19-year-old stabbing victim in Cotton...

19-year-old stabbing victim in Cottonwood dies

There are 23 comments on the Verde Independent story from Sep 27, 2011, titled 19-year-old stabbing victim in Cottonwood dies. In it, Verde Independent reports that:

Cottonwood Police converged on a faded blue compact Toyota in the Food City parking lot in Cottonwood Tuesday afternoon.

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Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#1 Sep 27, 2011
The person who did the stabbing was a known "Bath Salt" MDPV user! Cottonwood P.D. needs to crack down on the Smoke shop on Western Drive, and investigate the others!
Especially being that the incident happened right there at the Country store next to the smoke shoppe! Sound to obvious to me!

I have heard they still sell it under the counter to kids and still have supply's of it!

This is what the users of this drug end up doing.. They go crazy and kill themselves or someone else!

This kid who died was a good guy, he was going into the Army, and now he is dead!

There is no other drug as bad as this one that I have ever seen legal or illegal! It makes people go crazy insane...

My heart breaks for the mother of this guy who is now gone..A lot of others that I know loved this kid.. He had good manners and a great disposition!

My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family!
Cwood resident

Dallas, TX

#2 Sep 28, 2011
Who was it? No reports will say and I'm trying to figure out
Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#3 Sep 28, 2011
Jake Palmer age 19 was the victim, and Mason Anderson age 19 stabbed him. They were fighting,Jake with his fists and Mason pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Our local Cottonwood P.D. has already let this Mason kid go, they say there is a new law and if a person is in their car and feels threatened, they can use deadly force(wonder if that will apply to drive by's?)..So on that new law the charges are dropped! What I do not understand is if it was just self defense why go for the heart, that takes a lot of strength and anger! Why not put your car in gear and drive away from the fight! No one needed to die over this! Then to have our local P.D. justify this homicide, as "self defense" is despicable! They put you in jail for smoking a joint even, and I am against drugs, all drugs, but this was way beyond that, a death was caused needlessly! The kid that caused it did not even spend 24 hours in jail.. It's very messed up!

Los Angeles, CA

#4 Sep 28, 2011
Mason was with 2 girls and the 3 guys were trying to run him off the road and threatening him for no reason!!!! They got out and attacked him! THREE guys against Mason and 2 girls he felt was his responsibility to protect????? If you dont know the facts from the persons who were involved in it please dont type anything because you were not there!!!!! Spreading rumors will not help the families....it is unfortunate that someone died but he shouldnt be threatening people on the road. You never know who you are dealing with! Mason is not a violent person....this is totally out of character but he felt like he needed to defend himself and did. He even warned them he had a knife and he would use it and they persisted and punched him several times before he used it.
Know the facts before you go spreading rumors....
Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#5 Sep 28, 2011
Well I do know from both witnesses that were there and they did not "run him off the road" Mason called and wanted Jake to meet him, and they did so at the country store. Jake had already beat up Mason 1 time before for something about Mason saying Jake was trying to get together with his girlfriend. I do not know what Mason said to make Jake upset enough to start punching him in the car of the paring lot.. But to pull out a knife and stab someone in the heart in a fist fight is beyond "self defense"! That is murder! Mason could have run him over or anything else, come on! YOU do not know what you are talking about I know all this from the person who was holding Jake in his arms when he died! No one needed to die, this was a stupid fight, and Mason should have used his fists or drove away! Why did Mason have a knife to begin with? Jake had no weapon!

This is NO rumor!

Mason may no be a violent person, but he has now killed another human being! He has to live with that, and I believe he needs to face consequences for his actions! That will be up to Jake's mom and dad to file charger, and I would do everything I could! This was not investigated hardly at all!

It's bad enough to have someone stab and kill your son, but to let them go scott free because of some new law that does not apply in this situation, is unjust to Jake's family!

I wonder Jodi, if this were your son if you could just call it fair justice and let it go? Wonder how you would feel about Mason being let go free, after intentionally killing your son? Mason could have stabbed Jake anywhere, why the heart/chest? Why not the eye, or arm..

Something is very wrong with this picture!

FYI if you are driving a car, unless you stop no one can get out to do anything to you! Masons story does not hold water! If he was "scared" he could have drove to the police station or Fire Dept right down the road!

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Sep 28, 2011
FYI.....MASON DIDNT STAB HIM IN THE HEART! HE STABBED HIM IN THE ARMPIT AND IT HIT AN ARTERY! He got hit in the artery and bled out! He drove away from the crime scene and didnt go straight to the hospital....not Masons fault! He was in his car and telling them he wasnt going to fight 3 guys! If they were meeting to fight why was Mason alone and why did Jake have 2 other guys with him???? Sounds like a fair fight huh??? One of the guys that Jake had with him just got out of prison for beating up his MOM!!!!!! Sounds like a great set of kids you are defending!!!! There were tons of witnesses!!!! Why do you think Mason has been released?? His car went into a ditch and he was stuck and couldnt back up and they were surrounding him......there is going to be a press release that will clear all of this up honey...stop spreading lies! Mason would never ever intentionally kill someone and I can assure you he is not loving this....I have spoken to him. Let the authorities deal with it....like they are.

United States

#7 Sep 28, 2011
One thing for sure mason is not liking this or ever wanted to do this . Can't a 19 yr old be a 19 yr old kid and enjoy life. As far as I'm concerned mason did society a favor since this guy is no stranger the law and who knows what this guy would of done with his friends. Doesn't sound fair fight 3 guys to 1.
Justice for All

Cottonwood, AZ

#8 Sep 28, 2011
You are both wrong,wrong,wrong...

Jake was a good guy, well mannered, and had a great disposition. He was going into the Army he enlisted! Jake also has a baby on the way! Mason pulled out a knife and stabbed Jake, if it was through the armpit it went into his heart either way.. Jake had no weapons and no one else was fighting!! The guy who got out of prison went in on marijuana drug charges, he and never beat up his mom, he is a good guy! FYI his mom died of cancer while he was in jail!!!! Do not go spreading lies like that because that is totally made up, and I don't know who started it.
I am a mom and I know all these boys, and have for years!

Where in the world are these fantastic made up stories coming from?Sick twisted teenage minds that want to defend their friend who murdered another guy his own age?? That is no way to be a human being!

What goes around comes around!

I can tell you one thing NONE of these guys ever caused the death of another person!

You both are right on one thing: the truth will come out and an arrest will be made! Even the paper says Mason had admitted "meeting with the victim"! Mason called Jake and said he "wanted to talk"! I am sure cell phone records will be submitted!
"Meeting is not getting run off the road!"

That's okay the police are doing an investigation and the real truth will all come out!
There are always a million eyes watching!

To the guy Chris above, a poor little innocent 19 year old guy just wanted to live and enjoy his life? Wow, how stupid are you? What a dumb thing to say about a person who just killed another person! What is the matter with you?!??

Jake was 19 and wanted to enjoy his life!! Now he is dead! How do you justify this in your small mind?!? There is no reason to kill another person unless your own life is threatened, Mason is no week small child, he is a grown 19 year old and is responsible for what he did.. At least he is alive!
How do you thing Jake's parents feel?

This was not accident that Mason did, he had the knife and he used it and now another 19 year old who also had a right to live out his life is dead because of Masons actions, and decisions!

Just because no arrest was made YET does not mean there won't be one! Due process, all in time, so Mason better enjoy his 19 year old normal life out there while he can!
doesnt matter

Scottsdale, AZ

#9 Sep 28, 2011
That's a punk ass thing to say about someone you obviously never even knew Chris. Jake was my friend and no one went to jail for hitting their mom so why dont you stop spreading rumors? And in my opinion the cops would have been doing society a favor if they wouldn't have released the coward who stabbed him.

United States

#10 Sep 28, 2011
I guess these 3 iinnocent guys lost the battle against this 1 mean bully. Guess you better bring your A game to a knife fight
doesnt matter

United States

#11 Sep 28, 2011
No one was trying to jump him So stop with your three against one thing he's just a coward like anyone else whos too scared to fight and carries a knife with them. You probably would have done the same thing right Christy?
Justice for All

Cottonwood, AZ

#12 Sep 28, 2011
Don't you mean: Bring a knife to a fist fight Chris? Is that how your "inner circle of whip cronies fight"? Why fight when you can kill right Chris? Poor little Mason, he just had to use a knife his hand didn't know how to make a fist? Maybe daddy never taught Mason to stand up and fight like a man, instead of a hmm "back stabber?"

We call that "chicken shit fighting" where I come from... Only a real looser would do that!

Tell it to the cops! I am sure they are interested, about the attitudes of surrounding friends and family of the perpetrator of this murder!

Jake was no big guy he was a thin and lanky, and Mason does not look so helpless or innocent!

United States

#13 Sep 28, 2011
Still forgetting he was confronted by 3 guys whilevhis car was in a ditch while it was him and 2 girls what would you tough guys do? Oh wait let me guess take the ass beating right?
Justice for All

Cottonwood, AZ

#14 Sep 28, 2011
Mason was NOT confronted by 3 guys.. He was not in the ditch, there are witnesses you know.. Who is telling you these made up stories?.. They were at the Country store, this all happened in the parking lot. Mason never got out of his car, he drove up, he could have driven away. The knife was thrown over at 260 and Western Drive where the police found it!

The one friend of Jake's was still in the store and did not see what happened even.. Mason didn't just stab Jake one time, but twice! One time in the chest and once through the arm..

Jake went and got in the car and did not even know he was stabbed, and then he told his friends he thought he was stabbed,they didn't believe him until they saw his blood-soaked shirt!

I guess at this point Mason will tell any story he can to make himself look innocent.

Yes Mason taking an ass beating would have been much better than stabbing a person,and killing them! Mason could have tried to fight back without a weapon! Stabbing one time is bad enough, but twice! What kind if a helpless little baby is Mason, can he even walk and feed himself?

Only a punk would use a knife to fight!

United States

#15 Sep 28, 2011
As far as I'm concerned the good guys won, the bad guy lost once a thug always a thug
Justice for All

Cottonwood, AZ

#16 Sep 28, 2011
As far as you know... You are in another state! So what you know is what you have been told! Told by what Mason wants his family to believe!I know you know his sister Jodi on here, so stop already..

A good guy is dead that should not be..
You act proud that Mason has killed!
You believe lies.
These guys were and are not thugs.
A thug does not volunteer to sign up in the military to serve his country!

Would Mason do that? I doubt it!

You have no idea how many people in our community are grieving over the death of Jake, he was loved by many. People don't like a thug, and Jake was not one!

You need to respect the fact that he is gone, respect his life and family.

What Mason did was wrong! He will pay for it on this earth or the next, because God sees everything! Mason can lie to the police, his family, and friends, but he can not lie to God.
doesnt matter

United States

#17 Sep 29, 2011
His car wasn't in a ditch and one of the guys didn't even know that they were fighting and a thug? Really? You have no idea way your taking about you obviously only heard one side of the story... the wrong side. And yes I probably would have gotten an ass beating cuz I would have got out and fought like a man, not a pussy with a knife.

Phoenix, AZ

#18 Sep 29, 2011
Chris wrote:
One thing for sure mason is not liking this or ever wanted to do this . Can't a 19 yr old be a 19 yr old kid and enjoy life. As far as I'm concerned mason did society a favor since this guy is no stranger the law and who knows what this guy would of done with his friends. Doesn't sound fair fight 3 guys to 1.
to Chris ^^^^ you sir are an idiot! How dare you mock someone's death!! and FYI he hasn't been in trouble and he was a good kid, boys fight that's part of life and I bet you would feel different if that was your son....if your scared call the cops call someone dont go around stabbing people if he gets away this it's gonna send a msg. its ok to murder people

Wills Point, TX

#19 Sep 30, 2011
All i have to say is none of you were there to know what really happened. All you have is he said she said bs,, it does not matter what those two boys were in the past one of them is dead and the other has to live with that the rest of his life if he did it on purpose or not is not our decision to make.. and i mean boys they were not grown ups they were still kids when this happened..
Justice for All

Cottonwood, AZ

#20 Sep 30, 2011
Right but this 19 year old that did the stabbing will be tried "as an adult", as he should be!If you are going to make this big of a decision, a choice to carry a weapon or use something as a wepon and cause death to another person,especially willing to use it against an unarmed person of any age,unless you can truly PROVE your life was in dire jeopardy, you better be willing to take your full dose of consequences for your action of killing!

Even if this was a girl or a woman being attacked, I could understand! The guys were both the same age,same size, and Jake was no professional fighter.. Jake's body was no more of a wepon than Mason's body was..

It's a sad day in America when two boys get into a fist fight and one ends up killing the other over it!

Part of Masons consequences will be having to live with himself and his actions over this! This was not war, he was not fighting for anything except to not get a whooping, he thought he could not win!
He would have looked like the looser when it was over.. So he pulled out an "equalizer" and stabbed TWICE with it! That is malicious intent to do another violent harm or death!

If you don't want to fight don't provoke people with accusations and your mouth!
DO NOT be with any girl/girlfriend if she instigates fighting.. That is a troubled type of girl!

Girls that twisted enjoy seeing two guys fight over them, makes them feel important and wanted!
It's sick, and selfish..Their brain is so narrow and small they never realize one would go to far and kill the other! She also has to live with herself, and her part in this! I wonder if it were her boyfriend that was killed, I wonder what Masons friends and family would be saying if he was the one who was killed,and had no weapon????

This 19 year old "kid" just became an adult like it or not!

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