Red Light Enforcement Program-help

Red Light Enforcement Program-help

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#1 Jan 9, 2012
(c) A county or municipality, including a home rule county or municipality, may not use an automated traffic law enforcement system to provide recorded images of a motor vehicle for the purpose of recording its speed. The regulation of the use of automated traffic law enforcement systems to record vehicle speeds is an exclusive power and function of the State. This subsection (c) is a denial and limitation of home rule powers and functions under subsection (h) of Section 6 of Article VII of the Illinois Constitution.
(c‑5) A county or municipality, including a home rule county or municipality, may not use an automated traffic law enforcement system to issue violations in instances where the motor vehicle comes to a complete stop and does not enter the intersection, as defined by Section 1‑132 of this Code, during the cycle of the red signal indication unless one or more pedestrians or bicyclists are present, even if the motor vehicle stops at a point past a stop line or crosswalk where a driver is required to stop, as specified in subsection (c) of Section 11‑306 of this Code or a similar provision of a local ordinance.
(d) For each violation of a provision of this Code or a local ordinance recorded by an automatic traffic law enforcement system, the county or municipality having jurisdiction shall issue a written notice of the violation to the registered owner of the vehicle as the alleged violator. The notice shall be delivered to the registered owner of the vehicle, by mail, within 30 days after the Secretary of State notifies the municipality or county of the identity of the owner of the vehicle, but in no event later than 90 days after the violation.

I'm sure these provisions are bound to change when they get ready to rape the citizens for speeding.

In subsection c-5 it states you can pass the white line and go into the intersection JUST as long as there is NO pedestrians or bicyclist at the cross walk. Which means you should not have gotten a ticket if u stopped after the white line..which most people do to see the oncoming traffic.

So if u want to do something about it the law gives a power called freedom of information request. find out who the freedom of information request officer is. And just for kicks as her for the contract with the city and the red light vendor safespeed.

***just for ur info i read it. it says in a section that in case some reason a person SLAMS on there breaks and does not enter the intersection a ticket will not be issued as to say there will be no money going to either side so the vendor can't expect pay after they forward the video of the incident to country club hills to review***** so yes in essence they expect people to slam on their breaks which is not very safe ya think

also with the freedom of information request. Ask for your tickets and videos (u might have to provide a disk or something for the videos) and make sure you were not ticketed just for stopping after the white line. but make sure you stopped if u passed that white line.

If you go to safespeed website it tells you they use sensors in the ground like a scale so the cameras will know if u are moving or not. just a little help. And if u did stop after that white line even though that silly sign says stop at the white line..they have no legal right to issue you a ticket as the statute says loud and clear. and u have every right to bust their ballz for it to and demand your money back and spread that information.

Oh and its nice to see ALLL the alderman voted YEA in favor of the private camera vendors which is crazy because even with the bickering and quarreling they have agreed on one thing and thats to rape the citizens soooo don't get ur self righteous chants about certain alderman their all corrupt.

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#2 Jan 9, 2012
im sorry you can't go into the intersection but you can pass the crosswalk and the white line just as long as there are no pedestrians or bicyclist present which is almost never the case.

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#3 Jan 9, 2012
And use the freedom of information act on ALLLLL things you think are going on bogusly in the city.

Ask for any information that can affect the citizens rights or anything like that.

If enuff people get mad which they should be a petition is to be forwarded and the cameras voted down. you have the power to take ur city back start with those cameras because its not going to stop after red light. it will be speeding and then before you know it they'll be flashing xrays to see if u got open containers in your car. Stop letting the bullshyt snowball into bigger issues do something.

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#4 Jan 9, 2012
(l) The compensation paid for an automated traffic law enforcement system must be based on the value of the equipment or the services provided and may not be based on the number of traffic citations issued or the revenue generated by the system.

oh yeah here is another statute that says payment must be made on services provided LOL

you know how much it cost to print up a piece of paper, review it and mail it off ...yep 50 bucks for the vendor and 50 bucks for the city.

yeah they charge you based on reviewing the contract for like 8 bucks to mail you off a all adds up...but it all adds up to bullshyt also

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#5 Jan 9, 2012
or you can go to
to view the video footage

and trust me that have suspended mine and will suspend your license after five tickets.

some of the tickets go to debt collections don't be surprised if u haven't heard from em...cuz if they are there they are simply adding them up to grease you for thousand big ones...and will suspend ur license until you pay.

Now i don't have any children even though im still kinda young. But i couldn't imagine growing up with those kinda fines trying to get my feet off the ground going into college or fresh out of high school. This is a disgusting scam. Why not put no turn on red instead of using a vendor to ticket people. if this is about safety. Lots of people are unsuspecting while passing through the city and they get it good. I don't know how so many parents let their children grow up in this kinda bs that could be stopped at the local level. And please please don't worry about whats going on in the white house when you don't even make an effort to stop the bs going on in your own backyard with politicians and government you can actually touch and effect directly.

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#6 Jan 9, 2012
wanna know how much the city is making monthly from those cameras just do a freedom of information request directed to the freedom of information officer of the city that has the cameras. do it in email form and title the email freedom of information request..lawfully they have a set amount of time to produce the records or they could be sued. but they will produce it because they know most folks won't do anything about it anyways...
Fellow victim

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#7 Jan 13, 2012
All victims should email the business they use stating they will stop using their services until the cameras are removed.

Chicago, IL

#8 Feb 8, 2012
I got two tickets within 10 minutes of each other because I technically didn't come to a complete stop before I turned right on red. Absolutely stupid.

Chicago, IL

#9 Feb 8, 2012
aabc wrote:
I got two tickets within 10 minutes of each other because I technically didn't come to a complete stop before I turned right on red. Absolutely stupid.
pay em or they turn from 200 to 400 dollars. and if u get 5 altogether they suspend ur license...and by then the fine would be 1000 dollars...ur okay as long as u don't get 5 tickets if u can't pay them all pay 1 or 2 or ur screwed.

Chicago, IL

#10 Feb 20, 2012
Country Club Hills is as corrupt as Chicago and i have relocated and i hope to see one day judgement comes to all them mayor, alderman and sort just like Rod Blagojevich.
Carol DeAnda

Naperville, IL

#11 Jul 6, 2012
What a f'n Joke!!! I will never come to this area again, I came to a stop then turned right on cicero and 183 and got a ticket over a month later!

Portage, MI

#12 Aug 27, 2012
I don't go to walmart any more,

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