Murder-suicide discovered in Roulette

Murder-suicide discovered in Roulette

There are 25 comments on the Star-Gazette story from Jul 15, 2008, titled Murder-suicide discovered in Roulette. In it, Star-Gazette reports that:

ROULETTE TOWNSHIP - A Roulette man despondent over a failing marriage apparently murdered his estranged wife and then took his own life Sunday, police said.

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A Victim

United States

#1 Jul 15, 2008

Griffin, GA

#2 Jul 16, 2008
I can only wonder why she willingly made physical contact with him while being in fear of him and having a PFA served on him. Let this be a lesson to all who do not take domestic violence seriously. Follow your instincts when you are in fear of your life and don't put yourself in a situation that you know can be fatal. To the women who suffer domestic violence.....FLEE!!! Forget material possessions, they mean nothing, self preservation is the key....If there is a will, there is a way. If you should stay in the vicinity best prepare yourself for the worse and condition yourself for defense. So sad this has to have happened.

Martinsburg, PA

#3 Jul 22, 2008
The murder victim and the crazy abuser had a chile together. She was going there to talk to him about custody issues. I am unaware why she went there by herself. I would not have I would have taken someone with me, possibly a police officer so has not to have happen what did happen. I feel for her family and spit on his.

Arlington, VA

#4 Jul 23, 2008
wow. i am blown away by your comments ana77...maybe before you make such harsh comments you should take the time to better relate yourself to the subject at hand here. there was a 14 year relationship here not only between Matt and Cheri, but there families too. You have no clue of what happened that day and no one ever will. Both families have suffered a huge loss here...who are you to make such a bold statement as to say you 'spit on his' family. They had no control of this situation any more than you did...shall we all say 'spit on you'?
A Victim

United States

#5 Jul 23, 2008
Hey, Ana 77, I almost agree with everything you said, but I would add one word at the very end of your comment. That word would be "grave". His family doesn't deserve to be spit on, he does. They derserve to mourn their loss and as I stated before, he deserves to burn in HELL.
what a shame

Johnsonburg, PA

#6 Jul 24, 2008
Matt does not deserve to "burn in hell" anymore than any other person that has a mental illness does. I knew Matt personally, and I know he would never do something like this if he was in his right mind. He had some mental problems. Let's let God figure out who deserves to "burn in hell".

Orwigsburg, PA

#7 Jul 24, 2008
Amen 'what a shame'...Matt was a good person and mental illness's are no joke. this was a tragic thing that happened for everyone. He is at peace now and his mind, maybe in God's eyes he designed this, we may never know. Maybe all is well and better this way verses what may have happened in the future and Dezmond was older. There is a blessing somewhere to all of this. Cheri was a beautiful young lady and no one deserves to ever be put in a situation in which there life is in danger but you know what, some times love makes you believe that you can control the outcome of your or someone you loves destiny. In this case it didn't happen but it was her God given choice,in a way, to be there for Matt...good or one really knows just how far a person will go until it's too late.
A Victim

United States

#8 Jul 24, 2008
Matt was an overly possessive prick. I can't figure out what good Cheri ever saw in him. Medication was available and was prescribed to him for the mental issues he had. It was his choice not to take it just as it was his choice to commit the unspeakable act that he did. Burn in HELL!!!

Orwigsburg, PA

#9 Jul 24, 2008
maybe you need a quick class in the feild of medications. medications can be prescribed to a person, for siezures or mental illness's. Let's say this person A. Gains or loses 10 pounds. B. has a prescription change because of blood pressure issues. ext. The person then realizes that they feel 'different' or 'just not them self'...while they are coping with these 'side effects' they may or may not be in there right mind. which alters there thoughts and at some point the person may refuse taking meds because of how they make them feel or they feel better than ever and think they no longer need meds and that they can 'control' there behavior or mood. Clearly not a smart move, however, there is nothing that can be done to a person, by law, to make them stay on meds. Did you read the newspaper? Does a control freak file for divorce three times?? Obviously this is stricly an observation on my part, but something just doesn't jive here...

Orwigsburg, PA

#10 Jul 24, 2008
clearly if a person has some 'issues' rather medicated or not, they are still capable of a breaking point. Cheri had wittnessed Matt do other life threating acts and choice to stick it out with him and marry him. Again, love only sees what it wants to see. Cheri had longed for him since the 9th grade, in her eyes, Matt hung the moon and at some point, Matt thought the same of her. There love, be it good, bad or ugly, at some point it was REAL and maybe Cheri took a leap of faith with Matt, hoping that his 'problems' would pass...i don't know, but either way, no matter what, there are gone and they both deserve to rest in peace. Matt didn't ask to be 'sick' and Cheri was aware that Matt wasn't all together but she loved him anyway, years ago. I can't comment on there relationship over the last few years, but what I can say is Cheri, in her own way, was a little crazy too...not in a bad way...she was crazy over Matt.
A Victim

United States

#11 Jul 25, 2008
Yeah, Matt filed for divorce 3 times and then rescinded 2 of them. He also followed her to work, made obscene gestures and constantly harassed her while she was staying at her mother's home. She filed for an order of protection latre in June and on July 2, I think, the court denied her petition. Now, I know those orders aren't worth more than the piece of paper they are written on, but that was a ludicrous decision for the court to make. Nobody will ever really know why she went over there by herself on that day, but I doubt she ever thought the miserable prick would do what he did. Marriages end every day and nowhere near the majority of them end in murder/suicide, nor should they. He should have just blown his own head off. Burn in HELL Matt.

Alexandria, VA

#12 Jul 25, 2008
Matt wasn't the one driving by Cheri's mom's house. Cheri saw a red blazer drove by Matt's family and 'assumed' it was Matt. Matt was arrainged and released once proof showed it wasn't him.

this is ludacris. I am by far not defending Matt's actions or the pain and suffering he caused, all i am saying is there is more than meets the eye here. Much more...I feel great sorrow for Betty, Pat and Dave, Jess and Shelly. Not to mention Cheri's coworker's at Sweden Vaylley and Dezmond. What he did was clearly wrong however when Cheri walked in to there house on her own free one forced her to go there...or did someone force her????? I will admit I have watched one to many crime shows, so my mind works in a 'crime thinking way' I may look into things way to deep...I don't know what your faith is, but maybe both Matt and Cheri are at peace. She is no longer under his control and he if free from all the years of suffering with a mental illness. We are just spliting hairs here, your not going to change my mind and I am not going to change yours. I have enjoyed our tit-for-tat conversation, however, i wish it was on another topic. On a side note, Cheri and I grew up together, good friends at one point, until the day Matt showed a friendly interest in me, strictly friends...and she HATED me ever since. She was very protective over Matt...that's why I say it went both ways for them, there were just crazy over one another...end of story. Maybe we can pick another topic to rip apart...

Saint Marys, PA

#13 Jul 25, 2008
How is this at all his families fault.. They are not the ones who did this.. He is responsible for his own actions.. They have to live the rest of their lives with the pain of what their son did.. Lets not forget there is a child involved in this and that baby boy shouldnt have to worry about his grand parents being shit on by people who have no idea who they are.. They are wonderful caring people what happen to their son I have no idea but its not the familys fault he did what he did........
rene98 wrote:
wow. i am blown away by your comments ana77...maybe before you make such harsh comments you should take the time to better relate yourself to the subject at hand here. there was a 14 year relationship here not only between Matt and Cheri, but there families too. You have no clue of what happened that day and no one ever will. Both families have suffered a huge loss here...who are you to make such a bold statement as to say you 'spit on his' family. They had no control of this situation any more than you did...shall we all say 'spit on you'?
A Victim

United States

#14 Jul 28, 2008
To rene 98: You are right about one thing, we are not going to change each others minds. You are entitled to think what you want, as am I. I can't hold that agasinst you. I can't remeber what talk show host coined this phrase, but it rings true. I guess we just have to agree to disagree.
A Friend of cheri

United States

#15 Jul 28, 2008
Cheri will be missed by all may she rest in piece. She didn't deserve any of this. but, as for the families of both matt and cheri they have to live with the pain for the rest of there lives. and as for there son Desmond. god is going to look after him. Just can't believe it happened. she was a great friend and the type of person that always made you laugh and smile, matt i really don't know what to think about him yet. mixed fellings bout him. i really think he new what he was doing but, what do i know i wasn't there. only thoes two knew what was going on.

Alexandria, VA

#16 Jul 29, 2008
Well. How noble of you not to hold it against me. We could always debate about Obama or the war, if you are up for it...

off line of course.

If you wish, I will gladly give you an email address to forward me's not often you can have such a heated debate with out fists flying...or feelings getting hurt. I did enjoy our chats, again, just not the topic.
Cheris Dad- Alan-Java

United States

#17 Jul 30, 2008
First of all let me tell all of you, that are commenting on Matthew Baker's senseless act of violence, that was inflicted upon my beautiful daughter Cheri, you have the right to your opinions. But, on the same hand, anybody who can possibly come up with an excuse for or in any way defend what he did should have their head examined, that is my opinion. Spitting on his family, I don't think so, spitting on Matt's grave, fine with me. Doesn't deserve to burn in Hell or Burn in Hell: Burning in Hell is not a serious enough punishment for the pain he has caused every member of Cheri's family, from siblings to cousins to aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and all of her many friends, and let's not forget the most innocent victim, Dezmond. I first met Matt 14 years ago, at age 18, Cheri was 16. I had an instant dislike for him because of his extremely possissive nature. He drove to my house from about 110 miles from Roulette and insisted that Cheri come home with him because he couldn't be away from her any longer than the 2 weeks he already had been. Now, I must admit that my opinion of him changed slightly for the better over the next 10 years or so. But, when Dezmond was born on December 19, 2005 and Cheri had to leave their home for which ever reason it was, either he couldn't stand dealing with a baby or he couldn't stand looking at her because she had gained weight, take your pick, my first impression of him wasn't a harsh enough description. Cheri's only mistake was to somehow love that inhuman piece of trash. Rest in peace sweet daughter, I will miss you and never forget you for the rest of my days.
cheris childhood friend

Endicott, NY

#18 Jul 31, 2008
i have been a friend of cheri's since we were kindergarden. i really disliked alot of girls in school but she probly was the only one that i never had a issue with.. she was kind hearted nice smart ec. i still can hear certain things she use to say. i knew one of her fears was house fires due to expereice i beleive. and what happen to her tore me up to no ends. there is not a word to describe how badly hurts to know what happen to cheri. i knew matt since cheri started dating him way back in the day. he did seem a bit strange to me.. i feel bad that he had a mental illness. but out of all honesty he had no right doing what he did. it wasnt his job to play god. if he didnt want to be with cheri he shoulda just divorced her and be on his way and have a relationship with his son. not take cheris life away i know she didnt deserve to die. she is a victim of domestic violence in 70% of cases nothing happens until after someone leaves and cheri happen to be one of the 70%
i dont want to hear about people saying she was stupid for going to talk to matt. i probly would have too when you been with someone 14yrs you should understand how this person is and she probly in some way trusted him. thick and thin she always was there for matt she loved him. i would have done the same thing being a mother i would try to talk things out so i can see my kids. but if she feared matt she should of taken someone with her just incase. i feel really bad for the shalkowski & Baker family. neither familes asked for this its not there fault. and mostly for desmond. hes only a little boy that came into this world with 2 parents. and now his parents are forever gone. and i beleive the familes will make sure that matt and cheri is never forgotten to there son. i pray for him every day it will be harder for him when he gets older. he will have a hard time understanding why this happend. but he will grow to be a strong man that god intended him to be.
As for matt even after life he probly will always pay for what he has done. he will never be rested. and that he put upon himself. i feel bad that he had a mental illness but thats as much as he will ever get from me. i dont want to sound ignorant or anything but.. if his life was so horrible he shoulda just ended himself.. not end someone elses life too.. it wasnt his job! my prayers are reached out to the baker family and Cheris family .because they gonna need them.
Note to Cheris father: i am glad i got the oppertunity to spend my schooling years with cheri. she was just a very down to earth girl very likeable,beautiful, funny denfently very caring, you truley brought a angel to us and now she is a angel in heaven i will deeply forever miss her and she will never be forgotten.
So i personally want to thank you and cheris mother for this beautiful gift. i will forever have a lifetime memories of cheri.
for the rest of the coments. we can continue to play the what if game and try to determin what really went on that day. but we will just get wrinkles trying to figure this out..and im glad to see you guys decided to agree to disagree *grins*
Cheris dad-Alan-Java NY

United States

#19 Aug 1, 2008
To Cheri's childhood friend, Jamestown, NY---
Thank you for all the kind comments about Cheri. She truely was an angel. There has not been a day since this tradgedy that she hasn't been in my thoughts and I'm sure there won't be a day that I won't think of her and that beautiful smile she wore every day. That smile is how I choose to remember her and what keeps me going. Once again, I really appreciate you kind words

Alexandria, VA

#20 Aug 1, 2008
I am not a cold person. I am not making excuses. this was all the way around a tragic thing. I know the above comments are harsh, but they are true. Matt was sick, meds or no meds, he was a sick man and something tragic was bound to happen. Why he chose to do what he did, only GOD knows. Not me or anyone else.

My heart goes out to everyone envolved, and to thier families.

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