Renting or buying from Kip Schoning?

Renting or buying from Kip Schoning?

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Nancy mae

Since: Mar 06

Minneapolis, MN

#1 Apr 2, 2006
I am looking for other who have had experience dealing with Kip Schoining. Buying, selling or rneting realestate from him. I have been dealing with in for two years now and it is one delay after another. I do't thinjk he is all that slick or clever he is just adept at avoiding the consiquences of his actions. I have really never experienced anything quite like this before. I don't know what his deal is, but if you do clue me in! Also read my posting abut him onn the Corvallis forum.

Pam Upjohn

Kelso, WA

#2 Nov 13, 2007
I find it interesting that there are so many comments on Kip Schoning posts in other communities but not in Corvallis where the devil actually keeps his den. Just thinking is is odd.
default news

Kelso, WA

#3 Nov 13, 2007
I would also look into the antics of one Mr. Kip Schoning and if he is found guilty of, in short, being a slumlord, he would be given the option of cleaning up his ways or leaving town. I have had so many hits on this website by viewers who have googled "kip schoning". As the local housing authority gentleman told me during a phone call a few months ago, in discussing Mr. S, "the stories I could tell you..." and he left it at that. There's a reason Mr. S. is allowed to do business in this town and it's about money. And that, in fact, drives the system, even down to our little community, where corruption still resides. But it doesn't have to be that way. Change the world by changing your community. That's my motto of the day.
from Indymedia

Kelso, WA

#4 Nov 13, 2007
Quote from story: " At one point during to arbitration Kip said that the house
he sold me was "in pretty good shape compared to the homes he usually
purchases". The furnace did not work, the hot water heater was 18 years old. The
appliances in the kitchen were "harvest gold" (vintage 1960"s), The basement
flooded when we used the hose in the backyard and the toilet was about to fall
through the floor into the basement. I could go on... I purchased the house in
March but could not even move in until July. The house was truly UNINHABITABLE
and filthy. I could not even get homeowners insurance until the bathroom was
repaired and some of the electrical repair was was done."

Having dealt with Kip intimately I can tell you that he has one set of rules
for how he expects to be treated and another for how he treats other people. I
have not seen Kip in about ten years, yet nothing I read surprised me in the
least. He is described here exactly as I remember him. Kip does not think any
rules apply to him, all he cares about is winning and I don't think there is a
boundary of human decency he would not be willing to cross to get what he
wants. I doubt he looses sleep afterwards either.

I hope that you have pictures because Kip will almost certainly lie about the
condition the house was in when he first sold it to you. I want you to know
that if Kip tells any lie enough times he will actually starts to believe is
own lies. He will not have any problem making his case in court as he will
really believe that you are out to get him. In Kip's mind, if anyone goes after
him, it is because they are after his money or envy his success. I once knew
Kip well and want you to be prepared for what might be ahead.
SlumLord Hater

Roseburg, OR

#5 Mar 7, 2008
I just moved here and unfortunately wasn't told about Bula, Kip, their so called "enterprise" and rented from them. Wow how did the shirt unbuttoned to his belly with chest hair exploding out, ponytail mullet, and red doc martins not send out warning signs. Ill never know.

I have been going rounds with them about being charged double for bills. My water is so rusty it has stained all the sinks, my dogs water bowl, and my hair color. But what can I do.

The living situation in Corvallis SUCKS. I can't afford $1300 for rent. If I did I'd buy a house and pay my own mortgage. I have dogs and that is a big no no unless their 20pounds. 20 Pounds really? And to top it off they want to credit check everything. I am a college student, of course my credit suck.

So what choice did I have but to move into the red door devils housing. WHY doesn't Corvallis do something about this? Why can he get away with treating our good citizens of Corvallis this way.
Why doesn't Corvallis work on fair housing for lower income.... Maybe because were not rich politicians that have nice houses and as long as their not bothered, WHY CARE.... Good luck to those who have to deal with Kip and Mitchell. May karma bite them in the ass.
AM Opgenorth

Portland, OR

#6 Apr 8, 2008
why doesn't anyone do anything. This is something I asked myself over and over the entire 2+ years I fought Kip in court. I can't say I "won" but I sure got more of Schoning's precious dollars than he expected to fork out.

Now the question is, why don't you do something or at least start collecting evidence to do something after you move on? I am not saying the town of Corvallis is not suspect. They do allow Schoning to operated his slum empire BUT don't be so quick to blame the city until you and others like yourself get off your complaining butts DO SOMETHING. SO take some pictures, document your complaints and Bula's responses then file some complaints. Then you can be on the town's case and all over the net complaining with proof to back you up.

Stop sitting on your hands and whinning SOMETHING.
Mark L Hupp

Brownsville, OR

#7 Jun 1, 2008
Pam Upjohn wrote:
I find it interesting that there are so many comments on Kip Schoning posts in other communities but not in Corvallis where the devil actually keeps his den. Just thinking is is odd.
Well Let me fix that, Kip is a douche bag, and a complete waste of oxygen. I've been renting from him for about 18 months and every thing has an angle or a fee with no performance from Kip,he could at least come to my house in his stupid hat and even more stupid, those f***ing shoes he wears and tell me his joke about the boy and his frog(different site) and as far as Michelle is concerned I belive they deserve each other and with any luck at all karma will raise its ugly head and they will live out thier golden years in poverty cold, in pain, and alone.

Tualatin, OR

#8 Jun 2, 2008
i don't understand why the city of corvallis can't get rid of this scumbag
Kip Rip Off

Santa Monica, CA

#10 Jun 18, 2008
He rented me a crack to the area and unaware of the meth problem, it never accured to me that the strange lingering smell, and chemical burned bathroom sink were tell tale signs of a SLUM LORDs effort to disguise his most recent purchase...the air fresheners and fresh cedar bark around the entryways masked the stench in our initial walk through.
My credit is still stained with his efforts to nickel and dime me to death apon my departure....

Gig Harbor, WA

#11 Jul 20, 2008
Kip Schoning isa real work of art, having gone to high school with the loser I have always been aware of his "loserness" I have watch him take advantage of several of my friends over the years. I understand he is currently dealing with foreclosure notices again and I hear is currently hiding out in Mexico. slum lords like kip should not be allowed a realtor licenses

Seattle, WA

#12 Sep 1, 2008
He's living at Cove Beach on Vashon Island, WA
Unknown in Albany

Eugene, OR

#19 Oct 26, 2008
Yep, you all have it right Kip is a SLUM LORD.
He is well known to Linn County and it seems that no one can really get rid of this guy. He cleans up a problem some to pass a citation with Linn County, then he is off to the races again until he gets someone else to complain about his tactics.
Everyone be ware this man has no morals and no one should ever do any business with him, he preys on the low income forsure.
exrenter Alsea Philomath

Poza Rica, Mexico

#20 Nov 13, 2008
he is a slum lord and i have pictures i am sending in i never did anything because i felt like there was nothing i could do about him, but i will do what ever it takes help get rid of him i kept all my paper work and stupid ass letters that were sent to me.

Portland, OR

#21 Nov 19, 2008
It is my understanding that the Schonings are moving to "Mexico". No kidding - hummmmm maybe because Mexico don't extradite -

Portland, OR

#22 Dec 8, 2008
I can't believe there are so many posts on this guy! Does anyone know where I could get contact info on Kip Schoning? Phone number, email, anything?

Vancouver, WA

#23 Dec 11, 2008
I rented from him for a year 94-95. Never saw him the whole time. A few years later.....
Michelle and Kip are party freaks. This one time I was out with friends drinking the night away like so many others. I think it was 98.
Before we knew it we had been swindled into giving michelle who was quiet drunk a ride home after she found out we used to rent from her. So the three of us and michelle piled into my friends buick and headed for the hills to Kip's giant mansion back in the day.
Next thing we know Michelle is trying to get us in the hot tub with her and took us individually on a tour of her massage space as she handed out drinks. I think she thought Kip was gone, but it turns out he was in one of the rooms upstairs, supposedly "meditating". Michelle was quick to hoist us out of the house once Kips presence was revealed. Not sure what happened after that. I don't think Kip was happy about Michelle bringing home three well endowed young hunks over for a soak and drink. Careful we these folks. I think they use meditation in order to enlarge their egos rather than calming it. ass backwards.
AM Opgenorth

United States

#24 Dec 16, 2008
There is another, far more detailed, thread on TOPIX that has followed the Kip Schoning empire extensivly, if you are reading this because you are currently on the loosing end of an encounter with Schoning be sure to find and read the other Schoning posts here on TOPIX. There are also several on INDYMEDIA.
home inspector

Palo Alto, CA

#25 Dec 17, 2008
thats why you get a Home inspection before you buy any house...just a thought...Good luck in dealing with Kip
colonialsalem or

Portland, OR

#26 Jan 27, 2009
these guys are a joke. actually dealing with these scam freaks myself. not very good people to rent from at all. house im renting right now from them was destroyed when we moved in and hadnt been able to get o hold of kip since we moved in till bout 3 days ago when he decided to have are water shut off and refused to let the city put the bill in my name. Lot more then just that tid bit of info but just hope people wouldnt have to deal with this kind os scum.
Looks whos in DEFAULT

United States

#27 Jun 9, 2009
Reposted from the PORTLAND MERCURY online food and drink section
Comments from “focus grasshoper” a review for Sushi Mazi:
Posted by Kip Schoning on June 6, 2009 : Good grief. Not food. Lawn clippings and rice with bugs. Great. We get things like this living under the stoves in appartments I own / rent. We call an exterminator.
Posted by little monkey on June 6, 2009 : Kip, An exterminator? Oh PLEASE, We all know you would not even shell out three bucks for a can of Raid. You need all your income for your "personal needs". "Apartments"? I have seen the places you rent, the correct word is shack or maybe shanty. In the UK they are called squats.
Posted by opus and poomba on June 9, 2009 I almost fell over when I read what you said, Kip! I have worked for you, and know for a fact that you are too damn cheap to call an exterminator! You are indeed too damn cheap to buy a can of the cheapest bug spray on the market. Instead, you tell your tenants that there is no bug problem and if there is, it is their fault and they need to take care of it. It is my hope that one day you, your wife, and kids must live in one of the "apartments" you own / rent so you can see for yourself just how much you don't care about your fellow human beings!
OMG Kip does make it too easy!!!

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