DEA Names "Bath Salts" a Drug of Conc...

DEA Names "Bath Salts" a Drug of Concern.. Big New Drug In The Verde Valley.

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Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#1 Jul 26, 2011
The new designer drug "bath salt"(that is NOT for your bath or in anyway related except for the name)! The poison control centers are being flooded by calls from people who have taken this drug or a family member who is trying to help them from the horrible effects of this drug that causes high blood pressure, heart attacks, and schizophrenic episodes, for days on end. Emergency rooms are seeing a lot of self induced injuries, and deaths by the users of this mind altering drug that is currently legal in Arizona and for sale at our local smoke shops in Cottonwood, Camp Verde,and Sedona.. Teens,young adults and former drug addicts have caught onto this drug in the Verde Valley fast, they can use it while on probation because it does not show up in urine analysis..It is way worse than the drugs that are currently illegal that they got in trouble for! The paranoia alone people have while using it is disturbing, and causes them to do crazy wild things, and to go without food, or sleep for days.. Cottonwood P.D. and YCSO and PANT need to get onto this fast, the kids all the V.V. over are doing it, smoking(chasing the dragon), or snorting it just like cocaine.... It causes very disturbing behavior, and has led to many suicides and murders nationwide..
Bath Salt the Drug; now illegal in these fallowing states:
Georgia **not signed?
Missouri (8-29-11)
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York (state)
North Carolina
North Dakota
West Virginia
Bath Salt Counties
South Charleston, SC
Columbia CO
St.Charles MO

Cottonwood, AZ

#2 Jul 26, 2011
Bath salts are on a sharp rise.

Nationally, calls to poison-control centers about bath salts rose from 303 in 2010 to 2,371 as of May 31,according to American Association of Poison Control Centers data.

People are smoking, snorting, ingesting and injecting it, officials say. The result: A sharp spike in emergency-room visits.

This past weekend alone, nine such patients were treated at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix.

Five were so agitated they needed to be sedated with a form of general anesthesia, said Dr. Frank LoVecchio, co-medical director of Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Information Center and an emergency-room doctor.

"We are seeing uncontrolled agitation," LoVecchio said.

Valley physicians fear that the unregulated drug can easily lead to death, according to a hospital newsletter.

In 2010, Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Center fielded just one call, compared with 35 by May 18 this year.

Bath salts are typically made up of methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV, and mephedrone, LoVecchio said.

It releases neurotransmitters such as epinephrine and dopamine, and can cause hallucinations and agitation, LoVecchio said. It affects every blood vessel in the body, which means the lungs, heart and kidney can all be harmed.

In Chandler on Sunday, police arrested a man on suspicion of child abuse after police say he burned his son's hand after the child touched his Bible.

Johnny Salazar, 25, said he was under the influence of bath salts, police reports said. When arrested, he had a large knife, a gun, some pills and three vials of a white powder he identified as the drug.

He was hallucinating, police said, claiming his 5-year-old son was possessed by demons.

LoVecchio said he treated another bath-salts victim who got into a "fight" with a tree, punching it so hard he broke his hand.

Another man who had injected it developed a fever of 106.5 degrees and had elevated blood pressure and heart rate, LoVecchio said.

In Arizona, where the marijuanalike spice was recently banned, officials are putting together proposed legislation that would prohibit the sale of designer drugs with compounds "substantially similar" to illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana, said Tempe City Attorney Bill Amato, who advises the city's police department.

"I would say it (bath salts) is a problem, a problem that is going unrecognized right now," said Tempe Police Commander Kim Hale.

Read more:

Cottonwood, AZ

#3 Jul 26, 2011
Wow this sounds like some very bad stuff!
Parents Be Alert

Cottonwood, AZ

#4 Jul 29, 2011
Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, introduced federal legislation in February to classify bath salts as controlled Schedule I substances, but it remains in committee. Meanwhile, the drugs remain widely available on the Internet, and experts say the state bans can be thwarted by chemists who need change only one molecule in salts to make them legal again.
And while some states with bans have seen fewer episodes involving bath salts, others where they remain fully legal, like Arizona, are starting to see a surge of cases.
Dr. Frank LoVecchio, an emergency room doctor at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, said he had to administer general anesthesia in recent weeks to bath salt users so agitated that they did not respond to large doses of sedatives.
Other doctors described dangerously elevated blood pressure and heart rates and people so agitated that their muscles started to break down, releasing chemicals that led to kidney failure.
The director of the Louisiana Poison Center, said some doctors had turned to powerful antipsychotics to calm users after sedatives failed.“If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and ecstasy and put them together,” he said,“that’s what we’re seeing sometimes.”
Dr. Ryan added,“Some people who used it back in November or December, their family members say they’re still experiencing noticeable paranoid tendencies that they did not have prior.”
Before hitting this country, bath salts swept Britain, which banned them in April 2010. Experts say much of the supply is coming from China and India, where chemical manufacturers have less government oversight.

Cottonwood, AZ

#5 Jul 30, 2011
This is interesting, I wonder why our local officials are not speaking up and out about this drug. I know many who are using it in the Cottonwood, and Camp Verde area, very sad to see what it does to them, and they are scary to be around. Murders and suicides are caused by this drug!

I know this for a fact from the state I used to live in...It's now illegal there..

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#6 Sep 1, 2011
During my mothers ER experience, I found out that a very young man had inhaled bath salts. This is what I saw. He was first placed in shackles as he was that much out of his mind. He then had to be placed on a intubation tube in order for him to breath. The had to catherize him and the bag was filled with nothing but blood. The young man had to be brought back to life a couple of times with an ampu bag and thumping upon his chest! He was relieving his bowels and the odor that issued forth from that was like smelling something so rotten that it made me physically ill! Please stop doing these stupid things to your body. Do you want holes in your brain? Do you want to have no sinus cavities? AND worst yet, NO LIFE because this young man finally died! PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!

Cottonwood, AZ

#7 Sep 10, 2011
My granddaughters step father was killed last week in Rocky Point North Carolina and they think that the man that killed him had been sniffing bath salts. This man was a father of two young boys and a friend of the man he shot and killed in his own back yard. My granddaughters step father was the father of 3 other children.

Cottonwood, AZ

#8 Sep 10, 2011
This is the best stuff i have ever tried!!! Im about to go buy some more!!

Cottonwood, AZ

#9 Sep 10, 2011
that is horrible tom you should really think about stoping my mom was so messed up on that stuff that she may never mentally come back iv been doin research and the real stuff is safer than this shit i really hope u seek help before its to late one of my friends was clean off that for two months and his dad came home and found him with his throat slit from ear to ear he had killed himself cuz he couldn't handle the come down...

Since: Aug 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#10 Sep 13, 2011
A Verde Valley mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, almost lost her teenage daughter to bath salts about two months ago. She says, "The drug is a horrible, horrible thing. It changed my daughter drastically, mentally and physically. She lost 35 pounds. She was bleeding from her nose and ears. People justify it because it is legal, but it is worse than meth."

Read more:
camp verde whisper

Phoenix, AZ

#11 Sep 16, 2011
There is a 60 year old woman from the verde laakes area the belief is she started doing bath salts ten months ago, she has harraessed her whole family, calling them and telling them she was dying, she hated them and it was the family's fault. She told her eighty year old mother she was going to hell because her family caused so much hate inside that she could not go to heaven and it was all her mother's fault, she disowned her children and grandchildren. Her whole family was up in arms, she refused medical help when the family called for help. It finally culminated to the point where she held her husband at gunpoint and threatened to kill him and herself. The husband called the emergency line for the police, needless to say they had to drag her out after surrounding her home and her husband escaped the home to the safety of the police. She ended up in the valley verde medical center, on a ventilator they also had to cathetor her, sedate her and her family was notified of acute overdose. She was in respitory failure when she arrived. The family believed she honestly wanted to die as she was calling them every day night and day for months saying she was dying with few hours of life left, this went on for months. She is now facing a slew of charges from the actions she took, she nearly killed her husband as she did fire the gun in her home. She is currently in the hospital and doctors are trying to decide if she will ever mentally recover. She has broken speech, no one can understand what she is saying or even what she is talking about. When the speech is legible she is being very aggressive and hateful. Her family is afraid she will be in the hospital for a long time if she lives at all. She wanted to kill her children and grandchildren. There is not much hope she will be allowed to return to her home after attempting to kill her husband. The possibility for a normal life is pretty null. She will pmore than likely that she will have to be committed if she gets well and if she is not committed she will face a long list of criminal charges including very serious felonies. Nobody truly knows if she was or is aware of what she has done. This is very serious, she purchased her bath salts at the smoke n brew in the verde lakes area. The family called the owner of the store and asked him to stop selling the drug to her. The owners of these stores that sell this drug should be strung up by thier short and curlies. This particular owner did not selling this drug to her and family members. I personally think he should be held responsible but it is not against the law to sell it to anyone yet. Unfortunately he is lining his pockets with dirty money and does not mind what happens to his clients. This drug does not discriminate and the person who makes a choice to ingest it will most likely never be the same. Please do not walk traight into hell eyes open and willing to deliver yourself to anguish and self doubt and torture. This is a very current post. This happened on 9-15-2011 and the womans future is still very uncertain. She is loved by many but no one will speak with her anymore due to the evil way she spoke to her loved ones for so long they have all turned away from it as they had done everything they could do besides allow her to hurt them also. She lays alone in the hospital with a very uncertain future as this post is being typed. Please anyone who has done this drug or given any thought to it, save yourself and run for help. do not walk. This is a deadly drug and if you do not die physically you may die mentally. Thank you for reading this and please save yourselves.
Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#12 Sep 17, 2011
Wow verde whisper! First of all thank you for sharing this story, so other people can see what this horrible drug can do!I feel so bad for her family!

I am really surprised a 60 year old woman would use this, had she used other drugs before? I am asking because most people snort it like cocaine, or inject it.. Young people using it have bad things happen to their otherwise healthy bodies, but for an older person it has to be even worse..I have read as people age their body's become very sensitive to even prescription meds and otc stuff! It does fry your brain, I know that to be true fact! Once those brain cells are gone,there's no getting them back..
How long was she using this junk for do you know?

Let us know what happens to this woman so it can continue to help others see!

Yavapi County Attorney Shela Polk just filed for an emergency bad on Bath Salts that should go into affect soon in Yavapi County! It's a real answer to prayer to get someone in a high position to see how bad this "legal drug" is affecting people ruining their bodies, and brain, and taking away their lives!

The smoke shoppes will have to stop selling it by law then! And if anyone is caught with, or using this, it will be just like any other drug charge!

As of 9-7-2011 the Federal Government has ruled it illegal in the USA! But here are the articles for our State and County:

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