Mom's Story Seems Fishy

Memphis, TN

#1 Mar 24, 2013
What mother would pack up her baby's belongings less than 48 hours after he was killed? And her remarks about kids being expensive?

Seems fishy to me.

Atlanta, GA

#3 Mar 24, 2013
Seems fishy to me as well. I am sadden by this innocent childs death but amazed by this mother's responses! She states her older son was murdered but leaves out the fact that he was the aggressor...
bob White

Fort Stewart, GA

#4 Mar 24, 2013
What does one have to do with the other . Lets look at the infant did he prompt this in this case. Get real and quiet trying to evade the fakes in this as you must know he the infant is not to blame . Don't drag an e- relevant situation into this to smear this lady as anyone but the victim.

Since: Sep 09

Hollywood, FL

#5 Mar 25, 2013
This mother has a strange affect its true...but this could be shock...a manisfestation of her personality, she could have a fatalistic personality and this is how she is dealing with it at this time, also take into acct...this is her second child to be shot and killed!!...her 17 yr old son was shot and killed in Chicago...she may be just damaged from loss....she has no emotions...
it is a fact that this boy was named in a lineup, his 14 yr old friend also turned him in as the shooter...and the gun residue on his hands...I am sure was positive...the police would be pretty sure or they would not make a charge. Esp on a case this racially controversial..all the "i"s have to be dotted, all the "t"s crossed before the police make a charge like this.
no weapon found

Norcross, GA

#6 Mar 25, 2013
If the mother had shot her baby, which is what this thread seems to be implying, then where is the gun? It would have been very hard for her to hide the gun after the fact.

Jacksonville, FL

#7 Mar 25, 2013
Wow. To imply that the mom did it. They found no gun residue on her hands or her husbands. And not for nothin, but I would be ready to get the hell out of Brunswick too. For such a small town there sure is alot of evil goin on. A 17 year old boy and a 15 year old BOY did this! I have to ask, who is raising these kids, that they think it's okay to shoot a baby in the fecking face??? Roaches, little roaches is what they are. And the 15 year old's mother is telling CNN that her son did nothing wrong. What??? Really??? He didn't pull the trigger so he did nothing wrong? Bullshit! He watched, he was a lookout, he ran when the shooter ran. He did nothing to try to stop it and in fact I'm sure this was his plans for the day. Let's go rob a white woman and shoot her kid in the face. But her baby did nothing wrong. Wow!
WN The Last

Church Hill, VA

#8 Mar 27, 2013
Ghetto blacks take no responsibility for anything they do. They can be presented with irrefutable video evidence of their crime yet they "do nuffin wrong". They are a permanently entitled, immature and childish race. The vast majority have no real intentions of doing anything meaningful with their lives. Their method of language is infantile and frankly stupid. The naming of their children precludes them from ever being taken seriously in the work world. They for the most part have embraced this "gangsta" culture which is destructive at all levels. If we ever needed to break out the Zyclon B and heat up the ovens it's for these turds.

Washington, DC

#9 Mar 27, 2013
I don't think the mother actually shot her baby. I have no doubt that the guilty one is in jail. However, I am beginning to think there is more to the story. Both parents were "re-hab" parents, maybe she owed the shooter money for drugs. He tried to collect, shot at her and hit the baby.

Before you all bash me,

1 the mother didn't attend the baby's memorial
2 she called her adult daughter and asked her how fast she would recieve insurance money
Bwk away voice

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Mar 27, 2013
Let's stay focus we lost a child,allow the truth to come forward. Stop with this you people behavior, it shows really your true self, and not the value of the lost life.
Reverend McMannis

Atlanta, GA

#12 Apr 5, 2013
"Maybe she owed the shooter money for drugs. He tried to collect, shot at her and hit the baby."

oh then it would make this less tragic and would make the 15yo shooter not as bad of a person. Thanks for thinking up this scenario.
Reverend McMannis

Atlanta, GA

#13 Apr 5, 2013
Before you all bash me,
1 the mother didn't attend the baby's memorial
2 she called her adult daughter and asked her how fast she would recieve insurance money.

Before you bash her

1 Maybe her grief was too great to go to the memorial. Ever had your baby executed in his stroller while you watched?

2 Maybe she needed the insurance money to leave town. Maybe she was scared because she was a witness to an execution of her baby.

Savannah, GA

#14 Apr 5, 2013
I have 2 kids and never opted for life insurance figuring if they ever died I could afford a burial and didn't want a financial windfall for that reason. I find it odd anyone would have an insurance policy on an infant. Does anyone know how much the policy was for?

Hampton, VA

#15 Apr 5, 2013
animals!!! that is how I would describe these two little thugs who murdered an innocent child. I am appalled that the black community seems to think they did nothing wrong, yet they rallied behind Trayvon Martin when he was shot. Isn't a life a life regardless of the color? Please remember that an innocent baby was murdered by two cold hearted pieces of poop.

Gray, GA

#16 Apr 5, 2013
3 Maybe these two thugs should pay the Reverend a visit.

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