Cortland County is One of the Most Da...
native to the americas

Syracuse, NY

#63 Dec 27, 2012
Funny how you think that the native's of cortland ore neing replaced by foreigner. Who are these native of cortland in "your eye" Hmmm, I wonder? As of the census[10] of 2000, there were 18,740 people, 6,922 households, and 3,454 families residing in the city. The population density was 4,778.6 people per square mile (1,845.8/km²). There were 7,550 housing units at an average density of 1,925.2 per square mile (743.6/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 95.72% White, 1.56% African American, 0.25% Native American, 0.57% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.56% from other races, and 1.33% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.72% of the population.
native to the americas

Syracuse, NY

#64 Dec 27, 2012
kandy wrote:
cortland is nothing but bars and restraunts forin people moveing here takeing our jobs never any good placeses to shop because thay build new bildings and thair empty the following year thay should wape cortland off the map make it farm land prouble get more busniess that way comeing to cortland.or any thing realy but cortland ant got shit
spell check

Fayetteville, NY

#65 Jan 2, 2013
native to the americas wrote:
kandy wrote:
cortland is nothing but bars and restraunts forin people moveing here takeing our jobs never any good placeses to shop because thay build new bildings and thair empty the following year thay should wape cortland off the map make it farm land prouble get more busniess that way comeing to cortland.or any thing realy but cortland ant got shit
You should take advantage of that feature on your computer.

Clarksville, TN

#66 Jan 4, 2013
Well.. Corthole's surrounding area's ( besides downtown) IS basically Farmland! Which makes it confusing when wondering why this new bunch of "big city" thugs would want to move there! Downtown has always been known for it's bars and restaurants.. why else would anyone want to visit ( or attend CS?). Some say it's an easier place to get welfare.. and by the looks of how run-down the town has become in over the past 20 years.. I almost wonder if they aren't accurate. Cortland used to be known for it's hard working people.. Settled from Italy and Ireland. Homer was a safe, beautiful neighborhood and place to raise children. Cortland was pretty safe as well. Continue to clean up the drug pushers and get the trash out of there and maybe the "Crown City" will be known for something other than a bunch of "zombies left behind the rest of N.Y. state".
sovereign citizen

Chiang Mai, Thailand

#67 Jan 5, 2013
i have to admit that Cortland isn't dangerous but it is really communist and a lot of bad thing does happen there it is a small town with small people trying to be big there is a lot of corruption and cover ups but youll never find it in any statistics their covered up everyone there is really unhappy and really oppressed there is no privacy in that town and there is no real law to enforce or to anyone to enforce them. to not name names but one issue is that the law enforcement doesn't even know their own jurisdiction sheriff and city police or state troopers. yes a lot of child abuse goes on there but most of the cps official are so corrupt they only persecute what they want and only attack people who cant afford a lawyer from out of the county and abuse the legal system you have people there that run for city and county council and who have their own businesses and make sure that their business get the city or county contract. the council only meets once a week but yet receive 25 thousand dollars a year for their if you tried to contact them you just get a message to call back later position worst of all neighbors don't talk to one another or communicate the call the police or code enforcer they will go on people property when their not home to search the property to hassle some one or the SPCA can just take some one dog for no reason and fine someone for nothing and the taxes are outrageous some people are paying more in property tax that what they pay in mortgage. because of moral obligation some law enforcement can pic and choose what laws to enforce and what laws to not enforce and how they enforce and how to enforce them if you look at laws everything you do is illegal but if it is enforced or not and to truly get justice people have to hire lawyer from out of the county for a fair shake Cortland county if some one is robbing your house you have to let them until police show up i watch a fight break out on main st one night 300 yards from the police stations i measured after the event it took them 45 min to respond it wouldn't hurt to have a federal investigation or least and inquiry people are allowed to live the america dream and that is the true crime the government was not designed to protect us from us it was design to allow us to protect our rights but people have given their rights away for protection that has corrupted the system read the first ten amendment and then look at the laws in place most of those laws are unconstitutional in Cortland county and could not stand in the supreme court something is wrong with a city when they tell you how you can have your house and how well you have to take care of it its yours you pay taxes on it and you have the right to have it in any condition you want and if they want you to have it a certain way that should help you pay for it to have it that way instead they bring you to court and fine you eventually taking your time and money you home away and sell it for less that the fine if this happen to you you have a legal right to bill the city county and state or police or code enforcer for you time you can bill the city for making you go to court you don't have a choice to go but no law says you cant be compensated for it
sovereign citizen

Chiang Mai, Thailand

#68 Jan 5, 2013
you have the right to bill and send bill to anyone who takes up your time you can use that to your advantage and you have the right to charge what you feel your time is worth this will protect you in the court of law
sovereign citizen

Lampang, Thailand

#69 Jan 5, 2013
you have more right and comfort in a comunist country like viet nam now tha you do in cortland
ive been in thailand for the last 6 month and you know what it great everyone is happy no tax what so ever and people have bond fire right out infront of the bars on the sidewalk and the police stop by to have a beer with them this is a third world country and cortland act like commnunist
sovereign citizen

Chiang Mai, Thailand

#70 Jan 8, 2013
and those big city thugs are coming because Cortland is in the center of the state between all big cities
s easier to move illegal substances

Syracuse, NY

#71 Feb 17, 2013
jimmy jammer wrote:
So wait, there are gay people in Cortland? That's weird.
your a dick I'm gay

Ithaca, NY

#72 Mar 8, 2013
Cortland Professional wrote:
<quoted text>
All this trash talk coming from someone unable to spelll "license" ~ scary!
How are you going to correct someone on their spelling while misspelling the word "Spell"? You sir are in fact the definition of a true Cortland Professional. Keep the title and the extra L you put in spell and add it to your portfolio as a new skill. Or you can add it to the word skill and prove just how much skilll it takes to be an incest scum hoarder.

Norwich, NY

#73 Mar 12, 2013
I live in marathon(two towns over) and cortland isn't incest, that's cincinatus. Lol. But seriously, cortland and cortland county sucks. Wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.
rita ryan

United States

#74 May 17, 2013
I used to live in cortland, grew up there. Love and miss the small city charm and warmth! It does exist there.
rick james

Potsdam, NY

#76 May 23, 2013
I've lived here 8 months this places sucks. dangerous, not in the slightest I worry more about the drama and gossip people seem to love to do here, in which you can't really blame anyone for gossip there is nothing else to do. There are no thugs, no real big time anything here, just people with to much to drink with to much free time.

West Hartford, CT

#77 Jul 11, 2013
jessica wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree very scary......I live in Cortland myself.....26 year old single mother of 3 graduated with my ged and make 50k a year were is the trashy part of that because I don't see it........I see a normal everyday family
where in the hell do u work making 50K at 26? it legit?
Glad to Help

Bristol, CT

#78 Nov 10, 2013
Help Locate wrote:
Has anyone seen or know Bonnie D. Klein? She owes over 3,000 dollars in child support. We were told that her and her girlfriend bought a car on the 6th but that is it. She stop paying child support in July after she got fired from Northwoods Nursing home. Funny thing is she had only payed child support for 3 month before she stopped. She is a drug addict and alcoholic. She has the money to help support her kids but is choosing not too. If anyone has seen her or knows where she is working PLEASE contact you local Child Support Enforcement agency. Any information will help.
You are right about it all. She works at a place called HealthSource RI. The number listed is 18558404774. She is on Facebook under Bonnie Klein and lives in Cortland, NY. She is a dirtbag whom cannot get her own man or support her own children. I wish you much luck!!

Syracuse, NY

#79 Jan 5, 2014
Glad to Help wrote:
<quoted text>
You are right about it all. She works at a place called HealthSource RI. The number listed is 18558404774. She is on Facebook under Bonnie Klein and lives in Cortland, NY. She is a dirtbag whom cannot get her own man or support her own children. I wish you much luck!!
She has more than one child? She's not listed on Cortland County's website of child-support-debtors.

United States

#80 Jan 12, 2014
Well if this is the same person, she's listed on a google search as doing Medicaid home care nursing and her home address and phone number is listed right there for anyone to see. So I'm sure if the authorities were in fact looking for her for back child support, it wouldn't be very difficult to find her. McGraw is a very small town.

Utica, NY

#81 Jan 17, 2014
Stu Cozza wrote:
<quoted text>
Who is/was this cop you refer to and who did htextingurder?
Details, prease?

I don't know how old this post is, so by now you may already have your answers. This was an off duty police officer named Jeff Stockton. He was driving drunk and texting when he hit my aunt, Lyn Briggs, and her friend. They were both using the crosswalk. It was early evening and Jeff Stockton was already drunk, so drunk that he couldn't even perform CPR on my aunt. If it was anyone but a police officer in a town with a lot of ' cop buddies' and other people taking care of his dirty work, they would be in jail for life. Cortland is like any other town. But I will tell you there are a LOT of dirty cops in this town that get away with way more than they should.
Just some person

Central Square, NY

#82 Jan 17, 2014
Don't forget about joe Hage threatening to kill someone in the middle of the street and CPD doing nothing.
Average Joe

Homer, NY

#83 Jul 24, 2014
Not everyone is bad in this town. I live in a nice neighborhood, have great neighbors, and a decent paying job. I have however, thwarted someone from stealing gas from my car. Oh yeah- and things keep coming up missing from in my shed and around my house. Its sad that in the neighborhood that I live in a person has to go to extreme lengths to prevent theft. And then of course there is the heroin everywhere. One other thing- its impossible to enlist the help of a city official (for street lights, getting signs put up, etc). You wouldn't believe the lengths I have gone already trying to get those things done. I literally had to make a Freedom of Information Act Law request to get the DPW minutes to see if they were just ignoring my requests. Any other city these minor things are not a big deal.
Overall, you can make it a decent place to live. But- you have to go the extra mile to MAKE IT.

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