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There are 234 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Jul 15, 2007, titled DCF Vs. Parents: Unfair Tactics? -- Courant.com. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Three years after a Superior Court judge chastised the Department of Children and Families for deliberately distorting facts in a child abuse and neglect case, concerns about the agency's fairness toward ...

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Saint Augustine, FL

#257 Aug 3, 2012
I'm going though it too, they toke my son away my first and only they have him in foster care know for 2 mounth he was geting out of the house the toke me and the father to jail my husb is still in jail go on contact on both of them mydads tryed to get him and failed and know my sister is still trying to get him fixed her house up and everthing know their giving her the run around this is so horridle I miss hem so bad I can't sleep I don't know whats going to happen and his only 2 years old and all over he go out of the house its riping me apart

Saint Augustine, FL

#258 Aug 3, 2012
please help us they toke my son my one and only just because he was geting out don't understand my dad tried geting him my sister is trying just giving us the run around lieing to us this is so horralbe i can't sleep i miss im so bad i wish i k=new what to do
marley tellier

Parlin, NJ

#259 Aug 18, 2012
I have been involved with dcf concerning my 5 grandchildren. I have written articles for corruptct about the torrington dcf and how mmy grandchildren were abused by their foster parents. I need to put out there that Meaghan's hinchey is in it for the power and not the children. I don't understand why dcf does not do background checks when hiring. She herself has been dealing with drugs and just recently found out by an friend that she sold drugs to her! Wow go Ct dcf! They need to in my opinion FIRE EVERYONE including miss katz, the commissioner and hire new people with doing background checks and having more than a HIGH SCHOOL education as well! This agency is being run by Satan himself!
DCF are Judgers

Dudley, MA

#260 Oct 24, 2012
My wife and I had our baby taken away at 9 days old.. Because of my wifes past mental illness... They say she wasn't taking the steps to get better but she was! They say they want to do 4 hour unsupervised visits now and then overnight visits but they want to check with there "legal" fist to see if she needs meds but she doesn't! How does our case sound we are new to DCF our baby girl is 2 months now... We want her back so bad and everyone is speaking false things about us, they only took her to make themselves a income... Bastards!

Hamden, CT

#261 Dec 17, 2012
My name is James. I have an eight year old daughter named Shannon. A few weeks ago I found out that she was removed from her motherís home by DCF. They placed her in Cottage Hill Academy in Baldwinville while looking for a placement. At that point in time I was not in the picture,(Another man claimed to be the father. It was my understanding that he was in the picture still and I thought it best not to disrupt their lives, though I paid child support.) I am looking to get placement and eventually custody. My fiance and I have spent the last month running around; getting all the required documents, going to all the interviews and making court appearances. Renovations were expedited on my house, as we were told she would be placed with us by this Christmas.

A few days ago we were told that the placement may take a few more months, if it happens at all. They also informed us that she needs to be placed in Therapeutic Intensive Foster Care. STARR, a program she was in before, disagree. The professionals and staff at Cottage Hill also disagreed. Out of the blue, Cottage Hill changed their position. It is my understanding that this was because the insurance company was pushing DCF to get Shannon out of the bed they had to pay for, and into some other home. My fiance and I have made it clear that we are willing to take courses like the Intensive Foster Care certification course, if that's something she does need. I filed a motion to have her stay at Cottage Hill until a decision was made, as to not confuse and harm her further. DCF still set a meeting with the foster parents and is pushing for her to move, even though they know she might have to pack up and go back. Furthermore, when we tried to contact higher ups in the DCF offices, to let them know our plan, and try to work something out without going to court, they accused us of threatening them and told me I had no right or reason to be angry.

We already have a great school (that she might miss out on if this is dragged out much longer), doctors, a dentist and therapists in order. Since this has started, I have visited her twice a week (the max time allowed), and I have called her on the phone every night. She wants to come home with me; Shannon asks about when she can come home often, she runs and jumps into my arms and lap at visits.

I am capable and ready to support my child, give her everything she needs, and to show her what its like to live in a loving home. When my lawyer asked a DCF supervisor why they won't work with us, she just said "I don't like him."
Shyanne roberts

United States

#262 Dec 19, 2012
I have dcf on my case saying they are removing my kids the caseworker has not kept ip any appointments or been to my house in a month and a half says I have to do tri county even though 2 weeks prior said I passed my pee test then tells me that I failed for the same thimg as agirl that I had taking care of they have not showed up to my house for me to sign anything or tell me where to go... Now they want to close my case and take my kids... How do I stop them???

East Haven, CT

#263 Jan 20, 2013
I am currently being petieioned to juvenile court for my kids,the whole story is legthy ,but in 7 years and 2 kids,dcf has consisently found me and my wife fit to parent.until one of late,SANDRA GIRARD.during a supervisory change,this worker decided to file petitions.since then at the request of me and my wife,to her super she was removed from this case.she is the only one that has had a problem with us and i have followed every invasive request by the dept.this worker in an attempt to circumnavigate and manipulate the system, she had both of our ex-partners file immediate relief from abuse motions in family court.my girls were removed from my care and placed with mom,who during a recent investigation hurt my girls in a dui accident,my wives children were not,even though both matters were signed by same judge.point is, is that this worker tore apart a family by giving legal advice and encouragement to people that had something to gain when both of theses other parents had custody removed from them for good reason.it is not the job of dcf to give legal advice and or encouragement to anyone,especially in an attempt o further her case when the dept would not.

Pinellas Park, FL

#264 May 15, 2013
Wow these are complete horror stories but there so true anyone who would like to talk please email me [email protected] I'm going through this with them right now they just took our newborn from us this morning we are devastated

Palm Coast, FL

#265 Jul 16, 2013
"Self medicating with alcohol!!" WTF?? You people are as messed up as a soup sandwich!

Palm Coast, FL

#266 Jul 16, 2013
What did you do to get your newborn taken away, Selena? Maybe you should have had your shit straight before getting pregnant. The state does not just take babies for nothing.

Palm Coast, FL

#267 Jul 16, 2013
James, I wish you the best of luck with your daughter. I hate that you have to go through this to take care of your own child, so I wonder what the real motivation is behind why they won't just give her to you. It costs the state money to keep her in foster care, and they wouldn't have to pay you. I know this because I have my 10-year-old niece. She was placed with me right from the start (they did an "emergency" home study and everything).
After a year of her driving us nuts, she became aggressive toward our 2-1/2-year-old so we sent her to a foster home closer to her home, thinking she would see her parents more often. As well, we were told she would be going home in February (which was only about 3 months away, but was a lie!). She was then sent to a "therapeutic" home and it was a joke. She was up and out the door by 6:30 a.m., at daycare, then to school, then home at around 7 p.m. and went to bed at 8:30 (sounds real therapeutic, huh?). She was given melatonin as soon as she walked in the door - and was on a ADHD medication, too. She spent her weekends wandering around the church the foster parents attended. She was placed with an African-American family in a bad side of town. All the kids made fun of her, calling her a "white bi***" and made fun of the way she acted. She supposedly has Asperger, a form of autism. I personally feel like it was simply her messed up environment, but DCF loves to label kids with something. At any rate, she is very immature (yet very intelligent for her age), but she does not have autism. After five months of hearing how depressed she was (they even had her Baker acted because she got so upset at the kids who were messing with her she said she wanted to end her life...the Baker acted a 10-year-old kid who just couldn't handle being where she was...and rightly so! So we got her back...and now she's here driving me nuts again. She was told that my now 3-year-old is OFF LIMITS! So far, so good...
At any rate, I know how you feel dealing with those DCF people. They are liars, for sure. Again, I wish you the best of luck and I hope your baby gets to come home soon!

Palm Coast, FL

#268 Jul 17, 2013
BlackProstitute: You can request a Caucasian worker. Not sure if you knew this, but you can say that you feel your caseworker is against you due to the color of your skin. My brother and his lazy significant other did this because they said they had a black caseworker, black foster family for their daughter, and black supervisor of the caseworkers...so they requested a Caucasian caseworker and she was recently at my house to bring my niece to me. She seemed to be the same as any of the black caseworkers I've had experience with.

The caseworker who is here in my county is black and I love her! She's awesome! She comes here once a month and talks to my niece and I, asks us if we need anything, or if there is anything she can do to help regarding my niece.

I don't know if she's a racist or not, it's not like racists wear a tag, but she really is fair in her dealings and is very helpful. She treats me and my niece with respect and seems to be very genuine. Maybe you just made your black caseworker angry?? Maybe he/she could tell you're a racist?Just a tip, you should never bite the hand that feeds you - be good to your caseworker and chances are she will be good to you. Complete your case plan in a timely manner and do what you're told to get your kid back.

And to the person who said, "some people don't think this can happen to them." You're right, I KNOW it won't happen to me. I have five kids. My husband and I started young and spaced them all out 5-7 years apart (with the exception of our last son who is only 2-1/2 years younger than the previous). I have never had any dealings at all whatsoever with DCF/CPS, or whatever they are called. Actually, I have had dealings but it is due to fostering my niece.

Since the second I became unexpectedly pregnant with my first, I vowed to be the best mother I can be. I always put my children before me...ALWAYS! I was only 19. I worked nights at a call center to help pay the bills and my husband worked during the day. My kids have never seen the inside of a daycare, I've only allowed very select few family members to care for my kids for short intervals, and I never even considered taking up drugs or alcohol! My kids are my world and worth every sacrifice. My oldest is now 22 and is a pharmacy student in college...all that hard work paid off. I still have four more to go, and you can bet they all will also be something amazing...because I will make sure of it!

At any rate, I keep my home tidy, I work every day, and I teach and educate my children! I'm not perfect, none of us are, but I'm so sick of these boohoo stories where people say, "I didn't even do anything and my kids were taken away." Very seldom are well adjusted children taken from good parents for no reason. Think about it.

DCF/CPS are liars,I agree, but they don't just walk up to random doors and snatch children. The parent has done something inappropriate. My brother and his girlfriend whine about this all the time...saying their daughter was jus snatched away for no good reason (I guess being positive for cocaine the day before, her house covered in beer cans from my brother, the house being so disgusting that a homeless man wouldn't even live there, roaches EVERYWHERE, and her not taking her kid to school on time or at all because she's popping pills and sleeping all day is considered not a very good reason. Not to mention my niece told them about "death fights" between her parents over pills...they say she exaggerates and that the pills were ibuprofen - oh yes, DCF/CPS workers were born yesterday!).

My point is, behind 99.9% of these sob stories is a liar. They leave out pertinent information as to not get any backlash from others. If you sincerely want your children back after they have been "snatched," put your kids first 100%, complete your case plans without excuses and lies! This will get your kid back...and then you simply be a real parent and don't fu** up again!
Shell Bell

Orlando, FL

#270 Oct 8, 2013
Whatever ended up happening I am in the same situation :( Email me [email protected]
Money talks wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, according to your FIRST post in March, you were clean and sober for a year, and expecting a baby in May. So that means you were clean and sober for five whole months before you got pregnant. Does that give you any clues? Blah, blah, blah about them telling you they wouldn't take the baby. Anyone who cared about their baby wouldn't take the risk. You risked a pregnancy after a long history of drug abuse and having had your first child removed from you...you took a gamble with your child's well-being, and the child lost. Not you. You go on and on about "poor me" when it is your CHILD who will pay the price for your stupid choices. Do people deserve a second chance? Sure they do, when they have proven themselves...5 sober months proves nothing. I feel sorry for your child and hope he finds a wonderful foster home. And I hope you get your tubes tied.

Norwich, CT

#271 Oct 8, 2013
today is the 3 yr anniversary of the day dcf took my 4 kids. I followed the case plan to a "t", did parenting classes, therapy, visitation, I even had visits in my home. I still lost my kids because dcf lied to the judge to get the otc in the first place. I have documented proof I did everything was asked of me, the state appointed attorney did NOTHING to help me, including not putting me on the stand to testify or showing documented proof of what I accomplished. do yourselves and your kids a favor, get an attorney outside the court system, dont use state appointed attorneys. I havent heard from or seen my kids it will be a year on oct 16th since I saw them, and I am all for exposing dcf for corruption.I made the appeal go to the appelant court and the supreme court. supreme court wouldnt hear my case, my kids will know I fought to the end for them, I wait til they turn 16 and I believe they will be back home with me

New Cumberland, PA

#272 Nov 3, 2013
They took my daughter from l&m hospital the day she was born I got her back in 6 months and they closed my case 3 months later u just keep fighting them it can work out dont let them beat u down I will help anyone get there kids back please just keep fighting

Shrewsbury, MA

#275 Nov 22, 2013
Just another cry fro a dad missing his sons after dcf took them out of my home. Have done the service plan PLUS ...but its not good enough after 3 months they are already talking about adoption. I have always been a good father to my boys. Yes there may have been trouble with the wife and I and I did fall off the wagon after being sober for seven years of sobriety, now back on the road to recovery. Everything that I say to Casa workers investigators dcf worker turns it all around and twists the truth to make me look like a monster. I am a very kind loving guy and have always loved children. However I never knew the love of a child until I had my own it is the greatest gift God could ever give any man or woman. How can I change all the lies into truths. I do have a court appointed attorney however I do not feel her heart is in her work and I feel very venerable. I need help and pray to God every minute of the day the sun will shine in my world again soon. I have made some mistakes in my life and may have needed a wake up call to be a better father. I will do whatever it takes to get my boys back. I wish this torture on anyone. Dads love your kids and enjoy every second you can with them don't screw up things in your life our kids don't deserve it. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it. thank you God bless Broken hearted Brian
Fought DCF with daughter

Vero Beach, FL

#279 Dec 23, 2013
winner wrote:
I am among the few that can say they fought DCF and won. My children were removed 20 months ago by DCF and today I received them back. Keep fighting. Never give up!!!! Someone has to make these arrogant social workers accountable for the injustices they are doing...
Congratulations on beating them and winning your children back where they belong! My daughter fought hard and did everything that they told her too and more but the dcf workers loied under oath in court and terminated her parental rights anyway. She got the best appeal attorneys in the state and was told that they never should have taken her children in the first place and wrote up her appeal. It goes through the same judge that terminated her rights and of course he denied her appeal even through she had excellent reasons for an appeal. I don't know how you did it or who to turn to. We are at a loss. The whole family is so devastated about the loss of the children. Congratulations once again. It's nice to hear that someone has their family put back together and not totally destroyed.


#280 Feb 9, 2014
life ripped apart wrote:
if you give me your e-mail we can talk big time......
<quoted text>
I had my two young boys took tthrough forced adoption and my two oldest girls in foster care. Who am trying to get back home i feel that i been discrimanted by socail services i done what i been. Aaked to do and i been dismissed by the courts and by ss
feeling bullied

Fall River, MA

#281 Feb 27, 2014
Need help :( im 38 and the mother of 4 wonderful kids. My oldest is 21 and is going to start going for his masters in mathematics. Next in line is mu daughter who is 20 and she is in bootcamp for the United States Navy. My daughter who is 9 going on 30 lol is a delight. Then we have the baby of the family my son whos 8. Hes our little energy man. He has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and now getting tested in the autism spectrum. He can be difficult at times but hes soooooo loving. Anyways my youngest got caught in school playing ill show you mine if you show me yours. Needless to say for some reason I has DCF called on me. Not me and the other parents but just me. Last night the workers came to my house. No phone calls no letters just showed up! She tried to say that their phone system wouldn't allow them to call my cell number. What!?!? What about a letter? Considering the complaint was filed almost 2wks ago.I let her in because I have nothing to hide.( I should've thrown her out!) She proceeded to treat me like a criminal. When asked what my rights were as a parent, all she could do was give me a stupid pamphlet that had nothing to do with my rights. I again asked her and she ignored me and asked to speak with BOTH of my little ones. I raised my voice to ask again and she actually asked me to lower my voice because it was echoing. IN MY HOUSE! sorry but I told her NO I will not lower my voice. YOU came to my house unannounced and are now telling ME what to do? I dont think so. Well I guess investigators have 2wks to open or shut a case. Because she has until tomorrow and she only showed up last night, she had the balls to tell me that she will open the case to give her more time. Wtf! Sorry but I am one pissed of parent. Please help. What can I do? Feeling bullied and helpless.

North Windham, CT

#282 Mar 23, 2014
CT DCF is the worst people I have ever come in contact with they are witch hunters and my "so called investigator" broke my consitutional rights
with all his threats and lies. Made me do HAIR FOLLICLE TEST which they are not supposed to do!!!!!!! He also had a conflict of interest with my case and did not remove himself!!!!!! HUGE complaint is being filed for trying to dystroy my life and SCARING my child.

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