William Stein

Greenback, TN

#1 Jan 17, 2007
Congratulations Newton! You've gots yourselves anothers Walmarts! This is from an email I received from some in regards to the situation:
Last night our BOC voted in favor of Walmart 3 to 2. T.M. "Mort" Ewing – District One, J.C. Henderson – District Four, and Monty Laster – District Five all voted in favor. The only commissioner who brought up concerns over traffic was Zone 3 Commissioner Ester Fleming, Jr..Zone 2 Earnest Simmons seemed reluctant to vote till he had seen the motion would pass. We sat there for over three hours last night before the motion on Walmart was heard. Another hot button issue, the asphalt plant proposed in Oxford was heard on and debated for about an hour, only to be determined in the end that they could not vote on it. When zone 4 commissioner spoke on this matter, he cited concerns of traffic and pollution and said "J.C.'s goings to be upfront on this" and seemed as though he was adamantly opposed. It was also brought up that LaFarge would bring in more jobs with salaries ranging between $27 and $48K. Later in the evening we finally heard of the matter pertaining to Walmart. Walmart was given approximately 45-50 minutes to plead their case with questions and what not. None of which addressed traffic concerns for people not shopping at Walmart. Then we were given our ten minutes to speak. At least two minutes were spent by some individual who claimed that traffic along this road "ain't bad" and he wanted the Walmart. So we only had another 8 minutes. A man on behalf of himself for at least 4 minutes but I think he was rather perplexed by what was taking place. Then our friend Officer Hamlin spoke and presented jaw-dropping statistics on crime at the Supercenter in Conyers. Just at the Supercenter itself, not incidents in the parking lot, calls totalled 111 last year alone. I wish I could do a breakdown for you but I do not have the documentation with me. Lastly I got up to speak, two sentences in, the Chairman interrupted me to inform me that time was up, violating me of my first amendment right. Then the vote came. The motion was set by J.C. Henderson who claimed he just couldn't turn it down "because of the jobs"(if you'll recall he would have turned down jobs paying two to three times as much earlier in the evening). Folks, I am not going to try and tell you everything is going to be alright. My trepidation is that this is just the beginning of what our commissioners are going to continue to shove down our throats. What I have been informed of is at LEAST three of commissioners are in the pockets of developers, this includes Mr. Simmons who tried to appoint a developers wife as his planning commissioner last night.
I would ask that if any you are able to please contact the three commissioners
who voted in favor and ask them why this had to be done now. Furthermore ask them why they did not demand more out of Walmart in terms of fixing our infrastructure as they are going to erode it
further. Next Tuesday will be the planning commission hearing for the Home Depot. I would ask that anyone who wants to ever get out of Newton to
get to work again show up and voice your opposition. This is our last beacon of hope of ever getting out to our lifeline to the interstate. Lastly if I could ask you to please contact Mr. Ester Fleming, Jr.–
District Three: and thank him for his reasonable vote and
maybe even Mr. Simmons that would be great.
These are the commissioners who elected to destroy our community last night:
T.M. "Mort" Ewing – District One O:

J.C. Henderson –

Monty Laster –
Mark Thompson

Atlanta, GA

#2 Jan 26, 2007
Why don't you people understand that Newton County is one of the fastest growing counties in America and that as more people move here businesses are going to follow, they come of course to make money but they also serve a need and if metro atlanta wasn't so dependent on their cars traffic wouldn't be so bad. Me myself I'm all for the new Wal-mart that way I can spend my money in Newton Co. and not go to Rockdale, which is closer for me than going to the other Newton Co. Wal-mart location so if you all don't like it you can gripe and whine but it's getting built so adjust yourself for it.
William Stein

Greenback, TN

#3 Jan 29, 2007
Your response is so typical of the pro-Walmart crowd. I've already put my home up for sale because I do not want to live with garbage associated with this.

Newnan, GA

#4 Feb 1, 2007
where will the new covington wal-mart be located
William Stein

Greenback, TN

#5 Feb 2, 2007
This one will be at the intersection of Brown Bridge and Salem with NO road improvements it will also feature outparcels most likely to end up just like what is in Conyers except on a two lane road! I am aware that tax revenue in needed but the commissioners could have demanded Walmart pay for road improvements. Also they are about to cram in a Home Depot at the intersection of HWY20, HWY212 and Brown Bridge where there isn't even a traffic light!?!?! If you're interested you sign a petition against walmart at:
There is petition against Home Depot:
Lamarr Bingham


#6 Feb 18, 2007
Mr stein needs to get a life, how do he know that mr simmons was reluctant to vote, I was there to
and it seems like people like stein needs to get a life, he don't live in our county,and to accuse mr
simmons of being in a developer's pocket without any proof is slander of character, the man just got elected last november. And it's his second meeting. This is a nother example of trying to put
a good man down.Mr stein needs to look in the mirror and examine his character if he has one!
Mike Todd

Decatur, GA

#7 Feb 21, 2007
I have no problem with WalMart being in the area, on general principles. I won't shop there, but neither will I try to deny other people's right to do so.

However, I DO have a problem with the traffic nightmare it will create -- traffic flow in that area is already horrible. Traffic in Newton County in general is already pretty bad; we need to fix that before we start adding things that will increase traffic.
William Stein

Greenback, TN

#8 Feb 21, 2007
Nice spelling Lamarr. Here is my case where is yours:
FEBRUARY 2, 2007
Simmons' nominee big contributor
Faye White gave $2,000 to campaign

BY Rachel Oswald

District 2 Commissioner Earnest Simmons' initial nominee to the Newton
County Planning Commission, Faye White, is not only one of his largest
campaign contributors, but is also the wife of Hubert White, one of
the county's largest developers.

According to a campaign contribution disclosure report from the Newton
County Board of Elections, Faye White contributed $2,000 to Simmons'
General Election fund on Nov. 2, 2006. Simmons announced his
nomination of Faye White at the Jan. 16 Board of Commissioners
However, Faye White was not deemed eligible to serve on the
Planning Commission by county attorney Thomas Craig because she did
not reside in District 2. According to Hubert White, his wife was
very involved in Simmons' election campaign. Hubert White said he came
to know Simmons through his wife's campaign work.
"As it came time to make the appointments, he asked me did I care
about being on any committee?" Hubert White said. "I told him
(Simmons) there wouldn't be need for any favors" White said. Simmons
said he nominated Faye White because she, "has a master's degree and
she has excellent research skills". According to Hubert White, Faye
White's master's degree is in education. Faye White is currently
employed as a teacher at West Newton Elementary, teaching English as a
second language. Hubert White said his wife was initially interested
in serving on the Planning Commission. "I sort of encouraged her,"
Hubert White said. White said he and his wife found out there would be
an objection to her appointment to the Planning Commission because she
did not live in the district. So they told Simmons not to make the
nomination. The Whites were in attendance at the Jan. 16 meeting when
Simmons nominated Faye White to the Planning commission. " It was like
a surprise. Faye was taken aback would be one word", Hubert White
said. Simmons said he pursued the nomination of Faye White to the
Planning Commission because he received the green light from his legal
department. Because Planning Commissioner Chairman Glover Anderson
resided in District 2, Simmons said he was told it was acceptable the
Faye White did not live in District 2.
Hubert White said a different interpretation of the county's
ordinance by Craig overruled Simmons' interpretation. When asked if
Faye White's campaign contributions had any impact on his decision to
nominate her to the Planning commission, Simmons responded "No, it did
not whatsoever." Likewise, when asked if Faye White's marriage to
Hubert White had any impact on his nomination decision, Simmons
responded, "No, it didn't". In addition to the $2000 campaign
contribution from Faye White, a secretary employed by Hubert White
Construction during the summer and fall of 2006 contributed
secretarial services to the Simmons campaign. Christine Stevens
contributed $1512 in "in kind services" to Simmons' campaign,
according to BOE records. When Stevens was asked if she was in any
way recompensed for her donation of time to the Simmons' campaign,
Stevens said she did not feel comfortable saying.
The Planning Commission is considered to be one of county's most
important boards, after the BOC. The planning commission considers
zoning applications and conditional use permits, among other things.
The advice of the Planning Commission is typically closely adhered to
by the BOC.
Hubert White served as District 5 commissioner from 1992-2000. He
estimates he has built 1000 homes, 75 percent of those in Newton
Lamarr Bingham


#9 Feb 28, 2007
Stein you still need to get a life, the last time you made comments you said mr simmons and Two other
commissioners were in some developer's pocket,I think that falls under slander.You still have not
provided any proof whatsoever,yes stein let me remind you once more, a story in a sub-standard newspaper does not the truth make,you did not vote for mr simmions or any of our officials, mr white said his wife "worked" in the man's campaign, she may have seen he needed funds and wanted to help out,but people like you with your acid tongue and poison pen want let it go will you, no wonder many people don't go into politics. And let me finish by
saying, when I worked on campaigns in the past its
always the people who step forward first and give their time, talent, energy and hard work that is
given first considerations for appointments. I don't think mr stein ( small s ) falls under any of those virtues.(feel free to check my spelling)
covington chick

Blue Ridge, GA

#10 Oct 10, 2007
fay white is a dirty dog!,and we all know what the other name for a dog is! Lies all the time! Saying her twins are a miracle. Well yeah if you have the money she got from her ex old man to have a tubal reversal!and took fertility drugs, probalbly not the same daddy! she married for money and a little bit of power. Watch out Covington!

Villa Rica, GA

#11 Feb 24, 2009
OUUUUUCH, Covington Chick!!!! The correct spelling of her name is FAYE, but since you know her so personally, you probably know that already. Was it really necessary to bring her personal life and business (which you are obviously speculating or basing this off rumors, as is Mr. Stein against Hubert) into this? Really? So you are denying the twins being a miracle, huh? Well as far as I am concerned any birth is a miricle and EVEN WITH TUBAL REVERSAL, it is not guaranteed that a woman can have children after they are initially tied. But I forgot, you are an expert on this and you knew that also. Btw, when is the last time you have heard of twins coming from two different fathers?! Since you want to get personal, here is my take on you, Covington Chick....

You are so uneducated that you cannot spell a 4 letter name correctly and you have NO ClUE what is going on in your local community so to "be cool" and have a voice you have decided to just bash the character of the person of interest. You are so cool! Are you aware that if you cannot PROVE the statements and allegations you have made in your post you are commiting A CRIME!? And before you try it...the first ammendmend stops at slander! I doubt you would have thought of that anyways though... You have probably had a bad experience with Faye or Hubert (or my guess is something did not go YOUR way and now you are throwing a tantrum) and now, because you have no life outside of being full of yourself, you are on a mission to destroy the White name. YOU HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO! Get an education, get a hobby, get a life, and get OVER yourself! Have a GREAT day!:)

Oley, PA

#12 May 4, 2009
Now, now, I am shocked and appalled at all the name calling and slandering behavior of you Newton County/Covington, GA, folks!
J Robertson

Norcross, GA

#13 Apr 23, 2012
I am all for the Newton Walmart, Home Depot and any other shopping center, restaurant, or business they want to put in Newton County. I say this because I am a Rockdale County Citizen and I am very tired of the bumper to bumper traffic in my town every single weekend because Newton County residents have to come to Rockdale to shop because they don't have any decent place (not that Walmart is decent, I hate it and do NOT go there) to shop/eat in Newton Co. I wish Dekalb would start shopping in their own county also so that maybe the Rockdale citizens could shop/eat in peace.

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