Cottonwood Arizona is a pathetic joke !
pistol patty

Houston, TX

#21 Jan 7, 2009
~Cottonwood Arizona is a pathetic joke !~

What's with all of you yuppies anyway. You all move to the friggin desert, in desert conditions, because, surprise, it is a desert, and then you bitch about being there. Hell, if you don't like it, move away from there and watch Arizona on HGTV or something for chrissakes.

You remind me of people who move onto a certified flood plain and bitch, after the fact, that they couldn't get flood insurance after the area is washed away by a flood.

I know you want it all right now this minute, your generation, but use your heads for soemthing other than a hatrack for chrissakes.

Crown King, AZ

#22 Jan 31, 2009
oldmesa wrote:
ladmo, now theres i name i have not heard in years 35 to be exact. ah, the good ole days, hurry home from school to watch the wallace n ladmo show in black and white tv. yea i`m old.hehehe
To funny. Your the first to even acknowledge the name. Those were the days. "HO HO HEE HEE HA HA"

Twin Falls, ID

#23 Feb 11, 2009
I live in the VV near Cottonwood. I would have to agree with this that Cottonwood is a joke. I have gone to the town meetings and I have listen to the people who run this town and they are just to old to make good things happen in this town. They think that this town should have nothing but housing for people that do not want to live in Phoenix. They think that people that work in Phoenix will move here and commute. Instead of bring in big companys to support the area. Then on top of all that BS they say lets raise the town taxes to the same has Sedona and kill the small businesses in this town. Why have a business here in Cottonwood when you can move your business to Sedona where most of the people are anyways that have money and open your business there with the same taxes. This town makes no since what so ever. The business owners are about as dumb has the people who run the town. But that is a hole different subject.
No Time for Morons

Cottonwood, AZ

#24 Feb 15, 2009
So let's assume you are right about Cottonwood. Then why are you still here?
No Time for Morons

Cottonwood, AZ

#25 Feb 15, 2009
Hey Dirtyoldpirate, Do you have spellcheck? Did you proof read your letter? And you call them dumb?

Eagle, ID

#26 Jul 19, 2010
Earl wrote:
<quoted text>What have I done for Cottonwood ? I pay taxes to get that worthless sh*t hole of a "city" going !!!!!
If you hate cottonwood so much, get the f*** out of here instead of sitting on your butt and complaining about how much it sucks!

Phoenix, AZ

#27 Jul 20, 2010
Pay no mind to Earl, I have dealt with him on other forums. He just like to stir the pot, and it looks like he's got it going here, Again!! He also goes by the name of Thomas and many other Akaís. Do yourself a favor people do not appease the nut. The squirrel will be along shortly to take care of business.

Earleville, MD

#28 Jul 20, 2010
I was at a party in PHX in the 70"s and Ladmo stopped by the party to by some acid. I was blown away! my childhood came crumbling down. If Wal-boy only knew!

Earleville, MD

#29 Jul 20, 2010
Hereís other comments from our good neighbor Earl:

Cottonwood Hotel to the Lowell Observatory ? Walk the quiet and quaint streets of downtown Cottonwood ? What planet are you on ? Downtown Cottonwood is a total joke ! Empty buildings , closed up stores , Cottonwood is nothing more than a boring White trash farm town !

See what I mean, pay no mind y'all, he loves this kind of response, stirs and then sits back and watches it whirl. And itís a whirling!
LA Guy

Camarillo, CA

#30 Aug 21, 2010
I've lived all over and am considering moving to cottonwood. I want to get away, from the city, from stressful days, from concrete jungles. I want to be able to take a deep breath in and not feel my lungs start to give out due to the air quality.

From what i see the biggest complaints are drug addicts, no jobs, and corrupt government... So its basically the same conditions as every other city in the US?

Buy yourself a shotgun, learn some self defense, get a job working at home, and quit your bitching.
LoneWolfSilentCr y

Sioux City, IA

#31 Oct 15, 2010
Earl wrote:
<quoted text>That is not true I do live in the Verde Valley and I do know what is going on ! What jobs ? Working at the Walmart , the Goodwill ? Cottonwood has more people in prison for selling meth than ones holding real jobs ! If it wasn't for the old town mission there would be mass starvation in Cottonwood ! Get off the crystal meth and get into the real world of 2008 ! Cottonwood is a total joke !
Ummmmm Earl , if you live here in Cottonwood then why does it say Golden Valley under your Name ?! just a question .:-)

Cottonwood Arizona

San Diego, CA

#34 May 24, 2012
oilman_15106 wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess they moved Superior to the Verde Valley? But anyway the median household income in Cottonwood is $34,215 and only $33,785 in Superior, so I guess based on this Cottonwood is not doing too bad. Take you anger elsewhere, my guess is you got a ticket for something and want to blame anyone but yourself.
Sounds like you dont like cottonwood or Superior I live in Superior and yes there is limited income but what gives you the right to talk down to any town who are you? I was raised in Superior and I live there now. I have a salary 60,000 plus a year and so do alot of people here. Meth is everywhere and so are alot of other drugs it is what you make of the situation. You can move anywhere and there may possibly be drugs or bad police or any negative thing you say can be lingering anywhere else even the richest parts of phoenix have drug problems. You dont like it leave cottonwood and we sure dont want you here in our great town of superior with your mouth our non meth people will kick your ass out of town...

Since: Sep 10

Sioux City, IA

#35 May 25, 2012
Earl wrote:
<quoted text>What have I done for Cottonwood ? I pay taxes to get that worthless sh*t hole of a "city" going !!!!!
No Earl, you are blaming the city, it's people, and everything under the sun except yourself! You are what is a pathetic joke! Pick your big fat lip up off the floor and stop feeling sorry for yourself! Attitudes like yours are what will ruin your life, and future!

Quit your crapping and sitting on your a** on the computer whining, get out and get a job! People like you are the problem.. If you don't like it here go somewhere else! I guarantee you wherever you go you will find reason to blame others for your problems!

“I'm a Rocker!”

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#36 Jun 2, 2012
Ha ha.....Tea Bag Patriot is always spewing nonsense!

The Verde Valley is a beautiful place and for the most part is a good community. I lived there for 27 years to be exact.

But there is no opportunities for young people there. Wal-Mart and Cliff Castle Casino are the biggest employers.

The problem is not the City Government its the City Manager. Bartosh has his own agenda and creating jobs is not one of them.
If you

Sedona, AZ

#37 Jun 11, 2012
Think Cottonwood is a joke I know what you can do I bet you haven't thought of it MOVE MOVE better yet MOVE OUT OD ARIZONA ALL TOGETHER Prob solved!!!!

United States

#38 Jul 6, 2012
i live here in this shit hole and its full of sluts, meth addicts and stds

Mesa, AZ

#39 Jul 7, 2012
Finally! Someone that knows and calls it for what it is. Not of Cottonwood is like that but it is happening. Believe it or not.

Cottonwood is a black hole that sucks the life out of any dreams or aspirations.

Go to Wal-Mart and you can see the red neck, meth head, welfare baby freaks.

Move while you still can!

Since: Sep 10

Sioux City, IA

#40 Jul 10, 2012
You people are stupid enough to blame where you live in Az for the crime, and sickness in our society! What we have is 90% caused by our boarder trouble! Thanks to that great president we currently have we are so secure, no drugs, rapes, murders,or theft! You would have a real slap in the face if you lived in a poverty state.. Go try it grow up and then tell us all about it you mature little people!

Mesa, AZ

#41 Jul 27, 2012
Tea Bag showing his ignorance once again. Nice work!

If you look at the recent crime in Cottonwood. Bath Salt raids, Hydrocone Death, Drunk Drive. They are all on Topix too.

But I noticed a common denominator they were Caucasian and from USA. Not illegals like you claim. Get your facts straight.

Plus go walk Wal-Mart and look around. Scary, white trash, moo moo wearing, toothless, redneck, slobs.

Down with the Tea Party! They lie and spread fear to masses. Don't buy into the propaganda.
Daughter of the VV

Vancouver, WA

#42 May 2, 2013
Troubled Youth wrote:
Both of you have a valid point. I have seen it all for myself.
It costs us(tax payers)$40,000 a year to house an inmate at C.V. If we had a program to help educate the youth of the V.V., many of them wouldn't have grown up to be meth heads living at the grey bar hotel on our dime. The Boys and Girls Club has tried to bring education and programs to Cottonwood in an attempt to change exactly what you're referring to. Problem is that the Cottonwood Community won't support the Clubs cause, resulting in Club closure and 100+ kids standing in front of Fry's and Safeway, Shoplifting and other things, leaving themselves open to be influenced by the Meth Heads, Pot Heads and Alcoholics that live in Cottonwood. Remember the article regarding Home Depot and how many applicants Failed the Drug Test? Jobs were provided then and look who showed up to go to work, Stoners!
We, the residents of the V.V., are a product of our own society. If you want to bitch at someone we should first do it in the mirror, the reaction from that person in the mirror is the same you should expect on the street from a stranger.
Being that I was born in Cottonwood and both sides of my family are originally from Cottonwood, I am very thankful to see posts like the above.

I grew up in Phoenix and visited the Verde Valley often. I always looked at it as Paradise when I was little. Unlimited walks, beautiful creeks and rivers. Fun to be had everywhere.
When I returned to try to live in the Verde Valley as an adult, I fell right into the meth world. Everyone that I was around was doing it. It wasn't until I really looked into a mirror that it wasn't the VV that caused this. It was me, only me. I had a choice and I chose meth over all of the other beautiful things that the Valley provided for me.

Now that I am 10+ yrs clean from meth, I can honestly say that it was never anything that the Valley did to make me fall into such a life altering drug. It wasn't until I started fixing myself that I realized that the damage lived inside of me.

Now, I want to get back to the beautiful town I grew up with and share the wonderful things it has to offer with my children. Me being a Real Role Model and showing them how to find it rather than leaving it up to the town! The clubs that used to be places where the kids could have fun are no longer provided. I agree with the above post in the fact that we owe it to these children to change what is offered. Let's not wait to see if they become one of the statistics stated in earlier posts.

Rodeos, carnivals, public block parties, activities for families and separate healthy activities that teens would enjoy.. skate parks! What happened to the roller rink and the bowling alley...???

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