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#1 Jun 28, 2011
I am a 29 yearold male with HPV, looking for a female with HPV.

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#2 Jun 28, 2011

Covington, VA

#3 Jun 29, 2011
WoW! Good luck wit dat! I'm sure you'll find plenty here in Cracton Forge and Crackington otherwise known as Crackaghany County!

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#4 Jun 29, 2011
Ask Pitol Pete...he always has a girl with the herps! lmmfao!

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#5 Jun 29, 2011
Pistol Pete that is!
for what

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#6 Jun 29, 2011
Sasquatch wrote:
Ask Pitol Pete...he always has a girl with the herps! lmmfao!
. HPV is NOT herpes you idiot. God everyone has to be a know it all!! Google is jack wagon and see what u get. Oh that's right u might not have time to since your job is to monitor the vehicles coming out of different places. Smmfh!

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#7 Jun 29, 2011
for what wrote:
<quoted text>. HPV is NOT herpes you idiot. God everyone has to be a know it all!! Google is jack wagon and see what u get. Oh that's right u might not have time to since your job is to monitor the vehicles coming out of different places. Smmfh!
Uh, you may want to google it yourself idiot! HPV IS a an STD fookwad!

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#8 Jun 29, 2011
well 50% of sexually active males and females have an hpv..its the most common type of STI. There are no clear signs and there are more than 40 types...they don't all have signs of warts or bumps..they only occur sometimes.
The Not Paid For Plan

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#9 Jun 29, 2011
Yes, but you still may want to pack an extra two or three raincoats!


Crimora, VA

#10 Jul 22, 2011
Utter wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh, you may want to google it yourself idiot! HPV IS a an STD fookwad!
Its an STD but its not herpes, thats like saying that a corvette is an f-150 cause they both have 4 wheels. fookwad
read and learn folks

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#11 Jul 22, 2011
Infection by genital HPV (human papillomavirus) is very common. At least half of people who are sexually active will contract the HPV virus at some point in their lives. Yet many will not know it because they will not have any symptoms.

Whether symptoms occur or not can depend on the type of HPV virus involved in the infection. There are more than 100 types of HPV. Some HPV types are associated with genital warts, although the warts are not always visible.

DOCTOR recommended reading
How to Reveal You have an STD
WebMD Medical Reference

Opening up about an STD (particularly the ones that you cannot "cure," like HPV, HIV, and herpes) can be intimidating, whether you're 20-something or 50-something. You might wonder: Why risk rejection? I'm safe if I always use a condom or avoid sex whenever I have an outbreak, right?

In a word: no. It's not always possible to know with complete certainty when an STD like herpes is transmissible. That's because herpes can "shed" the virus and spread even when there is no sign of an active herpes outbreak.

Read more about how to reveal you have an STD

Related to HPV
HPV symptoms, HPV vaccine, HPV test, Cervical cancer, Genital warts, Gardasil, Human papillomavirus, LEEP, Colposcopy, Pap test

Some types of HPV are associated with cervical and other cancers, and no warts occur, and no other symptoms may be noticed. Some HPV types also cause common warts that you can find on other areas of the body such as your hands or feet.

Many people who get genital HPV will clear it without treatment and without symptoms, and no health problems will occur. The longer the virus is in the body, however, the higher your risk of developing health problems such as cervical cancer or anal cancer.

Here's what you need to know about genital HPV infection, HPV symptoms, and the HPV test:

HPV Symptoms
The HPV virus lives in mucous membranes, such as those in the genital area, or on the skin. If genital warts show up, it's an indication of HPV infection. Genital warts take on many different appearances. They can be raised, flat, pink, or flesh-colored. They can even be shaped like cauliflower. Sometimes there is a single wart; other times multiple warts appear. They can be small or large. They can be on the anus, cervix, scrotum, groin, thigh, or penis.

Genital warts can show up weeks or even months after sexual contact with a person infected with HPV virus. That person may not know he or she is infected and is responsible for HPV transmission.

Some types of genital HPV infection are associated with cancer, including cervical cancer and cancer of the vulva, anus, or penis. If infection occurs with one of these virus types, precancerous changes can occur in cells in the tissue without causing any symptoms.

How Is HPV Infection Diagnosed?
The appearance of genital warts is one way HPV infection is diagnosed. A doctor simply does a visual inspection. The HPV types associated with warts, however, are not generally the types associated with cancer.

Women infected with the type of HPV that can cause cancer may first be told their Pap test results are abnormal. Pap tests are the main way doctors find cervical cancer or precancerous changes in the cervix.

To find out for sure if the changes are related to HPV, a doctor may decide to perform a DNA test to detect the virus in women who have an abnormal Pap smear. This tells you and your doctor whether the HPV virus you have can cause cancer. Only certain strains of HPV cause cancer. Indeed, HPV 16 and 18 account for 70% of all cervical cancers. This DNA test is often done on women who have mild Pap test abnormalities. It may also be done as part of a routine Pap test to women over age 30.
part 2 learn folks

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#12 Jul 22, 2011
HPV Symptoms and Tests
How Is HPV Infection Diagnosed? continued...
In the HPV test, a doctor takes a swab of cells from the cervix, just as for the Pap test. The cells are then analyzed in the laboratory. The test can identify 13 of the high-risk HPV types associated with cervical cancer.

This test is rarely given routinely to women under 30 because so many younger women are exposed to HPV and their bodies typically clear the infection without treatment. The DNA test could cause unnecessary worry and concern. Some experts also believe that in younger women the cervix is more susceptible to the HPV virus and that as women get older the cervix may become less susceptible.

In men, as in women, genital warts reflect HPV infection. But no specific test for the strains of HPV that cause cancer is available at this time for men.

When Is the Best Time to Test?
Combining the Pap test with the HPV test is appropriate for women aged 30 and over, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

This test helps women and their doctors learn if a woman is at high risk or low risk for developing cervical cancer. If the HPV test is positive, the doctor can then decide if more testing is needed. One test that may be ordered next is a colposcopy, in which a special magnifying device is used to examine the cervix, vagina, and vulva.

If a woman is trying to get pregnant, there's no need to have the HPV test unless her doctor orders it based on an abnormal Pap test. During the first prenatal visit, a Pap smear is taken, and if the results are suspicious of HPV infection, the doctor can order the HPV test then.

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#14 Feb 26, 2015
Hey check out hpvsinglesdating.com , it is a specialized dating site for hpv singles.

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#15 Aug 17, 2015
So it's a special site for people with diseases hahah damn bro u so lost your argument

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