the doubt here, but also let him know that he is walking
on very thin ice.


#14 Dec 25, 2009
Why is this guy still allowed to use RESNET, Energy Star, the Wi. Conservation Corp. etc. to promote his business? Because these organizations are worse then Reeder. The cover up and lies told be each of the above is appalling. What's worse is that not one agency, elected official, town boards, etc. will do anything. If you live near Timmy Reeder and his wife Suzanne, be careful what you say, or how you look at them. They'll harass you and your family and no one will help. No wonder people pick up a gun to deal with jerks like this. Just my opinion.


#15 Aug 28, 2010
He did the same thing to me.


#16 May 12, 2011


#17 May 2, 2013
Is this jerk still in busines?

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