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#21 Aug 31, 2010
Hi I have two things too say is. Friendly annual hospital is not a hospital they killed cat because I didn't have enough money I was missing two dollars and ten cents. So they killed my cat..... second one is (((((PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE. THEY KILL ANNUAL NOT SAVE THEM))))))))

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#22 Aug 31, 2010

San Pedro, CA

#23 Oct 7, 2010
While I agree that everyone has the right to free speech, I don't agree with blatantly false statements.
Several posts in this forum attribute the death of pets to Friendly Animal Hospital (FAH) on the basis of lack of funds. Let's be clear here...these posts are nothing more than a smear campaign.
Each of these posts lack any credible detail. In addition the writer(s) attempt to obfuscate their identity by writing in a haphazaard, unauthentic broken-english style, perhaps in an attempt to scare off Dr Tran's solid base of Vietnamese clientele.
Certainly, the vast majority of people looking for solid information regarding FAH will quickly determine that each such post is merely small-minded nonsense.
Dr Tran has treated each of my three dogs with the utmost in professional care. He is competent in most all aspects of veterinary medicine. In addition, he is quick to call in a specialist if he feels something is beyond his scope of practice. This level of honesty only contributes to your comfort with your practitioner.
I can only attest to my experience and that of my many friends who I have refered. I have not heard a single complaint about FAH, Dr Tran, or his staff.
His fees for service are consistently lower than most other places. But, no matter the cost, the service and attention you will experience at FAH is hard to come by. I have gone to cut rate and high-priced Vets, and none have made me more comfortable than Dr Tran.
Many Thanks,
Joe, Lucky, Baby, and Angel

West Babylon, NY

#24 Oct 9, 2010
I have no personal knowledge about this hospital, but I must say that the poster claiming to lose her pet because she was short of money smells like rotten fish in Denmark! 3 comments, different names but same town, all caps, all same story line, credibility out the door...

Dallas, TX

#25 Oct 28, 2010
I have taken my mother's dog here twice for grooming, and once for her annual shots. On both visits, I was told to bring my dog to the back and to put him in a cage while I spoke to the groomer. I explained to the groomer how my dog was to be groomed and upon picking up the dog a few hours later, she looked great. I did not see any scratches or poor mistreatment of any animals while I was there.
Grama Vegas

Los Angeles, CA

#26 Dec 13, 2010
This vet hospital is the WORST!!! They tell you one price, then continually try to upcharge you and sell you on things that are not needed. AND, watch out for the final bill.... be sure to go over the items billed as they tried to sneak in the cost of items I specifically and continually told them NO about! My dog had serious surgery there and when she needed followup due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, they were no where around. Their office was closed and the place they tell you to go to wants to charge you an enormous amount of money for something that is supposed to be THIS vets responsibility!!! Now we are going to have to take her to another vet, and we may lose her over this doctors ineptness! I would never ever take my dog there again. I wouldn't take my worst enemy there!!
Mike Diyanni

Rosemead, CA

#27 Dec 13, 2010
I hate to see people BASHING Dr Tran & Staff.
I have had TWO (and will do #3 this week) Wonderful visits at FRIENDLY ANIMAL HOSPITAL on Edinger & Goldenwest, it is near my work and convenient. OK so for 1st Chihuahua spay in Aug '10
it came to $158 and included take-home meds,collar
a good teeth cleaning and extraction of 2 puppy teeth! THIS WAS PRICED T OVER $300 at Banfield and that did not include the cleaning of teeth OR the take-home meds ! arghh! OK so my dog has NO SCAR at all 4 months later. This week I will bring my newly acquired 2nd Chihuahua to my FRIENDS at FRIENDLY ANIMAL HOSPITAL. Staff has always been informative and super courteous & professional to me. Feel free to verify this with me I am valley boy 1957 at yahoo dot com (no spaces ) Amen !
Mike Diyanni

Rosemead, CA

#28 Dec 13, 2010
The FULLERTON posts are so clearly fakes !

ANNUALS >? are they kidding !
its spelled A-N-I-M-A-L-S !

WHY would they offer great prices to me for my dogs ?? they did not know me until I had to get my 1st Chihuahua spayed,, they saved me a ton of money and my dog is fine, scar-free and healed beautifully. I trust them totally with Dog # 2 !
Mike Diyanni

Rosemead, CA

#29 Dec 13, 2010
I am so sad to see people SLAM Friendly Animal Hospital! Dr Tran & Staff have my FULL FAITH.
I am doing visit # 3 this week to get my 2nd
Chihuahua spayed. I had no problems with 1st dog's
surgery and the recovery period was smooth.. they called me to see how she was doing after a few days.. it is 4 months now since 1st dog's surgery and her scar is not even visible .. I am so impressed. This has been a wonderful find for me as it it approx 1 mile from my workplace, I can even go at lunchtime to check on my animals when they are ther, then pick them up right after work.
Mike Diyanni

Rosemead, CA

#30 Dec 13, 2010
WONDERFUL Dr Tran & Staff., my dogs love them all !
U can confirm with ME anytime I am valley boy 1957 at Yahoo dot com (no spaces)
glad its over

Hilo, HI

#31 Jan 8, 2011
Dr. Tran is EXCEPTIONAL!!! I did not spend much time with him, but you can see his adoration for animals before he even passes through the door; his compassion shines through the windows.

But, as a few other people have posted, SOME of the front desk staff and techs are HORRIBLE communicators. I contacted Friendly Animal Hospital (FAH) because the rescue organization from which I adopted my German Shepherd was going to pay for her to be spayed and micro-chipped. I called FAH a few days before the operation to make the appointment and was asked if I wanted an IV and/or pain medication; I specified what I wanted and then hung up. When I arrived I was greeted by a VERY friendly receptionist (who was OBVIOUSLY not a native speaker of English); she gave me paperwork to fill out and then began to read details back to me (like billing, time-frame, and IV/meds). Either inadequate notes were taken or the receptionist did not read things before outlining them to me. I was nervous to leave my dog because I wasn't sure if additional things were going to be given to her due to lack of communication, but I had no choice because the rescue has a relationship with FAH and they were paying.

Hours later I received two WONDERFUL phone calls in which an AWESOME (native English speaking) tech explained that they found some tarter on my dog's teeth and they could clean it off, with my authorization, at a MUCH lower price since my dog was already under anesthesia. The second phone call was about a rash on her tummy. I GREATLY appreciated these phone calls because they were informative and they offered suggestions but did not push me to purchase more services or meds. I asked if I could call back, and when I did I opted to add an antibiotic, but I declined a steroid shot.

Hours after those phone calls, I received another call (from a non-native English speaker) explaining that my dog's operation was complete and she was recovering. I was happy to hear that and I explained when I would be arriving to pick her up. Since I was on the phone, I asked what my total was (already knowing the number in my head); I wanted to see what I kind of conversation I was walking into since I was already distrustful of the front-office communication/documentation skills. The FAH tech gave me unexpected number, which made me think he did not look at ANY of the notes (if there were any); I explained that the rescue was paying for the operation and I was simply paying for the additional IV and antibiotic. The tech proceeded to explain that a steroid shot was given to my dog...and I KNEW it was going to be a LONG conversation.

When I arrived to pick up my dog, the front desk staff helped EVERYONE else in the room (regardless of the fact that I arrived before some of them), and they were VERY scattered. One other client had a worried expression on her face. I had to explain the situation a few times, and still they moved like snails. When they brought my dog out they asked me if I had a cone at home; I said I dropped it off WITH my dog in the morning. I was shocked that, in a small hospital, they had managed to misplace things...and had not put the cone on my dog already. It is WELL-KNOWN that dog's are uncomfortable with stitches and will lick them.

Overall, I am GREATLY appreciative of Dr. Tran's performance of the spay and micro-chip, and I LOVED getting phone call updates as things progressed. However, I would not recommend this hospital to friends or family because the front desk communication/documentation is inadequate. I would hate to think what could have happened if my dog had a steroid allergy...

Cedar Rapids, IA

#32 Feb 18, 2011
I have visited Dr. Tran several times being the owner of two dogs. My older dog with bad hips has a new lease on life. With some vitimens and tylonel she is walking better and getting around really well. She's old but her quaility of life has just improved so much. A BIG thanks to Dr. Tran.

Irvine, CA

#33 Mar 8, 2011
These guys were recommended to my girlfriend and I from a woman who runs a rescue/ foster system for strays. Dr. Tran has has now seen our chihuahua pup twice for his stomach issues, and both times returned my dog in wondeful condition. Thankful to have found them.

Sorry about the dog that escaped and got hit by a car. Seems like a ridiculous story if you've ever been to this place, just sayin'

Van Nuys, CA

#35 Jul 23, 2011
Dr tran such an idiot kill my dog he give my dog medicine that not evem need kill my dog when I bring them there for grooming he put my dog to sleep for grooming and my dog never woke up careless it should called dealy animal hospital

Van Nuys, CA

#36 Jul 23, 2011
Serious this place should close down they just bad service they kill my friend dog for all the post up there defend this hospital I bet there related to the dr tran try to back him up I hope someday u guy gonna close soon. for those pet the get home safe it just lucky

Palm Springs, CA

#37 Jan 15, 2012
Beware! Most unprofessional and Dishonest Vet there is! He lures you in with his ad and then doubles the price. Scares you into having treatment and surgery you don't need. Told us the cat's tail would fall off if we didn't have the surgery. Took the cat to our regular vet and was told to put neosporin on the injury and it was healed in two days. The mass the cat had was just blood and it dissolved and was completely gone in three days. He was going to charge over $1,000 for treatment that wasn't needed. He mistook our kindness as a weakness and tried to intimidate us. It didn't work. Go elsewhere for your beloved pets. P.S. Our cat's tail did not fall off! He is perfectly healthy and happy. For my pets' shots, I take them to the Garden Grove Animal Hospital. It's across from Home Depot. My regular vet if Huntington Pet Vet in Huntington Beach. Dr. Naito is 100% honest, kind and professional. Her staff is the best there can be.

San Diego, CA

#38 Oct 20, 2012
Please do not take your pets to this place. We recently moved to this area so I picked a vet close to the house. My dog went in to have his ears checked! Yes, to have his ears checked. They brought him out to the lobby when he was done and my daughter said "he's all blue, we're not taking him home like that" and then he collapsed. They had sedated him to check his ears and I don't know yet what went wrong but it was obvious to us just by looking at him that he was in distress, I can't believe they brought him out to us and were going to send him home like that. Didn't really matter though, my beloved "Doeboy" died. He died in that nasty "Friendly Animal Hospital" I don't think I can ever forgive myself for this......... Please choose a different vet. Don't let this happen to you and your pet.

Santa Ana, CA

#39 Mar 17, 2013
This is killing animal hospital, not a friendly pet hospital, donot bring your pets there or you will be regret. My pet walked in in 1/2 hr and gone for his life under their hands. They killed mine in only 1/2hr, I felt very sorry for my pet that I made very wrong decision to bring him there and let him dead there under this doctor hands. This big mouth doctor is very temper, did not know how to evaluate the pet, gave wrong medicine and didnot know how to rescue that made him dead, only wanted money, bargainning the money with the customer, take cash for cheaper, wrote wrong and lied report. We are very sorry for our pet, so God please guiding people don't bring their pets there to this place for those innocent pets, we are still crying when think about this place.thank you.

Victorville, CA

#40 Sep 1, 2013
Billie wrote:
Please do not take your pets to this place. We recently moved to this area so I picked a vet close to the house. My dog went in to have his ears checked! Yes, to have his ears checked. They brought him out to the lobby when he was done and my daughter said "he's all blue, we're not taking him home like that" and then he collapsed. They had sedated him to check his ears and I don't know yet what went wrong but it was obvious to us just by looking at him that he was in distress, I can't believe they brought him out to us and were going to send him home like that. Didn't really matter though, my beloved "Doeboy" died. He died in that nasty "Friendly Animal Hospital" I don't think I can ever forgive myself for this......... Please choose a different vet. Don't let this happen to you and your pet.
I just lost my dog yesterday.. This hell hole kills animals.. Please get in contact with me so we can shut this hell for good.. Email me at [email protected] I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that together we can prevent tragedies like this from happening again.. I loved my little boy so much..:(

Brea, CA

#41 Nov 3, 2014
that hospital is fishy. it look like they made up lies for money. i have never heard any vet hospital that charge 100 an hour for monitoring the dog. friend didnt6 have the money for the we had to find help before 9. i was able to have them agree to pay half off.what ridiculous is that if no money to get dog back home before 9. cuz they closed on sunday how would they be monitoring the dog? and no way to afford 100 an hour. anyway. after i left and went back to find out if she able to get the money for the payment. saw that she got the dog back. she said the vet called and yelled at her that he doesn't want her dog there. she didn't like the fact that he screamed at her. so she went there trying to make an agreement. strange that they asked for her to leave her phone with them. that was odd. she said no. went to see the dog. and picked him up and left. they would call ac to pick him up if she doesnt have money to pay the bill. i bet u that vet yelled at the workers. they seem to be scared and fake. who would agree to pay 100 an hour?is that legal?

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