"Bath Salt" aka legal meth isTaiking...

"Bath Salt" aka legal meth isTaiking over as the new most Popular legal Drug!

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Cottonwood, AZ

#1 Jul 23, 2011
The drug MDPV is being marketed as a cocaine, and meth alternative are referred to as "bath salts." on their packaging they say: "Not for human consumption." This is to get around laws and rules.
"Bath Salt" by many different names is being sold at most all our local smoke shoppes in the Verde Valley LEGALLY! I know it is being sold in old town Cottonwood. The man who owns the shoppes own son is in rehab for being so addicted to it , yet he continues to sell it to minors, and all the youth.

It is in no way whatsoever similar or related to epsom salt, Arm and Hammer baking soda or Morton table salt.

It is, however, a chemical concentrate with effects centered between those of cocaine and ecstasy(MDMA). It's twice as addictive as cocaine, half as expensive and readily available legally.

These bath salts are addictive and deadly. My son almost lost his father to them. He is a former meth addict...clean for 15 years now, but found this stuff and it took him right down...tweaking his head off and unable to function. Then he came to me and said, "This shit is gonna kill me." Detox was brutal for him. Sure you have to be 18 to buy it, but honestly, how many of us had a lick of sense at 18. I was still immortal and bullet proof then. "Bath salts" need to be banned and as far as any convenience store that offers them for sale...they're nothing more than pushers in my book. Say it's harmless all you want, but I bet you won't feel the same when it threatens your family.

Cottonwood, AZ

#2 Jul 23, 2011

As of June 30th/ 2011 Poison Control Centers reported 3,740 calls(2,371 calls as of May 31,2011)This shows the trend of how popular this drug has become, and the dangers associated with it's increased popularity.

MDPV is a POWERFUL stimulant that functions as a dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor(NDRI).

It has stimulatory effects on the Central Nervous system and cardiovascular system.

1).Physical: rapid heart beat, increased blood pressure,vasoconstriction, sweating.

2). Mental: euphoria,increase in alertness and awareness,increased wakefulness and arousal,anxiety,agitation, perception of requirement for need of food and sleep.

MDPV "bath salt" has 4 times of Ritalan and Concerta.

This drug causes EXTREME Paranoia,agitation, hallucinations, delusions, and suicidal thoughts.

This drug has caused 3 deaths, and several murders by it's users! The compounds that create " the bath salt drug" can quickly cause people to crave re-use of the substance, and ARE STRONGLY ADDICTING!!

Other drugs out there that are illegal are much safer than this drug that is legal! This has got to be stopped! It is outlawed in several states due to the suicides, and murders it has cause people to commit.. Alabama, Florida, Idaho,Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi,New Jersey,North Carolina, North Dakota,Pennsylvania(as of Aug, 22 2011) and Utah.. Multiple other States are quickly passing 90 day and 120 day emergency bans with the intention of making MDPV/Mephedrone(and in some states)other synthetic stimulants and hallucinogens ILLEGAL.

We in Arizona need to join this crusade to stop these harmful designer drugs from killing our loved ones. The addiction involved in this particular MDPV bath salt drug is like no other, and must be stopped.. Have you ever seen your loved one go psycho in front of you, and tell you what they are seeing, when it's not there and you are both looking at the same thing? I have this is heart wrenching! Please help to make this horrible useless death drug illegal!

Cottonwood, AZ

#3 Jul 23, 2011
This particular stuff unfortunately is very harmful. People are actually killing themselves from the induced paranoia and hallucinations. MDPV is a highly addictive stimulant & it is highly irresponsible for people to being marketing this stuff essentially to young people with addictive personalities who are looking for a high but can't do conventional drugs or alcohol because they are in drug court.

The Verde Valley needs to wake up to this huge new drug problem, it has taken over our youth! The smoke shops can not keep it on the shelves fast enough. I personally have gone in and told the owner of the smoke shop in old town Cottonwood to please not sell any to my son or his friends, he could have cared less.. It's legal he said .. These type of people are the ones that need to be arrested, they will sell anything for a buck, even if it kills your son or daughter!

Hey Doug Bartosh do a show on this drug bath salt and let people know about it, and beware of the effects of those around them, and what it is doing to the youth in our community.. This drug does not show up in U.A.'s and the kids on probation are switching to this junk fast, it is far worse for them than pot could ever be! We have to stop it's availability! Get this crap outlawed!
Val in the Verde

Cottonwood, AZ

#4 Jul 25, 2011
My brother is in the hospital as we speak coming off what is known as “bath salts”. these man made drugs have very dangerous side effects such as rapid heart rate, agitation, hallucination, high blood preasure, extreem energy were you cant sleep for days, not sleeping, and much more. My brother has never done drugs until this “bath salt” was being sold over the internet like candy, whci he now has all of the above I have listed and much more going on. MDPV is very dangerous, cravings are intense! and this drug doesnt show up on drug test. I never do blogs, but while doing my research while my brother suffers as he tries to withdraw I came accross this and just want to spread the word! If know a friend or family member on these “bath salts” contact posion control right away and they will call a locoal hospital near you and let them know your coming. 1-800-222-1222. The sooner the better.

Cottonwood, AZ

#5 Jul 25, 2011
O.K guys listen up. This stuff is not worth it. Iv done almost every type of drug from hallucinogens like L.S.D to peyote, and several different types of coke and other stimulants. The only thing bath salts have in common with these popular drugs are all the bad shit you can think of, but none of the good. You feel great for the time that you continue to put the poison in your body, but the second you stop it all comes crashing down. Shaky limbs, dialated eyes, constant paronia, the unablity to control your speech and anounciate, the loss of sleep and most of all it makes your blood vessals shrink. Guys guess what this means? no shakin it at night for you, no matter what you try to do you cannot get it up.{i didnt try E.D medicene but honestly, you don’t need your heart working any harder then it already is} It hurts to pee but your always thirsty for three days straight. You have bad flashes where your eyes dialate randomly which can be inconvenint if you do anything outside of your home. It’s easy to become addicted to because the comedown takes so long to hit you they just keep ingesting more AND MORE setting the comedown farther back and back. The comedown is an equivelent to coke withdrawls, yet atleast with coke you can plan when it will be over. Honestly i tried bathsalts with a buddy of mine to just see what all the verb was about. I then went to work the next day with completely black eyes, full dialation, and the shakes and paronia. and oh yeah, i sweated my ass off. This drug is a drug and should be made illegal in all shapes and forms. seriously just go find a hippie who can give you some legit lucy or a indean who can give you the peyote cactus to tryout. Atleast with these you will be able to sleep 3 days later, instead of worrying weather or not you will ever be the same or losing your job because you cant hide the fact that your tweaking.{oh yes, you dont trip, you tweakout like nothing else}
and dont go to bed bath and beyond and sniff the freaking bath salts with names like lavender flower and stuff like that. go to your local headshop if you want some and are willing to experience the symptoms i listed above.

oh and i didnt mean the comedown starts right away. nope you gotta wait for that shit for aolmost a day before your three-five day comedown begins

Cottonwood, AZ

#6 Jul 25, 2011
Soo the first time I did this shit I had done 500mg of it in a niqht; was up for like 3 daysz and didn’t come completely down for over a week; it was cool at first but then I turned into some crazy tweaker bitch; nearly knawed my bottom lip off met up wit random guysz i’d never met and had “relations” with them;which isz WAY out of the ordanary for me; and is disgustinq; I talked so fast for two days straight I couldnt talk and I ended up qettin strep throat;after I had felt “sober” I was talkinq to myself hallusinatinq just not good shit ya knoo? so I’m like fuck this I’m never doinq it again..but thatsz what we all say haha I did it my 3rd time last niqht; atleast 10 linesz and now I’m sitting her wishing I was dead; the come down is not worth the high; and cusz the comedowns soo bad yu want ta do more but yu know what to expect in a couple daysz so yu just keep doinq it like impusivly until itsz qone; itsz jusz real fucked up like the rest of them; I wouldn’t advise people ta do thisz shit at all! Oh yeah, and now i also got the scabies! nasty shit bugs crawling under my skin with crap popping out! i just wish i had never started using or ever tried this stuff it has messed up my life.

Since: Jul 11

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#7 Jul 25, 2011
LOOK this bath salts may have u hooked but it will kill u or worst u could kill others. I am 23 years old i found out about the bath salts in march of 2011T. I was using Eightballs that was bad stuff and caused bad stuff to happen to my mind! I'M TELLING YOU IF YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE WHATEVER YOU HAVE LOVE OR EVER WANTED STAY AWAY from this bath salt drug..IVE CHANGED for life from it.I started by doing them here and there but one weekend i found out how much i could do and stay on i was high on it for 9 days straight did not eat in 9 days all i done was drink water and the bath salts put me in the hospital. i all most died. i saw clowns and the cops were after, i saw shadows and ppl that were not there.. i had lost my mind it, it has somewhat came back but i have been out for 1 week and 1day and still having some problems but just take it from some who has been there come off of it go to the hosp. and don't be alone u could kill your self or someone just get help, please pass this on.
Daisy Duke

Cottonwood, AZ

#8 Jul 25, 2011
February 1, 2011 1:01 PM


DEA Names "Bath Salts" a Drug of Concern


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Play CBS News Video
from :(CBS) There's a new designer drug that's raising alarm with authorities around the country. It's referred to as "bath salts," but it's really a dangerous stimulant with effects akin to cocaine or meth.

While relatively unheard of just a couple of years ago, its use is on the rise and it's believed to have caused at least four deaths around the country.

So what exactly are these new drugs -- and just how dangerous are they?

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton explained these substances are not about spas or baths.

She explained, "The name sounds harmless. In reality, they are anything but harmless. These contain a designer or synthetic drug, mephedrone or MDPV. It's an amphetamine. They're marketed as bath salts and you can find them online or in stores under names like Zoom 2 or Aura. Our producer found them very easily in New York City. When she asked for them, she was told,'Wow, they're flying off the shelves. It's a good thing you're getting these.'"
Hill added, "One of our researchers was told these will get you really high."

But what exactly do they do?

Ashton said, "It's a central nervous system stimulant, so it will increase your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, can cause anything from chest pain, heart attack, stroke. Those are just the physical symptoms. Some psychological (symptoms include) delusions, paranoia, psychosis. They're highly addictive, very dangerous."

Ashton noted these substances have been reported to the Poison Control Centers by 33 states.

"Part of the reason why this has gone undetected and under the radar up until now is because they're relatively new. And if you look it at the numbers in 2009, there were no reported cases to Poison Control Centers in this country.(In 2010,) that number jumped to 236. This year alone, we've ready surpassed that with 248 cases. And remember, that's just what's reported."

Why there isn't more control on these substances?

Ashton replied, "I guarantee you there will be. In fact the (Drug Enforcement Agency) DEA has already labeled these drugs a drug of concern. And there is legislation occurring right now to make them controlled substances. Again, these things take time. You just see those that time period, two years is 24 months, and for the DEA to start investigate a drug, they first need to hear reported cases, then they need to get their scientific medical communities, as well as legal ducks in a row, if you will, and that takes time. But this is by no mistake a dangerous substance and we probably will be hearing a lot more about it."

But this isn't the only substance that is of concern, according to Ashton.

"This is just one in a growing list of substances readily available online, in gas stations, and smoke shoppes, and even convenience markets around the country," she said. "Just because they may come there synthetic substances or natural substances does not mean they are safe. They are potentially life-threatening."

States that the drug "Bath Salt" are now illegal in:


Georgia **not signed
Missouri (8-29-11)
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York (state)
North Carolina
North Dakota
Pennsylvania (8-22-11)
West Virginia

ARIZONA needs to be next on this list of making this death drug called "bath salt" illegal and outlawed, it is killing people and causing them to do crazy things and kill others..
Scarry Stuff

Cottonwood, AZ

#9 Jul 26, 2011

Cottonwood, AZ

#10 Jul 29, 2011
Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi could not believe what he was seeing this spring in the emergency room at Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa.: people arriving so agitated, violent and psychotic that a small army of medical workers was needed to hold them down.

They had taken new stimulant drugs that people are calling “bath salts,” and sometimes even large doses of sedatives failed to quiet them.

“There were some who were admitted overnight for treatment and subsequently admitted to the psych floor upstairs,” Dr. Narmi said.“These people were completely disconnected from reality and in a very bad place.”

Similar reports are emerging from hospitals around the country, as doctors scramble to figure out the best treatment for people high on bath salts. The drugs started turning up regularly in the United States last year and have proliferated in recent months, alarming doctors, who say they have unusually dangerous and long-lasting effects.

Though they come in powder and crystal form like traditional bath salts — hence their name — they differ in one crucial way: they are used as recreational drugs. People typically snort, inject or smoke them.

Poison control centers around the country received 3,470 calls about bath salts from January through June, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, up from 303 in all of 2010.

“Some of these folks aren’t right for a long time,” said Karen E. Simone, director of the Northern New England Poison Center.“If you gave me a list of drugs that I wouldn’t want to touch, this would be at the top.”

At least 28 states have banned bath salts, which are typically sold for $25 to $50 per 50-milligram packet at convenience stores and head shops under names like Aura, Ivory Wave, Loco-Motion and Vanilla Sky. Most of the bans are in the South and the Midwest, where the drugs have grown quickly in popularity. But states like Maine, New Jersey and New York have also outlawed them after seeing evidence that their use was spreading.

The cases are jarring and similar to those involving PCP in the 1970s. Some of the recent incidents include a man in Indiana who climbed a roadside flagpole and jumped into traffic, a man in Pennsylvania who broke into a monastery and stabbed a priest, and a woman in West Virginia who scratched herself “to pieces” over several days because she thought there was something under her skin.

“She looked like she had been dragged through a briar bush for several miles,” said Dr. Owen M. Lander, an emergency room doctor at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, W.Va.

Bath salts contain manmade chemicals like mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV, also known as substituted cathinones. Both drugs are related to khat, an organic stimulant found in Arab and East African countries that is illegal in the United States.

They are similar to so-called synthetic marijuana, which has also caused a surge in medical emergencies and been banned in a number of states. In March, the Drug Enforcement Administration used emergency powers to temporarily ban five chemicals used in synthetic marijuana, which is sold in the same types of shops as bath salts.
A mom

Cottonwood, AZ

#11 Jul 30, 2011
Take it from me, parents be aware of how your kids are acting.. This bath salt stuff if going around in the V.V. people of all ages, from Jr. highers to ppl in their 40's are using, and buying it at our local smoke head shop's.. If your teens, or any loved ones start having an excessive amount of energy, and are not eating much or at all, and can not sleep, stay up all night this will be the first thing you should suspect!

They will start telling you about all the strange things happening to them, and what they are seeing! It is some creepy stuff, totally changes their personality!

Cottonwood, AZ

#12 Aug 3, 2011
Thank you all so much for sharing this information. I had no idea this was LEGAL or going on in our community. YOU never know what will be next!

Cottonwood, AZ

#13 Aug 15, 2011
The Verde Independent has a good letter written by a medical staff from the E.R. on what the drug bath salt causes that they deal with..

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#14 Sep 1, 2011
During my mothers ER experience, I found out that a very young man had inhaled bath salts. This is what I saw. He was first placed in shackles as he was that much out of his mind. He then had to be placed on a intubation tube in order for him to breath. The had to catherize him and the bag was filled with nothing but blood. The young man had to be brought back to life a couple of times with an ampu bag and thumping upon his chest! He was relieving his bowels and the odor that issued forth from that was like smelling something so rotten that it made me physically ill! Please stop doing these stupid things to your body. Do you want holes in your brain? Do you want to have no sinus cavities? AND worst yet, NO LIFE because this young man finally died! PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS! No hi...
a friend

United States

#15 Dec 17, 2011
My dear friend, I hope that when you read this, you have decided not to use this killer drug. I'm sorry you've tried it. I'm sorry you went through the hell. But, right now, if you're using, pick up the phone and call for help. If you are just going day to day to day using some kind of drug...put it down. Put it down, now. Love yourself. Love you. You are the only you there will ever be.

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