Charleston, WV

#21 Dec 13, 2010
you people are sad
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United States

#23 Dec 17, 2010
Is this jessica rowan from springfield we r all talking about. If so, her friend, tell her to give pizza hut man a call. She blew me off about 2 weeks ago and I am needing to repay her. If not, nevermind.

United States

#24 Dec 17, 2010
She will know if who I am. I ran around with her before she got evicted from her apartment.
Her friend

Maysel, WV

#25 Dec 17, 2010
You got the wrong girl!

United States

#26 Dec 19, 2010
Ur not talkin about jessica gibson-rowan? She is from republic originally.
Her Friend

Maysel, WV

#27 Dec 19, 2010
Uhm no dude. Wrong chick.
one that knows

Summersville, WV

#28 Dec 20, 2010
shes a hoe and as for her friends she screws them over just as well if things don't go her way...and she uses people look at that poor guy she screws over everyday whats his name brent he is a good guy and she cheats on him all the time and all he wants to do is love her...she needs to grow up!!!

Huntington, WV

#29 Dec 27, 2010
This is great I hate jessie Rowan with everything in me she is a nasty wh0re!!!!!!She is so fat and thinks shes is hot and takes pics of her fat ass on her jeep well brents jeep. She is a homewreckerand a liar she will do anything to get ur man!!! It was great when vera beat the fat ass up!!! She works at sheets in smvile and everyone wishes she would quit they looking at her when they go there. I hope the fat bitch gets aids and dies !!!!!!
Her friend

Princeton, WV

#30 Dec 27, 2010
Bitch. I love going to sheetz just to see her beautiful face :) Jessie isn't fat. She's very pretty. Your excessive amount of jealousy makes you shit ugly! Her and Brent have been done for a long time. Why don't you talk about something we don't know! Dumbass. Don't hate what you can't be :D

Saint Albans, WV

#31 Dec 30, 2010
Jessie is so nasy and fat she thinks she is so hot taking pics of her fat a** on top her jeep and the person on here as her friend we all know its sdamanth morris ur nasty bit** too jessie will fu** you fora bud light. And when vera beat her up it was grat
love it

Saint Albans, WV

#32 Dec 30, 2010
She needs to go back across the god damn boreder she looks likea fuckin mexican I have a friend that her boyfriend dated jessie for 4 years and she was always screwing other people and yes she has dieasses so watch out guys. She stole jewlry of of her mother and she stole a lap top of of brents lil sister im glad brent left her fat ass eww she has strch marks going all the way up her arms and legs...... Nasty yeah imma make sure she dont work at sheetz much more longer thats a promise.... And Samantha morris yeah shes nasty to ewwgod girls get a life they seriously go to the dollar store and takes pics wow what winners I rember when she wrecked in dead mans curves cause onece again the dumb bitch was drunk i prayed to god she would have just died and done us all a favor
Her friend

Welch, WV

#33 Dec 31, 2010
I think my IQ just dropped like 10 points. No I'm not Samantha. Jessie has other friends. I'd like to know how the hell your bitch ass is gonna get her fired? Good luck with that. If you think she's so nasty and gross why do you look at her? Why do you know her every move? How do you know she stole that stuff? I'm friends with Haley as well and Jessie did not steal her laptop. All you guys do is freaking hate. Stop critizing every aspect of her life. You're not much better.

Huntington, WV

#34 Jan 3, 2011
jessi is just nasty so quiy tryin to take up for her. And yeah my mom is the manger im pretty sure i can getr her fired
Her friend

Welch, WV

#35 Jan 3, 2011
Sure, run to your mommy to solve your problem. Mad props bitch. Not!

Huntington, WV

#36 Jan 9, 2011
i hate her !!!!!!!!
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i kno

Huntington, WV

#38 Jan 27, 2011
jessie u are gaining a lot of wait mayb go on a diet and quit eating all the food at sheetz
Her Friend

Bluefield, WV

#39 Jan 27, 2011
1) Use spellcheck
2) Get a new hobby besides stalking.
Stalking is one of the first signs of a serial killer. The phone book has plenty of hotlines avaliable for this problem.
3) Sheetz sells nothing but gas and food, so you are buying one or the other or both. XD I doubt you weigh ( yes weigh not wait) any less than Jessica.
praying for you

United States

#40 Feb 8, 2011
Jessica is a very beautiful young lady! All you people that are hating on her need to grow up!! What she does is not for anyone to judge but God...are you God?! So what if she is having sex....are you jealous? Sounds like it ;) do us all a favor and crawl back in the fuckn hole you crawled out of and choke on a dick :)
For the person that is claiming there mom is the manager at Sheetz, stfu!! There is 4 females in management there. The main one is on medical leave, the 2nd one is from braxton county, 3rd is from mt.nebo and the 4th is from birch river...AND only one out of the four can maybe, just maybe put in her two sense in anyone getting fired but, I definitely doubt it honey. So for all you haters out there, stop and check your own back yard b4 before you run your mouth on others....ill pray for those that pass judgement on her.

Craigsville, WV

#41 Feb 10, 2011
Her friend wrote:
You make no sense! You obviously don't know her. Who the hell are you to judge her? You're a jealous pathetic bitch who won't say this to her face and run your mouth on here. Damn I hope she reads this! Her business is her business. Who doesn't mess around in this county? There are no decent nice girls. You should make sure your own hands are clean before you point fingers judging. As for TJ, he's got his own life and lives it they way he pleases just like everyone else. He does what he can to make it and that's more than some people can say.
I DONT mess around! Thats wrong! And as for jessica, she thinks shes the hottiest thing on earth. She needs to look in the mirror. ugh!
praying for you

Lodi, WI

#42 Feb 11, 2011
have you looked in the mirror??? You may not be able to see your flaws but I assure you honey, you have some ;) I think jessica is BEAUTIFUL!!! I bet your fugly lmao!!! If your appearance isn't, you personality sure is!!!! ;)
Like I said before, check your own back yard before you pass judgement on others there sweet cheeks ;)

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